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Thanks to jsnip4 for his research, views and postings.  I find his videos informative and interesting.  His youtube channel is so check out his backlog of video postings.  Today I want to share his thoughts on the new webbot report released 25th Jan 2011.

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Many thanks to the work of youtuber PatrioticSpace for providing evidence.  Go check out his personal website: or his youtube channel:

This video post is highly informative and a MUST watch:

Please make sure that you are prepared for any and every eventuality as something is definately coming to fruition.


With all the recent earthquakes, volcanoes, and mysterious bird deaths, it’s important to understand HAARP and it’s killer technology.

The late Carl Sagan said (which is related to this documentary) “We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We’ve also arranged things so that almost no one understands science or technology. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later, this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces”. This documentary film poses the question: Are we making Holes in Heaven? HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter, or “ionospheric heater,” which is believed to be descended from the works of Nikola Tesla and is operated by the U.S. Navy/Air Force and Phillip Laboratories in remote Gakona, Alaska.   One of about 72 similar transmitters, I might add.

Using HAARP, the military can focus a billion-watt pulsed radio beam into our upper atmosphere, ostensibly for ionospheric research. This procedure will form extremely low frequency waves and send them back to the Earth, enhancing communications with submarines and allowing us to “see” into the Earth, detecting anything from oil reserves to underground missile silos.

However, several researchers claim HAARP poses many dangers, including blowing thirty-mile holes in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. They also warn of possible disruption of the subtle magnetic energies of our Earth and ourselves. Holes in Heaven? is a prime example of grassroots filmmaking by producer Paula Randol-Smith and Emmy-winning director Wendy Robbins. Narrated by Martin Sheen, the documentary, investigates HAARP, its history and implications, and examines the dangers and benefits of high and low frequencies and of electromagnetic technology.

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“Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky”


If anyone knows of or has heard of Steve Quayle, you will know that he is a passionate bloke who is all about screaming in the wilderness to the unhearing masses.   I had heard of him a few years ago but only really got into him these past few months.  It’s a shame though because he has stated on this show that this will be his LAST radio interview.

He says the time of screaming, pleading and preaching of what’s to come is OVER, as that time is now HERE!!!  Looking around the world today, seeing wars and rumours of wars, famines, floods, pestilence, greed and pure evil, I have to agree with him.  His mission was to get people ‘prepared’ for the coming catastrophes, whether that be spiritually, financially, or more importantly, food and water storage. 

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The following is an article and 30 min radio show from Jeffrey Grupp of dealing with the idea that the NWO is split into 2 factions (Upper and Lower) and that the Upper echelon wants the Lower to war with the people and fail causing worldwide panic and catastrophe, out of which the Upper echelon will bring about the REAL New World Order.

Personally having researched, discussed, documented and explored pretty much every avenue of the NWO, I find Jeffrey Grupp’s discourse to be the most enlightening on the subject.  In a round-about way he explains why people like Alex Jones etc al, who are massive within the alternative media and in exposing the geo-political truths, are still allowed to air their views and not be silenced.

Don’t get me wrong, I find Alex’s work to be top notch but he doesn’t realise that he’s just another pawn in the game and that the ‘truth movement’ is being manipulated into a conflict scenario, that he advocates strongly.  But WHEN they win, and I believe they will, the REAL NWO will step in and take control out of the chaos.

I urge you to read and listen and try to understand the manipulation going on and the games being played.

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Jeffrey Grupp
June 7, 2009

“Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”

—H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1939) (cited at the beginning of Endgame by Alex Jones)

H.G. Wells

  H.G. Wells

Why did H.G. Wells make this prediction? Did this insider know something about the secret plan for the future, and about how the social transformation of the world of the future would take place? Here’s a quick answer to that question, and which will summarize what this article is about: Alex Jones once said that The New World Order gets stronger if you attack it, and you only kill it if you attack its very inner hidden core, otherwise it expands and gets more powerful. That is what this article is about: the formula that The New World Order uses to rule the world is to lure the people into attacking The New World Order, wherein it grows and becomes more powerful: order out of chaos, and order out of attacking the New World Order. This is currently commencing on a global scale, and it is going to be used to create the Brave New World that the New World Order is setting up.

The New World Order uses this formula to carry out order out of chaos. For example, why did the New World Order build up the Nazis, advertise their savagery to the world, wherein they were consequently attacked, and where the chaos of that attack (which was World War II) led to tremendous changes to the world that helped The New World Order? Because this is the way the New World Order works: they quietly rob from the people, using the wealth to quietly build up all the parts of itself, then they advertise the cruelty of a few of their sub-sets, and expectedly the people attack those sub-sets of the New World Order. But the attacks were pre-planned to be attacks that would lead to further escalation of the power of the New World Order. For example, out of the planned chaos of World War II came the United Nations (which is dominated by the war-causing, most heavily militarized nations of the world), the CIA, Truman’s “Mental Health Act”, the Pentagon, and so on — all things critical to the current state of the world we are in that is dominated by The New World Order.

This is the formula of the New World Order: lure the people into attacking The New World Order (chaos), and use that chaos to engineer a greater and greater power for the New World Order: order out of chaos, or, what I will call in this article, order out of attacking the New World Order. Below is a diagram of this five-step formula that repeats and comprises world history (in this diagram “fNWO” stands for fake New World Order, or false New World Order, or a fragment of the New World Order, which becomes the public image of the New World Order, but which is only a microcosm of the New World Order, and thus a straw man New World Order, not really the actual one that dominates the world):


This diagram is the story of history. This is a diagram about “order out of chaos”, or, more specifically, order out of attacking the New World Order. Again, as Alex Jones said: the New World Order is like a black hole, attracting or drawing everything into it as it expands, growing by that destruction and chaos, turning everything into itself (my paraphrase). It is like a forest fire, raging violently through everything, destroying everything in its path, getting larger and larger, and turning everything into itself (into fire).

The New World Order does this either in just parts of the world, to therefore just change part of the world, or they can carry out larger projects and, for example, implement this five-step process illustrated in the diagram globally, bringing the entire world into chaos, and thus changing the entire world through the chaos. This formula — order out of attacking the New World Order — is currently being implemented on a global scale; we are in the very early stages.

To do this, the New World Order must get you to believe that The New World Order (or, more specifically, a fragment of it, and/or a distorted, inaccurate picture of it, fNWO) is savage, is a threat to you, and must be attacked by you. This is what al-Qaeda is all about, for example (the real al-Qaeda, not the semi-real one that we are told about on TV [actually they do often tell us about the real al-Qaeda on TV in a hidden way, e.g., “they are a cult of evil”, as Bush once said, but the average person has no idea that this is the case]). al-Qaeda is a creation of the New World Order, exemplifying all New World Order qualities, existing as a microcosm of what the New World Order is: a murderous, secret, satanic cult that “hates our freedom” (our Constitutionalism, that is), and which thrives off of tears, as George Bush put it once. So, this microcosm or fragment of the New World Order, created by the New World Order, was advertised as being something cruel and which needed to be attacked immediately after 9/11, where this attack empowered the New World Order so much, that it is really the single item they have prospered off of which has taken them to the brink of setting up their Brave New World that they have been planning for so long.

Before I proceed with the meat of this article, I’d like to say that I hope Infowars readers don’t avoid this article because it is long and technical. This article is the product of many hours and months of thought on my part, and it is my attempt to bring to you the biggest possible picture of what is going on now, and which has gone on in the past. We need to understand what is going on complexly, on deep levels; and I think this article gets us to go a bit deeper.

I’d like to sum up the New World Order formula in different words:

1 .The New World Order wants the current world-system destroyed to set up their intended new system (their Huxleyan and/or Orwellian world government),

2. The New World Order wants the current system destroyed through massive suffering worldwide and through ultra-violent social transformation,

3. 1 and 2 will be done by the New World Order partially revealing itself (but it will only reveal the lower levels of itself and/or the parts of itself that it needs to transform and/or destroy: some of the mega-corporations, the police forces, national government systems, national militaries of the world, and most of all, select commercial banks and reserve banks, etc. For example, see this recent story of a major world leader “surprisingly” coming out and “agreeing” with the people that the central banks of the world are bad. This amazing story makes my recent “Infowars story, “‘End the Fed’ Protests are the Secret Road to World Government”, far more credible, and far less speculative than I think many originally presumed),

4. The citizens will respond by attacking and destroying these lower aspects of the New World Order system which they will be shown on TV, and which will be erroneously portrayed as being the base-cause of their suffering (but which are actually just the lower- and puppet-levels of the real cause of suffering: the New World Order),

5. The New World Order will have the fragments and parts of their system that they want destroyed indeed decimated through spectacular suffering and violence

6. The New World Order will “save the people” and build up a new world society (their Brave New World) that they really wanted all along out of this chaos: out of the order out of chaos, or, more specifically, out of the order out of attacking the New World Order

We are currently at the early stage of steps 3 and 4. This is a clever plan that the blind mob of American TV-addicted people will, it seems, never figure out, I am sad to say. Instead, they will just go along with the system until the system pushes them into unproductive revolt (step 5), and they will thoughtlessly and reactionistically revolt against the puppet-level system that the New World Order wants destroyed, thus helping the New World Order set up their Brave New World.

How many times have we seen the New World Order carry out this sort of a plan, where they reveal part of their self as bad, watch the citizens attack it, and then out of that chaos they create the new system they intended all along. Remember the creation of the Federal Reserve, where it was pretended that the monopolists/corporatists were against the creation of the Fed, and thus the people wanted to attack anything the monopolists/corporatists were in favor of and glom onto anything they were against, and thus the people supported the Federal Reserve. In this case, the New World Order advertised the viciousness of the monopolists/corporatists, the people attacked it, the New World Order advertised a solution (the Fed), which was covertly a means to further the New World Order via ultra-monopolist corporatism: order out of attacking the New World Order.

Let’s go through some more examples. On 9/11, the New World Order very ceremoniously attacked its own financial towers in a modern-day fall-of-the-tower(s)-of-Babylon event, and look how that sped up the New World Order Agenda! This is perhaps one of the best examples we have of this New World Order formula (order out of attacking the New World Order), and virtually everything new that is tyrannical going on in America has come from that false flag attack (Homeland Security, decimation of the Constitution, increase in size of government, Pentagon theft of trillions of dollars, US wars in the Middle East, Military Commissions Act, and on and on). Through war, the New World Order has repeatedly decimated it’s own militaries (US in Iraq or Vietnam, for example, or the Nazis in WWII, to name very few of the examples there are), in order to further its agendas through the pre-planned chaos of war. That’s what this article is about: New World Order self attack, which is the little-noticed formula of the New World Order, though think few anti-New World Order activists realize this fully.

This self-attack (“self-inflicted wound,” as Alex Jones often refers to it) is currently commencing at perhaps the largest scale possible: the New World Order is attacking large, even global, systems that it is comprised of, as a way to bring in the long-planned Brave New World. We’ve seen them do this in smaller segments in the past with just parts of the world (e.g., 9/11, funding Hitler to destroy part of the world in order to re-create in the way that the New World Order wants it rebuilt, etc.), but this time it appears that the New World Order is planning to destroy the entire world (destroy farming, destroy ecology, destroy non-monopolistic economics, destroy sovereignty of the governments of the world, destroy the world religions, destroy our consciousness, and destroy civilization overall), in order to rebuild and recreate the world in the way that they want—order out of attacking the New World Order (or, more succinctly put, order out of chaos).

Order out of chaos

Ron Paul

How many times have we heard Paul Joseph Watson or Alex Jones tell us that the New World Order works by the principle of “order out of chaos”? This is an issue we cannot lose sight of, and it is, I theorize in this article, precisely what is going on right now, though few of us notice it. There are many ways that the New World Order could attempt to bring the world into their Brave New World. They could do it by false flag terror, by brainwashing (especially through the mass media and the public school system), through war, through chemtrail poisoning of some sort, through food and water contamination, or through some combination of these or other factors. But we can now start to get a rather clear picture of how they are going to attempt it, and it is not only through these. It is becoming clear that it is going to be through the order created by attack of the New World Order. They are going to reveal puppet-level aspects of themselves and their plans, and that will be timed to combine with global economic collapse (and the ramifications of that: food shortage, etc.), then they will use these to provoke global ultra-chaos and revolt against the puppet-levels of their tyranny, and it is through that chaos that they will set up finish and concretize their Brave New World. This is why Texe Marrs once said on the Alex Jones Show that when the New World Order is being set up, part of the religious ritual of the Secret Government will be ceremonies where the higher level freemasons will sacrifice (ritually kill) the lower level freemasons. Now let’s explore in more detail just how this will happen.

What will happen is that the New World Order will tell us that, for example, the banks (the national and reserve banks of the world) are the New World Order (rather than the banks being a puppet-level of it), they will show the cruelty of the banks, then the people will attack them, they will be eliminated, and thus the New World Order will be able to set up whatever it wishes: cashless grid, world reserve banking, etc. I think I can see these steps already in progress.

This means that there is, and will be, an advertised New World Order (fNWO) that the New World Order is going to continue to explain to us (through Congressional bills [e.g., Military Commissions Act], through corporate media hints, etc.) (there have been countless corporate media examples already, such as: Banks Face New World Order), but this is all a smokescreen, a Trojan horse, since it is all really the puppet-level of the New World Order, and it is the aforementioned fragment of the New World Order (fNWO). The real New World Order will keep its real plans for world governance semi-secret, and the actual agenda will remain far from visibility. And instead the New World Order will widely broadcast and pose itself as being not itself, but rather as being the fNWO. The people will attack fNWO, but behind the scenes, and out of that chaos, there will be the actual New World Order and Brave New World that the Secret Government is attempting to set up. Most of us won’t be looking at, and won’t have knowledge of, the actual New World Order, since we tricked into getting all riled up and distracted by the advertised New World Order (the fNWO). We can already see this commencing in little but interconnected ways globally. And we know it’s something that the Secret Government wants, via their formula (order out of attacking the New World Order), since we can even see them attempting over-and-over to start revolts against aspects of the fNWO, as we have seen in Paris, Greece, and other European cities this year (for example, see: Greek Cops Pose As Anarchists, Provocateurs Torch Police, They Want Riots).

Now let’s next discuss the specific evidence that this New World Order formula (order out of attacking the New World Order) is currently being set up, and is currently in its early stages. Let’s first explore in more detail than we have already how step 3 above is being currently implemented globally — how the New World Order is deliberately advertising global subsets of itself (fNWO), and how we are being coaxed into attacking those parts, while remaining oblivious to the real core and nature of the New World Order (which we cal call rNWO, standing for real New World Order).

Why is the Secret Government (rNWO) putting out information through their mass media that hints at how pathetic the upcoming flu and swine flu vaccine program will be, often even mentioning how pathetic the swine flu vaccine campaign was in the 1970s? (See: Government to Push H1N1 Vaccine.) It is as if they are indirectly informing people of the hazards and ridiculousness of these vaccines while simultaneously planning forced vaccinations (see: French Mandatory Vaccines), which could lead to all-out revolt in some areas of the world population. Let’s move on to another example. Why is the New World Order Secret Government waiting to make their move? Why are they going so slowly, when they have several different ways that they could almost instantly totally take-over the world population and complete their project of putting us all into haunting global plantation-serfdom (see the last five paragraphs of this article for information: The N.W.O. Taking over Truth Movement)? And more interestingly, why is the New World Order letting out information through their corporate big-money media about who they are and what they are all about (for example, consider how many times has Ron Paul been allowed on prime-time cable news speaking the truth about corporatism and the reserve banking system)? Many other examples could be given, but note that it is as if the New World Order is purposely revealing itself in a partial/fragmented or distorted way through their corporate media. More examples… Why has debate, although incredibly skewed, been allowed about 9/11, banker corruptions, and the Federal Reserve, through well spotlighted stories in the corporate big-money-media? Why is the internet allowed to continue to exist, and to continue to carry web sites like, which are obviously the biggest thorn in the side of the New World Order? Why is the staged flu hoax so obviously fake, with only a few deaths compared to regular flu, and where perhaps even some of the TV-zombies that comprise so much of the US population can even see through this mass deception of the swine flu? Why has so much anti-vaccine information been released into the corporate media regarding all vaccines and how they damage or kill children? Why are the cable TV mega-giants allowing a film called The New World Order to be freely viewed on the Independent film Channel, which, like the film or not, certainly broadcasts hints about some of the same information you hear on the Alex Jones Show? Why was American Drug War played over-and-over Showtime? Why are the makers of Terminator Salvation making an upcoming film about the Bilderberg Group? Why is there a blockbuster film coming out that gives hints about the existence of the illuminati (Angels and Demons)? Why is there a prime-time cable news show (Olbermann’s MSNBC show) devoted to bashing big corporations (albeit in a skewed way) (for example, see this story: Obama’s Promise to Trash the Constitution)? The New World Order is purposely revealing lower-, puppet-levels of itself (fNWO), often indirectly or in a distorted way, through the corporate media. Sometimes they even give us a perhaps somewhat “big picture view” of their savagery, even through big-media stories (see: We are Paying for Third World pollution). This is an utterly critical thing for us to pay attention to in the Truth Movement, because it can only mean that the New World Order (rNWO) is up to something by doing this! The mass media has operated as an almost unfathomably traitorous group for decades, all acting in sync, from NPR to FOX News to MSNBC, all to confuse us, disarm us, brainwash us, harm us, create war, and help the plans of the rNWO, so we cannot assume suddenly that they are coming to our side, but rather we must conclude that by drifting into our territory, discussing our patriotic topics (‘End the Fed’), because they are trying to hijack our patriotic Truther Movement. So what is it that they are up to? Answer: order out of attacking the New World Order, as I am theorizing in this article.

(Side note: this bashing of big corporations/monopolies on prime-time TV by Olbermann is almost always done in a skewed way, and it is meant to attack and penalize big corrupt monopolies, but where the penalties for the big monopolies are either not really enforced or the big monopolistic businesses semi-quietly move to China or somewhere, and then in the meantime, the small business are penalized suffer greatly. Big monopolistic business is planned corporatist corruption and failure: if Ford fails, then, “shucks”, they can cry bankruptcy and close down their plants, quietly rebuilding them in South America with “bailout” money [i.e., stolen money]. [Note: the corporate media’s recent attack has enabled this to happen in the auto industry, and thus it is also an example of order out of attacking the New World Order!] So, the corporate media will attack the big monopolies [e.g., all the recent attacks on the auto industry in the corporate media] that it wants to fail, and this leads to penalties [such as eco crime, or eco fines, emissions penalties, etc.] that all business are subjected to, such as small businesses, truck drivers who are just trying to make it, and so on, and it’s all in the name of some bogus cause that the unthinking public gloms on to, such as saving the earth, or fighting corrupt business, or something like that [see this recent story: New York’s Eco Cops]. You see, this is aligned with the same strategies for decreasing human productivity and technological innovation that the ecological movement is secretly planned-out to do: constantly penalize and limit innovation, destroy any figments of real education or capitalism, and then the people will never be productive and innovative, and thus they are kept from being strong, armed, wealthy and free. It’s always easier for the secret government to control dumb helpless unarmed slaves than strong intelligent armed free people. This is all essentially what the functions of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn are, two New World Order intellectual posers that the corporate big-money media so often focuses on, for example: world leaders even discuss them at the UN [this immediately sent one of Chomsky’s books to #1 on the best seller lists]. For example, Chomsky will tour a country like Brazil, for example, bashing the US military and big business in America, often in fact saying accurate things [perhaps 50 percent of the time], but Chomsky will never tell the Brazilians about the quiet alliances between the IMF, WTO, WHO, World Bank, CIA, CFR, etc. [i.e., The New World Order], or that the New World Order is behind it all, or that Americans do not support it’s wars and anti-capitalistic monopolism, or that Americans were initially tricked/lied into supporting the wars in 1991, and 2003-2004 [and 1941], and Chomsky will deliberately lie about how more guns for citizens = less crime. And we all know that Chomsky sure won’t tell foreigners he talks to about the truth of 9/11 [Also see this story: Chomsky says 9/11 Truth Pushes Non-Scientific Data]. This anti-corporate sort of attack could gain considerable momentum among the US population quickly if the New World Order merely wanted it to and for the purposes of decimating America in conjunction with the way that the New World Order’s ecological movement is going to quietly decimate America, and Americans likely will never figure it out, and would go along with any sort of the anti-corporate attack, just as they will with the End the Fed campaign, that is also being hijacked and used by the New World Order for their purposes. So, this is all very difficult for the populace to even come close to figuring out, but we just have to remember this simple rule of thumb: if the New World Order sends us a message, then the is bad no matter what, even if we don’t initially see it that way. So, if, for example, the New World Order uses its big-money media to send us a message, such as Olbermann bashing big corporations, then we must conclude that hidden deep in that message is a not-so-visible rNWO plan, even if we don’t see it right away, and even if it seems to be a good message on the surface. Ok, let’s get back to how The New World Order is purposely revealing itself in a distorted way through the corporate media…)

These all are ways that the New World Order is permitting itself to be revealed. And the New World Order knows that, even though some of the information sources that the New World Order is allowing are indeed presenting real information (rather than information only about fNWO), such as the Alex Jones Show. But it seems that the New World Order is counting on the citizenry merely remaining clueless and reactionary enough that they will never put the big picture together in time, never deciphering the real information being presented in a few places on the internet about rNWO with the distorted information all over about fNWO. The citizen-mobs will instead not understand and/or follow the pure message of this article, for example, or of the Alex Jones Show, and instead will be fooled by co-opting messages given by the corporate press about the fake images of the Patriot movement that the Big Media has been presenting lately (see The N.W.O. is Taking Over the Patriot Movement for more information). The world citizens (i.e., the slaves) will not see the pure information of this article, or of the Alex Jones Show, but because of their seemingly endless devotion to the continually lying mainstream news (it seems that no matter how many times the corporate news lies, the people amazingly will still turn to it as their sole information-source about their world), they will instead will blur it together with the distortion of the fNWO given in the corporate press, and thus the citizen mobs of the world will never figure things out.

It’s as if the giants that control the New World Order’s media stream are being instructed to release information about the New World Order through it. These are all things that, some might assume, hurt the New World Order, and bring the people together in resistance to the New World Order, with power of the resistance growing every day. But the New World Order controls the corporate big-money-media, and the internet, so they are controlling these vehicles by which this resistance is forming. Or, more simply put, they are the carriers of this resistance: the New World Order’s corporate monopolies are the support for the resistance that is forming. This importance of this seeming paradox (the New World Order is supporting resistance against the New World Order) cannot be underestimated, as stated above, and we must use this seemingly confusing situation to understand things at a deeper level — and that level is, the New World Order formula: order out of attacking the New World Order. So, we have to see and deeply understand this New World Order formula, face this fact (we know it’s a fact because it is the story of history). I think a deep understanding of this New World Order formula is the key to defeating the rNWO, and without this deep understanding, we will endlessly battle against the fNWO, as we have for thousands of years. We need to focus on this New World Order formula as energetically as we did on the ‘End the Fed’ protests.

The New World Order wants to make its move via a violent revolution (order out of attacking the New World Order), and they have to drive the people into panic and helplessness so as to get unproductive, un-thought-out, reactionary, horrific violence to commence. How does the New World Order drive the citizen mobs of the world to this point? Answer: starve them, kill their economy, destroy their known way of life, shatter their security, confuse them and make them totally ignorance, and slowly start to show the brutality of the Secret Government controllers. And what is the overall goal of this: to destroy the current way-of-things in order to bring about a new way of things (a New World Order). The secret global government has control over every aspect of our lives (since we, as Americans, have let that happen), so it only must be the case that they are orchestrating everything we are seeing going on now if it shows up in the mass corporate media (excluding the still-far-too-small pockets of informed, productive, genuine resistance).

Now that the TV-addicted populace is aware of the New World Order (since it has been announced to them on TV for the past few months), there is something very important to consider that few think about that this article is addressing: there are two New World Orders, as discussed above (and for simplicity and efficiency in this article, I have been using two abbreviations: fNWO and rNWO):

1. The rNWO: This is the invisible New World Order: This is the real New World Order (rNWO), most of which is very secretive, and not disclosed in much of any way to the populace via the corporate media, even though the populace has been now informed of the New World Order. Examples of the institutions of this ultra-core group of the New World Order are mostly unknown, but they may include those who give orders to the Bilderberg Group, some of the leaders of the eugenics movements, those mostly unseen people who are actually in control of some of the mega-monopolistic corporations, and so on.

2. The fNWO The visible New World Order, or the fake New World Order: This is the New World Order that the public is told about on TV, it is a fake and/or fragmented New World Order (fNWO), and thus it is a New World Order that the public thinks is real, but which is only a partial, distorted, or half-true picture (if that); it is a general deception. Examples of the institutions of this group are The Federal Reserve, the big American banks, the US military, Bush and the Republicans, the police in America (and elsewhere), etc.

The rNWO consists of little-known-of secret societies. Even the super-experts on this subject, like Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Alex Jones, Michael Tsarion and others may not know much of this hidden group. This group follows a Satanic religion, the nature of which is little understood even by expert scholars on the subject. This group has a streamlined, old technique for ruling through chaos, and by keeping the world citizens helpless, unarmed, dumb, unhealthy, and completely controlled by money. This group controls through corporatism (and mostly the rNWO corporatist edifices, such as the military industrial complex, the hijacked and corrupted world religions, the prison system, Big Agra, etc.), and the public has no idea because they wrongly assume that the national governments of the nations of the world are the institutions that have control of things, which they do not.

Alex Jones explains the New World Order

The fNWO is portrayed as being banks (not the huge globalist banks, but rather the midsized banks, like Goldman, etc., or the reserve banks of the world), the national governments of the world, but not the global corporatists aligned with the rNWO. So, the public now knows about the New World Order (fNWO) due to it being discussed a bit on TV over the past few months, and the public currently is confusingly being told, on one hand, that it is a good or even trendy thing (see: Lord’s Welcomes New World Order), and on the other hand, that it is a bad thing (since it is being shown in the corporate press that aspects of the fNWO are harming the people, see: Officers Put on Leave After Flushed Fetus). But what is important is that the world citizens are being told that it is the fNWO, not the rNWO, that is in control of things. In other words, they are not being told what the New World Order is, and the New World Order is remaining in secret, as always. The media that the TV-addicted American is glued to is creating a public perception of what the New World Order is—which is an incomplete, and thus incorrect, perception. The perceived New World Order is very different from the real one.

Thesis: the public is being made widely aware of the fake/fragmented New World Order (fNWO), and parts of the world citizenry are being coaxed into revolt against it. By this, eventually, the fNWO will consequently fall, citizens will feel victory, and the real New World Order (rNWO, Brave New World), which was hidden all along, will be introduced as the new society to fill the void.

This is a classic problem-reaction-solution scenario, which in this article I am calling order out of attacking the New World Order. Here’s how it goes:

Problem: the New World Order (which is really fNWO)

Reaction: global revolt against fNWO

Solution: the real New World Order (rNWO)

Let’s give an example of how this would work: if the fNWO gives you trouble through brutality or ineptitude (e.g., failures of national governments, police brutality, etc.), then you eliminate them, and in the void left over, you set up a system which solves the problems, which of course would be world police, world government, world military, world courts, and so on. (see End the Fed protests are the secret road to world government for a more elaborate example)

So, what will the public do during this world-wide revolt? I theorize that they will consist of, and gravitate into, three sorts of groups (and we can already clearly see these forming now):

Group 1: those millions and millions of people who endlessly give in to denial, and who will never see or want to see the fNWO, believing that the fNWO is a wonderful helpful and exciting thing (Obama Administration: “we want to make government service cool again!”), and they will be a significant part of the members of the youth corps, the FEMA cities/camps, the ultra-massive military and secret militaries, the new types of paramilitary police and secret law enforcement squads, and overall a member of the financial takeover that is being set up. This is the largest group of the three.

Group 2: this is the second largest group of people, which will likely consists of millions and millions of people just in America alone, and it consists of those people who do not go along with the fNWO, and who cannot believe the zombified hoards of group 1, and they revolt against fNWO and against group 1. This is a classic divide and conquer scenario: group 2 and group 1 will battle, and the rNWO will sit on the sidelines unnoticed.

Group 3: this is, I am sad to say, by far the smallest group, and it consists of those who have knowledge of and are trying to get the message out about rNWO. Most likely, groups 1 and 2 will not understand when group 3 describes rNWO. I theorize that even those who listen to the Alex Jones Show daily do not even fall into this group, and instead are tricked into falling into group 2.

It would seem, possibly, that the New World Order is going to try to get group 1 and group 2 to go to war, and this war is the “order out of chaos” that will bring about the rNWO. These three groups already exist on a certain level. It’s as if this is even being set up, currently, in the very early stages.

This sort of pattern is what we have seen all through history. Think of Napoleon trying to take over the world. Or think of Hitler’s plan to set up “A World Order”, built up covertly by American corporate Money (see Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order, pages 20-21 for detailed information on this) and obviously it was planned to fail. But out of that chaos, out of attacking fNWO, look at what the Secret Government of the world was able to accomplish: establishing the UN, the Pentagon, the CIA, Truman’s “Mental Health Act”, and on and on — these groups are the impetus for the problems we are now facing with the looming set-up of the rNWO through the fNWO hoax. Also, think of the French Revolution. These are all instances of times when the secret occultist power of the world had the populations and hoards attack either lower levels of their secret world government, or attack faked images of their secret world governments. This is why we see the New World Order not keeping their information on cyber-security, think tank meetings, Bilderberg, and so forth from getting in the hands of the Truthers and the patriot movements. The truth is, as I previously stated in another article, the patriot and truth movements are getting so large now that the New World Order will have to co-opt them, as it is currently doing.

This is also why we see the Big Media (the corporate press) starting to discuss and hijack discussion of our patriot topics, such as false flag terrorism, banking monopolies, the pathetic nature of the swine flu hoax, government ineptitude, and so on (see my other articles on for detailed discussion of these important issues: NWO is taking over the Truth and patriot movements, End the Fed protests are the secret road to world government). After the total economic collapse is set in, the starving, cheated, and homeless of group 2 will pick up on these hints from the Big Media and they may be lured into violence with it. But this is a planned “divide and conquer” program. For example, consider, on the one hand, the millions in America out there who are buying guns and ammo, but where, unfortunately, still most of them are clueless to the rNWO (not of group 3, but rather of group 2), and then consider, on the other hand, all these secret police reports being uncovered about police plans to target “right wing extremists” (i.e., that last Constitutionalists) by the New World Order protection team (i.e., the police). Can you see how it’s possible that these groups are being set up to battle in the future, such as when more serious starvation and homelessness starts? Also, consider how the people are fed, through the mass media, stories that get them riled up at, not the IMF, WHO, CIA, CFR, or illuminati, but rather at the police (for example, see Granny Tasered). How else can we interpret other than the illuminati-controlled mass media as attempting to bring sides against each other for possible future civil war: the police and military vs. anybody not strictly in group1, group1 vs. group2, etc.? I am not sure if this is what is really going on, but we in group 3 sure need to start discussing the possibility.

This is also why shows like The Alex Jones Show, or Coast To Coast AM (which more and more has Alex Jones his sorts of subject-matter on it) are allowed to stay on the air. And it is why the Internet has not been fully deconstructed yet. Though a few sites on the internet, and shows like the Alex Jones Show, will give a full picture of the political world, the New World Order is counting on people being too busy, too dumbed down, too reactionary and simple (due to their public school education and these non-Biblically-based churches everywhere) to be able to use the few resources out there that give an accurate picture. So these few accurate shows are permitted to remain, for the most part, since the New World Order is counting on the masses to panic and frenzy as we fall into depression, food riots, dollar collapse, and so forth, where the masses will be for the most part caught off-guard and unaware of the big picture. And thus the New World Order is counting on the shows with real big-picture information to be slurred, not used correctly, distorted, and smeared-out with the massive disinformation that exists all over the internet and talk radio. Instead of an organized civil disobedience against the New World Order, the New World Order is counting on blind, unorganized, chaotic resistance, and again, that’s why shows like The Alex Jones Show are allowed to stay on air, and that is why Alex Jones is still alive (though even uttering those words is very disturbing to me because of what they hint). As Alex Jones has reported so often, military documents show that there have been plans to flood the internet with various kinds of attacks and disinfo; this too plays into the “order out of chaos” that the New World Order has planned, as I theorize in this article. Hopefully the New World Order is wrong in their calculation, and hopefully Americans will wake up and get the real big-picture before it’s too late — before we fall into massive depression wherein the public will probably be too reactionary to figure things out.

If you look closely, you can see little signs all over of these wars — these “divide and conquer” scenarios — being set up. For example, this is all why cops are being beefed up to attack citizens, as we’ve seen (for example, Cops Attack EMT), and why they are being trained to absurdly believe that US citizens are terrorists. As the people fall into the economic depression, and if these police attacks escalate according to New World Order plans, the tension between police and the people will escalate into war. You see, the people are just about at a point where they don’t care, and they will start shooting when provoked and brutalized by the police and by the New World Order (for example: Baby Injured in Taser Incident, Cop Beats Man for Standing), and The New World Order knows this, so they have to get the police primed beforehand: get the police believing that all citizens are terrorist-fools, that there are right wing extremist terror groups all over (which are often the Constitutionalists), and so on. (I theorize that this police vs. citizens warfare will start with something to do with home foreclosures.) That way as soon as the police see a single citizen revolting against police that are breaking the law, the police will not see that law-breaking cop as carrying out bad police-work, they will see it through the pre-set lens the New World Order has constructed for them (“citizens are terrorists”), and the police will fall into a frenzy of rage, like a crazed soldier in Iraq breaking down a door of a family that is trying to sleep in the middle of the night (see the utterly excellent documentary Occupation Dreamland for actual footage of such break-ins). The recent series of police mania videos that the Alex Jones Show has covered, most likely won’t get banned from Youtube, because The New World Order wants them seen, to get the war between police and the people started. What is banned on Youtube, is information revealing details or operations about rNWO, not about fNWO.

So, what is our solution? Three things: (1) we must focus our attention very energetically on understanding the New World Order formula described above. And (2), as Alex Jones said on June 2: “If we are self-sufficient, they can’t beat us, that’s why they want to shut down all the farms and ranches.” We can add to this, as Alex often has, that we also need to become armed to the teeth, in every possible way (crossbows, learning gun smithing, etc.). Freedom is farmers with guns working together! Now, most importantly, (3), we also cannot underestimate the power of religion, as I think so many of us, even in our movement, have been fooled into doing. With religion, we can even break the laws of physics!

(Thanks to


Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims a 92.3% cure rate for cancer in 2-6 weeks. An independent statistical institute estimated that Dr. Coldwell worked with over 35,000 patients.

Before seeing the movie, please read this statement:

“I am the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world. In fact, I am convinced I could cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had the legal platform to work with these people the “Dr Coldwell Way.” As long as the patient is willing and still able to do whatever it takes and has no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, there is no reason Cancer cannot be cured in most people.

I am sure I could cure them within weeks or a few months. But since the law and the ones that make money on your suffering and even death, don’t allow me to treat you the way I know would produce results, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do. That’s how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry protects their Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry. They “make” politicians install laws that kill citizens or at least make them sick, and laws that make sure they cannot be cured. They can only be treated to more illness and eventually death by the medical profession with toxic, dangerous and murderous treatments.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:


Now you know why doctors can’t tell you how to really cure your cancer.

The Allegory of the Cave – also known as the Analogy of the Cave, Plato’s Cave, or the Parable of the Cave – is an allegory used by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work ‘The Republic’ to illustrate “our nature in its education and want of education”.

All these years later, how perfectly the Cave describes the mechanism that has captured, deceived and diverted us from what is important and real about humanity. Real life has been arrested in our modern day; Instead, television and other forms of bread & circuses present to us imitations of life that we learn to take on as our role models and heroes.

Socrates describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. According to Socrates, the shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality. He then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not constitutive of reality at all, as he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners.

The phrase ‘Look to the past to understand the future” is more than relevant today!!


Got tuned into some very old classic 60’s episodes of The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, specifically two episodes.  The reason I find these two fascinating is the predictive programming involved, which was common place during early 50s and 60’s TV, and which has evolved somewhat megalithically since then.
 The first episode from The Outer Limits was first aired on 30 September 1963, during the first season.  It’s titled, ‘The Architects of Fear’, and pretty well sums up what is going on today in geo-politics, and has done since the end of WWII.
From Wiki:

The Architects of Fear (1963)

The world has entered a Cold War-esque setting in which nuclear holocaust appears imminent. In the hope of staving off an apocalyptic military confrontation between nations, an idealistic group of scientists, working at United Labs, plan to stage a fake Alien invasion of Earth, in an effort to unite all humanity against a perceived common enemy. The Scientists have managed to study the planetary conditions on the planet Theta. They draw lots, and Physicist Dr. Alan Leighton is chosen to undergo radical surgical procedures that will transform him into a projected figure from a planet with a different atmosphere. Leighton’s death is faked and the bizarre series of transplants and modifications to his body proceed. His wife Yvette persists in not believing he is dead, she feels sympathetic pain as Alan suffers on the operating table. Complications arise when the effects of Leighton’s transformation extend beyond physical appearance and begin to affect his mind, a situation compounded by the scientist’s strong psychic link to his pregnant wife.

 The scientists’ plan is for Dr. Leighton as the Thetan creature, equipped with a energy weapon and spaceship, to land at the United Nations in an effort to create panic initially, that will be resolved as the world unites to fight the invader. Alan now a perfect simulation of an inhabitant of the planet Theta is launched into orbit as a weather satellite, but the mission goes awry when the spaceship comes down off course and lands in the woods near the United Labs facility, where, after disintegrating their station wagon with his laser pistol, the doctor is severely wounded by three duck hunters with shotguns, he stumbles back to the lab. 


The alien threat

Yvette again feels his pain and hurries to the lab looking for her husband, she arrives as the thetan enters, it collapses to the floor, and before dying of its mortal wounds, the creature demonstrates “the mark against evil”, a personal gesture they both shared, and Yvette realizes the horrifying truth that the alien is in fact her husband.

If anyone of you has read or understands what Project Bluebeam  is, then this should be self evident.  In theory, it is the claim that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.  In otherwords, a (faked) alien invasion as spoken of in the above Outer Limits episode, to bring about ‘World Peace’, yet introducing a fascist, authoratarian dictatorship of enslavement.

Watch the episode:

Now to lead on from this, with the idea of a faked alien invasion, how else could we be made fearful?  Well, if there was an alien invasion (real or not) the question asked would be “What for?”  Why would they come and what is their agenda?  There could be one of many reasons; to bring peace, to sort out our environment, to ‘enlighten’ us, or something more malevolent?  Who knows, but it’s intriguing.

Consider this: A warning of the future from the past given in a short Twilight Zone episode first aired on TV on 2nd March, 1962. Titled, ‘To Serve Man’.


An alien visits the earth. He says they’ve come as friends, and they desire to help the earth and set up reciprocal visits to their planet. The aliens have noticed that the earth is plagued by both natural and un-natural calamities, and they only wish to help. They offer a new power source, an end to famine, and a force field to be used as a defense shield. The alien states, “We wish only that you simply trust us.” As he departs, he leaves a book behind.

To come in peace


To Serve Man


At this point, the decoding experts for the U.S. government go to work. A man named Chambers is part of a team assigned to translate the book, which turns out to be a most difficult task. While he is discussing the situation with several army generals, his assistant Pat rushes into the room with news that the title of the book has been deciphered. The title reads To Serve Man.

The warning

Meanwhile, the delegates at the UN watch a film of several tests given to the alien. It’s basically a lie detector test, and the results show that the Alien is making truthful statements. He repeats his motive of coming to earth only to offer help.  The countries of the world offer their thanks as deserts become gardens and armies are disbanded. Next we see people standing in line to board spaceships as the reciprocal flights to the Alien’s planet begin.  They are weighed upon entry, and speak of upcoming events as we would speak before embarking on a vacation.

Chambers and his assistant, Pat, discuss all the recent events. They note that there are no more codes to decipher, that nearly 2000 Aliens are now on earth, and how easily man decides to go off to a strange planet. In fact, they are both on a waiting list to go. Although Chambers has given up on deciphering the book, Pat states that she is still working on it and getting close to a translation.

Chambers is now in line to board the spaceship. As he is ascending the steps, Pat rushes up desperately trying to get his attention. As she is held back by the Aliens, she warns Chambers, “Don’t get on the ship! The book, To Serve Man, IT IS A COOKBOOK!”  A struggling Chambers is forced into the ship.

The fight for survival

Chambers is taken to a solitary room. He is offered a meal, but he tosses it on the floor. An Alien enters the room, picks up the meal, and gives it to Chambers stating, “Eat. We would not want you to lose weight.”

Chambers faces the camera and speaks directly to us.

 He says, “Whether we are on the ship with him or back on earth, it does not matter; we will all be on the menu.

I could not say it any louder. We will all be on the menu!!”


In conclussion, with all the recent UFO sightings, crop circles and other strange phenomena, odds are that there is more to it than meets the eye.  As the above episodes have shown, man is too hasty in his quest for ‘enlightenment’ without waying up all the evidence and the options available.  If space beings ‘arrive’, and I use this term loosely, then what are the POLITICAL implications for this?  What is going on in the world at that moment?

Then think, who is leading the charge behind ‘disclosure’?  Research them and find out their agendas (political or not).  But most importantly, look at the ancient texts and cultures and research what they say about ‘Men that come down from the sky’.  Do they say good things?  Bad things?  Or indifference?

Either way, I think it is fundamentally important to understand the ‘programming’ that goes on within these TV shows, and I’m more so including the main ones we have on TV today!  What are they ‘saying’ and who are they saying it to and in what way?  It is out there, it is happening, and it is real!!

Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky!



Tron:Legacy Trailer

Like SO many films before it; The Matrix, The Truman Show, Pleasantville, Vanilla Sky, The Fifth Element, Donnie Darko, to name but a few, Tron: Legacy is rife with Illuminati symbolism and Gnostic teachings.  To first understand you have to watch this 35min introduction video on gnosticism and what it really means:

VIDEO – Michael Heiser: Gnosticism (part 1) – “Introduction”

When finished this, continue reading below!!!

TRON LEGACY – Analysis

Leaving the breathtakingly amazing computer generated world of Tron Legacy to one side, and having examined many possible incarnations the Illuminus usually like to depict, I would assert that this film is a straight depiction of Gnosticism. In fact it’s almost a mirror image.

Now for those who aren’t familiar with EXACT Gnostic beliefs and principles (and considering their confusing variations, they must have problems understanding it too!) I will try to explain the basics and mirror up the characters, what they are/do with those in the gnostic belief system. And trust me this is not easy as it’s complicated and as usual with most religions, it’s branched off into different splinters.

I’m going to use some direct quotes from wiki which is in italic bold to mirror up the characters. If you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t worry, these films always go along the same lines and usually aren’t hard to guess, I would in this case say READ ON as it may actually help you understand what the hell is going on when you see the film!

Badass Reviews 13th Dec 2010

Most of the publications and reviews of the film think that the special effects are amazing BUT the storyline is ‘terrible’. That’s because they don’t realise, as the majority of the public don’t realise, WHAT THEY ARE WATCHING.  No fault of theirs but this is a bizarre trait of so many of these films.  They are not for the ‘profane’, they are for the initiates. The ‘profane’ (ie. the masses) are supposed to focus on the dazzling special effects and have the storyline ‘downloaded’ to them.  Oh the irony when it comes to a film such as TRON!

C Net News 17 Dec 2010

Understanding the deep filmic message is seemingly not important for the paying public and it is this fact that enables this faction to DEPICT EVERYTHING IN PLAIN SIGHT because they only need to do basic ‘audience testing’ to discover that the general public at large have no idea what they are viewing. Even in interviews with the cast members themselves, NOT ONE OF THEM MENTIONS THE GNOSTIC BELIEF SYSTEM INHERENT IN THE STORYLINE. Maybe they have no clue either?!  Or just in plain denial!

These storylines are not unusual for us here but releasing films which are little understood by the public would be a rather strange sales/marketing ploy. But this is intentional!

Guardian Review 5th Dec 2010

Total Film Review 6th Dec 2010


Now I’m going to take it step by step.  Here are the fundamental traits of gnosticism:

Firstly, you have KEVIN FLYNN, creator of this cyber space called Tron and father to Sam, he plays the Godhead figure, the One, Pleroma.

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn the Creator

It is the notion of a remote, supreme monadic divinity, source – this figure is known under a variety of names, including ‘Pleroma’ (fullness, totality) and ‘Bythos’ (depth, profundity).

Secondly in gnostic beliefs, you have the introduction of a SECOND DISTINCT CREATOR GOD KNOWN AS THE DEMIURGE – THIS IS THE DUALITY. The Demiurge is CLU in Tron Legacy, he has been created by Kevin Flynn (Godhead) to exact, create and develop the supposed perfect world of the programs and the Grid in Tron. It is the results of the DEMIURGE we see in the film with him as the false God, leader of the masses.

CLU also known as the Demiurge

The introduction of a distinct creator God or demiurge. Which is an illusion and as a later emanation from the single monad or source, this second God is a lesser and inferior or false God. This creator god is commonly referred to as the demiourgós (a technical term literally denoting a public worker the Latinized form of Greek dēmiourgos, δημιουργός, hence “ergon or energy”, “public God or skilled worker” “false God” or “God of the masses”), used in the Platonist tradition. The DEMIURGE is blind; because of his power and his ignorance and his arrogance he said, with his power, “It is I who am God; there is none apart from me.” When he said this, he sinned against the entirety. And this speech got up to incorruptibility; then there was a voice that came forth from incorruptibility, saying, “You are mistaken, Samael” – which is, “god of the blind.”

(Please note; the Demiurge is often depicted as a lion faced serpent, you may want to bear that in mind for any future analysis!)

The snake lion Demiurge

Blake's depiction of the Demiurge


So as you see CLU is the God of the masses (Programs), we see this clearly when he oversees the Romanesque Stadium styled death game challenges Sam is forced to play against Rinzler (Tron) and against other ‘programs’. This is a direct reference to Rome. It’s undeniable.

CLU watching the arena below

Sam in the Games Arena like roman times

Gnostic beliefs centered around DUALITY of the Godhead. There are 2 distinct GODS and this again references Metatron who was believed in Talmudic tradition to be the Scribe of God, this scribe of God in the film is NOT TRON (character aka as Rinzler), this is a deliberate error I believe, if you recall Tron (character) in the film is the ‘protector’ and is not a co-creator, only Clu is the co-creator of the world of Tron and the Grid. This makes CLU the Demiurge.

Tron as Metatron though NOT the Creator but Protector

“The estimation of the world, owing to the above, as flawed or a production of ‘error’ but possibly as good as its constituent material might allow. This world is typically an inferior simulacrum of a higher-level reality or consciousness. The inferiority may be compared to the technical inferiority of a painting, sculpture, or other handicraft to the thing(s) of which those crafts are supposed to be a representation. In certain other cases it takes on a more ascetic tendency to view material existence, negatively. Which then becomes more extreme when materiality, and the human body, is perceived as evil and constrictive, a deliberate prison for its inhabitants;

Elsewhere this figure is called ‘Ialdabaoth’,[13] ‘Samael’ (Aramaic: sæmʻa-ʼel, ‘blind god’) or ‘Saklas’ (Syriac: sækla, ‘the foolish one’), who is sometimes ignorant of the superior God, and sometimes opposed to it; thus in the latter case he is correspondingly malevolent.
The demiurge as a tyrannical God having caused the imperfect material world and all of its suffering, is as the creator God of the pagan philosophers (Zeus) and the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic creator God (Yahweh or Adonai) not real but a construct or illusion of the human mind (as nous). Since no secondary creator God is necessary or of high importance as everything is eternal or emanated and can not be created or destroyed. The demiurge typically creates a group of co-actors named ‘Archons’, who preside over the material realm and, in some cases, present obstacles to the soul seeking ascent from it;

If you note the last few sentences in this paragraph above you will note an almost EXACT REPLICA OF WHAT KEVIN FLYNN SAYS WHEN HE, SAM AND QUORRA DISCOVER THE ARMY CLU IS CREATING. Kevin says Clu knows he cannot ‘create or destroy’ the programs, he can only reassign them.

CLU's Tron army

Gnostics believe in essence that the material world created by the Demiurge is deliberately brutal and imperfect in order for the initiates (not the profane) to endure various tests in order to attain ‘enlightenment’ or ‘illumination’ to then be at one with the divine Godhead figure.

Enlightenment in Armageddon

This belief system has been bastardised and co-opted by various nefarious factions which probably include Luciferianism, etc. The premise being to submit to horrific trauma and brutality to ascend!  Theoretically in their eyes, the more horrific the world is the greater the chance towards enlightenment !! 

We see that before Sam is about to undertake his ‘tests’ in the Grid Arena, he walks into a bright light, this is a nod to this path towards illumination.

The stage has been set for the ultimate showdown between G(o)od and (D)Evil.

The pathway of illumination

Right, now I hope those concepts have sunk in? 

All-Seeing Eye of Illumination


Now onto the next characters…
Next we have;


Rinsler/ Tron





… these characters have some influence or power over their various areas in Tron.  These are all parts or reflections of the DEMIURGE (CLU) who’s position it is to rule over the material cyber realm.  One might include Gwen in this, however she is too insignificant a character.  She is essentially a worker program.

Gwen the worker girl

THEY ARE KNOWN IN GNOSTICISM AS ARCHONS.   And are the ‘controllers’ dispatched by the Demiurge (CLU).

Greys are a type of Archon

“In late antiquity the term archon was used in Gnosticism to refer to several servants of the Demiurge, the “creator god” that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. In this context they have the role of the angels and demons of the Old Testament. They give their name to the sect called Archontics.”

Now to the ISO’s which include Quorra who we are led to believe is the last living ISO following the great purge or genocidal extinction by CLU.

Isomorphic Algorithms (better known as ISOs) are a race of programs that spontaneously evolved on the Grid, as opposed to being created by users. Their existence is considered a miracle by Kevin Flynn, however Clu considers them to be an obstruction in his mission to create the perfect system.

Quorra the last (ISO) Isomorphic Algorithym

CLU believes these ISO’s are a threat to his NWO and to his more competitive and destructive ordered world of perceived perfection.


The ISO’s are a manifestation of this cyber space considered by Kevin Flynn (Godhead) to be perfection, knowing all areas of philosophy, science, embodying naive perfection … it is the information inherent in their knowledge and existence that Kevin believes will assist human kind on the real world plane. He protects the one ISO left, Quorra …

Now the ISO’s represent AEONS in Gnosticism, though Kevin didn’t admit to actually creating them, it is hinted that they are a part of him as he created this cyber world and they manifested into existence at the appropriate time and he reveres them, this is because in Gnostic tradition they are a constituent part of the DIVINE GODHEAD:

In many Gnostic systems, the æons are the various emanations of the superior God, who is also known by such names as the One, the Monad, Aion teleos (Greek: “The Complete Æon”), Bythos (Greek: Βυθος, ‘Depth’ or ‘profundity’), Proarkhe (Greek: προαρχη, “Before the Beginning’), E Arkhe (Greek: ἡ ἀρχή, ‘The Beginning’), Ennoia (Greek: “Thought”) of the Light[37] or Sige (Greek: Σιγη, “Silence”).

From this first being, also an æon, a series of different emanations occur, beginning in certain Gnostic texts with the hermaphroditic Barbelo, from which successive pairs of aeons emanate, often in male-female pairings called syzygies; the numbers of these pairings varied from text to text, though some identify their number as being thirty. The aeons as a totality constitute the pleroma, the “region of light”. The lowest regions of the pleroma are closest to the darkness; that is, the physical world.

As you can see we have a virtual exact mirroring of Gnosticism, to deny this in Tron Legacy would be ridiculous, it’s just the vast majority of people will not know what they are watching. They are seeing a treatise on the Godhead dilemma.
So to our final and arguably most important characters:

Sam Flynn (Christ) and Quorra (Sophia)



In Gnostic tradition Sophia originally created the Demiurge (CLU) and since this was not inherent in the original film Tron as we know that CLU was created by Kevin then I think they found it too difficult to incorporate Sophia (Quorra) as the manifestor or creator of CLU to Tron Legacy.

So instead Quorra is an Aeon which is a part of the Divine Godhead as reflected in Gnosticism but this time is NOT the creator of the Demiurge (Kevin Flynn is the Creator in the film).


You will recall TRINITY from the Matrix, Trinity was SOPHIA and so was Leeloo in The Fifth Element. She is the fallen whom has sinned or has made a mistake in some way and searches for redemption. The Christ figure helps her attain redemption.

Trinity as Sophia

Leeloo as Sophia


She is always paired up with the Christ figure … the chosen one to assist in bringing the message of gnosis to humanity.

This is the origin of the rescue of the ‘damsel in distress’.

Here is the story of Sophia:

I will highlight the most relevant points … direct quotation from wiki:


Sam and Quorra (the Gnostic bride of Christ)

In Gnostic tradition, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of God. Gnostics held that she was the syzygy of Jesus Christ (i.e. the Bride of Christ), and Holy Spirit of the Trinity.  In the Nag Hammadi texts, Sophia is the lowest Aeon, or anthropic expression of the emanation of the light of God.  She is considered to have fallen from grace in some way, in so doing creating or helping to create the material world.

The Great Pleroma of God

Almost all Gnostic systems of the Syrian or Egyptian type taught that the universe began with an original, unknowable God, referred to as the Parent or Bythos, or as the Monad by Monoimus…. the One spontaneously emanated further Aeons, being pairs of progressively ‘lesser’ beings in sequence.  Together with the source from which they emanate they form the Pleroma, or fullness, of God, and thus should not be seen as distinct from the divine, but symbolic abstractions of the divine nature. The transition from the immaterial to the material, from the noumenal to the sensible, is brought about by a flaw, or a passion, or a sin, in one of the Aeons.

In most versions of the Gnostic Mythos, it is Sophia who brings about this instability in the Pleroma, in turn bringing about the creation of materiality. Thus a positive or negative view of the world depends a great deal on the interpretations of Sophia’s actions in the Mythos. According to some Gnostic texts, the crisis occurs as a result of Sophia trying to emanate without her syzygy or, in another tradition, because she tries to breach the barrier between herself and the unknowable Bythos. After cataclysmically falling from the Pleroma, Sophia’s fear and anguish of losing her life (just as she lost the light of the One) causes confusion and longing to return to it. Because of these longings, matter (Greek: hylē, ὕλη) and soul (Greek: psychē, ψυχή) accidentally come into existence.

Now briefly back to the film, when Sam arrives his father (the Divine Creator) Kevin has exiled himself to that of the life of Zen Master type hermit indulging in Far Eastern esoteric tradition of meditation believing that the only path to take is one of omission to act and observance rather than reaction to the disastrous world his Demiurge CLU has created and become.

The Creator as Zen Master

If you note it is in fact Quorra (Sophia) who facilitates the cataclysmic events to follow. She believes that Sam can be helped by one of effectively the Demiurges controllers, Zuse (I believe this was a reference to Konrad Zuse and not Zeus the Greek God) which is of course a trap.


Konrad Zuse (22 June 1910 Berlin – 18 December 1995 Hünfeld near Fulda) was a German engineer and computer pioneer.  His greatest achievement was the world’s first functional program-controlled Turing-complete computer, the Z3, which became operational in May 1941.

This in the film is Sophia’s ‘downfall’.  It is Sophia (Quorra) who brings about the ‘instability’ in the Pleroma (Divine God) as once Kevin realises what she has done and where she has sent Sam he must finally act and by doing so he exposes himself to discovery and the inevitable conclusion of the events that must follow.  Thereby Quorra (Sophia) causes the instability.

Kevin realises he must now take action

As a result they must both go, they arrive at the END OF LINE CLUB (note the name!) to save Sam.

End of the Line Club

Also she had split from her AEon pairing which is that of the Christ figure (Sam) as also mentioned in Gnosticism.

Sam and Zuse getting better acquinted

She is then injured and almost dies in the film …

Quorra in a bar fight

If you recall for the Divine Godhead Kevin to fix her he finds a part of her precious injured DNA code divinity and flicks it away, this is a nod to this ‘spark of divinity’ before she reboots.

Sam carries the injured Quorra

And just in case you were in any doubt whatsoever, Sam and Quorra then sit together and talk about the ‘Sunrise’ we even see a shot of them with the illumination of their world in the distance … The Christ figure and Sophia unified in partnership backdropped by ‘enlightenment’.

Talking 'sunshine' while getting healed

Now this is the general turn of events in this part of the film, it describes the relationship between CLU and QUORRA (DEMIURGE AND SOPHIA) and then that of KEVIN (Divine God), SAM (Christ/Jesus) and QUORRA (Sophia):

The Demiurge proceeds to create the physical world in which we live, ignorant of Sophia, who nevertheless manages to infuse some spiritual spark or pneuma into his creation.

In the Pistis Sophia, Christ is sent from the Godhead in order to bring Sophia back into the fullness (Pleroma). Christ enables her to again see the light, bringing her knowledge of the spirit (Greek: pneuma, πνευμα). Christ is then sent to earth in the form of the man Jesus to give men the Gnosis needed to rescue themselves from the physical world and return to the spiritual world. In Gnosticism, the Gospel story of Jesus is itself allegorical: it is the Outer Mystery, used as an introduction to Gnosis, rather than being literally true in a historical context. For the Gnostics, the drama of the redemption of the Sophia through Christ or the Logos is the central drama of the universe. The Sophia resides in all of us as the Divine Spark.

By now you should probably have no problem reading this part and also seeing it in the film.

The Godhead in this film does not bring the Christ figure but we are led to believe this, however SAM is of course still the SON of KEVIN. It was in fact the trickery of the Demiurge (CLU) who brought Christ into this realm to join with Sophia. And it is Sophia’s intervention on the Grid that brings them together. Followed by the Divine God, Kevin who plans and allows Sophia and Christ to take his disc knowledge to the human plane for their benefit when Kevin fights CLU to get Quorra and Sam into the Portal to ascend back to the real world.

The Creator must fight His Creation

And as he says to CLU, “it’s my son” … he means both his Son and the Christ figure … the saviour and chosen one with the Sophia, the divine spark that resides in us all. The final clip is of Christ showing the Sophia the sunrise, the illumination of the Gnosis and what they have in their possession (disc containing the divine spark of information to transform the human condition) to ‘enlighten’ the world …

Through the portal to 'enlighten' the real world

Hope I’ve covered everything, there are very few variations from the Gnostic tradition in Tron Legacy.

There seems little point in adding all the other various symbols, I have no doubt you noticed them all, the pyramids, the hexagons, hexagrams, all-seeing eyes, etc al.

As you all know this theme is played out several times in many films. Once you know the key characters and what they represent you will be able to recognise it … again and again.

I might also add that Gnostic tradition is in itself not Luciferic or Satanic per se. What has happened though is that various organisations have manipulated, distorted it and more so INVERTED the traditional forms of Christianity. Gnosticism is/was a fringe branch of Christianity but was voted out at the Council of Nicea in the year 325.

Please try to remember to make the distinction …

Keep watching movies and recognise the symbolism therein.



UFO’s at the Sun

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Strange objects UFOs at our sun

Some of you will have seen images like this, some of you may not have. I want all of you to be able to see the NASA images with your own eyes direct from NASA, they provide a system whereby you can view all the images taken every day in the form of a slide-show -which plays like a video – at the end of this are full simple instructions with a direct NASA link so you see the truth yourself.

For those of you who do not know, the images are of UFO’s some much larger than the earth. No one at this stage appears to know what they are, although there is much speculation, what we do know is that they are extraterrestrial in origin.

They fist started to arrive last December 2009 and are now there every day. All I ask is that you share this information with your friends and family and show them how to see for themselves. Please remember that these images are taken by the SECCHI Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUVI) on the STEREO Behind observatory and therefore would not be visible to the naked eye as they are beyond the human visible light spectrum.

Love & Peace to you all, now lets see how they roll !

Here’s one I made earlier!!

1. Click on link : This will take you directly to the NASA SOHO TELESCOPE WEBSITE.
2. Choose TELESCOPE = Behind EUVI 195.
3. RESOLUTION = 512 x 512
4. DISPLAY =Images.. or SLIDE-SHOW..(which is cool, and recommend)
5.START/END DATES = 2011-1-14 Example ( 2011114 )(both boxes) Change date to respective date when using.
Hit search !! SEE FOR YOURSELF ! Please note: You see under display that you can slow down or speed up the rate of play, the SOHO takes appropriately 5 images per hour.

Happy viewing