11-11-11, Hoover Dam and the Birth of the NWO

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Anyone who doesn’t know the work of Jonathan Kleck should visit his youtube channel  (HERE) and watch several of his series, specifically…

  • The “Just A Messenger” Series – These videos include False Flag Terror attacks on U.S. buildings from the past.  They also show bombings and attacks in the FUTURE.
  • The “11-11-11 is it Birth Yet?” Video – This video includes alarming occult images and messages from Lady GaGa, as well as telling images from the HOOVER DAM that strongly indicate a future false-flag attack is shown on the U.S. $50 Bill and will possibly occur on 11-11-11 (November 11th, 2011).
  • The “Son of Perdition” Video – This video shows amazing occult happenings in the United States Government strongly indicating that Obama has been sybmolically placed as the “capstone” on the “pyramid” by virtue of the establishment of the “Supercongress” of 6 Republicans / 6  Democrats and Obama the “13th” member  (and much more).

But I want to pull your attention to his recent vids concerning 11-11-11.  Now I’m sure you have seen these numbers everywhere, or you know of someone who keeps seeing these numbers everywhere?!  What is going on with that?  Could it be the return of the Mayan and Hopi elders’ ‘STAR-GODS’ (Fallen Angels from Genesis 6)?  Will gateways and portals open up leading to a New Age (False) ascension?  Does this herald the beginning of the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius (New World Order)?

Here’s what Jonathan has to say.  (Note: you will have to watch several of his videos before this one to catch up and understand where he’s coming from and what he means.  TRUST ME, it will take time but you will be blessed with knowledge.)

YT’r – ‘Thejonathankleck’

Get ready for the hoover dam catastrophe and the NWO BIRTH part 1

part 2

part 3

“Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky.”


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