Red Ice Radio – Richard C. Hoagland – Comet Elenin, Norway Attack & The Messengers of Horus

Posted: August 7, 2011 in 2012, Comet/Asteroid, Illuminati, NASA, Nibiru/Planet X, Radio, UFO, Video
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Very interesting radio interview with Richard C Hoagland on Elenin.

Richard C. Hoagland is a former museum space science Curator, a former NASA Consultant and was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. In the early 1970’s, Hoagland proposed to Carl Sagan (along with Eric Burgess) the placement of a “message to Mankind” aboard Pioneer 10 — humanity’s “first” unmanned probe of Jupiter. Since then he has been pioneering the pursuit of uncovering the hidden data of our solar system.

He is the author of several books, probably most famous for his theories on the face on Mars. His website , is updated regularly with analytical research into current anomalies on our planet and way beyond.

In this interview, Richard shares his convincing theory about Comet Elenin, its symbolism, purpose and message which is a positive one. He rips apart the fear-porn propaganda about Comet Elenin as this is a key point in time and someone or something is intervening to steer consciousness into another direction. Could it be that Elenin is a time capsule sent by our ancestors containing important information crucial for this time?

Then, Hoagland weaves together an intense eye-opener which connects Comet Elenin with September 11, the original masonic message, the bombing in Norway and the secret space program.




  1. Carole says:

    You are leaving God and the Bible out of the equation!
    If you search the prophetic scriptures,you will see that what is happening today in the world fulfills these! The Bible is a library of books concerning not just God`s dealings with mankind but it`s also a history book!
    In Revelations especially there is mention of things you are discussing occurring at the end of the age! Elenin I think will come to the earth at the time of the rapture when Jesus returns to collect the saints ie: Believers in the death and resurrection of our Lord!
    There is going to be a war in heaven between satan and his cohorts and God`s warring angels (spiritual) This too will happen on earth as satan and his minions are given full reign to hurt mankind!
    God`s word says there will be terrible extreme disasters, animals, fish, birds etc. dying in large numbers, earthquakes, famines in ever increasing number and many pestilences!
    All these things will wipe out 2/3 of the earth`s population! Nuclear war will happen (WW3) which will also decrease the population.
    The devil is let loose in the tribulation (the last seven years of the age) while the saints have been removed and are in heaven with the Lord! Satan will have full reign to cause havoc on the earth and many people will die. The last half of the tribulation (which is called the Great Tribulation will be so bad as has never occurred in the world before!
    Islam is from the devil and many Christians and Jews will be beheaded as many will become Christians because of the disappearance of so many in the rapture! They will become believers as they see the truth of God`s word in the Bible!
    The NWO is also part of these end time prophecies as they seek a one world government to control the people and reduce the poulation! These are evil elites involved in the upper echelons of freemasonry!
    The whole scenario is a battle between good and evil and the end of this age culminates in Jesus Christ ruling and reigning on earth from Jerusalem! The earth is then renewed as it was meant to be in the beginning!
    I could go on and on, you really need to study God`s word and prophecies yourself to get the full picture!
    As born-again Christians it is an exciting time in history but it is sad to see what is taking place in the world as everything gets more and more out of control!

  2. Mr Goontit says:

    fuck the bible what’s going on with riots??

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