What was really going on during the Gulf Oil Spill?  What was it’s purpose?  More importantly what are the effects from the catastrophic devastation that occurred?  With all the oil and gas still pumping out (and NOT been capped as the MSM told us), how will this affect North America?  If this gas explodes, or if an earthquake ‘happens’ to occur, what will the consequences be? 

Thanks to youtuber ‘2010thecountdown’ for supplying the following information:

Here is a PDF document from the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, from Sept 3rd 2008, detailing the coming earthquake ‘exercise‘ in 2011.  LINK

Predicted future map of USA

Here is another short PDF document on the ‘Risk Of Global Climate Change By The BP Oil Spill’.  LINK

  1. art says:

    totally sharing this on facebook right now!

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