Letter From Former New Ager Concerning Crystal Skulls

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Aliens, Mind Control, New World Order, Religion, Survival, Transhuman
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This was an interesting letter sent to Steve Quayle at www.stevequayle.com concerning the 13 Crystal Skulls that are being brought together for ‘Spiritual Divination’ across the USA, culminating in a ceremony ending on 11-11-11.

November 2, 2011


Hello Steve

I have a friend forward me your articals on the crystal Skulls, because I have a backround in the New Age movement (long story, I was searching for answers, I repented and went off to become a Carmelite monk, but they had their own issues so now I’m out here with everyone else, trying to stop the madness).

Anyway, I can pretty much confirm everything Alexander Backman wrote to you about these cursed machinations. The reason I’m not just letting it go at that is that I fear most people reading about them have absolutely no appreciation of just how evil or powerful these things are.

The poor misguided fools who believe bringing these things together will hasten a golden age of benevolance for mankind, are simply just stupid or insane. If you look into the history of each of the skulls individually, they are very dark, and for every one “percieved” good that can be associated with them there are many times more “bad” things that has been associated with them.

First off, crystals do have a power to them, this isn’t magic its science. I use to be a fire control tech in the navy, and worked on radar systems, the key substance used to turn electrical energy into radar waves is… common quartz crystal! The size, cut, clarity, etc will determine the frequency of the waves to be propagated. Sort of just like the crystal radio sets we tinkered with as kids…

So now you have 13 items of varying types of quartz, each with a different shape, density, size, etc. each “Graven” by means undefinable by modern science, which just happen to be a mockery of man made in God’s image… By the way, you realize that the common computer chip which is capable of storing so much data is created out of pretty much the same stuff as quartz?

Also, a few years back there was experiments to use crystals to as computer chips, because they could store exponentially more data,

I understand it was curtailed because silicon chips became so cheap to manufactor. These Skulls were Graven for a very real purpose, its not like they were created to pay homage to the dead, or as a nick knack or decoration. The ancients knew quite abit about crystal’s ability to store, transmit and amplify energy. Heck if its all they had back then, they probably knew alot more about it than we do…

But it goes beyond the item itself. I have no idea what you know of ley lines and vorticies. To over simplify it, lets just say the planet Earth has its own natural “power grid” fueled by geomagnetics and geothermal dynamics. What is important, is there is a grid of energy that encompasses our planet, very similar to the pattern produced by the Longitude and Lattitude system we know. The lines of power are called Ley Lines, where they intersect another is refered to as a vortex. Whether you believe in this doesn’t matter so much, but the ancient peoples did. Stonehenge, The Pyramids at Giza, The Bermuda Triangle, Sedona, AZ., Machu Pichu, Cahokia! Are all Vorticies, or rather were buildt on top of a vortex… a little too coincidental huh?

Now, back to the Crystal Skulls for a moment. If you have ever seen one, they are creepy as hell. I worked with crystals in the new age, and knew quite a few other crystal workers, none of us had a crystal skull, not even the modern made ones, we just instinctlively knew there was something wrong with that. See, even us poor misguided new agers (well the ones I knew) knew

there was something wrong or too risky or too creepy about them.

Using a crystal as a “tool” is akin to training a dog, over time the crystal gets “programmed” for whatever you use it for, and in time it sort of builds up a memory so to speak, and even retains a static energy related to what you use it for. These skulls were used to communicate with DEMONICS, they were used for some very dark occult magic, by some people who believed Lucifier or fallen angels were their god. They were used in human sacrifices, in wars, in conjuring demons, in conjuring curses, in blood rites,

in what we would today call Black Masses! The fact some kindly little old cookie baking grandmother owns one today doesn’t mean they are harmless, or poor interior decorating accruments, these are cursed black magic tools used in ceremonies not known of since Christ walked the Earth. 

Now, some very evil false god worshipping luciferians have

brought them all together, in our country, and have convinced alot of fools that by taking these abominations to vorticies across our country, and performing ancient ceremonies to fallen angels is a good thing??? 

Steve, Mr. Backman is not only correct in his warning to you and your readers, but the potential for true evil, may not fully be appreciated here! Please, you must immediately put out a call to prayer and fasting against the evil these things are doing. Pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ for guidenance, but this whole crystal skull fiasco is the spiritual equivalent of locking a monkey with a hammer in a room full of nuclear warheads and vials of bioweapons.

I’ll leave you with one closing thought, ages ago some people

who were far more familiar with the power and abilities of these things, took possession of them, and scattered and hid them all over the world… They sacrificed their lives to hide these things from mankind. So there might just be more going on here, than an interesting story.

Sincerely, and God Bless us and help us,


Source LINK: http://stevequayle.com/News.alert/11_Global/111102.crystal.skulls.html

“Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky.”



  1. maria805 says:

    Thank You soo much for this vital info….>>> (*DuDe*) I knew that some of the secret societies like “The Skull and Bones” in Harvard University… and their symbolism had to do with the worship of the skull. Just like my ancestors the indigenous Aztecs did… The Day of the Dead…..Actually I have read that suppossedly the secret society The Skull and Bones have real human skulls in their possession to use for power….like they suppossedly have {Pancho Villa’s skull} and some other skulls from famous indian heroes …. And it has to be their enemies skull >>>>> No others skulls >>> well thats what I read true or not true >>> soo very interesting to me>>> God Bless>>>Keep doing what you are doing>>>Gracias>>>

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