In this BIG BROTHER TV trailer from Australia, a bombed-out London Olympics stadium is clearly ‘subliminally’ shown.

Hidden in plain-sight.

Below is the commercial that the flash came from…which strangely is sports related and shows a coliseum being torn down.

“Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes to the sky….in the direction of the Olympics in London.”


  1. isis2012 says:

    With so much publicity enticing, tempting, and persuading viewers to watch this Olympic game .. I began to consider that this could also be a way to get as many to watch as they can … in order to send some type of signal negatively affecting minds and consciousness …

    I think of that flash of light in which the “Men In Black” movie flashes when they want to remove a memory of truth and implant a new memory of lies …

    I also consider how an electron neuron consciousness can be transmitted via radio signals, to onlookers of a weak and susceptible mind whom are matching or compatible in their own negative influence neuron network .. and that such a planned program could be used to download consciousness of an entire race of celestial/aliens whom worlds are facing or have faced doom …

    Strong Positive and Loving minds would not be in danger … but how many choosing to watch will be so …

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