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I came across the video showing a couple of pictures taking by NASA showing a High-Res photo of a UFO!  It was claimed that the object was ‘part’ of the telescopes arm but further photos conclude that the arm itself is covered in a WHITE plastic sheeting to make it visible in space, whereas this ‘object’ is dark and metallic in appearance.

UFO to the right of NASA's telescope

Close up image:

Closer image of UFO - definately not a 'white' arm

Here’s the originally video provided by ‘bluebeard2011’

Whatever this ‘object’ is, I’m more than sure that we’re not being told the truth.


From youtuber envylife904

“Urgent Message about whats going to happen on and around March 15 !! Clear explanation of the coming pole shift from the approach of comet Elenin! This could be the reason FEMA has ordered all the MRE’s, underwater bodybags, blankets.

Something drastic is going to happen with this comet approaching. Could this be what the Mayans, and the many others were predicting with 2012? For them predicting so many 1,000s of years ahead, to be off by only 1 year is extremely accurate!

All I can say is get ready! Its better safe then sorry! I am stocked up on food, water, medical supplies…etc God Bless!! Stay Safe!!”

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since writing this blog, 2 of the videos by Ezatuli have been removed,  as has his youtube account.  Along with this, he himself has been arrested for spreading this info.  For more details check my updated BLOG)

Recently I have came across a few videos on youtube dealing with a possible pole shift occuring mid march.  The first video deals with this along with the collapse of the dollar before this time?! 

The quality isn’t great but the information is vital:

Now personally, I don’t know what to believe of it all, but it’s interesting when you recognise that FEMA have been ‘preparing’ for a coming catastrophe – buying up 140 million food packages, millions of blankets, mobile shelters, portable modems for communications, underwater bodybags????  What is this for?

Some have even gone on to say that through recent solar activity (ie, in the past few days – Start of Feb 2011), these solar flares will cause a major earthquake to strike also in the next week or so:

Another video that roused my interest was from youtube user Epazuti who has had to re-upload this as it was taking down within hours and his account frozen for a time.  It regards a woman caller phoning into the Alex Jones show on Fri 31st January 2011, trying to relay info from the white house.

The description to the video titled, ‘A Message To Alex Jones’, states:

“I have called your show, asked others to call your show, sent you emails and no response. Last Friday you received a call on-air from a woman claiming to be with the White House and making claims about the Obama Administrations knowledge of a Pole Shift around March 15, 2011.

Hundreds of thousands of your listens dropped everything to hear her. Then you went to a commercial break and you didn’t make any mention of her or the call when you returned on-air. To make matters more concerning your show edited out the call from that show you uploaded on youtube as if none of us would react or remember her statements. Your listeners understand that you are being watched and harassed by Homeland Security. You have said so on your show.

I am asking you to come clean about the caller from last Friday’s show and ask you to replay the call because if her statements are true this affects the lives of millions of people! I believe you are under threat, but I also believe you are a man of integrity so I am asking you to at least talk about it. We know that FEMA has ordered emergency food and other supplies because they believe some event will take place around March 15, 2011.

The documents are online and on “patriotspace” youtube channel. Now if you will just clear this up and also tell the public how HLS has threatened you then they will be exposed and your listeners can confront them about all of this now. Before it’s too late!”

Obviously I don’t want to fear-monger and I’m just presenting things that have came across my way.  But I do feel that there is a definate ‘vibe’ in the air that ‘something’ is about to happen.  I’m just asking that people look into what is being presented, do some research, and if you agree with whatever information you came across and feel it speaks to you then please act apon this.  Get prepared.

To leave this post, I will finish with a video from youtuber VonHelton who has an ‘Urgent Message’…..


Here is a great video from youtuber 9Nania explaining more of the coming pole shift on March 15th 2011!!

Also from youtuber: mattmann111:

Peace and Love