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Free energy circuit board

This is brilliant!  Apparently Tesla was making, or going to make, the same thing but with a huge antenna to power a large population.  There are ideas for free energy out there and we need to get away from these carbon based fossil fuels.  Even more so now, what with increases in oil and other resources.

What you need


  1. veeresh says:

    Can you please explain the way of antenna connection ? Antenna Specification ? is length of antenna wire/cable matters ?
    and will that disc capacitor makes much difference if we use 0.02Uf instead of 0.2 uF ?

  2. Khalid says:

    Can you please explain the way of antenna connection ? Antenna Specification ? is length of antenna wire/cable matters ?

  3. Adrian says:

    we can use an old TV antenna, if no longer in use

  4. shaid says:

    how can we get 1kv electricity by air

  5. saeed says:

    how much energy receive from these circuit.

  6. habeeb says:

    dear mr jimmy
    i accept your is possible to get free energy from ether media of the univers not from the air.good luck young scientist.

  7. Use alluminum plate, coated in a dialectric, easily accessable dialectric may be spray on plastic. take the plate and attach an insulated wire. keep the antenna connection as straight as possible relative to its ground connection. the ground rod is copper pipe driven 3 feet into the ground for solid ground connection. the plate is suspended up high in the air, near as 30 feet as possible. can be suspended between trees with twine. the circuit above also has a cousin, who is currently less efficient than this here. its a simple rectifier bridge with a capacitor at the center. but this here current model is best made with the information from this link…

    • having the alluminum plate, or, tesla inductor coil (the special radiant energy patent one), suspended higher or their capacities increased yields more available energy volts and amps, volt/amps (farads) I am investigating setups that involve special faraday cages that conduct the electricity across their mesh, and then the energy is collected. i dont know if this is possible, but the antenna could even be a set of alluminum fins , like an air de-ionizer. (seeing as the technology is purported to be ion powered, in the tesla designs.

  8. Adrian Harrison says:

    It works very well…. 250volts capacitor + 2x 450 volts capacitor and very large aluminium antenna, the rest are diodes.

    Chargeing a 12Volt Battery Car…. Supper cool.

  9. Wing nexius says:

    As a minimum spec of first experiment, use AWG 10 1kv Teflon more than 30 meters long. Surface area should he parallel to the electric sky to promote the cap stance of that terminal. Earth is your other terminal. Believe it or not, but that top load is used to displace the earth ac wave out into “free-space” and passes through your apparatus during its journey. Most of your power will come from this dark lightning and also charged ions which will strike your electret. Don’t expect large amounts of power until you build it for that. You need robust ground and an angular striking array for the electronic ceiling to stroke, not to mention the thing is tall standing to create the potential gradient.

    The above circuit available as demonstration on this page is only one version of the device. A Tesla radiant receiver usually has a load decoupling circuit to preserve resonance as above. An antenna180m in elevation will receive between 150kv-350kv @ 0.125I when the ionosphere ceiling dark discharges into the device by charging the top capacitance plate. This method basically employs ac ground-sky energy as a prime driver by biasing a terminal to ground and utilizing leaky capacitance and dialectric breakdown of air due to solar energetic loading of ionophere. Hook this thing up and expect to only get a small volume of coloumbs through unless it is elevated toward the electric ceiling and on resonance to the. Sky-ground natural magnetic discharge circuit.

    Watching Eric dollars from borderland sciences will help further home research in this area.

    There are secrets to radiant energy systems and obtaining an overunity COP. Let me remind you that Tesla commented on Crooke’s radiometer as the most incredible display of the power radiant energy really offers.
    Tesla wanted to design a prime driver sound this idea. (?Does the Mendocino inverter[motor] seem to relate to the Crookes motor?)

    Right now scientists are working on an infared angular frequency redirection system and a ground-sky circuit power generator, so stay tuned we are getting close. The ions in rainwater can be sequestered for power production in a kelvin qubit comb. Hydrogen from nano-particles in weather bathed in sunlight and steam Tesla turbine generators that run on geothermal heat-pump means the technology works and needs merging.

    To leave you looking in the right direction, review the principles of electrodynamic tethers and magnetic sails. Tesla said use neutrons because the emit beta- electron and a photon for power recovery, lest we forget the stray proton. A final two ideas for now: Hydrogen-lithium fusion and diametric drives with photon crystal power cell.

    For more info, check out::[]

    I am actively working in Eugene, Oregon on alternative energy and space travel technology. This Tesla radiant concept can be more easily understood as astral-mechanic electrical phenenon.

    • You are absolutely correct about the lightning, in fact, I also have stumbled into this in my research. Other than dark lightning, you can use an electrolaser to connect electrically to the ionosphere or close enough to enable lightning to ride down the channel even in fair weather. Your ground connection is used to facilitate single wire transmission (not the same as single wire earth return)
      Have a look at my two pages on facebook for more information::[]&[]

      I wrote this to the “Tesla’s planetary research program – GET involved!”:
      [] :: (Lots of good ideas here for making a planetary power system)
      Some improvements I can already suggest for your project would be to further increase your capacitance and elevate the tower considerably higher to get more ionospheric loading in your circuit; you want to focus on single wire transmission through the ground (not the same as single wire earth return), you will need a ‘multi-dimensional’ grounding array lined up to the geomagnetic orientation of earth; you can make direct ionospheric contact with an appropriate electrolaser; your power driver is too primitive for high efficiency worldwide transmission, have a look at eric dollard’s theory of wireless power and also his system for the reception & transmission of telluric waves, these two documents can assist in the fundamental design of tesla style transmission schemes.
      Let me know if you want any ideas or help, I am a homeschooling electrical science and space engineering with the goal of being a doctorate in astral-mechanics and general physics.

  10. You have some really good stuff on your site. However I did not see anything about How Hemp can Help. Did you know that Hemp can help in 7 major ways. All Paper, Plastics, Concrete, Clothing, Medicine, Food and Fuel can be made from or with Hemp with minimal chemical or energy input. Also all of the above would benifit the Local Economy. Please take a look at
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    • 2957 marijuana plants per person provides enough biomass for all the energy supply needs of the grower. energy independence comes from the wheelwork of nature and so by all laws of man should follow. marilize leguana for freedom of earth peoples. visualizing plant density is approximately 1:6.7255meter where plant/empty-space is the rational of the numbers. It takes 3548.4meter^2 or 0.876829ACRE of marijuana to produce enough fuel for one person for a year.
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      HEMP CAR
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      manufacture of electrodynamic systems
      green construction: wind, water, solar, plants
      self-sufficiency starts at home! marijuana legalization on an order of 2957 plants per person makes sense in energy terms by our definition of energy independence considered here.
      Marijuana can be used to produce the following off products in consideration of energy industry:
      hydrogen gas
      bio-crude oil
      carbon coke
      Using legumes in compost to absorb atmospheric nitrogen and sequester co2 outputs from marijuana bio-fuel and makes magnificent green manure for your garden beds. using alfalfa and lentil as compost crop feeds the soil.
      bio-fuel is food which source of oils to protien and green leafy material is healthy to eat.
      vehicle dealership for energy star transport
      organic food grown on site and farmers market
      atmospheric emmision harvester
      scientific display of advantages of using our company methods of green energy
      Hydroelectric power could be used when diverting waterways to irrigate marijuana.
      Using the money from marijuna trade could finance projects to ecological recovery and restoration along with green energy development.
      farmland on the order of 1.1218e12 square meters OR 2.772e8 acres would power the entire united states; now that is something to party about.

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