Coming Pole Shift Caused By Comet Elenin On March 15th?

Posted: February 4, 2011 in NASA, News Articles, Nibiru/Planet X, Pole Shift, Survival, Video, Weather
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From youtuber envylife904

“Urgent Message about whats going to happen on and around March 15 !! Clear explanation of the coming pole shift from the approach of comet Elenin! This could be the reason FEMA has ordered all the MRE’s, underwater bodybags, blankets.

Something drastic is going to happen with this comet approaching. Could this be what the Mayans, and the many others were predicting with 2012? For them predicting so many 1,000s of years ahead, to be off by only 1 year is extremely accurate!

All I can say is get ready! Its better safe then sorry! I am stocked up on food, water, medical supplies…etc God Bless!! Stay Safe!!”

  1. max says:

    I have researched govt web sites for object 2000 np9(comet) and quake on new madrid fault line very soon.this info is all true. However, when you post things online and your spelling is terrible ,no wonder people don’t take you serious. I appreciate what your doing ,but please use spell check next time. thank you

  2. Oh Noes! says:

    If SHTF on March 15,2011, I do not really believe that the spelling will matter.

  3. blurredmind says:

    nothing happened…whats next!!!

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