Vatican astronomer ready to baptize consenting extraterrestrials

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Aliens, Government Conspiracy, History, New World Order, Predictive Programming, Religion
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The Vatican is not a technophobe, as evidenced by its installation of solar panels way back in 2008. It’s also not an xenophobe, either, as evidenced by statements this week by its official astronomer.

Shades of The X-Files.

Father Guy Consolmagno, the official Vatican astronomer, said he will be happy to give his blessing to any potential extraterrestrials, and will also baptize them. Only, however, if they ask for it.

Lest some humans do a double-take, Consolmagno issued assurances that “Every entity, regardless of how many tentacles it has, can have a soul.” We are not sure if he is including octopi and squid, or even sea anemones, in that list of entities.

If some are surprised by these words, it may be because they have had their noses stuck too long in the unreal faith-versus-science debate. Perhaps American Evangelicals espousing creationism have skewed the notion of what a sane, faith-infused attitude can look like.

Father Consolmagno –– and official Catholic teaching –– does not, in fact, scoff at cosmic possibilities suggested by science. The Vatican long ago stated that the theory of evolution is not incompatible with Catholic doctrine, and it no longer has issues with the Earth being a tiny speck in the vast cosmic void whose boundaries are unknown. That was way back in 2008.

Sentient aliens –– even ones with tentacles –– might very well be one of a myriad of God’s soul-infused creations. As a matter of fact, the Vatican has no issue with animals of any sort having souls –– albeit probably not spiritual souls, as in the case of humans.

So the Vatican, perhaps, may be more “with it” than we give it credit for.

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Yet more evidence that the vatican is in league with the NWO and will be used as part of the ‘Whore of Babylon’ Beast system, to herald in the ‘New Age’ Deception; that the “ancient aliens” created us, therefore, ‘they’ are our gods and MUST be worshipped, OR ELSE!!!)

“Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky, and don’t fall for the greatest lie.”


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