Wednesday, April 20, 2011, in the district of Yopougon in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, a strange event occurred, visible to thousands of people. The crowd roared, and all said they saw the Virgin Mary in heaven, Several people recorded on mobile phones, and this is one of the recordings. You can see something similar to a woman dressed in white with a blue blanket, floating near the trees. Project Bluebeam or Virgin Mary?

Project Blue Beam is a  theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.

The allegations were contained in an audio presentation in 1994 by Quebecois journalist turned conspiracy theorist Serge Monast and later published in his book Project Blue Beam (NASA). Proponents of the theory allege that Monast and another, unnamed, journalist, who both died of heart attacks in 1996, were in fact assassinated. In addition, the Canadian government allegedly kidnapped Monast’s daughter in an effort to dissuade him from investigating Project Blue Beam.[1]

The project was apparently supposed to be implemented in 1983,[1] but was delayed. It was then set for implementation in 1995 and then 1996.[2] Monast thought Project Blue Beam would be brought to fruition by the year 2000,[3] really, definitely, for sure.

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It’s interesting to note that this sighting occured just before Easter, and now that all the barium levels are sky high (from the Japanese Fukishima Nuclear Plant crisis) – this is the ‘screen’ that can be used for Bluebeam Technologies.

3-D Holographic Display Using strontium Barium Niobate (PDF)
Army Research Laboratory

We will see a mass fake UFO invasion soon.

Youtube – ‘KijaniAmariAK’


  1. sue says:

    its galactic federaation cloaked ships apear on the video, the csmic 5d et’s
    they can send holograms of whatever , not bluebeam sure of it. thou a video i seen in spain looked like bluebeam. bluebeam was exposed that much as if the dark are trying to keepp you all in fear, as fear stops our dna evolveing to 5d.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t believe in this Galactic Federation of (Lies) Light. It’s New Age propaganda paving away for the return of the ‘Sons of God’. Also, our DNA isn’t evolving, it’s genetically being manipulated through food, water, air, and medications. Did you read the government PDF in the blog?

  2. tribal says:

    1) this is the only video of this “apparition” .. sorry but it could be problem from camera,

    2) we can hear “crowd” but wa cannot see them …. it could not have been witnessed by as many people as the sound suggest

    3) objectivly we can only see a dark diamond shape…

    4)how come believers offense God first by seeing His manifestion on a poor phone video .. come on…

    If Mary shows up will it be on a poor phone video ? or should it be in a great magnificient way ?

    please mind it …

    • Again…this s just the beginning!! The ‘real’ light show will appear soon. Keep your eyes to the sky and don’t believe their lies. This is just more of a test run to gauge people’s reactions!!

  3. Heather says:

    I might be wrong, but I do not believe it possible to use laser beam lights to form such a clear colored image directly in front of the sun (a massive light source). I’m pretty sure that this is just not possible. Plus, of interest, is how these people were able to stare directly into the sun & not suffer any damage to their eyes. God is great, & this is most definitely w/I his abilities. But sadly, the evil and corrupt power hungry folk (foretold in the Bible of one last great world power (NWO) would need to be before His coming. Like most things, we can (& will) speculate on this till the end, & most likely will not ever know the truth (at least while on this earth) :0/. God Bless!

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