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Object 2000 PN9 (A Comet) and planet earth are going to be EXTREMELY close on March 15, 2011 !

Pole shift, planetary catastrophe.. just an asteroid passing very close on that day by “accident”? 

The following images are taken from NASA‘s Solar Systems Dynamics website:

Object 2000 PN9 as of Feb 7th 2011

Is object 2000 PN9.. the “nibiru” star that was recorded last week?

Here is the Comet’s proximity to earth of the much touted date of 15th March 2011.  Will there be a pole shift?  Will there be massive seismic activity?  Will the ‘Ring Of Fire’ Pacific tectonic plates go off?

Object 2000 PN9 on 15th March 2011

If this is true, why aren’t we being warned? 

Thanks to youtuber ‘dutchsinse’ for his info:

Video – ‘samf2000’


The same comet/asteroid passed by the earth even closer than it will in March, way back in 2006.  Here is an article detailing this.


There have been many threads and posts recently on the ATS (Above Top Secret) forum regarding the David Beach Pole Shift videos that have gone viral.  They claim that these videos are a hoax and are only made to pump up David’s ‘profile views’ on youtube!  Cmon man!!!  REALLY?!  Who are these shills that scrawl through websites looking to discredit people?  They are worse than Satan himself!!  Here are some YT vids to explain:

Video 1 – ‘dutchsinse’

Video 2 ‘Exomatrixtv’

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