26 April, 2011
Sorry for not updating sooner … the images and annualysis of Elenin photos has been time consuming … plus trying to make new contacts has taken its toll on my time here 😦
ELEnin: What are they? And what is the “Jupiter” sized Planet that is following them?
April 25, 2011
Most of you more than likely heard the show where my husband Bob was invited to call in during the last half hour and spoke about what we knew at that time about what we believed was Elenin, and its possible history.
Events have been moving hard and fast ever since that show, and more and more photos/images of Elenin, and its traveling companions have been hitting the internet.
Leonid Elenin has had his web site www.spaceobs.org swamped with questions ever since!
And I am sorry to say, he is very dismissive of the claims and annualized images showing other objects coming with, or behind “His” comet. And he is starting to complain about people doctoring his images, to show objects that were never there in the first place. And while he did not mention any names … I want to say right here … no trickery or photo-shopping was involved in the enlargement & enhancing of either his photos, or anyone else’s photos to obtain what you are about to see.
There are several web sites that are hosting photos of Elenin; from various Astronomers from around the globe … here are a few links
  1. www.aerith.net/comet/catalog/2010X1/pictures.html
  2. gustavomuler.fotografiaastronomica.com/www/images/cometas/C1010X1/
  3. severastro.narod.ru/sla/com/2001-2010/2010/c2010x1/c2010x1.htm
  4. www.amication.de/Bernhards_Comet_Project/indexd.htm
Let’s start with the photos and Photo Analysis. Here is the first photo we found of Elenin
xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/906694764/name/C2010X1-110307-J47c.jpg A nice photo taken by Gustavo Muler … here is an enhancement of the center image xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/2005807719/name/elenincore02.jpg and another xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1205462251/name/Snap_2011_04_08_15h47m06s_010.jpg . This last enhancement brought out at least 13 objects that were tightly orbiting the center mass … they are indicated by the dark-blue dots very close in to the central mass.
Comets do not have objects orbiting them!
Then we discovered an article from the online EU web site dated Mar 1st, 2011 www.eutimes.net/2011/03/russian-warning-issued-over-controlled-comet-headed-towards-earth/ titled “Russian Warning Issued over Controlled Comet headed towards Earth” And this quote from the article “Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun.”
A Jupiter sized Planet that is in direct contact with Elenin that is also headed in towards our Sun … WOW!
So the search began for more photos. We found this photo/image showing two objects traveling together xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1775043639/name/C2010X1_FTN_20110103-web.jpg which led to more questions … this looks strangely familiar? And a little digging came up with these images from Google/Sky from 2007
Remember the first few enhancements, and the weird small smiley-face on it? They are a direct match! Just from a different angle, and distance!
Onward with photo analysis … what would we find next on the photos?
As it turned out, quite a bit … but you will find the results hard to believe.
Enhancing the two objects that looked like eyes revealed this image
which took us completely by surprise! Here is another enhancement
Some kind of buildings, with what looks like a force field … right out of Star Trek … protecting them!
Here is another image of just one of the two objects
and you can still make out the 13 objects hanging close to the central mass.
OK, on ward to the Jupiter sized Planet that is following Elenin.
We found quite a few photos showing this object as well!
The last few enhancements also looked familiar … until we dug up what has always been called a “Hoax” … leaked photos from the US South Pole Telescope in 2008.
And their counter parts from the StarViewerTeam from Madrid Spain
Marshall Masters www.yowusa.com also had a video made recently to describe the 2008 leaked images youtu.be/ZE5jurtddUg
And, would you know it … these images looked strangely like a Microsoft PowerPoint work file that StarViewerTeam created in 2009 depicting what NASA was calling G1.9
A Brown Dwarf Star about the size of Jupiter, with 6 Planets and many large Moons … that normally sits just outside of our Solar System’s Ort Cloud, but once every 26,000 years or so, enters our Solar System.
And if you look very carefully at the images … you will notice that StarViewerTeam high-lighted the 6th planet, and followed it month by month … they firmly believe it is “Nibiru” … the Planet of the Crossing!
So, the ancient Sumerian’s just might have written the truth … Nibiru did cross over into our Solar System as they told. But, if they were correct about Nibiru, were they also correct about the “Annunaki” who they said lived on Nibiru?
So, from the photos and images presented here, we have three large objects heading towards our Earth, and if JPL/NASA can be believed, they will be coming close to our Earth from September through November of this year. With their closest approach happening in October of this year. Less than 6 months away!
The photos and images also show a very large object following a month or more right behind the first two. From the images, all three objects are moving at about the same speed … that is why there is no blurring of the BDS in the images.
As more and more images are posted, we will be annualizing them, and will be posting the enhancements.

Robert & Amy Evans


  1. Heru says:

    One problem. G 1.9 is in Sagittarius and Comet elenin is coming from Leo… It is impossible for G 1.9 to be following elenin considering they are in different parts of the sky….

  2. Aster says:

    I’ve recently heard about the discovery of comet Elenin, which is scheduled to come close to earth around October-November 2011 – Is it possible it will be an extinction level event? AND Comet Elenin: How close to earth will it get? And can we expect it to cause any damage? AND I have read that Russian scientists are now predicting that asteroid Apophis will impact the Earth April 13 2036 causing terrible damage. I understand that the Russians are planning a mission to stop the asteroid.

    Both Comet Elenin and Asteroid Apophis are real, but these concerns about collisions are without foundation. Unfortunately there are a few popular websites that are known for suggesting multiple catastrophes, including popularizing the 2012 hoax. Two that show up in any search for “Comet Elenin” are godlikeproductions and abovetopsecret, both of which predict either a very close pass by Earth or a collision. If instead you consult dependable websites like wikipedia and skyandtelescope you will find that Comet Elenin will come nowhere near the Earth. At its closest (in mid-October) it will be about 30 million km from our planet. There is no mystery about the comet’s path, and it is irresponsible to suggest that it is a threat. In the past few days another silly rumor has appeared on godlikeproductions. They claim that the comet’s discoverer, Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin, does not exist, and the name is a code based on ELE = Extinction Level Event. This is not only wrong but crazy. Do they think that if anyone really wanted to keep this comet secret they would use an obvious code like this to tell us that it was likely to hit Earth? Truly weird! Concerning asteroid Apophis, the report of Russian scientist predictions of an impact is false. Apparently it is a reworking of issues that scientists were discussing 2-3 years ago, when for a time it was thought that there was a very small chance of a collision with Apophis in 2036, but recent improvements in our knowledge of the orbit now exclude the possibility. This story about a Russian prediction has been repeated so often that NASA actually made a public correction in an interview with JPL scientist Don Yeomans, who leads the NASA Near Earth Object Program Office. The lesson here is to know your sources of information. Wikipedia is almost always accurate, and so are the government NASA and NOAA and Geologic Survey websites. In contrast, there are many conspiracy theory websites that are usually misleading or wrong. Please try to learn the difference so you won’t get upset or worried over nothing.
    February 17, 2011


    And now stop with this stupid predictions of hit earth or other predictions,ok?

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