I posted a blog 2 days ago https://jimmyprophet.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/pole-shift-coming-around-15th-march-2011/ dealing with a pole shift that is due to occur March 15th 2011.  I inserted a few videos, 2 of which by youtube user Epazuti have been removed, along with his account.  To make matters worse, he himself, an ex war vet, has been arrested for posting these videos.  Seems like he has the authorities spooked by his content!!  Here is a video detailing this:

Luckily some other youtube users re-uploaded his original vids, so here they are again!!  Let’s see how long it takes before these are brought down offline???!!

Video 1

Video 2

Let’s hope for his safety and well being and pass on this information as it is VITAL!!  ‘Something’ is coming anf those that are speaking out are being censored, silenced and/or arrested!!  GET PREPARED!!!!


  1. Matthew says:

    Hey Jimmy, thanks for the interesting blog. Please check mine out at http://www.brussellsprout.blogspot.com when you get a chance, because I deal with this subject in great detail in the second post.

    First of all, there’s no way this object was discovered by an amateur astronomer with an 18-inch telescope. I even read that it was first “discovered” by some amateur astronomers in Japan. NASA had to have known about this comet for a long time, and they’ve been covering it up. Secondly, the guy who allegedly discovered it is supposedly named Leonid Elenin. The first three letters of his last name are ELE, which stands for extinction level event, as depicted in the film, “Deep Impact,” which was about a comet impacting Earth. Could this be a code for saying this comet will cause an ELE? Did they find this guy and stage the whole thing because they wanted to use his name to convey the message?

    Does anyone know how big this object is? Is it big enough to cause a pole shift? Could it be Planet X, and not a comet? It’s supposedly arriving from below the ecliptic, so that makes sense. Perhaps it’s just part of the Planet X entourage.

    Here’s a link to an article about the comet:


    Do you follow these web sites?



    • Thanks for the links brussellsprout, I’ll definately have a good viewing session through your site, loads of good info there!! ‘Interesting’ idea on the ELE connection, makes sense!! I know ‘Deep Impact’ very well, like Im sure most people who view these blogs do!! My own personal opinion is that through military weather weapons, ie HAARP etc and on-going ‘mini-nuke’ testing, along with ‘whatever’ it is that’s coming, all these combine into a mass cauldron of truths, lies, fear, and manipulation, that are manifesting on a sub-conscious level that people are feeling and tapping into!

      Whether it’s the Biblical ‘Wormwood’, a comet, Nibiru, or something else, Im sure if we all stick together and keep spreading the word and sharing knowledge and information, then hopefully we will ‘know’ what to do when the time comes. Thanks for the comment and keep discerning!!

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  3. David Liebhart says:

    None of the vids are visible. 2 removed and one says “private”.

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