What A 20 Degree Pole Shift Would Look Like – Video

Posted: February 10, 2011 in 2012, Comet/Asteroid, NASA, New World Order, News Articles, Nibiru/Planet X, Pole Shift, Survival, The Sun, Video, Weather
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“This video illustrates approximately where the new equator will be located after Earth’s pole shifted 20 degrees. This is based on data from Edgar Cacey and the Mayan Elders who indicate the pole shift will be approximately 20 degrees, placing the new North Pole in Russia. The white icon in the middle of the video marks the line of the new equator.

Based on the available data of the historic magnetic pole movement and acceleration, I agree that if a pole shift does occur, the new North Pole would likely be somewhere in Russia.

In my understanding, a pole shift would be considered a catastrophic event, but not an Apocalypse. Such events have also happened in our past when there was life on the planet in many forms, including human. This means that life continues after such events, but evidence and ancient records indicate such events can cause extreme reductions in population.”

Thanks to ‘SurvivalWithBushcraf’ for the info!


  1. Boop says:

    Its the wrong way round. Casey said – 17% INTO Russia. This is in the wrong direction.

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