Yellowstone Earthquakes, 12th Feb 2011. Is it Awakening?

Posted: February 13, 2011 in HAARP, Internet, media, News Articles, Pole Shift, Survival, Video, Weather
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Today has seen several earthquakes hit Yellowstone National Park.  Is the giant awakening and about to explode?

Yellowstone earthquakes, 12th Feb 2011

Notice the grey circle at the bottom!!  This registered 4.6 in magnitude, with the others ranging between 1.7 and 3.5.  Something is going to happen.  Check the intellicast website.

Also government earthquake map.

Here is a video from ‘AnotherBrotherMark’ detailing today’s earthquakes.  Why aren’t the Main Stream News NOT reporting on this??

Also the National Geographic recently reported that Yellowstone recently took a “breath”.  As did CNN:

Keep your eyes on North West Wyoming.


USGS has ‘removed’ other earthquakes from their site, why?

Thanks to ‘SAMF2000’


  1. Hilda Rivera says:

    I believe it is waking up, the next thing is how much is it waking up. Will it remain just basically at a small burp, or will we be seeing some big belches coming from there soon.

    2010m was just the beginning with the Chile quakes, and of course the Haiti quakes. According to a good friend of mine, 2011, will prove to be much more active, and already we are seeing that happening already. Its time for everyone to start preparing for what will happen in 2012, when the worst will come. But for now we are seeing the start.

    Shaking is going on in Chile again, along with the Icelandic volcano starting to show its grumpy self these same things happened last year, its all connected, we just need to connect the dots.

  2. Danny says:

    Excellant reporting!: This Always was a hot area. I would not be surprised at an escalation of Eruptions.

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