NIBIRU blocked from Google Sky

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Nibiru/Planet X
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Came across some info so I went onto Google Earth, viewed the Sky and typed in co-ordinates 5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58
These are screen shots of what I found!! 

Image 1: Shows wide shot of a few constellations, notice Orion (KEY point of info)

1. Constellations including Orion

Image 2: Shows closer image of just Orion and the Dog Star below!  (NB – Bottom left of the shot..notice anything?  If not…)

2. Orions Belt

Image 3 : Closer in on Dog Star?  Look left….

3. Below Orion is the Dog Star? Look far left...

Image 4: Stars and a blacked out grid???

4. Blacked out rectangular grid

Image 5: Closer still to show its not some monolithic black hole….check the bottom, clearly shows half of some star chopped off.

5. A star has been chopped off

Image 6: There’s a text box which actually says that this image has been blocked and is hidden!!  WHY??? 

6. Caption reads 'this part has been made hidden'

This is what should be there –
Image 7 & 8:  This is where Nibiru has been seen and what it should look like!!  Why is it being blocked?  Cos it’s getting bigger and nearer….soon we will see it in the sky!!

7. Nibiru/Planet X should be shown


8. The Real Nibiru

Therefore, CHECK constellation of Orion!!  I may be wrong but it’s still interesting!! 

Once again we have the CIA operated system that is Google using censorship to block real truths for their own uses.  What is it they’re afraid of?  What is their reasons for this?  What is Nibiru and what does it bring?  If anything?!

 Here is a vid detailing the above!!

It should be bigger in the sky!  Keep your eyes open as well as your mind!!


  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for sharing this. A great find on your part sir.

  2. Giselle Wilding says:

    That is incredible and love to talk with you more. Do you think the alleged comet Elenin is the same thing as Nibiru? I am in Melbourne and we are having huge chemtrail spraying and I believe this may also be done to hide this planet. I have taken photos on covered days with what appears to be a structure (comes up as an orb structure when multiplied in photoshop ;very different from an artifact or digital orbs. It seems to have a bluish light coming from it). It is to the right of the sun I believe.When sun is out to bright to capture anything. or Facebook under my name.

  3. cleber says:

    No, Nibiru is not Elenin. Elenin is just one comet launched by Nibiru from its place to the inner solar system. Nibiru is starting to cause a comets rain.

  4. 6079smithw says:

    Hi, the image of Nibiru at september 2002 is the Monocerotis nebula :
    The one at may 2002 is just another nebula which looks like the Owl nebula.
    So these images are fake.
    But I’m still wondering why Google is hiding a part of the sky…

  5. Zeitgeist says:


  6. Laura says:

    Check this out! ………….……..does sound like this dude is reading this info from a manual script, but it does answer a few questions! Apparantly Nibiru doesnt even exist,according to top astronomers!!! It was just an elaborated story that got started by a cult and many people have made money from it! Apparantly it was originally meant to happen in 2003, but when 2003 came and went the date mysteriously got changed to 2012! I really dont have a clue if this is correct or not, but if you look hard enough there is probably about as much information on the internet about it being made up as there is about it going to happen! Also check this site out…..…..also check out this lady NANCY LIEDER she is supposed to have conjured up this whole thing! Hope this is of some help to u people.Im in 2 minds about the whole thing, it helps to read the storys about it not being true, as it gives u a little bit of balance!

    • Grave says:

      First off, Nibiru was named and discovered centuries ago, not recently. Furthermore it’s come to light that NASA does, in fact, have documents on it, but every word of it is classified. Now why would they classify some absurd hoax? Lastly, there was an Ex-Nasa… Was it nasa? I can’t remember… but an Ex-employee of a similar type of group, who was, as well as his co-workers, emailed warnings about an un-named impending doom. Stop spreading society retarding, establishment lies to dumb down peoples interest.

  7. Mr Jay says:


    Here is something REALLY interesting which i think you will find blows open a lot of things… Look at Google moon but use the Alt-Gr key and the down arrow to turn your screen upside down. If you look- the craters we are presented with…suddenly become inverted. Pay particular attention to the very top and very bottom.

    Some things I have discovered as a result of doing this are:

    – Statues that appear to look like the very statues from Easter Island
    – Entrances into the sides of mountains
    – Unusual looking artefacts
    – Debris

    Try it for yourself…we’re only ever presented with one orientation of the moon, stars, mars…it’s a NASA orientation.

    Let’s start deciphering what’s really going on!!

  8. Mr Jay says:

    Here’s a link to a photograph highlighting what i mean- the left hand side (which is at the top right of Google Moon at the presented orientation) looks like a base with statues and even a sattelite dish…what do you think??

    All the best.

  9. kolembo says:

    Very interesting!
    Why would Google block out part of the sky?
    Are they allowed to do that?

  10. Manny says:

    The question still remains unanswered. Why is NASA hiding Nibiru or whatever object it is??????

  11. happycustard3 says:

    Yep there defifatly hiding something.

  12. MCQlimax says:


    Maybe i am really stupid and made an incorrect conclusion but :

    The explanation you mention for the pictures you are showing in incorrect.

    Yes there is a big black square at the location 5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58
    Any1 can look it up in google sky, go do it.

    HOWEVER, at the picture you show after, that should depict Nibiru with neighbouring planets, you say that this is what should be at the location of the blacked out area

    What i dont understand is in that very same picture, there are diff location info.
    Just click the picture, a larger version will open on a different tab, and on the red planet marked as Nibiru there is location details saying 09:47:57.30 13:16:44.2

    Now, just go to location 09:47:57.30 13:16:44.2 on googly Sky, you will see the exact picture showed as explanation for the blacked out part at 5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 58 however its completely different location….. so : incorrect info

    Nibiru interests me a lot, but explanations showed on this site are false


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  17. vind3x says:

    Do me a favor and check this image to stop the big stupidity I see here, at least a little bit: Now, “Mr. OMG, Aliens Are Coming!!!”… Is it all finally clear? Thanks.

  18. Josh says:

    Shame on all of you disinformationalists for taking part in the grand deception! You will have to deal with God alone! Think you are ready to do that! Stop trolling and realize what is reallygoing on!

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