This past weekend, the interweb has been on overload regarding David ‘Sweaty’ Beach, who’s 2 posts regarding Pole Shifts and an Alex Jones caller, has gone viral.  He stated that a woman called into Jones’ show, from the white house, and said she knows of a coming pole shift on 15th March 2011.  The call was quickly taken to adverts and not allowed to finish!  Jones never mentioned it again and later edited out the call on the re-broadcast and podcast downloads.  I covered this in a previous BLOG.

David made his case against Jones for this and subsequently went through personal attacks and harrasement.  From this he himself shut down his own youtube account and admits that he WASN’T arrested.  He also went on to say that 95% of the threads on ATS (Above Top Secret) were completely innacurate and that someone was creating false information on him.

Here is his latest video regarding all of this:

No matter what was said about him or not, I think he’s correct in saying that we should be concentrating on the information that is being presented, regarding a pole shift, instead of killing the messengers. 


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