All I have to say here is if you don’t understand this, then there is no hope for you!!  For all you trolls and haters and shills out there…DEAL WITH IT!!  This thing IS REAL.  Elenin is NOT a comet.  I repeat, NOT a comet.  It is a massive brown dwarf star and it’s heading into our solar orbit.

And for all those who deny that the Japan earthquake wasn’t a major event, that ties in with previous posts regarding March 15th event, a pole shift, etc, then SHAME on you!!  And yes, ok, Japan does get hit with a load of quakes, some say to me 100 a year.  Fine, but can you explain 100 per DAY (at least), that go on and continue and intensify?  Plus this in conjunction with the other MASS earthquakes occurring globally, and increases in volcanic activity also?

Stop living in denial, open your eyes, open your heart, and look at what’s going on?  This is all I will say!!


Let’s go back to the JPL NASA model:

The time frame of March 11th (when the 9.1 mag earthquake hit the shore of Japan and caused the tsunami, etc).  Note that the Earth is in alignment between our Sun and Elenin.  This DID cause a seismic action to occur that is still ongoing.

Elenin on March 11th 2011

Note the distance Elenin was from us. 2.155 AU (Astronomical Unit) which means it was 2.1 times the distance we are from our sun.

This is what it caused:

Video – ‘Kanpaifr’

All this occurred due to the above alignment.  So then, let’s go back to see what occurred on previous alignment dates.

First one, 27th Feb, 2010.

Elenin on 27th Feb, 2010

Note again, it was 6.042 AU from earth (or 6 times the distance from us that we are to our sun).

What happened on 27th Feb, 2010?

“The 2010 Chilean earthquake occurred off the coast of either the Maule Region or the Biobío Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), rating a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale, with intense shaking lasting for about three minutes. It ranks as the sixth largest earthquake ever to be recorded by a seismograph.”

Source: Wiki

Epicentre of Chile earthquake

So the 6th LARGEST earthquake occurred on this date when we were in alignment?  Interesting!!  Anything else….

Let’s have a look at 4th Sept, 2010. 

There’s a bit of clutter of planets then, with Earth, Mercury, and Venus all around the same solar orbital space.  BUT…once again, earth is aligned with our Sun and Elenin in the distance.

Elenin on 4th Sept, 2010

Note, Elenin is still pretty far out at 6.258 AU (still 6 times the distance from us as we are to our Sun).

What happened on this date?  I wonder…..

“The 2010 Canterbury earthquake (also known as the Christchurch earthquake or Darfield earthquake) was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am on 4 September 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC).

The quake caused widespread damage and several power outages, particularly in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city.”

Source Wiki

New Zealand Fault Line

From these three events, I think it is safe to say that when Earth is in alignment with our Sun and Elenin, then a major earthquake is sure to occur.  Correct? 

All these major quakes happened on the main fault lines of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Pacific Ring of Fire

I think it’s safe to assume that at SOME point, the West Coast of the U.S. will quake, as has been predicted for a very long time. 

So IF these alignment events cause major earthquakes on the Pacific Ring of Fire, when are we aligned next? 

Elenin on 25th Sept, 2011

Note: Elenin is now in our very solar system and here, on 25th Sept, 2011, it is between Venus and Mercury’s orbital path and only 0.412 AU from us.  THIS is the date in which we ‘MAY’ see a few days of complete darkness, as this Brown Dwarf star eclipses our Sun from us.

This is a very precarious time indeed for us on Earth, as we will have BOTH our Sun AND Elenin tugging at us.  Our magnetic field is going to go wild.  This ‘COULD’ be the biggest catastrophe to occur, YET. 

But this is not all.

As Elenin gets ever closer, around 5th Nov, 2011, Earth will begin to move into its orbital pathway from the South, meaning that whatever stuff Elenin is dragging behind it, we WILL surely smash into it, whether it be comets, moons, larger asteroids, etc al. 

This is the time also when Earth will get fully dragged behind Elenin, for a time, in which ALL kinds of catastrophic events can occur.  None more so than the much commented upon and prophesied pole shift.

Elenin on 5th Nov, 2011

Is this why the elites, literally, are running for the hills NOW?  Why they’ve been busy building and storing underground bunkers for over 40 years or so?

To make matters worse, we are in a FINAL alignment with our Sun and Elenin on 23rd Nov, 2011, as it leaves our solar system for it’s continued pathway of destruction, leaving us completely devastated and in need of complete reconstruction of the Earth.

Elenin on 23rd Nov, 2011

Again, this is important info that I’ve come across, and I heed everyone to listen to this, research it for yourself and understand the delicate time in which we find ourselves in.

The mainstream media don’t want us knowing this.  The elites are scared that we will ALL find out BEFORE they’ve managed to secure themselves safely aware.  But the truth is here.  It is the power in which we stand upon.  It is the sword in which many of us will die.

I appeal to all that read this, that research this, prepare yourself for the worst so that you can hope for the best.

Much thanks to youtuber ‘InChristAlive’ for his discernment.  Here’s the video source:

Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky.


  1. Aster says:

    Here we go again, another story based on false theories, and especially by people inexperienced in the field … first I want to remember that the earth is a living planet, consists of Tectonic plates moving through the highly complex processes related to the activities volcanic, is very normal that they move and create some very violent earthquakes in the past are recorded and it is said that there have been earthquakes also much higher than those present and this can be understood by studying the rocks (as in the grand cayon for example) .
    sad to say, but we are optional on the earth and the earth is not moving because we humans, the earth has its own life and has been amply demonstrated by studies of very delicate and long, so there are more theories but the evidence. I am pleasantly surprised once again how easy it is to blame for astronomical event attributed all the misfortunes in the natural level, if these lines reads it an astrophysicist at NASA, would have the stomach cramps from the laughter … proceed in order:
    Prophet says that this is not a comet but a dark star … this is false, is clearly classified as Hyperbolic Comet and is clearly written here = C% 2F2010% 20X1; orb = 0, cov = 0 log = 0; cad cad = 1 # or, so it is a comet, which is currently at 2.076 AU distance, then with 0 effect on earth, but never were true, what effect would it have?? I repeat that comets and asteroids are left over from the creation of the solar system, let alone not have magical powers and strange effects, I recommend to all a good culture of astrophysics (which I studied for a long time) and maybe you will understand that a comet or do not create an asteroid impact if not very close, indeed, are the ones who suffer the effect of the earth, just talking and being the gravity that the earth is relatively large, has a pretty strong gravitational pull, with the result that can divert a orbit of a space object if you do not do it directly precipitated (such as the Hubble telescope, the astronauts, each service must put it back in perfect orbit, otherwise it may fall to earth because of the Earth’s gravity). If we want to talk about pure realism, well, elenin passed several times in Earth’s path and it does not appear to have caused damage, so this theory about the comet that creates earthquakes is pure fantasy.
    the earthquake in Japan is really tragic, but nothing new and fancy, Japan is located exactly on a tectonic plate motion, this is well known and they know the people of Japan. For the other earthquakes … I explained earlier, at the beginning of the comment.
    Are you looking for beautiful things on earth, there are many theories about and do not make any apocalypse. Yours sincerely

  2. Daniel Ross says:

    Ok… I’ve read this, watched the videos and been to the NASA page to see what they have to say about it.

    Nowhere can I find ANYTHING that suggests the Elenin is a Brown Dwarf. What is your evidence for this? Using the models is NOT empirical proof. If it were a Brown Dwarf there would be observational spectrometry data to support this.

    You emphatically state it is a dwarf… so prove it, please.

  3. wow says:

    obviously u r lost
    people leaving comments if you trust NASA at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Didn’t say I trust NASA – all I said was WHERE is the proof that Elenin is anything other than a 10km wide comet?

      If Elenin were a Brown dwarf then it would be around 50 times the mass of Jupiter… which means the eliptical orbit shown in the video would be incorrect. The increased mass would provide more inertia and a much less acute return angle… or if you prefer a softer curve around the sun.

      So one thing cancels the other out. Either its a brown dwarf and the orbit is incorrect, in which case the alignments are wrong and the predictions of apocalypse are wrong too… OR it is a comet in which case the orbit is correct and but the mass is insuficient to have any effect on the earth’s crust.

      Does Jimmy or anyone else care to answer a simple question or provide evidence to back up the claim that Elenin is a Brown Dwarf?

    • Aster says:

      There is no evidence that this is a brown dwarf, anywhere, are just theories postulated by pseudoscientist by YouTuber who do not know anything about astronomy and they do not even know my opinion of what you speak.
      Elenin is not a brown dwarf, is a comet, called C/2010 X1 (Elenin) … here is some information on it:
      Classification: Hyperbolic Comet SPK-ID: 1003113
      Orbital Elements at Epoch 2455603.5 (2011-Feb-11.0) TDB
      Reference: JPL 17 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
      Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) Units
      and 1.000072489345807 3.1496e-05
      to -6654.826040846611 2891.8 AU
      q .4824039861607485 3.0056e-05 AU
      1.839592007939548 0.00021928 i deg
      node 323.2362339278038 0.0036553 deg
      peri 343.7973828231308 0.0038212 deg
      M 359.9996156267778 0.00025053 deg
      tp 2455815.216210325255
      (2011-Sep-10.71621033) 0.0088636 JED
      period n / a
      n / a n ​​/ a
      n / a d
      n 1.815511536079867E-6 1.1834e-06 deg / d
      Q n / a n ​​/ a AU
      Orbit Determination Parameters
      # obs. used (total) 695
      data-arc span 95 days
      first obs. Used 12/10/2010
      last obs. Used 03/15/2011
      planetary ephemere. DE405
      SB-pert. ephemere. SB405-CPV-2
      RMS fit .64754
      data source ORB
      producer Otto Matic
      solution date 2011-Mar-16 12:50:14

      Additional Information
      Earth Moidi = .0306542 AU
      These are only some data on Elenin, there are many others and clearly show that this is a comet, as told by Daniel Ross, if it were there would be a brown dwarf mass spectrometry data to support this observation . Then I repeat, did not make any connection to support the theory that Elenin to cause earthquakes, crazy is a theory postulated by those who do not know what to appeal and does not accept that the earth is a living planet. Honestly, and I am not the only one to think so, I begin to have enough of apocalyptic theories … what the fuck you really want to end the world? What are all these theories turned for the worse? There must be real at all costs by the end of the world? NO, and there is no concrete evidence to prove all this, you had better devote to reading about the history of the earth, begin to really understand where you are, in my opinion not even know how you made ​​the earth, what it is composed, how did and so on but postulated theories about the end of the world! SHAME YOU !!!!!!!
      I want to give some advice: start to live !!!!!!!!
      Want a preview of the true end of the world? OK … are you postulators of false theories, who commits an act of cyber-terrorism, to take advantage of people who do not understand these things so complex and frightened them, you will believe scientists, in reality you are living proof of human garbage! Idiots! Greetings
      T_jup = 0861

    • Aster says:

      Why, you trust YouTuber who do not know anything about astronomy? NASA is an agency that does a complex job and believe me, do not hide things, it is sometimes too explicit to say it like it is. I believe in NASA, you believe in people like Otto Roessler, who postulated a stable black hole on earth through the LHC at CERN and that would swallow the earth in 4 years and then the whole universe … bah! Meanwhile, ever since they fixed the LHC, have achieved impressive energy and found some really cool stuff, have also created some holes blacks (to be confirmed) to 0.0000001ms evaporated through evaporation of Steven Hawking (the greatest theoretical physicist in the world).
      I prefer to look for a better future, not to think at the end of the world. Greetings

  4. momforhumanity says:

    1.) go to .look up tyche they practically admit that Tyche/Nemesis was found by WISE. and that they just havent announced it yet.

    2.) prior to the march alighnment
    a.) hillary clinton called in all US ambassadors
    b.) HILLARY CLINTON announces EXTREMELY randomly “We are losing the Infowar”
    **** random comment huh? wtf was she talking about? I think it was a sign to the elite that too many people are catching on to the truth and they need to start running. and/or she was giving a clue that some mission to help us failed?

    3.) all the elites hid. rockefeller and HIS WHOLE FAMILY

    4.) USA and China both had secret space missions around that time???

    5.) i saw the footage of it going behind the sun march 4 timeframe

    • momforhumanity says:

      also, i think elenin is a comet. One of the bodies that is ORBITING the brown dwarf. Supposedly there are 2-3 planets orbiting it then something they think is a comet orbiting it in an opposite direction.

      • Thanks for the comments, I too have been digging around and am starting to agree that Elenin is a comet and is part of a much larger object. I have to say that at this precise moment in time, there is just far too much info, good and bad, juxtaposed with everyone’s opinions, whether real truthers or shills. As time moves on it shall all become clearer…hopefully!!

    • Yep, I concur completely and have also came across this info. Very interesting and somewhat frightening!

    • Daniel says:

      to points 3 & 5

      3) How would you know? Reference please… news report.. whatever.

      5) what footage? Again… reference please

  5. Publius2 says:

    Interesting set of coincidences assuming that Elenin is merely a comet.

    • I understand this and I’m coming round to the idea that Elenin probably is a comet but I’m starting to think that it’s part of something ‘bigger’. That is orbiting something bigger that we’re not being fully told about. Can I prove this 100%? Of course not, but there is evidence of something going on. Again, don’t take my word for it, I’m only posting what I find interesting! So trolls and shills, go research for yourselves!! (Not saying you are one of these btw…just mentioning in general terms).

  6. Angela says:

    NASA stands for: Never A Straight Answer LOL – WHY is it blanked out on Google Sky???

  7. mike says:

    All these post are quite intereting to read. The truth will be told in the next couple months. If this thing really is a Brown Dwarf, there not a cover up on this planet to hide it. Just saying.

  8. Oz says:

    very interesting and concernin

  9. Sgb says:

    The biggest disinformation tool to the American people is our government. It’s obvious that something “Big” is out there perturbing our solar system, i.e. our earth. If I were the government and knew an e.l.e. event was going to happen at a certain time, I would only think about saving myself! And don’t we see the “elites” running to their bunkers? I would “invent” a “psyop” , like Comet Elenin , that would divert the masses attention, because the bulk of the people are too involved in everyday life to care one way or the other. They WANT to hear that there’s nothing to worry about. I believe there is no Comet Elenin, but there is a sub Brown Dwarf star that can only be seen behind the sun because it is coming in from the direction of Leo. This brown dwarf is a super cold object. It has a deep gravity well and absorbs all sunlight, so it can not be seen except by an infared telescope. The last window to see this brown dwarf was in June, then the window closed. I wont be detected again until it reaches Mercury’s orbit around Sept 05 2011. At Sept 11 it will be closest to the sun and start to enteract magnetically with the sun’s magnetic gravity well pulling solar flares out of the sun. At this point the earth is in real danger of being hit with considerable solar storms.
    And it only gets worse from there. I hope I’m wrong. But there are, now, thousands of earthquakes going on. This isn’t normal. Something is heating up earth’s core causing earthquakes and volcanoes, and I believe it’s because of this brown dwarf intruder. I hope I’m WRONG! May the Lord help all of us do what we need to do in these perilous times.

  10. Marius Botha says:

    Whether elenin is a comet or a brown dwarf, or nibiru is elenin,…either way in the past year our climate has been irradict and eartchquakes have increased. Can all this be attributed to elenin/nibiru, or should we look elsewhere to the cause? Like the misuse of Tesla’s technogy and H.A.A.R.P.
    If so, who is using it and why? Again one can talk of the powers that be – illuminati, shadow government, New World Order…..
    The thing is, things are happening and people are not being told the whole truth. Remember that all information and news are controlled and manipulated to ensure a certain reaction.
    If and when a catastophic event does/will take place and government fails to warn the world’s populations and there are survivors, no government will ever be trusted to lead and care for it’s people again.
    With that in mind, let’s see what happens in the near future and yes, I think that anyone/everyone should be prepared for any eventuality. In time of crisis, your government will not be there to look after you, you’ll have to do that for yourself.

  11. I’m really loving the theme/design of your web site. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues? A few of my blog visitors have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

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