A new law has passed the US Senate and awaits US House approval that would essentially outlaw Biblically conservative, fundamental Christianity. The new law would prohibit “hate-speech” sermons and teaching that is negative towards any race, religion, sexual gender or “sexual orientation,” should a Christian, whether a layperson or an ordained minister speak out and teach against homosexuality, abortion, adultery, or any other doctrinal issues that the Federal government might decide to rule as a hate crime.

Yes, you read that correctly. America’s lawmakers are putting the final touches on a new law that would outlaw the Bible and make the historic, fundamental doctrines of Christianity a crime. No longer would a minister be able to preach or teach from the pulpit anything negative about any sexual activity or anything that would be perceived as “hateful incitement.”

This legislative move will eventually constrict all doctrines and the historic dogmas including:

#1. the central dogmatic tenet that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for the sins of the world.

#2. as a substitutionary atonement for which salvation from eternal damnation can be achieved.

#3. by a freely offered gift from God through faith alone.

#4. and not by human efforts.

In other words, the Christian doctrines of salvation will also eventually be ruled as a “hate crime.”

So what new law are we talking about?
US Senate bill S. 933 proposed by the Illuminist Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachussetts as S. 966 in 2003 was indeed stopped in 2003 but in the summer of 2004 it was quietly inserted into a Senate defense spending bill and hidden inside a bundle of legislation. The bill just passed in the US Senate by a vote of 65 to 33 is called the: Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act (S. 933), a pro-homosexual hate crimes bill. It now goes to the House of Representatives for final approval. This bill has also been identified as Senate bill, S. 966

This new law, if it is enacted as it now appears will happen, will give the federal government wide powers and discretion to go after the true body of believers in Jesus Christ and at the least “persecute” Christians. Most likely it will be used as a threat to turn Churches into adopting a new Babylonian religion of quasi-Christianity that will become a 1-world religion, or at least that is the plan. We suspect that God will have something to say about this, in a judgment upon America, The Babylon.

For those churches and believers who will stand up and noisily oppose the new law by attempting to assert their right of “free speech,” such churches and individual Christians will likely find themselves under arrest and ultimately at some future point labeled a “terrorist” against society and be dispatched to concentration camps much like the Guantanamo camp for Al Qaeda terrorists. At some future point, we can expect that Christians who don’t conform and instead speak out and commit “hate-crimes” speech will be arrested and become part of the prison camp system to eventually be executed at a still later time as an enemy of the “state” or an enemy of humanity i.e. religious “terrorists.” They will make no distinction between an Al Qaeda terrorist and a conservative, fundamentalist Baptist, Pentacostal, Presbyterian, Charismatic, Non-Denominational, Indepen-dent, Lutheran – Missouri Synod, and other conservative, Protestant church groups. You may even see a few Catholics committed to the prison camps for elimination also.

Many conservative premillennial, pretribulation, conservative, Bible prophecy students and scholars have decried the claims of a few fellow biblical prophecy scholars and students who’ve argued that America is Mystery Babylon and not Iraq or the Roman Catholic Church.

The RCC or Iraq = Mystery Babylon proponents have used the argument that Mystery Babylon kills the saints and the righteous people of the Earth (see Revelation 17: 6 & 18:20, 24 & 19:2). Those who oppose the theory that the USA is Babylon try to claim that America has never done that and thus can not be the Mystery Babylon.

We would argue against such false conclusions from two strong points.

#1. We can assert that America already is and has slaughtered millions of innocent victims. The wholesale death of the American Indians by US forces from the 1700’s forward along with all of the aborted babies. The of course we assert that the US leadership (Illuminati leaders) ordered fellow Illuminist, Adolf Hitler and his “illuminated” Nazi’s to kill the Jews and create the Holocaust of World War II. In addition to that, US leaders ordered fellow IlluministJoe Stalin to purge Russia of not just Jews but also millions of Christians during the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. But that’s not all, these same Illuminist leaders also ordered Illuminist Mao Tse-Tung and his Red Chinese army to slaughter up to as many as 70 million innocent men, women and children, of whom many were Chinese Christians.

See the following links for verification sources from the works of Antony Sutton. You can download his books FOR FREE at the links below and read them for yourself:

Also another related article on same issues here:
Countdown to World War Three by Dr. Henry Makow.

The above are just for starters. There are other publications out there with more documented evidence that America’s leaders have the blood of millions of innocents on their hands and its been going on since the founding of the nation itself. However …

#2. There is still time in the future for more blood to be shed by America, including a wholesale slaughter of true, bible-believing Christians in actions taken in the very near future.

To dismiss America as not being Mystery Babylon (just because historians and the media do not teach or proclaim America’s guilt for a lot of innocently spilled blood of millions) doesn’t mean America is not guilty.

If America’s political, governmental and financial leaders exercised control over Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Japan, and Mao Tse-Tung, then America is covered with more innocent bloodshed than all other nations in human history combined. To then say that America’s hands were not covered with the innocent blood of the saints and prophets during the past 200+ years is crazy. It means that truly, once again, only America at the present moment fits all of the written character traits of Mystery Babylon Bible Prophecies.

If the Bible Prophecy scholars/students who think America cannot be Mystery Babylon can reject the facts of America’s past bloodshed then they are free to claim that the USA can’t be Mystery Babylon because America won’t kill Christians in the future. That means they’ve got to really be confident in something that they have no clue about.

We would argue to the contrary with strong, documented proof that the US has indeed done killed tens of millions of innocent people. But if someone still needs proof that the USA is capable of further bloodshed of innocent Christians then this new law will be the first eye-opening step towards further fulfillment of America’s future doom.

Yes, this new law should be a shocking “eye-opener” to those thinking America is and will remain a great Christian nation right up to the return of Jesus Christ. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

This new law will give the green light to the US to directly fulfill the Babylon prophecies. Now the US will be able to openly and directly begin at first to merely silence true Christianity before beginning the blood-letting to kill off the true believers in Jesus Christ.

Bible-believing churches will be outlawed in America and it will be sooner rather than later. The idea of proclaiming and teaching the fundamental, sound doctrines of the Bible including the very issue of salvation will become a capital crime worthy of being beheaded. This will become a world-wide law that will result in the beheading deaths of millions of Christians.

Now the question becomes, what are American Christians who read this going to do about it? If you are reading this and you are an American who is a Bible-believing Christian what are you going to do about this news? Are you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to suffer for His namesake and His Truth?

Are you REALLY prepared to die a martyr’s death for Him? Are you prepared to be led to a head-chopping block or a guillotine and die for your belief’s that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for the sins of the world and that sins are forgiven on the basis of Grace through faith alone and not by our own efforts? Are you really prepared to die for that?

One thing you can do and should do is email this article to as many friends as you can. Let them know what is about to happen. Believers in Christ need to be aware of this development coming to America. It’s just happened in Canada and in some countries in Europe but its about to now happen in America.

Time is limited for us as believers. Our window of opportunity to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ is about to be shut for good in America. It has been shut in Canada and the windows are shutting or about to shut around the world. Now is the time to be putting on the final preparation touches for persecution and martyrdom. We cannot count on the Rapture to rescue us from this coming mess. We must not be like the Christians in China before the communists began liquidating Christians by the millions who expected Jesus to return and save them and thus were not prepared for the suffering to come. We must be prepared, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the tortures yet to come before He Returns to rescue His church.

What are we saying? We’re saying that no matter what your view of the rapture is, you should expect and prepare to meet a martyr’s death no matter where you may live in this world. There is no guarantee that the rapture will occur before a world-wide persecution that could begin even before the fulfillment of the Tribulation.

In other words, a lot of martyrdom could come for Christians everywhere on the planet even before a Pre-tribulation rapture should or would come. There is no guarantee that Jesus returns and raptures the Church before martyrdom sets in globally? It’s happened before again and again and it looks like it is about to happen yet again, only this time, also in America.

It will take awhile for full blown martyrdom develop here in America but unless He returns first or He imple-ments the first Babylon fire-judgment on America before the rapture, it looks like that within a few months or years depending upon events, we will see Christians being locked up for their beliefs only and eventually executed for those beliefs.

It will happen sooner than we realize and when it does, we will wonder how is it that this happened so fast? People will languish in prison camps thinking about the short time prior when there was freedom of religion that permitted people to believe in the sound doctrines of the Bible.

Are you prepared? Are you ready? NOW, is the time to get ready. Steel yourself in memorized teaching of sound doctrine. Memorize scripture and especially the important scriptures for salvation and faith in God and as much of the New Testament epistles as possible. http://rpc.senate.gov/_files/CRIMEcr071503.pdf

If this article has impressed you enough to wish to print it out to friends and family, please feel free to do so as long as you print out its entirety including the Internet URL address: http://www.aoreport.com/us-outlaws_christianity.htm


The “Hate Crimes Amendment” to HR 4200 (Amdt. 3183), now awaiting imminent passage by Congress, means an obituary for free-speech talk radio.

Although ostensibly directed only against physical hate crimes, there is nothing stopping this legislation from gradually extending to banning verbal hate crimes.

The U.S. government now defines hate as “bias” against homosexuals. Are you, as a talk show host “biased” against the practices of homosexuals? If so, you are already viewed by the federal government, in its “anti-hate” educational programs, as “hateful.” The next step is to make your “hate,” especially on the airwaves, a crime. If the “Hate Crimes Amendment” to HR 4200 passes, which could happen at almost anytime, you soon can expect FCC restrictions outlawing “hurtful words” against not only homosexuals, but Jews, Blacks, Asians, women or any “identifiable group” the government wants to protect.

Free speech will be over.

Article Source Link: http://www.federalobserver.com/archive.php?aid=8538


  1. xrossxulture says:

    where can i find your documentation for this bill? if i wanted to read the bill, where would i go?

  2. Antoine says:

    where can i find your documentation for this bill? if i wanted to read the bill, where would i go?

  3. […] New Hate-Crimes Law To Make True Christianity Illegal in America […]

  4. James says:

    Thank you for sharing this

  5. James says:

    I am reblogging this

  6. Elijah says:

    I recommend you read the book Secrect Terriost by Bill Hughes , then you would not be confused who Babyalon the Mother Harlot is ( The first beast the Papacy) who is pulling the strings of second beast of Revealation(USA)

  7. Elijah says:

    Sorry for the spelling error on the last comment Babyalon, as we all know it shoul be Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots

  8. David says:

    Did you even read the bill? It protects people from act of violence, it has nothing to do with limiting religion. The THOUGHT CONTROL BILL was passed in CA several years ago allowing prosecution of pastors to speak out against homosexuals etc but that is not even present here.

  9. Matt says:

    This is stupid. Hate is not a fundamental belief of Christians, and Christians who are spouting hateful sermons have obviously missed the mark and have personal problems of their own. To say that hateful sermons about homosexuality and the like are the norm is just plain blind. I know gay people that go to christian church on a regular basis and are wholeheartedly accepted. And to say that messages about abortion and adultery are to be confused with hate speech about groups of people who are ‘oppressed’ is ridiculous.
    These are simply people who have made poor choices and normally want to make better ones. They aren’t going to sit there and defend it like they weren’t wrong. They feel badly and wouldn’t call it a way of life for most.

    • Antoine says:

      Matt, if you are defining hate as an, “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing” (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hate ), I totally agree that hate is not a fundamental Christian belief and those who speak hatefully do indeed miss the mark. If however, you define hate as disagreeing with another’s choice (the adulterer, the homosexual, the promiscuous, the liar, the enslaver) and proclaiming that God calls all such actions sin, lawless, and disobedient and in some cases abominable practices which need to be repented of and that in Christ, there is forgiveness of sin and eternal life to those who believe on Him, I fear that you do not understand the scriptures or the gospel.

      The gospel proclaims salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, by grace through faith alone. The Christian life is a life of continual turning from sin and growing in holiness through god’s spirit. To tell or imply to parishoners that homosexual acts are not sin and is thus in God’s standards a valid form of sexual expression 1. shows a gross ignorance of the scriptures, 2 is misleading to the parish as a whole and individual members 3. gives false assurance to all who are living in unrepentant sin (if the Bible is wrong in its teaching that homosexuality is sin, maybe its wrong when it speaks of adultery, or murder, or lying, etc), 4. unfaithful to the gospel and the word of God, and 5. is a lie that can which can not be defended either by plain reading OR sound Biblical exegesis.

      Some may fault me for bringing the bible into this discussion, but when discuss what is taught from pulpits and speaking about what God accepts or doesn’t accept, God’s revelation to us, the Bible is all that we have. All else is just opinion.

  10. Lucas says:

    About that picture, could someone Quote the bible as to where Jesus speaks up against homosexuality? Having studied in a catholic school i can’t seem to remember…and i mean Jesus, not a converted roman 3 centuries after his death

  11. KAH says:

    I don’t know who JIMMYPROPHET is, I sumbled here by accident but I was amused by what I read so I stayed for the party that the comments section of a website always is.
    First: No one is going to “outlaw the Bible” any more than they are any other holy book.
    Second: The bill protects people of all nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations from persecution. No where does it say that it is simply to protect homosexuals from Christian persecution.
    Jesus said “Love thy neighbor as thyself” He didn’t say love only the people that agree with you and believe the same things you do.
    Here is another on: Judge not lest ye be judged.
    Are you truly upset that if this bill passes you and others will no longer be able to call people hateful names and preach that they are somehow less than you because they don’t agree with your beliefs?

    I am a Christian and I believe the Bible wholeheartedly. I also believe that God is not happy with what His creation has become. Petty, hateful, hypocritical, zealots.
    The shortest verse in the Bible: Jesus wept. Our Savior, The Son of God, wept for a man, a bag of bones. Why because He loved him. He loved in spite his sin. We should be strive to be more Christ like.

  12. Ken Palmer says:

    The mystery babylon is America/RRE/whatever is historically inept, nor is it theologically sound. The Mother of all harlots is none other than the characterization of Lilith in contrast to Eve, who is the Mother of all living. Jewish mysticism, much like what Revelation touches on to a great extent, is a retelling of the same story that had plagued the theocracy of Israel for centuries before Christ, as well as after as the demonic forces continued to infect the body of Christ in the institutional church, regardless of denomination.

    Matt is correct, the church, the real true, merciful Christian church (which has existed in all denominations as well) should welcome all creeds and lifestyles so that they can spiritually change them into followers of Christ, whether immediately, or in due time. If leaders of the church are preaching hateful in any way shape or form regarding any issue across the board, is simply un-Biblical and far from what Christ had originally instructed His followers to behave. There is no candy coating the discrepancies certain issues and lifestyles are under the morals found in monotheistic religions like Christianity, but there are also ways to go about nurturing those who are engaging in those discrepancies into grace centered Christians.

    We are to sit with the sinners, have dinner with them, and treat them as your brothers in sisters, not shun them from our home, where we are supposed to welcome them with open arms, and show them the grace filled life that they so need. Our religion is not about promotion, but about attraction. Peace be with you all.

  13. Jyrekis Collins says:

    This is ridiculous. Arrest the muslium, the buddist, and the Hindu because they also speak out against things like this! Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Can you hippys please get a life because you are ruining a religion here! May God have mercy on you all!

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