Over the past week there has been much speculation and even some anxiety over a couple of videos posted on youtube regarding a March 15th Pole Shift that would cause mass global catastrophes.  The original videos were posted by David Beach (known as the ‘sweaty man’ online) and subsequently were taken down, along with other videos going up saying that he had been arrested.  These were infact ‘proven’ to have been faked.

My previous posts speak of these video incidents:




Now, it transpires that it was all a Government Dis-Info Psy-Op to discredit Alex Jones and his message of RESISTENCE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER !!!

Notice How “David” has now closed off ALL COMMENTS to both of his video uploads and his channel too. 


Nothing says GUILTY like closing off all comments – yet not posting a rebutle video DEFENDING YOUR HONNOR !!!

The ONLY thing Alex Jones is guilty of is not allowing her (the REAL woman who called in to his show) to spout off a website address on the air – which has always been his policy.

Credit for the last 40% of this video goes to dutchsinse:

So what to make of all this?  Regarding an actual pole shift occuring on 15th March is upto the grace of God.  We’ll just have to wait and see!  But there is ‘other’ info out there from other people who show that ‘something’ BIG is happening and will occur.  It’s just a matter of when?

Like I always say, personal discernment is the KEY!

Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky.


  1. Len Aaron says:

    Gov’t Disinfo Agent WHO IS to be discredited speaks many truths, to later be proven a “nut”, so that all who believe in such things get lumped together. Perhaps in gov’t attempt to obscure many truths that people have already been becoming aware of via the internet (not found in MainStream Media “news”). The mass Awakening apparently invokes a desperate organized response, even if only to try to discredit confuse elements of the truth as people begin to connect the dots to form a larger picture.

    Just because one discredited (gov’t agent) “nut” repeats such things doesn’t eliminate such the independently verifiable facts or kill the truth, although it is apparently the goal. Do your own research and pray for discernment in all things. Compare it all with the word of God in the Bible. We are certainly experiencing the “birth pangs” increasing in intensity and frequency spoken of by Yahushua (Jesus) in MATTHEW 24. When we see all these signs, we of the faith are instructed not to fear, but to “LOOK UP” as our REDEMPTION is drawing ever so near.

    Time as we have known it seems to be imploding on itself, as things continue rushing towards some grand culmination. There is apparently a large-scale highly organized campaign to keep the sheeple in the dark leading up to some huge converging events that are bringing about “the end of the world” as we have known it. “CHANGE” cometh… perhaps there will soon be a split into parallel but opposite universes, based upon whether or not our hearts are connected to the material things of this lost and dying world… Personally, I am ready to get off this crazy ride called earth and move on to the next level. This planet is already beginning to wobble wildly on an increasing tilt, staggering as a drunkard as the Bible puts it.

    Yes, there will soon be a much different heaven and earth based upon the upcoming Pole-Shift. Seems to be connected to Comet ELENIN (NINELEven backwards)… with so many apparent parallels and connections to the predictive programming manufactured (coincidentally?) by Hollywood in the movie DEEP IMPACT. Where’s Bruce Willis when the world really needs him? Regardless of all the chaos, confusion, turmoil and panic, I WILL WAIT UPON THE LORD.

    Pray for Peace & Guidance as we get closer to the epic crossing of the galactic plane/equinox aka the dark rift. We all must learn to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit if we are going to make it through. As Jesus so often said: “FEAR NOT”.

    PROVERBS 3:5-6 TRUST in the Lord with All your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways, Acknowledge Him, and HE shall direct your paths.


  2. Shirley says:

    Another amen! The person who commented just confirmed what I’ve been mulling over in my soul some time with reference to New Testament scripture and the increasing frequency of the birth pangs of Mother Earth (“like a woman in travail………….”) I do suspect this may also explain the reference to “a new Heaven and a new Earth” re. parallel worlds. Those who are vibrationally ready for something better and are not fear based and material minded just may actually “disappear while plowing in the field………” as Jesus referenced. That’s also why Jesus said “fear not” because he knows lack of fear is a 5th degree vibration and higher. This higher vibration will not hold/maintain the vibration of hatred and fear are 4th degree and lower……….and this is marketed by mainstream news 24/7, 365 days a year. I do my part to vibrate higher by quoting “Blazing Saddles”………”Ah, blow it out your *ss!” toward fear-based agendas/”news” =o]

    During Jesus’ earthly sojourn and ministry, I believe what he was referring to is now part of our current events. These “end times” are part of the 26,000 year cycle which is currently coming to a close. While I do believe HAARP and scalar technology have had significant influence, I don’t believe the degree of discomfort currently being experienced by Mother Earth comes totally from panic attempts by the Global Elite to keep us dumb and fearful, however, they do like to capitalize on it to keep the vibrations from heading higher as they currently are doing. And Jesus probably knew the technology that would eventually be used by the Global Elite in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

  3. Billy S. says:

    Ever seen one of those new shaker flash lights, that ‘when you shake it, it lights up’? Well, it’s because of a little magnet, that moves in between a copper coil, thus making electricity, & is sent to a capacitor, & until fully charged for use of the light bulb/l.e.d.

    So, what IF, a ”larger wave of electro-magnetic energy, from the planet, in the form of waves, moves through places like what’s under Ft. Meade, Maryland & shorts out all the electronic equipment there”. Is this, “something to worry about”? (It’s all from an ‘electro-magnetic pole shift’.)

    MAYBE, had they said YES, to the Ones they said NO to, they would have gotten TRUTH. As the ‘solar maxim’, isn’t ONLY coming from the central sun of this solar system. But, from the central sun of this planet, & the central sun of this galaxy, etc!

    Want to know more? Then, ‘with a click of the scroll wheel & you’re in, like flynn’!

  4. Billy S. says:

    I’ve collected 100s of proofs, ‘on a given subject, too sensitive to tell.’

    It can all be found @ my name. But, when I say, “with a click of the scroll wheel & you’re in, like flynn”, do I mean it, as with good intention, that you also ‘stay on this page’, as well…

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