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Free energy circuit board

This is brilliant!  Apparently Tesla was making, or going to make, the same thing but with a huge antenna to power a large population.  There are ideas for free energy out there and we need to get away from these carbon based fossil fuels.  Even more so now, what with increases in oil and other resources.

What you need


  1. veeresh says:

    Can you please explain the way of antenna connection ? Antenna Specification ? is length of antenna wire/cable matters ?
    and will that disc capacitor makes much difference if we use 0.02Uf instead of 0.2 uF ?

  2. Khalid says:

    Can you please explain the way of antenna connection ? Antenna Specification ? is length of antenna wire/cable matters ?

  3. Adrian says:

    we can use an old TV antenna, if no longer in use

  4. shaid says:

    how can we get 1kv electricity by air

  5. saeed says:

    how much energy receive from these circuit.

  6. habeeb says:

    dear mr jimmy
    i accept your is possible to get free energy from ether media of the univers not from the air.good luck young scientist.

  7. Use alluminum plate, coated in a dialectric, easily accessable dialectric may be spray on plastic. take the plate and attach an insulated wire. keep the antenna connection as straight as possible relative to its ground connection. the ground rod is copper pipe driven 3 feet into the ground for solid ground connection. the plate is suspended up high in the air, near as 30 feet as possible. can be suspended between trees with twine. the circuit above also has a cousin, who is currently less efficient than this here. its a simple rectifier bridge with a capacitor at the center. but this here current model is best made with the information from this link…

    • having the alluminum plate, or, tesla inductor coil (the special radiant energy patent one), suspended higher or their capacities increased yields more available energy volts and amps, volt/amps (farads) I am investigating setups that involve special faraday cages that conduct the electricity across their mesh, and then the energy is collected. i dont know if this is possible, but the antenna could even be a set of alluminum fins , like an air de-ionizer. (seeing as the technology is purported to be ion powered, in the tesla designs.

  8. Adrian Harrison says:

    It works very well…. 250volts capacitor + 2x 450 volts capacitor and very large aluminium antenna, the rest are diodes.

    Chargeing a 12Volt Battery Car…. Supper cool.

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