Egyptian Horseman Of The Apocalypse – VIDEO

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Ghosts, News Articles, Religion, Video
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On MSNBC they covered the news of that days (4th Feb 2011) Eyptian protest and saw some strange ‘anomalies’.  What do you reckon?

Video 2 – Lens Flare?

All very spooky indeed!!


  1. yoy50 says:

    Hi Jimmy Prophet!

    The footage is ‘impressive’ BUT are you familiar with Project Blue Beam? This could very well be a supernatural sighting but the fact that Blue Beam exists, I wonder. Check this out when you can.

    Peace and keep up the good fight.

    • Yeah I know all about Project Bluebeam. It could very well be that, who knows, but it’s insanely interesting!! Thanks for watching!!

      • yoy50 says:

        Hi there! I’m glad you are aware as I can’t tell you how many people are clueless to this (old) information! haha

        I have to agree– this footage is insanely interesting! It’s also insanely interesting and frightening to discover the depths of these psychopaths who are prepared to see their twisted plans through to fruition. Strange times indeed.

        Peace and keep up the good fight.

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