Will Tu B’Av (August 3, 2012) be the Rapture of the Church?

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FROM Renee M (23 July 2012)  at http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/july2012/reneem723.htm

It all started 11 1/2 years ago. On January 3, 2001, actually it was already the 4th, at just after midnight, the Spirit of God spoke very clearly to me and said these exact words: “You will be as John the Baptist and will write something that will save millions of people from the deception that is about to take place.” Sometime between then and January 6th, the Lord told me to wait for Him to come on the night of January 6, 2001. I wrote to many people telling them that the Rapture would take place on January 6/7, 2001, because that was what I thought the Lord was telling me. I sat on my couch that night, just talking and listening to the Lord. We were having a wonderful time together and His presence was very strong. At midnight, I began to feel a little sleepy and asked Him how much longer until He came. He said to wait just a little longer. At around 12:10 am my body began to shake violently for I would guess about a minute. Then it stopped just as suddenly as it started. The presence of God was all over me. I asked the Lord what had just happened and His reply was, “Just wait.” About a minute or so later, it happened AGAIN, the violent shaking started for maybe a minute or so, with God’s presence all over me. But this time, it was a little different because on the second shaking, my mouth began to tingle, like the feeling when your foot falls asleep. I asked the Lord why my mouth was tingling like that and He said this, “This represents Isaiah, when He saw me and the coal touched His lips and his sin was atoned for.” Once again, it stopped suddenly after about a minute or so. I asked the Lord, “What were those 2 shakings?” I thought maybe something had happened right at those 2 moments in the world. I really did not understand it at all. The only reply from the Lord was, “Go and study the Feasts.”

That was it. No more revelation or understanding in 11 1/2 years. For over 11 years, I have been trying to understand the meaning of it all, and have been carrying a burden because I know the Lord expects me to write something that will help save millions of people from a coming deception and that it has to do with those 2 shakings. Finally, after 11 1/2 years, I now believe that the Lord has given me the revelation of what it all means. And it all points to the 15th of Av – Tu B’Av 2012 as the Firstfruits Rapture of the Church!

January 6, 2001, at midnight, was exactly 6 days after the New Year’s Celebration. Although the world celebrated the New Millennium the year before, it actually should have been celebrated on January 1, 2001. That was the actual day that ushered in the “New Millennium” on our calendar. The fireworks went off at midnight, just like the fireworks will go off at midnight at the opening of the Olympics ceremony next week. The Lord has been pointing me to this day as it starts the 9th of Av, right as the fireworks are going off. After writing to some people about the Opening Ceremony, I turned on the TV and within 10 minutes, saw these two phrases:

1. When the Games begin
2. Let the games begin

There could be something huge that takes place at that time, or within a day or two, since the 9th and 10th of Av are the saddest days in Jewish history. But, it was 6 days after the fireworks went off at midnight on January 1, 2001, that I had those 2 shakings, again right after midnight. Six days after the 9th of Av is the 15th of Av, which happens to be a Jewish festival day, called Tu B’Av. I will try to explain later how Tu B’Av is a perfect representation of the resurrection of the dead and Rapture of the Church. For now, I will just say that Tu B’Av is a minor feast day and I had only studied the major feasts in Israel. I only learned about this feast yesterday! I believe the reason Tu B’Av is a minor feast for the Jews is because Tu B’Av is for the CHURCH, not so much for the Jews!

OK, back to the 2 shakings. Why did the first shaking not have the “atonement” part with it and the second one did? I believe the 2 shakings represent the 2 Raptures, the first one will be on Tu B’Av 2012 (August 3) and the second one will take place after the Tribulation period on the Day of Atonement. This is why there were 2 separate shakings. The Lord was pointing me to the 2 Raptures. The second one definitely points to the Day of Atonement, because the Lord said it represented “when Isaiah’s sin was atoned for”. The first one points to Tu B’Av, because it is 6 days after the fireworks started at midnight.

Here is one article of many showing how the 2 feasts of Tu B’Av and the Day of Atonement are related:

The Talmud teaches us that You have not experienced joy until you have experienced the two happiest days of the year: Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur. For those who do not know about Tu B’Av it is a festive day known in Modern Israel as a Yom Ahavah (Day of Love). It is practically a Jewish Valentines Day!

Rabbi Simeon ben Gamliel said there never were in Israel greater days of joy than the 15th of Av and the Day of Atonement. On these days the daughters of Jerusalem used to walk out in white garments that they borrowed in order not to put to shame anyone who had none. For most of us that have been trained in the somberness of Jewish holidays especially Yom Kippur this description seems odd. It seems so incongruous to imagine these days of dancing and joy associated with Yom Kippur. There is a deep similarity between Yom Kippur and Tu B’Av. Whereas Tisha B’Av is the day when [tradition says] God declared that the Jews would wander 40 years in the desert (until the generation that knew slavery died out), Tu B’Av is the day when, 40 years later, the remaining 15,000 Israelites of the desert generation were told they would be able to enter the Promised Land.

OK, back to the part of the Lord telling me I would be as John the Baptist. This has also been a mystery I have been trying to figure out. I am nothing like John the Baptist. What did the Lord mean by that? I think I finally understand that as well. John the Baptist said this, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” I believe that John is prophesying here and explaining the beginning of the Church age and the end of the Church age. It all began on Pentecost when they were baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. It all ends on Tu B’Av, at the END of the wheat harvest and beginning of the grape harvest, when He gathers His wheat into the barn and burns the chaff. This is the harvest time, at the end of the wheat season. The festivals point to the beginning and ending of the harvest seasons:

Firstfruits Feast – firstfruits of barley (Jesus fulfilled)
Pentecost – end of barley season/ firstfruits of wheat (fulfilled on Pentecost when Church age started)
Tu B’Av – end of wheat season/firstfruit of grapes (to be fulfilled at first Rapture of the Church)
Day of Atonement – end of grape season (final Rapture of Tribulation Saints)

Revelation 14 says this:
Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. 2 And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps. 3 And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. 4 These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. 5 No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless.

I call these people the “purehearts”. They are redeemed from the earth at the time of the Rapture. Their hearts are pure and they are blameless. The PURE in heart shall see God. They are offered as FIRSTFRUITS. The firstfruits of grapes, or the New Wine, or the New Covenant. It’s at the time of the wheat harvest, the end of the wheat season and beginning of the grape season.

And it’s 4 months after Passover. Jesus said, “Do you not say FOUR MORE MONTHS until the Harvest?” Four months from when? From Passover when He gave His disciples the bread (wheat) and wine (grapes), showing the 2 are connected. It’s the end of the wheat and beginning of the grapes. Four months from Passover is Tu B’Av.

Boaz and Ruth’s wedding is another example of the Rapture/ wedding of the Bride. Boaz represents Jesus as the Kinsman Redeemer and Ruth represents the Church. Ruth 2:14, “And at mealtime Boaz said to her, “Come here and eat some bread and dip your morsel in the wine.” Here we have Boaz (representing Jesus) giving bread and wine to Ruth (the Church). So, when did their wedding take place? Ruth 2:23, “So she kept fast by the maidens of Boaz to glean unto the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest; and dwelt with her mother in law.” Ruth stayed with her mother-in-law until the end of the wheat harvest and then left her mother-in-law to live with her new husband Boaz.

One other clue that the Bible gives us is when Paul in 1 Thessalonians and John in Revelation refer to the Rapture as a “mystery”. The Jews refer to Tu B’Av as the most mysterious day of the Jewish calendar.

Another clue from Scripture is this:
Psalm 81:3
Blow the trumpet at the time of the New Moon, At the full moon, on our solemn feast day.

The Jewish people were commanded to blow trumpets on their feast days that fell on a New Moon or Full Moon. The 15th of Av is on a full moon and this is the LAST TRUMPET of the year before the New Year begins for the Jews in September on Rosh Hashanah. Again, Paul mentions the key words, “MYSTERY” and “LAST TRUMPET” in 1 Thessalonians. Either Paul, or God, seems to be pointing us to Tu B’Av by putting these key words in the verses that talk about the resurrection of the dead and rapture of the Church.

Yet ANOTHER clue from Scripture is when Jesus tells us that people will be eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage. There is no day more festive for the Jewish people that then Tu B’Av festival. It is known as the “Day of Love” and similar to Valentine’s Day for us. It is the most common day for the Jewish people to have their wedding on! And it’s the day when the Jewish virgins go out in the fields to dance, wearing WHITE GARMENTS and DANCE and the young men would come looking for a Bride. Does this not sound like the Rapture?!?!?

And then we have the resurrection of the dead! The Jews while wandering in the desert were according to the Midrash commanded by Moses to sleep in their graves as punishment for not believing the spies who were sent to scout out the promised land. The Jews who slept in their graves each year would arise from their graves and discover that 15,000 of the older generation had died in the night. This continued to happen until all of the older generation had died off. Tu B’Av was celebrated because they knew that at long last they were freed from the curse of the grave and free to enter the promised land under the leadership of Joshua. We all know that the name of Jesus is derived from Joshua. I suspect we all are aware that there is a parallel between the promised land and Heaven. The land flowing with milk and honey. Tu B’Av commemorates when all the chosen people rose from their graves alive!

Someone else on the Doves website pointed out that the tribe of Benjamin was allowed to snatch brides on Tu B’Av and that the word snatched in the Septuagint is harpazo (caught up, Rapture)!

We again see in Micah 7, a hint from Scripture as to the timing of the Rapture:

What misery is mine! I am like one who gathers summer fruit at the gleaning of the vineyard; there is no cluster of grapes to eat, none of the early figs that I crave.2 The faithful have been swept from the land; not one upright person remains. And then in verse 4, Micah says, “The day God visits you has come, the day your watchmen sound the alarm. Now is the time of your confusion.” In the fruit harvest, the grapes are first to ripen, so the first ripe of the grapes is the time the “good man” disappears from the earth. Micah is as the time of the Summer fruits of the GRAPE HARVESTING of the vineyard, which is the FIRST RIPE GRAPES. The FIRST RIPE GRAPES is the time of the rapture!!!

Here are 2 very interesting articles I found on the internet that point to Tu B’Av as the most symbolic of festivals for the resurrection of the dead and Rapture of the Church:
Matthew 24:38 “For as in the days that were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark”

The 15th of Av is the most mysterious day of the Jewish calendar.
The Talmud tells us that many years ago in ancient Israel, it was the custom that on the 15th of Av “the daughters of Jerusalem would go out in borrowed linen garments… and dance in the vineyards” and “whoever did not have a wife would go there” to find himself a bride. The reason they would wear borrowed linen garments was that – those without nice clothes of their own would not be embarrassed.

The “full moon” of the tragic month of Av is the festival of the Future Redemption.
The 15th of Av this year is August 3, 2012 (Summer time)

The 15th of Av is the day where people were celebrating, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.

Matthew 24:32-33 “Now learn a parable of the fig tree. When his branch is yet tender and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer (is it rapture?) is nigh: so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near even at the doors”


Another article about Tu B’Av:

The harvest times of God of Barley, Wheat, and Fruit are the ones that have prophetic/spiritual significance.The first day of the Barley harvest is when Christ rose being the “First Fruits” of those who slept”, thus making the resurrection of Christ and those that slept the prophetic fulfillment of the Barley. This eliminates the rapture of the bride being the Barley!

Then 50 days later, on the first day of the Wheat harvest, the bride of Christ was born making us the “First Fruits” of the wheat. James 1:18 tells us we are a “kind of First Fruits” of God. There are only 3 types of first fruits in in the harvests…


First Fruits of Barley, Wheat, & Grapes…

That is why it says “kind of”, because there are more than one! We, the bride, are the first fruits of the wheat because we were birthed on Pentecost which is when the first fruits of the wheat is harvested!

By scripture, we are clearly the wheat! So, the prophetic fulfillment of the Wheat harvest is only “half done”. Why?

The prophetic fulfillment of the barley harvest took “one second” with the resurrection of Christ and “those that slept”. The prophetic fulfillment of the wheat harvest is two stages….Birth of church & rapture of church!

The church first has to be born, then it takes a couple thousand years to complete the wheat so it can’t be fulfilled in a moment or day!!

So, the first half of the fulfillment of the wheat harvest is the birth of the church. The other prophetic fulfillment of the wheat harvest will be the rapture. So, we have been in the prophetic wheat harvest for 2000 plus years.

So, the prophetic wheat harvest ends with the rapture of the bride.

The last first fruits are those of the grapes. The first fruits of the grape harvest are those that have endure the great tribulation (Wrath of Lamb). The first fruit of the grapes are those that are thrown into the wine-press of his wrath (Wrath of Lamb).

The ending of the entire grape harvest is 3.5 years later on the feast of Atonement, at the seperation of the sheep/goats judgment!!!

As you can see, the bride of Christ is CLEARLY, CLEARLY the first fruit wheat of God. The timing of these agricultural harvest times pattern the “season” they actually occur in the prophetic sense. Now, this only means one thing….

The rapture of the bride of Christ (completion of wheat harvest) will happen the time they end agriculturally…the SUMMER!!!!!!!

Now, to my new insight I hope from the holy ghost….

If you look closely, the beginning and ending of the harvest times are ALL on FESTIVALS!!

Barley harvest beginning – First Fruits/Passover

Barley harvest ending – Pentecost


Wheat harvest beginning – Pentecost

Wheat harvest ending – Tu B’Av


Grape harvest beginning – Tu B’Av (This is the day when the grape harvest begins in Israel)…

The grape harvest begins when WHEAT harvest ends, just like Wheat harvest begins when Barley harvest ends!!!

If the grape harvest begins on Tu B’Av, then that is when the WHEAT HARVEST ENDS!!!!!!


Grape harvest begins – Tu B’Av

Then..Grape harvest ends on HOLIDAY AS WELL…

Which would be Atonement!!!!!!!!

All the harvest times begin and finish on HOLIDAYS!!!

The wheat harvest then ends on Tu B’Av…thus the rapture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Micah 7 supports this 100%.

It says the rapture (good man vanishes) at the “time of the first ripe grapes”. This is when the first ripe clusters of grapes off the tree are cut and this would clearly be the first day the grapes harvest begin…which is “Tu B’Av”.

Ruth married Boaz at end of wheat harvest! So, the rapture is to happen at “end” of wheat harvest…”beginning” of grape harvest which is….

“Tu B’Av”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. archie says:

    wooo hooo goin home

  2. Jan Herscu says:

    Here is all that fits a Thurs-Fri AV 14-15 RAPTURE date:

    Tish 22, 2011 (last trump day/last day of last feast) plus 280 days (Church’s spiritual gestation) + last 7-day warning is Av 14-15.

    Jan 29, 2011(Rev11 UFO) plus 355 days (1 Jewish yr) to Jan 19, 2012 was the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46).

    Jan 19, 2012 plus 4 months (Jewish or perfect 30-day mths), then plus the 75 days (that matches/cancels out the post Return 75) is Av 14-15. This 75 is in GRACE, & the post-Return 75 is in JUDG.

    Mid trib (a.c. satanically ‘rises’) is Jan 13, 2016. Minus 12-day calendar discrepancy is Dec 31, the original solar anniv of the 8th day of the 8th Feast (8th Day after Creation/Jesus’ concep Tevet 1/+280 was Succoth, His Birth) because Kislev 24 was Dec 24, Creation Day.

    Jan 13 minus the tilt loss of 23 days (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20) reverts back to Dec 22-23, 2015, TEVET 10…..Fast Day of 10th mth ‘turned to joy.’

    Jan 13, 2016 (minus the tilt loss) is Dec 22-24, CAPRICORN 24, the original KISLEV 24, December 23-24, of HAGGAI 2. At Creation when the Mazzarot matched God’s calendar (orig Jewish yr/360 days), Capricorn 24 was Kislev 24, Dec 24.

    Our present calendar is 23 days off since the earth enters each of the 12 Mazzarot signs (Virgo thru Leo) on the 23rd of each mth. But when the earth is straight, the earth will enter on the 1st day of the mth and both calendars & the Mazzarot cycle/ 360 days each/ will be synchronized.

    Return at June 24 is CANCER 1 because when you minus the 23 days, you revert back to June 1. Cancer is, of course, the 11th sign (crab), that of JUDGMENT.

    June 1, 2019, plus the 30 days mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) is JULY 1 which is exactly 2300 DAYS PAST NISAN 1 (Mar 14, 2013), when the Jews start 3rd Temple Worship (Dan 8:13-14). July 1, 2019 is the day Jesus enters the Temple w/ the Remnant to RECONSECRATE the Temple.

    Ezek 45:18 states that the Temple is to be cleansed on Nisan 1; and after the 7 mths burying bodies and bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (approx Elul 1, 2012 to Nisan 1, 2013), the Jews will again adhere to the Torah Law and start their 2300 days of Temple worship (desecration) with the start at Nisan 1, 2013, Mar 14.

    July 1 (2019), Jesus’ Temple Entrance/Reconsecration is also LEO 1, the sign of the conquering LION of JUDAH, as He leads the procession from Petra up to Jerusalem (Isa 63). Leo is the 12th sign and #12 is ‘perfect gov’t.’

    The RETURN at June 24, 2019, minus the 23-day tilt loss is IYYAR 28, YOM JERUSALEM, the 52nd Jewish anniv of the reclamation of the Temple Mt in 1967, the biggest Fig tree event in modern history (June 7, 1967).

    The COUNT of AV 10, SUNDAY, July 29, 2012 still holds because nothing can be counted as valid until the next SUNDAY; thus the Av 10 fulfillment of that 5th mth FAST Day holds. Also if the -23 is considered ahead of the actual tilt loss of the 2019 earth straightening, then Av 10 reverts back to TAMMUZ 17, the FAST DAY of the 4th month “turned into joy.”

    With the above in mind, all 4 FAST DAYS/Zech 8:19 (will have been ‘TURNED to JOY’ by the end of the trib:

    AV 9-10, 2012 possible SIGNING, 3 days before Rapture, to make up for the 3 mid-trib uncounted days

    TAMMUZ 17, the projected -23 date back from Av 10 when the earth is straight

    TEVET 10, mid trib when the projected -23 date back from Jan 13, 2016.

    YOM KIP – already turned to joy at the cross when the veil to the Holy of Holies tore.

    The entire trib ends (2019) AV 15, AUG 15, VIRGO 15 and all will be balanced.

    What more can I say?……If it’s not this Thurs or Fri, BEATS ME!!!!!!…………..J.H.

  3. Allison Judd says:

    This was so powerful.. The Son’s of the Prophet’s knew Elijah was going to be Raptured before it happened. Yutzhak Kaduri.. who died in 2006. Shared that the Rapture would take place month of AV..That ARieal Sharon’s death would bring the Messiah.. So IF Arieal Sharon Dies. during the month of AV.. We got a Rapture !!

  4. zhu says:

    Tu B’Av (August 3) falls on a sabbath in 2013. “…abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day.” (Exodus 16:29) The sabbath is a perfect prearranged pickup time for the rapture, foreshadowed and practiced since the days of Moses. Believer’s families will be together; not at work, not on a plane, not driving. In this way, Jesus can rapture His Bride and no harm will come to non-believers (no loss of life due to the sudden disappearance of critical people). Then again, He can come at any time.

  5. Jan Herscu says:

    Here’s more spec if you’re up to it; and for what it’s worth, the info below fits a SATURDAY RAPTURE, Av 16, August 4. I’m not into it anymore, but maybe you are. I’m sure Aug 4 will pass with nothing happening, but it’s still sort of interesting……..oblivion has already set in since Saturday already started:

    mid trib (1260 past Rapture) = SATURDAY, Jan 13, 2016, Capricorn 24. Jan 13 minus the 13-day calendar discrepancy is the solar anniv of Tevet 1, Dec 31 (orig 8th day after Creation Day/8th Feast/the day satan covets…..Jesus’ concep day). CAPRICORN 24 is the original KISLEV 24 and DEC 24 of Haggai 2…….i.e. satan enters the ‘risen’ anti-christ Jan 13, 2016 and the tumult of Hag 2 (2nd 1260) begins (Great Trib).

    3 days later, Jan 16 (Elijah & Moses rise/murdered 3 days earlier on Jan 13 when a.c. ‘arose’ indwelt by satan) minus 23 days is Dec 22, TEVET 10…..Fast Day to joy/projected.

    SATURDAY/Rapture………SATURDAY/mid trib……..SATURDAY/Return………all SABBATHS (as per Millennial re-institution of Sabbath as the weekly Holy Day). SUNDAY was the Day of Worship only during the Age of Grace because the great number 8 entered earth’s system (earth functions on #7) because of the great 888/Jesus’ Resurrection on an 8th day instead of a 1st Day. I reviewed the great 8’s previously.

    RETURN (2520 past Rapture and 1260 past mid trib) SATURDAY June 29, 2019, Cancer 8, minus the 23-day tilt brings the earth back to SHAVUOT, June 9, Sivan 6, Cancer 11/double judgment (as -23 +3….i.e. -20 days because the straightening will probably take 3 days to make up for the 3 mid-trib ‘uncounted’ days). In reference to SHAVUOT, 2019, GRACE began on SHAVUOT and will end on SHAVUOT (earth straight).

    1-yr warning was Jan 29, 2011 (Temple Mt UFO) plus 360 days (1 perf yr) is Jan 24.

    Jan 24 plus 4 Jewish mths/118 days = 4 JEWISH mths/”to Harvest”/also as Noah’s 120 plus 75 more days (75 in Grace) to match the post-Return 74 (in JUDG).

    AV 9 (also Olympics start) plus the last 7-day warning is Av 16, Aug 4, Saturday…..7th day/day of REST. Av 9 minus the projected loss of 21-23 days is TAMMUZ 17, FAST DAY to joy. (spec)…..AV 9, 2012 is ‘turned to joy’ as the last 7-day warning (as God closed door of Noah’s Ark 7 days before the flood began…..JOY/God’s guaranteed protection). Av 9 is also the end of 280 days ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church beginning at Tish 22, 2011, last day/last Feast/last trump blown. The 280 is Jewish mth count.

    Rapture +10 days is Aug 14, LEO 24 (12, 12, 12)……Divine Victory in mts of Israel (Ezek 38-39).

    Plus exactly 210 days (7 perf mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem) is NISAN 1, 2013 (Mar 12), start of 3rd Temple Worship (Temple Desecration Dan 8:13-14) plus exactly 2300 days (Dan 8) is the RETURN, Sat, June 19, 2019.

    End of trib (when the 2 calendars & the Mazzarot are synchronized….360 days each…..is Virgo 19, Aug 19, Av 19 (as per Rev 19?….#19 an interesting study)…..if applicable.

    As per the above, all 4 FAST DAYS will have been ‘turned to joy’ if thought of according to the above points.

    Rosh/Yom Kip, 2019 will not be reached, thus the COUNT STAYS at Yom Kippur 2018 (5779); and minus the 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ as reviewed before, Yom Kippur 2018 is really Yom Kippur 2001 (all Jub’s start on Yom Kip), the start of the 121st Jubilee/start of 7000th yr, exactly where it should start, end of the 6,000 full yrs (120 Jub’s) promised to fallen man by God in Genesis 6:3.

    Again, all is accurate as pertains to the three 1260’s, the 1290, the 1335, the 7 mths burying, the 2300, the 2520, the 2550, the FAST DAYS to joy, the 5772 – 5779 Pyramid timeline, the start of the 121st Jub, and of course all of the Fig tree patterns that end perfectly at 2018, etc.

    There’s nothing else to speculate at this point as I refuse to venture into the possibility of Rosh Hashana…..etc………J.H.

  6. Jan Herscu says:

    As my ‘hutzpah-ridden’ SPEC continues, SATURDAY, Aug 4, Av 16, WAS surely the cut-off point…..the likely SIGNING. The following info FITS TUESDAY, 3 days later as the RAPTURE. Daniel said that the day would “become clearer” and Paul said we would “SEE the day approaching;” thus I’m taking them at their word.

    This SATURDAY, the probable SIGNING Aug 4, Av 16, plus 1260 days (a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant) is Saturday, Jan 15, 2016, CAPRICORN 24, which, minus 23 days future loss is DECEMBER 24, the original solar KISLEV 24 (CREATION DAY/later called the 8th Feast)……..Haggai 2….abomination of desolation/a.c. breaks covenant/killed. Satan detests the 8th Feast as he wanted to take credit for Creation AND he hates the 8th Feast, the 8th day thereof which was Jesus’ conception.

    The ‘signer’ (some European leader/I’ll be ‘dumbfounded’ if it’s Obama) will be UNrevealed until after the Rapture. You know that we have the 3-day overlap when we’re dealing with the 2520 days because of how the three different 1260 spans work. The 3-day overlap also deals with the 3 mid-trib UNcounted days.

    Saturday, Av 16 is 7 days past Av 9; thus Av 9 was obviously (to me) the last 7-day warning before the signing. SIGNING starts the 2520-day trib.

    3 days after Aug 4 is TUESDAY, Aug 7, presumed Rapture on a 3rd Day (Tues, 3rd Day, ancient wedding day & Hos 6:2-3 if applicable).

    2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) past NISAN 1, 2013 (Temple Worship is commanded to begin according to Ezek 45:18) is the RETURN, Saturday, June 29, 2019 (CANCER 8/11th sign, 8th day/’judg of Jesus’)…..if applicable.

    Pre trib: Jan 29, 2011 (the 1-yr warning/Jerem 51:46/Rev 11 Temple Mt UFO) plus 360 days is Jan 24, 2012. Add exactly 4 Jewish mths/118 days (“to Harvest”) plus 75 days to arrive at Saturday, Aug 4 Signing. The pre-trib 75 is in GRACE and the post-trib 75 will be in JUDG (‘cancel’ each other out).

    If one perceives the 4 mths as 4 Gregorian months, then there are 121 days plus the 75 to Tues, Aug 7….works both ways.

    30 days of mourning after the Return is LEO 8 (LION/Jesus/Conqueror leading Isa 63 procession up to Jerusalem) and all other post-Return spans are same as last letter including the ‘settling’ of the earth (straight) on Siv 6, Shavuot when all is figured (Sunday, June 9, 2019).

    Of course there are still the 280 days (spiritual ‘gestation’ of the Church) spanning SUCCOTH 2011 (which had to start its count from a Sabbath/”first day shall be a Sabbath & the 8th Day shall be a Sabbath”…..study) is 280 days plus the tilt # (22-23 days) to Aug 7.

    The 2550 holds well from the Signing, Leo 15 (middle of 12th sign/Jesus=Lion of Judah) to Jesus’ Entrance into the Temple 30 days after the Return on Leo 8…..a 2550-day difference as the 2550 days from Temple Destruction in 583 B.C. to 1967, Temple Mt Reclaimed.

    Remember that Israel’s Chief Rabbi Isaac Kaduri/age 106 met the Messiah in a several dreams (“….your old men shall dream dreams…..”) and said (on his death bed) that Messiah would come in the Jewish year 5772 (this yr) in the month of AV (now). Tuesday is already Av 19. If Kaduri by chance was a secret believer, then God could conceivably speak such knowledge through him for the sake of the Church. If #19 is to be noted, Rev 19:1 speaks of Jesus’ Second Coming…..if applicable.

    So TUESDAY is just perfect and nothing is lost. All the patterns still hold and of course the count ends at Yom Kip 5779/2018. The year Yom Kip 2019/5780 won’t be reached. Yom Kippur 2018 minus the 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ is Yom Kippur 2001, start of the 121st Jubilee. Jubilees (each new span of 50 yrs) were commanded to start on a Yom Kippur. God promised 120 Jubilees in Gen 6:3 which is 120 x 50 (6000 FULL yrs). One doesn’t have to study much to see we are definitely at the end/and beyond of these 6,000 full yrs; thus there are some ‘uncounted’ yrs to consider.

    All is accurate with: the three 1260’s, 1290, 1335, 2300, 7 mths burying, 2520, 2550, all patterns ending at 2018…..etc.

    From the Rapture/Tues Aug 7 there are 7 days N. Invasion of Israel & Divine Victory in mts of Israel (Ezek 38-39) plus 7 mths burying (210 days/7 x 30) plus the 2300 to the Return…………………..7 + 210 + 2300 = 2517 and plus the 3 days from Signing to Rapture is 2520 total. I have yet to see that one can venture out of God’s prophetic end-time spans since His math is perfect. I read some articles that are SO strange as various writers perceive the spans.

    Nothing else remains misunderstood at this point. Blessedly, oblivion didn’t take its full hold as I’m looking toward TUESDAY with renewed and confident anticipation……at least as far as MY study is concerned. For all I know, no one believes ANY of the above. At least it keeps ME fascinated……….J.H.

  7. Jan Herscu says:

    Only read below if you are one of those rare people who are constantly watching w/ mega intensity (you don’t want to know them!); and here’s how I see it now……….and remember, it’s all speculation:

    Jan 24, 2012 (end of the 360 days/1-yr warning from Jan 29, 2011/Jerusalem UFO) plus 196 days is TUESDAY, Av 19, Aug 7, the likely SIGNING/Tues as ‘Ketubbah marriage agreement.’ 196 days is a total of 121 days (4 Greg mths…..”to Harvest”…..as Noah’s 120 yrs & the orig 4, thirty-day mths of 120 days) +75 days (in Grace/pre-trib) to match/cancel out the post return 75 (in Judgment/post-Return).

    Yom Kippur, Oct 8, 2011 plus 303-304 days is TUESDAY, Aug 7. 303 days is 280 plus 23+ (potential tilt loss when earth straigtens at the Return/also consider Feb’s extra day this yr/leap yr day & normally not counted). 280 is the ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church (very understandably starting on Yom Kippur/day of decision for the world) and 23 is the tilt# that will minus at the Return as the earth straightens to a 360-day-yr as at pre-flood. Yom is the starting date as that is the day forgiveness was offered to the world and also the day that a 50-yr Jubilee span was commanded to begin. It is also the only Fast Day that has already been turned to joy when the Holy of Holies veil tore at the end of the crucifixion.

    Three days after Tues, Aug 7 is Friday, Aug 10, Av 22, the probable Rapture which is also 7 days (last warning?) past Av 15 (tu b’Av).

    NISAN 1, 2013 (Mar 12/Tues)…Ezek 45:18…still starts the 2300 days of Temple Desecration ending at the Return, Tuesday, June 29, 2019, CANCER 11 (11,11). 3 extra days are in that span because the 3 mid-trib days won’t be counted just as Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost.

    Return is TUESDAY, 3rd DAY (Hos 6:2-3) exactly 2520 days past TUESDAY, Aug 7, 2012, the possible 7-yr pact signing (signer unrevealed until after the Rapture).

    Mid trib is now Jan 18, 2016, Tues, Shevat 8 (a.c. stops sacrifices/breaks covenant/sets self in Temple/killed) to Friday, Jan 21,2016, Shevat 11 (a.c. satanically ‘rises’/kills Elijah and Moses who rise after 3+ days. The Jewish Calendar is eternal; thus the horrific and satanic indwelling of the ‘risen’ a.c. matches such a calendar day…..that of SHEVAT 11, double 11/double judgment. At present, a day to be observed by the Jews does not exist in the eleventh mth. Study the Biblical number 11……amazing significances connected w/ judgment.

    Mid trib minus the projected loss of 23 days does take the date back to the last days of December 2015, and only back as far as Dec 27…..still in the solar anniversary WEEK of the original Kislev 24 to Tev 1 (which was originally Dec 24-Dec 31/CREATION to count start on 8th day/Tev 1)…..and thus the Hag 2, Kislev 24 review still holds. After all, the Kislev 24 count began 7 days later anyway (Jesus’ concep anniv). That’s the only way the tumult of Kislev 24 in Haggai 2 can be explained in my opinion.

    Mid trib, when the a.c. ‘rises’ is also Fri, Jan 21, 2016, which is also AQUARIUS 1; befitting the ‘AGE of AQUARIUS’ that has been promised by the ‘New Agers,’ etc. for many years (demonic promise for earth via Satan).

    The most significant span at this point is that the Rapture plus the trib span (2517 days/and the 3 days from signing to Rapture make up the other 3 days, equalling the full 2520), is that the RETURN minus 23 days is SUNDAY, SHAVUOT, June 9, Sivan 6. In other words, Grace BEGAN on SHAVUOT and ENDS on SHAVUOT (because the 7-yr trib is NOT counted/Satan’s yrs). Thus earth will be STRAIGHT on the BIRTHDAY of the LAW and the BIRTHDAY of the CHURCH.

    After the Rapture on Friday, Aug 10 plus 4 days world chaos amidst the N. Invasion of Israel (Ezek 38-39), the 7 mths of burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (7 perf mths = 210 days) will end at NISAN 1, 2013 (when Temple Worship begins/ashes of Red Heifer/Ark of Covenant/Ezek 45:18….etc). Then +2300 days reaches the RETURN at Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

    Following 4 days of post-Rapture chaos (+ the N. Invasion of Israel) is the Divine Victory in Israel’s mts Tuesday, Aug 14, LEO 24 (12,12,12/also 12,888)….go figure.

    The spiritual ‘gestation’ period for the Remnant also spans Yom Kip, 2018 to the end of Tammuz as well; and interestingly there is a 3-day difference between the 280-day span on the perfect 360-yr calendar and that of the Jewish calendar. So if you are into figuring, there is a 3-day difference therof and the Remnant’s spiritual gestation period ends on Tammuz 30, 2019 (Isa 63/into Temple w/ Jesus after the 30-days mourning) whereas the spiritual gestation period of the Church on THIS side of the trib ends at Tammuz 27. Remember that the Church and the Remnant are both the BODY of Christ and are in need of the spiritual gestation just as Jesus’ 280-day physical gestation period in Mary.

    You can be sure that anyone who sees the Fig Tree signs clearly and all the accompanying spans, etc MUST see that there simply must be an explanation for such a DELAY up to the Rapture. After all, there are 23 verses implying that we can KNOW the day…..of 3 days, of course, since each day encompasses 72 yrs on the whole earth. Yom Kippur is the day the GREAT TRUMP/TRUMP of GOD is blown and it is the LAST TRUMP because at the end of that day (in ancient Israel) the chances for forgiveness were over. Thus the Church’s ‘waiting period’ has been Yom Kippur, 2011, plus 280 days, plus an additional 23 days that will minus anyway.

    The RETURN is CANCER 11 (11,11) and 30 days later is LEO 12 (12,12)…..indeed interesting.

    That’s it; so keep your hopes up until Friday if you’re into this frenzy (I sort of hope you’re NOT); and if you are beyond all of this and just READY and waiting w/out all of the above details, you’re even better and wiser……………J.H.

  8. Jan Herscu says:

    Well, I’ve thought out the scenario and there are about 7 main points confirming a TUESDAY, Aug 14 RAPTURE in my opinion.

    Tuesday, Aug 14, Av 26, is LEO 24 (12,12,12 or 12,888).

    TUESDAY is the 3rd day, ancient Jewish wedding day (Hos 6:2-3).

    TUESDAY, Aug 14 is THREE days past SATURDAY, Aug 11, the probable SIGNING (yet unrevealed).

    Two main spans end at Saturday, Aug 11/SIGNING:

    1. Jan 29, 2011 UFO (1-yr warn, to Jan 29, 2012) +120 (“to Harvest”/& as Noah) +75 (in GRACE) is Aug 11.

    2. Succoth 2011 plus 280 days ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church (to Tam 30) +23 days (will minus) is Aug 11.

    Passover, 2013 (blood sacrifice of lamb) is the DESECRATION of the 3rd Temple (Dan 8:13-14), plus 2300 days is the Reconsecration (SAT, July 13, 2019) when Jesus enters the Temple (Isa 63) with the Remnant 30 days past the Return (w/ the -23 considered).

    The Return is CANCER 15 (middle of the judgment sign), SATURDAY, July 6, 2019.

    Jesus enters Temple w/ Remnant on LEO 15 (middle of ‘Conqueror/Hero/Victor/Lion of Judah’ sign).

    END of trib is LIBRA 1, the sign of BALANCED JUDGMENT.

    MID TRIB is SATURDAY, Jan 22, 2016, AQUARIUS 1 (‘Age of Aquarius’).

    Mid trib os Sat, Jan 22, 2016 minus the tilt is Dec 31, 2015, the solar anniv of Tevet 1 (8th day after the orig Kislev 24/Hag 2), Jesus’ Conception day.

    If the above is works out, then the Rapture will be followed by 2+ wks world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel/Ezek 38-39, Isa 17:1 to the great Divine Victory in Israel’s mts and the start of the 7 mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple (end of August).

    Tues, Aug 14 looks good; so glean as led……………..J.H.

  9. Jan Herscu says:

    Mercy!……I’m still at it! You must think I’m crazy! Well, WHERE is your DELETE button?………….O.K., your choice!,…..then read on!….Be a CRAZY watchman like ME!!!………Take note: WEDNESDAY is BETTER! Remember, I CAN’T LIVE without a presumed/speculated date (perhaps an addiction???)……..and just forget the Tuesday thing!!! This is simply the crazy kind of study that it is!!! So let’s just see if there’s any substance to the following (in ‘chart’ form):

    Jan 29, 2011, Temple Mt/Rev 11 UFO/the one-yr warning………..+ 1 solar yr………..Jan 29, 2012 end of 1-yr warn (Jer 51:46)……..

    +4 solar mths (121 days as Noah/&”to Harvest”)……..May 29, 2012 (Tues, Siv 8, still counts as SHAVUOT, Sun, Siv 6/since counts

    stay at SUNDAY)…….+75 days (in GRACE, not counted/& cancels out the post-Return 75 days)…….AUG 12, 2012, SUNDAY SIGNING

    (a.c. yet unrevealed?) ……+1260…….SHEVAT 13 (such #’s!/11 & 13 on Jewish calendar!) AQUAR 1, Jan. 23, 2016 a.c. breaks

    covenant, in Temple as ‘God’/killed/1260 days Petra Protec begins, (satanically ‘rises’ 3 days later, Wed, Jan 26/ kills Elij & Moses who

    rise after 3+ days).

    3 days after Sunday Aug 12 SIGNING is WED, AUG 15, LEO 24 presumed RAPTURE AV 27. LEO 24 is 12,12,12 or 12,888……..MAJOR!! (even though you may detest reference to the Mazzarot!)

    Mid trib, Sunday, Jan 23, 2016 (a.c. stops dy sacrifices/killed)……………+1260……………July 7, 2019, RETURN (CANCER 15

    ………..-23 days tilt loss………..June 15, 2019 (Sivan 15/SATURDAY/still counts as SHAVUOT, SUNDAY, Sivan 6, June 9,

    because only SUNDAY counts)…..+30 days mourning……..July 15, LEO 15, Av 6, Jesus into Temple w/ Remnant/Reconsecrates

    Temple after 2300 days Desecration which will have begun on PASSOVER/Nis 14, 2013 (3 extra ‘uncounted’ mid-trib days)……..

    …….+45 days judg Nations…….Libra 1 (judg meted/trib over). Know that Succoth 8 (Tish 22) + 280 = Av 5-6 on BOTH sides of trib.

    Entire trib now stands at AV 27 to AV 27 (w/ the -23 considered)…….that is, Av 27, 2012 to Av 27, 2019, which actually counts as per the Pyramid timeline Yom 2011 to Yom 2018 which all works out (when the 17 yrs are NOT counted) to be the beginning of the 121st Jubilee, Yom Kippur 2001 (6001). Note that 5779 (Rosh 2018) is the ht in inches of the Pyramid and Kelvin temp of the sun.

    Entire trib ” ” at Leo 24 to Libra 1, which is 37 days, the difference betw 2557 days (7 solar yrs) and 2520 (7 perf yrs).

    Entire trib (with the -280 gestation of CHURCH & REMNANT/both BODY of Christ) is SUCCOTH 8 to SUCCOTH 8………..the LAST trump of the LAST day of the LAST Feast (Tish 22). At this point in time, you MUST admit that the DELAY must be explained.

    After the Rapture there will be approx 2 wks world chaos and the Divine Victory in the mts of Israel at the end of August, 2012 (Ezek 38-39, Isa 17:1).

    SEVEN mths burying ensues, ending at PASSOVER, 2013 (Nis 14, Mar 25), first BLOOD Sacrifice of 3rd Temple (Desecration of Temple/Dan 8:13-14).

    Mid trib Jan 23, 2016 (Aquarius 1/”Age of Aquarius”/satanically-promised Utopia) minus 23 days is Dec 31, 2015, the solar anniv of Jesus’ conception/solar anniv of 8th day of 8th Feast…..Tevet 1, whih is 7 days after KISLEV 24 (of Hag 2).

    SUNDAYS are all across the board now: SIGNING, MID TRIB/A.C. into Temple (Isa 63), and the RETURN……all Sundays, when counts start.

    Let me tell you, this is ALL we have to hang onto for the patterns to still hold! We CAN’T mess w/ the Fig Tree patterns (that Jesus TOLD us to watch) because they are all DONE!…..and totally observable! Believe me, there doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING left after Wednesday as far as MY SPECULATION is concerned. As far as I can see, NOBODY took the study this far; but in my refusal to give up and to prevent my own scofferism, I took it this far. Thankfully you can just delete it and carry on with your own ideas about the whole thing…..a privilege of the internet. I just kept going because I felt I wasn’t allowed to stop once I got people ‘hyped up’ about the patterns….etc. Take care and try to survive the coming oblivion IF the Rapture is not Wednesday (which begins late Monday in Calif and ends late Wed night in Calif).

    Of course the 1290 spans mid trib to the day Jesus enters the Temple 30 days after the Return and the 1335 spans the mid trib to the end of the trib (Dan 12:11-12).

    “The owner of a home doesn’t know when a thief will come”……..but with enough cameras, sensors, pit bulls/rotweillers, wires, lights, spies, he WOULD see the thief coming….i.e. WE, the Church, are “not in darkness” and are called “children of LIGHT;” and with all the Fig tree patterns in our view, etc, we are supposed to KNOW…………of 3 days……….but NOT the DAY and NOT the HOUR! Why would God mention DAY and HOUR…….perhaps because that is ‘down to the wire’ thinking of the watching Church………….J.H.

  10. Jan Herscu says:

    YOU may not be tempted to enter ‘panic’ mode, but I am; so I start figuring again……nothing wrong with figuring/speculating/guessing/surmising/presuming. Just DELETE the following if you are admirably and blessedly waiting in Christian maturity for the Rapture EVEN if it’s ‘decades into the future’ OR read on:

    Very briefly (if FRIDAY, Av 29, Aug 17 is the RAPTURE):

    FRIDAY, Aug 17 plus 2520 days is Friday, July 12, 2019 (Tammuz 9), the Return.

    Friday, July 12, 2019 is exactly 2300 days past PASSOVER, 2013 (1st blood sacrifice in 3rd Temple/Desecration/Dan 8:13-14). Nisan 14, 2013 is Mar 25.

    The 2011 LAST Day of the LAST FEAST (7th) when the LAST TRUMP is blown is TISHREI 21 (Hoshana Rabah/7mth,7th Feast/21st day…777); and 303 days past that day is this Friday, Aug 17. 303 is 280 days ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church plus the tilt days that will minus (280 + 23).

    280 is gestation (40 wks) and 280 plus 75 (still needed to complete a year and to complete the trib…….til the 1335 after mid trib) is 355 days, 1 Jewish yr. As noted before SHANA (yr) in Hebrew # values is 355, which is 1 Jewish yr.

    Thus the Church’s ‘gestation’ period has been Tishrei 21 +280 days (+23) to the Rapture; but the Remnant’s ‘spiritual gestation’ period (both Church and Remnant are BODY of Christ) spans Rosh Hashana, 2018 to the Return. Tishrei 1 plus 280 is Tammuz 11.

    The straightening of the earth will likely take 2 days as reviewed in Hos 6:2-3 (one meaning/other is the 3rd 1000 from yr 0…start of Millen) which means the Return at Friday, Tammuz 9, 2019 (July 12) plus 2 days is Tammuz 11, the end of the 280 days from Rosh Hashana, 2018. An additional 75 days 30+45 (to equal the full Jewish yr) ends the trib.

    The Return at Tammuz 9 plus 30 days mourning over Jesus is SUNDAY, AV 9, 2019 (w/out the -23 tilt loss considered). WITH the -23 tilt loss figured in, that day is TAMMUZ 17. Both Av 9 and Tammuz 17 are FAST DAYS that are promised (Zech 8) to be TURNED to JOY which will be the case as Jesus enters the Temple (w/ the Remnant from Petra/Isa 63).

    Mid trib (1260 past Fri, Aug 17 Rapture) is JAN 28, 2016. Jan 28 MINUS the projected tilt loss will settle the date back to Jan 5-6 which is REALLY DEC 24, 2015 due to the 12-day calendar discrepancy from the 1500’s. Dec 24 was the original Kislev 24………Haggai 2!!!! Jan 28, 2016 (mid trib) will doubtless be the ‘abomination of desolation’ (a.c. into Temple/killed).

    When the earth straightens (likely taking 2 days), then the actual minus is 20-21 days which means that this Friday, Av 29 MINUS 20 days is AV 9. Now if we see the start of the trib as AV 9 (due to the projected tilt loss), then the entire trib is AV 9 to AV 9 (Jesus into Temple), making AV 9 the most joyful day ever for both the Christian and the Remnant 7 Jewish yrs later.

    The Return at Tammuz 9, 2019 MINUS 23 days takes the date back to SIVAN 17; then plus the 30 days = Tam 17, FAST day of the 4th mth.

    As I ‘doggedly’ hold on to the Rev 11, Jan 29, 2011 UFO over Temple Mt as the 1-yr warning (Jer 51:46), then the one solar yr goes to Jan 29, 2012, then plus 150 days (as Noah’s wait til exit from ark) plus 51+ days (the 75 minus the tilt loss when all is figured) is also this Friday, Aug 17, Av 29, 2012.

    If Kaduri’s message of Messiah’s arrival in the month of Av holds true (very speculative, indeed, coming from a Kabbalist Rabbi), then Av 29 is the END of Av and after Friday/Sat, that ‘message’ won’t hold.

    If one sees the entire trib beginning at Av 9 (as one counts from the future tilt loss), then the basic scenario is:

    Av 9…+1260=Jan 5, 2016 (really Dec 24)…+1260=Siv 17…+30=Tam 17…pretty interesting.

    Of course the actual end of the trib according to the Pyramid timeline & other proofs (as 5779 K sun’s temp/5779″ Pyramid ht, Isa 19:19) as reviewed before is the Jewish year 5779 Rosh/Yom 2018). Rosh plus the 280 gestation for the Remnant is Tammuz 11, 2019 (the Return when the Hos 6:2-3 TWO DAYS of straightening are considered).

    Rosh/Yom 2018 MINUS the 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ (as reviewed previously) is Yom Kippur 2001 (6001), beginning of the 121st Jubilee (start of 7 thousandth yr).

    The Return at Friday, July 12, 2019 is also CANCER 22 (11,11,11/triple judg) if applicable.

    If the mid trib (a.c. into Temple) is Jan 28, 2016, Aquarius 8, then 3 days later (a.c. ‘satanically rises’) is Jan 31, AQUARIUS 11 (‘age of Aquarius,’ 11th day/judgment)…….if applicable.

    And if applicable, the Rapture Friday, Aug 17, Av 29, 2012 is LEO 27, which is the Lion of Judah/999 (ultimate # = ‘amen’ in Hebrew + other connections……9 planets, 9 digits, 99 Abr, 90 Sarah, 90 Jub’s from flood, 99 sheep, 90 yrs Holocaust to 2018, 9th hr on Cross…..etc. etc.).

    Of course the Fig Tree patterns ending at Rosh/Yom 2018 still hold; but the 280 is to be added.

    100 yrs 1918 – 2018

    120 yrs 1898 – 2018

    70 yrs 1948 – 2018

    90 yrs 1938 – 2018

    50 yrs 1967 – 2018 (but 1967 to 2019 is 52 yrs/Biblical gen)

    And, of course, 2018 minus the 17 ‘uncounted’ yrs is 2001, exactly when the 121st Jubilee is to begin.

    Anyway, that’s all I can figure (as if I NEEDED to….?????) and I’m at peace w/ the subject for a couple more days!…..J.H.

  11. Jan Herscu says:

    The goal in all of my letters is to try to explain the DELAY; so what I see now is awesome! I’ll only stop when there is NO more explanation of the delay in my estimation; plus I wish to clarify the times, NOT to confuse the reader. I simply conclude that as “Children of Light,” we are not to be so confused about the end times because there’s so much material to foster understanding if searched out. God said, “Come, let us REASON together” and He knows we are ‘mathematical’ beings since we are created in His image with abounding curiosity and a huge desire to understand what on earth is going on!

    When did the flood end?……..NISAN 17; and God said that it was to be the “BEGINNING of DAYS.” The beginning of the original Jewish year/& the future Millennial Jewish yr is NISAN 1 (study ancient calendar system Grant Jeffrey’s red book ‘Armageddon, App’t w/ Destiny’ pg 61). Ezek 45:18 states that the Millennial Temple is to be cleansed each yr on NISAN 1. New Year’s Day in the Millennium is NISAN 1, no longer Tishrei 1/Rosh Hashana. Why?….probably because the JUDGMENT Feasts (5thRosh/6thYom..etc) are not applicable since the Holy of Holies/Yom Kippur VEIL tore and the only 7th-mth Feast to be celebrated in the Millennium will be SUCCOTH/7th Feast/TABERNACLES (Zech 14). You do know that the 4th Temple (Millen) will NOT have a Holy of Holies (thus no ‘reason’ for the judgment/repentance shofar blast of Rosh Hashana followed by the terrible 9 days of AWE).

    Nisan 1 and Nisan 17 were considered the ‘same day…first day’ as per God’s command to Noah at the end of the flood (“This shall be the beginning of days.”) The awesome events of Nisan 17 included end of flood, crossing of Red Sea, Entrance into Canaan, Haman hanged & Jesus’ Resurrection. Note that there has always been a debate about the Hebrews’ journey from Egypt to the Red Sea Crossing taking only 3 days (Nis 14-17), but one must note that God led them “on Eagle’s wings” (advanced speed) just as the flight to Petra will involve “Eagle Wings” speed. During the 6-day war a few troops tried the trek and traveled DAY and NIGHT covering the distance in 3 days total. The Hebrews did not stop to camp during these 3 days (w/ Pillar of fire at night, Pillar of cloud by day).

    If one studies Grant Jeffrey’s book (‘Armageddon/App’t w/ Destiny’ pg 61) one undertands the 6-MONTH addition to Rosh Hashana which is NISAN 1.

    According to our present Jewish year timing, ROSH HASHANA 2011 (beginning of the Pyramid timeline Rosh 5772/2011 ending at Rosh 5779/2018) is the start of the year 5772; but 6 mths has to be added to arrive at the official start of the year if the New Year’s Day of Nisan 1 is to be realized; thus the actual count of 5772 would begin NISAN 1, 2012.

    So the CHURCH would likely have seen NISAN 1, 2012 as the start of the 7-yr trib (signing/Rapture) as per the perfect Jewish calendar, ending 7 Jewish yrs later at NISAN 1, 2019. Well, let’s see WHY that may be the case if the extra DELAY as in Noah’s day is considered.

    Do you see that NISAN 1, 2012 plus exactly 5 months is ELUL 1? These 5 months are very likely the same FIVE MONTHS as Noah’s continued residence inside the ark until the family could exit onto dry land.

    Now notice that if the Rapture is on ELUL 1, 2012 (Sunday, Aug 19), simply add the two 1260’s (minus the 3-day mid trib uncounted days) to arrive at the RETURN, Thur, July 11, 2019. Mind you, Aug 19, 2012, ELUL 1 can also overlap onto the LAST day of AV due to the earth’s 72-hr, 1-day span. That is only a thought just in case Rabbi Kaduri’s message is valid. The significant event in Kaduri’s date of Av could also refer to the 7-yr pact Signing day which is still in the month of Av which would start the first 1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel. However the 2 other 1260’s work fine, as well, even with the 3-day overlap at mid-trib. Remember that Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were NOT counted in the count to Pentecost; thus the a.c.’s 3 days ‘dead’ will likely not be counted either.

    Here are the main facts that I now consider awesome at this points (spacing is off, but can’t be helped):

    Temple Entrance w/ Remnant (Isa 63) 30 days after the Return is AV 9 (main FAST DAY turned to JOY/Zech 8).

    2300 days Temple Desecration spans NISAN 15, 2013 (1st blood sacrifice in 3rd Temple) to the Return, July 11, 2019, and straightening will likely take 2 days (Hos 6:2-3) to July 13, end of the 2300 days.

    Mid trib is Jan 28 – 31, 2016; and Jan 28 minus the projected tilt loss of 23 days reverts back to Jan 5, which is really DEC 24, 2015 and Dec 24 was the original Kislev 24 (Creation Day) of Haggai 2. Jan 5 is also the Gk Orthod Christmas. Also, a.c. ‘rises’ on a SUNDAY, when the count must begin…….but that day plus only 1257 days (3 short of 1260) will be the Return (days “cut short” as per legal count start).

    Entire trib (w/ the -23 considered) is ELUL 1 to ELUL 1 (as per Noah’s exit 5 mths after end of flood count start).

    End of trib is also LIBRA 1 (‘judgment scales balanced’), if Mazzarot point is applicable.

    When the tilt loss is considered as to the AV 9, 2019 Entrance into the Temple, TAMMUZ 17 is ‘as the same day,’ the two FAST DAYS of Zech 8 (as one considers the 2 days of the straightening as well). Tammuz 17 is ‘3 wks previous’ (the tilt loss #) to Av 9.

    Entire trib (without the 5 mths delay added) is NISAN 1, 2012 to NISAN 1, 2019.

    Also, entire trib (w/out the 6 mths addition nor the 5 mths delay added) is also ROSH 2011 to ROSH 2018.

    Mid trib (if applicable) is AQUARIUS 8/Jan 28, 2016 (1260 Petra Protec begins) to AQUARIUS 11 (a.c. ‘rises’)….satanically-promised ‘Age of Aquarius’ beginning at a.c.’s satanic”resurrection’…day 11/judg #.

    10.End of trib (with the -23 considered) is SEPT 1, ELUL 1, LIBRA 1, the exact day the Millennial 6th mth should start. BUT, Sept 1 could well be the NEW ROSH HASHANA, 2019, making the FALL mths Sep/Oct/Nov, the WINTER mths Dec/Jan/Feb, SPRING mths Mar/Apr/May…………..etc. Also, add SIX MONTHS to SEPT 1, 2019 and one arrives at MARCH 1, NISAN 1, ARIES 1, the 1st day of Spring and the Ezek 45:18 cleansing of Temple. It stands to reason that Nisan 1 would start on the 8th Mazzarot sign, that of the LAMB/ARIES.

    If the SIGNING (a.c. yet unrevealed til Rapture) was last Thur, Aug 16, 2012, that day, if applicable, was LEO 24 (12,12,12/also 12,888). Jesus is the LION of JUDAH and the SIGNING is virtually the START of the ‘CHURCH’s Lion-force release from earth.’

    The Rapture (if on Aug 19, ELUL 1, SUNDAY, when COUNTS are to begin anyway) minus the tilt is AV 9 and Temple Entrance, 2019, is AV 9……….thus trib is AV 9 to AV 9 in a sense, as well.

    I’m surmising that the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) will work out (when the 17 ‘uncounted yrs are figured in) as the year 2000 – 2001 because the 120th Jubilee has to be complete before the 121st Jubilee can begin (on a ONE). The 121st Jubilee was to legally start on Rosh/Yom, 2018 (-17 uncounted yrs is 2001); but 6 mths has to be added for the official Millennial start to begin according to Scripture, which will be NISAN 1, 2020.

    The only 280-day spiritual Gestation periods gleanable on BOTH sides of the trib (for CHURCH & REMNANT) is that SUCCOTH 8, last day (8th day) of last feast/last trump blown plus ‘280’ is Av 9 (or 3 days before, Av 6, which is the Av 28 Signing minus 23 days. The Rapture minus the 23 is approx Av 6-9; and the Remnant’s gestation ends at their ‘birth’ as they enter the Temple 30 days after the Return, Av 9, 2019. Both the Church and the Remnant are the Body of Christ and need a gestation period…..HIS physical, ours & Remnants spiritual.

    As for the Temple Mt UFO on Jan 29, 2011 plus the 1 yr to Jan 29, 2012……..if the count for the event began on SUNDAY, Jan 30, 2011, then plus 150 days (5 mths) plus 52 days in GRACE (that will MINUS after the Return when the 75 days loses 23 days in the straightening process (75-23=52). The post-Return 52 days are in JUDGMENT & they will ‘cancel’ each other out as in a math equation (?). That is its only connection to a 1-yr warning (Jan 29, 30/Sunday, 2011 UFO to Jan 30, 2012 = 1 yr) plus the 150 plus 52. But, truthfully, I’ve almost eliminated its importance since the 5 months sets so much better in the Tishrei 1 to Elul 1 span. True, the orb over the Temple Mt was awesome (why the Temple Mt/Rev 11 angelic measuring???)…..but the orb

    did behave like others I’ve seen on youtube, and I think they are satanic (inter-dimensional). Only God knows, but the Temple MUST be measured somehow, sometime (Rev 11) and we ARE in the last days AND Jerusalem is the center of prophecy in ALL respects…….especially the Temple Mount.

    If the Signing was Thurs, Aug 16 (3 days before Sunday Rapture), that day on the Mazzarot was LEO 24. Now Leo 24 to Libra 1 (end of trib w/out the 7 yrs counted) is 37 days. 37 is the difference between 7 solar yrs (2557) and 7 perfect/Millen yrs (2520). Also 37 is a an amazing prime number to study via Bonnie Gaunt’s book with a whole chapter dedicated to #37.

    You do know that by the time Jesus was crucified, 483 (69 sevens/Daniel 9) yrs of punishment were completed for the Jews (because they didn’t keep their Sabbaticles, etc/let land rest every 7 yrs/return all property back to owner every 50 years…..etc……and there are 7 more years to go to complete God’s commanded 490 yrs of punishment (Jerem 30:7). Those 7 awful yrs are the trib (lasting 2520 days from Signing to Return/& cut short” by 3 days/also the 23-day tilt loss is “days cut short”). The trib will be much more deceptive/occultic/horrible than ANYONE realizes…..no place for a Bride.

    If one figures that LIBRA 1 is the end of the trib, then when all is considered in perfect yr month spans, the Return is CANCER 15 (mid judg/11th), and the Temple Entrance is LEO 15 (mid hero/conqueror/Messiah sign/12th)…..if applicable. LIBRA means balanced judgment as well as FREEDOM.

    For the first 3.5 yrs the 144,000 world Jewish Evangelists (martyred by mid-trib?) will blanket the world pleading with people NOT to take the 666 mark (silicon chip on head/hand…?). The Gospel/end times verses will have to be explained to them with great and constant force & desperation in order for them not to fall for the strong deception (doubtless via occultic forces); because taking the mark will likely seem the only way to survive, but will be their eternal doom (+sores, etc). Those who don’t take the mark, of course, are the treasured Trib Saints & will have to choose death OR hide successfully for the 2nd half of the trib (I EVEN think sometimes it is perhaps important to pray for those trib saints NOW while we are still on earth). Elijah and Moses’ job (mega-powered/head of govt & Priesthood…?…in Israel) will be to persuade the Jews at all costs to flee to Petra (becoming the treasured, procured REMNANT) when the a.c. is killed since the Jews will ‘adore’ this great leader since he will have fostered the bldg of the 3rd Temple (+ mega aliya) and will have kept ‘peace’ for Israel for the first 3.5 yrs.

    Know that the Church is the BRIDE and the Groom is not a ‘wife beater,’ Lot was taken OUT of Sodom BEFORE it was destroyed, and the Church is to be protected FROM God’s wrath, NOT taken THROUGH it (Church is “not appointed to wrath”). The trib will be majorly occultic and deceptive and by the time the actual/figured year of 2001 (extending 6 mths to Nisan 1, 2002/6002) is reached, the AGE of GRACE is OVER. Remember that the entire, promised 6,000 full yrs for fallen man (Gen 6) is basically divided into 2000 yrs NO LAW, 2000 yrs LAW, 2000 yrs GRACE. So if one considers the Jubilees (divided quite equally amidst the 6000 full yrs/also divisible in additional spans), the completed, awesome Fig Tree Patterns (20,30,40, 50, 52,70,80,100,120 & many more…..all to Rosh 2018) with the Millennial Calendar start point of Nisan 1, New Years Day, then it certainly looks like the Rapture could be this Sunday…..J.H.

  12. Jan Herscu says:

    There’s still hope for a soon Rapture as the following is to be reviewed:

    THE FIG TREE (Israel) that Jesus told us to WATCH:

    1898: 2nd Zionist Conference 1898 – 2018 (Christ’s Return) = 120 yrs.

    1967-2018 = 50 FULL yrs (also 52 yrs/one Bliblical gener, 1967-2019)

    1898 – 1938 Holocaust = 40 yrs (testing)

    1898 – 1948 Statehood = 50 yrs

    1917 – 1967 = 50 yrs

    1918 – 1938 = 20 yrs (military age & end of age of accountability/begins at age 12)

    1918 Balfour Declar – 2018 = 100 yrs

    1948 Statehood – 2018 = 70 yrs

    1918 – 1948 = 30 yrs (30=maturity)

    1897 (1st Zionist Conf) – 1967 = 70 yrs

    1938 (Holocaust) – 2018 = 80 yrs

    519 B.C. (Hag 2) + 2520 = 2011 (the 1-yr warning, Jerusalem UFO Jan 29, 2011)

    1611 King James Bible + 400 yrs = 2011

    JUBILEES: In Gen 6:3 God promised 120 Jub’s to fallen man (120 x 50), which is 6000 full yrs.

    They seem to be divided thusly (& loosely):

    40 Jub’s NO LAW, 40 Jub’s LAW, 40 Jub’s GRACE……total 120 Jubilees……………………………………..= 120 Jubilees

    80 Jub’s (to Birth of Christ; 4000 yrs from Creation to yr 0) +40 more Jub’s to end of 6000………………= 120 Jubilees

    60 Jub’s Creation to David (1000 B.C.) and 60 more Jub’s to end of the 6000………………………………..= 120 Jubilees

    30 Jub’s Creation to flood (intruc to bldg ark at 4500 B.C.) thn +90 Jubilees to end…………………………= 120 Jubilees

    Jewish History also involved 3 x 40 (3 x 40 Jub’s = 120 Jub’s) in Moses’ life: 40 yrs in Egypt, 40 yrs in desert, 40 yrs as leader of Hebrews (wandering).

    Also, God has strived with man’s 120 yrs of wickedness/as Noah’s 120, the 120 Jub’s of Gen 6:3 and Moses’ death at 120 yrs (i.e. 3 x 40):

    The KILLING of BABIES produces God’s GREATEST WRATH.

    40 yrs disbelief/wandering of Hebrews preceded by killing of babies (Moses as baby in Nile)

    40 yrs John the Baptist’s preaching (unbelieving generation) to Temple Destruc in 70-71 A.D (preceded by killing of babies by Herod)

    40 yrs last wicked generation (1961-2001)…..millions of abortions/homosexuality….etc

    Rosh 2018 minus 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ is 2001, but plus 280 days ‘spiritual gestation of the Remnant is Tammuz 17, the day they enter Temple w/ Jesus (Isa 63).

    The Church’s ‘spiritual gestation’ period seems to be Hoshana Rabah (Tishrei 21….7th mth, 7th Feast, 21st day/triple 7) to Av 7, 2012, then plus 23 days (that will minus) is Av 30/Signing, 1st 1260 begins (+3 days is Elul 3/RAPTURE).

    The 17 ‘uncounted’ yrs:

    7-yr trib (H.S.’s restraining power gone from earth replaced by huge, occultic delusion sent by God)

    4 yrs Jesus’ ministry, Millennial in nature (Jesus counted it all JOY to go to the cross/cried over Jerusalem): infinite possibilities for healings, resurrections, salvation….MILLENNIAL. Half years were never counted; plus the 3.5 yrs ministry is 4 yrs. These yrs of Jesus’ Ministry were OUTSIDE of the 6,000 yrs for fallen man since they were Millennial in nature (Heavenly)….infinitie possibilities for salvation/resurrection/healings because the TRINITY was walking the earth

    2 yrs Creation to the count START of the 120 Jubilees (since God BEGAN the 6,000 yr count at man’s fall; 1st yr man was perfect/2nd yr a ZERO yr, but count had to start on a ONE yr).

    1 yr, Jesus’ age of 0 – 1 (birth to age 1), not counted because only WHOLE #’s were counted in Bible.

    1 yr Jesus’ gestation of 280 days (gestation periods were not counted)……and 75 days are needed to complete a full Jewish yr. (to be fulfilled after the Return/30+45=75).

    1 yr Church’s gestation of 280 days/Tish 21 to Av 6, 2012….?…..(the additional 75 not needed because the Church is past judgment)

    1 yr Remnant’s gestation of 280 days Rosh, 2018 to Tammuz 17, 2019, Entrance into Temple.

    If this is the case, then Rosh Hashana 2018 (minus 17 yrs) is the year Rosh Hashana 2001, the day that the year becomes 5779 and the start of the 121st JUBILEE (the new and first 50-yr span of the Millennium; but the 6 mths must be added along w/ the 150 additional days as at pre-trib). The ages of the Bible characters from Adam and onward reach approx 6,000 yrs as well PLUS the way the Jubilees span throughout the 6,000 yrs makes sense as well. There are also awesome patterns beginning at the BIRTH of ABRAHAM (1996 B.C.) spanning throughout the 6,000 yrs in EXACT spans; but if no one is interested in the modern Fig Tree patterns, interest in the awesome patterns beginning at 1996 B.C. cannot be material for interest either. All the spans begin at 1996 B.C. and end at 1996 A.D………….then plus 7 years (because the 7-yr trib has to be PLACED somewhere) ends at the year 2003, which is really 2001. The years NEVER disappear, but are placed somewhere else in history. All of these great spans were reviewed in Wiesenant’s first book ’88 Reasons.’ I gleaned what was useful and threw out the rest. To review those awesome spans is futile as no one takes it seriously JUST because the Rapture was not in ’88. I think that 1988 was the year that everyone should have started serious study of the end times.

    Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur 2001 is to start the Millennium BUT 6 mths have to be added to come to NISAN 1 in order for the Ezek 45:18 command to be observed. But the 150-day Noah delay on THIS side of the trib (Nisan 1, 2012 +150 days = TUESDAY, Elul 3, presumed Rapture) coincides with the 150 days on the post-return side ending at Elul 3, 2019. Thus the entire trib (w/ the -23 days taken into account) is Elul 3 to Elul 3.

    Also, the end of the trib is Sept 5, 2019 and plus 360 days (the first perfect, Millen yr) brings the date to SEPT 1, 2020, the new and continuing Rosh Hashana 2020.

    PASSOVER, 2013 (Mar 26) plus exactly 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) is the RETURN, July 13, 2019, SATURDAY.

    SATURDAY, Av 30, 2012, was the probable SIGNING (last day of AV……Kaduri’s message of AV, 5772 ?), a.c. stops sacrifices/enters Temple/killed on SATURDAY, Jan 30, 2016, and the RETURN is a SATURDAY. Aso Entrance into the Temple will be a SATURDAY (Isa 63); thus SABBATHS are across the board.

    Mid trib (a.c. satanically ‘rises’) is TUES, FEB 2, 2016, AQUARIUS 11 (if applicable) and if one subtracts the projected 23 days, the date reverts back to January 11, 2016, which is the 8th day of the 8th Feast (8th day Christmas) because when you minus the 12-day calendar discrepancy, the date is DEC 31, 2015 which is the 8th day after KISLEV 24 (of Hag 2) which was TEVET 1, the anniv of Jesus’ conception on the 8th day of the 8th Feast. So the a.c.’s ‘resurrection’ at mid trib (when the earth is straight) will be seen ‘as’ the original solar TEVET 1, the anniversary date of Jesus’ conception.

    Aug 21, Tues, 2012, presumed Rapture is a 3rd Day and TUESDAY is the traditional/ancient groom arrival day (3rd day) and a possible fulfillment of Hosea 6:2-3. This Tuesday, Aug 21, is also VIRGO 1, the 1st day of the entire Mazzarot cycle, a likely day for the Church’s residence in Heaven to commence.

    So, in a sense, when all is considered, there are these awesome basic spans:

    Elul 3, 2012 (Rapture) to Elul 3, 2019 (trib end)

    Av 10 -Tammuz 17/Temple Entrance (because the Rapture minus 23 days is Av 10…..thus the Rapture will be seen ‘as’ Av 10 when the earth is straight)

    Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2018

    Nisan 1, 2012 to Nisan 1, 2019

    150-day delay on this side, 150-day on the post Return side

    Succoth 8 (Tish 22/last day of last feast/last trump blown) plus 280 = Av 7, plus 23 days (will minus) is Sat, Av 30, probable SIGNING.

    All of the above (which is only a ‘fraction’ of all that is available for study) cannot just be THROWN OUT!! Surely it all means SOMETHING!!

    Absolutely everything fits and we are inundated with Fig Tree patterns plus the three 1260’s, the 1290 from mid trib, the 1335 from mid trib, the 2300 days, the 7mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple, the 280 days, the 6 mths addition to Rosh, the 150 on both sides, Passover 2013 starting the 2300 & ending exactly at the Return (July 13, 2019 which is also CANCER 22/11,11,11 if applicable)…..on and on.

    There’s SO much to glean at this point, and after TUESDAY, it trails off miserably into inexplainable territory. I DON’T want the Rapture to come for myself necessarily; but instead I CAN’T STAND to BE WRONG and I CAN’T WILLINGLY DISMISS all of the above; and for some strange reason it gives me comfort to know (or to imagine) that someone else (w/ a ‘maniacal interest’ in this subject) shares my mental quandry…..thus I keep writing (bothering) to you. But note, it’s NOT a bother if you just delete it!

  13. Jan Herscu says:

    …..sharing a few thoughts now. It’s SO nice to settle in to the reasonable day of Rosh 2012 as a Rapture date presumed by so many others, a date I couldn’t settle for until all other possibilities were exhausted.

    I always check to see if all the points fit, which do if charted simply:

    Rosh 5772/2011 to Rosh 5779/2018 is still the Pyramid timeline (because the Return is still in yr Rosh 2018).

    Start of the Fall Feasts, Rosh Hashana/Feast of Trumpets is the 5th FEAST and the NEXT one to be fulfilled.

    Rosh 2011 was likely the beginning of the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) ending at Rosh 2012.

    Return in the mth of AV, 2019 is STILL in Rosh 2018, 5779 (end of the Pyramid timeline).

    2520 days after the possible Rapture on Rosh 2012 (with the 3-day mid-trib uncounted overlap/thus 2517 days) is the RETURN at AV 8-9, 2019 (Aug 9-10). 2517 is fine because the three 1260 spans are perfect/’cut short.’

    The earth will likely take 2 days to straighten (Hos 6:2-3/”raised up on the third day”), settling to straight position on SUNDAY, Av 10, Aug 11, 2019 which is exactly 2300 days past Apr 24, Iyyar 14, 2013, the SECOND PASSOVER/Num 9:9). Av 10 minus the projected 23-day tilt loss is also TAMMUZ 17, a FAST DAY to be turned to JOY (Zech 8).

    The next projected earthquake in that strange 188-day quake cycle is Yom Kippur/Sept 26, 2012; and that day is the beginning of 7 exact months (burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple) following a possible Yom Kippur supernatural event in the mts of Israel. After all, Ezek 38-39 speaks of earthquake and hail in reference to that huge Victory. If Yom Kippur 2012 is to be the day of such a Divine Victory in Israel (following the 9 days world chaos/Awe & N. Invasion after the Rapture), then that would certainly turn the solemn day of Yom Kippur into JOY.

    The Trumpet Blasts of Rosh Hashana supposedly ‘confuse Satan’ with spiritual confusion reigning in desperation for those 10 days of AWE; and the Rapture will certainly cause world chaos & confusion.

    The Return at Av 8-9 minus the 23-day tilt loss (“days cut short”) is Tammuz 14, then 30 days mourning later is AV 15 (tu b’Av) when Jesus ENTERS the TEMPE (Isa 63) w/ the Remnant who will have called Him back. Av 15 would then start the 45-day judg of Nations. Av 9 is, of course, the major FAST DAY on the Jewish Calendar; and the Second Coming on that day certainly would turn that Fast Day into JOY as well.

    The Return plus 75 days is the end of the trib; but with the minus 23 days, the total days are 52; and there are 52 days from the Return to Rosh Hashana, 2019 (so the trib is virtualy Tishrei 1, 2012 to Tishrei 1, 2019). Tishrei 1 and Tishrei 10 that year will precede the 1st great Millennial Tishrei 15 TABERNACLES/SUCCOTH (Zech 14) celebration that year; and it stands to reason that Rosh Hashana would open that season (since God’s 7 Feasts are eternal & not to be ignored).

    The trib timeline (2011-2018) is still seen as such because the Av 8-9 Return is still in the Rosh year 2018/5779. Thus 7 yrs are 2011 – 2018, or 5772 – 5779 when seen in full view.

    As reviewed previously, the Millennial TISHREI 1 (Rosh Hashana, 2019) will be OCT 1 and SCOR 1 (both calendars & Mazzarot in sync/360-days each); and that is the case with the end of the trib……Scorpio 1, Tishrei 1, Oct 1. Thus all will be on the perfect, synchronized schedule by the end of the trib (w/ the -23 day tilt loss/earth straightening figured in).

    (…the next paragraph may be very confusing; so read at your own risk).

    I CANNOT explain why the trib ends at ROSH HASHANA 2019; because now the presumed 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ takes the year back to Rosh Hashana 2002 as Millennium’s start. But since the Millennial NEW YEAR’S DAY will be on Nisan 1 (Ezek 45:18), then the Nisan 1 of 2018 is still the starting point keeping the year in 2018 since all counts will begin on NISAN 1, the Millennial start point (with no problem for the applied -17 uncounted yrs…………..if applicable). When the entire picture is viewed with this in mind, NISAN 1, 2011 to NISAN 1, 2018 is 8 yrs; i.e. the 1-yr warning extends the year to NISAN 1, 2019 = 8 yrs. Since a 1-yr warning was not counted in the AGE of one’s birthday and onward (as Abr, Hana, Eliz, etc), then that ONE extra YEAR possibly won’t be figured in at all. Only God knows how the count is to be handled; but somehow I am still convined that the Millennium has to start on a ONE year, beginning of the 7th Millennium and the beginning of the 121st Jubilee (new 50-yr span that must always start on a ONE); and when one subtracts the 17 uncounted years (as reviewed before), then that is the case. Then again it may be possible that 18 yrs are somehow not counted (not difficult to figure in); but at this point, it’s beyond a human’s ability to figure (a well as a but futile to study). As stated before, the 120 Jubilees (if to be pondered) are the 6,000 full yrs that God promised fallen man in Gen 6:3…………meaning that on the 1st day of the 7 thousandth yr, the Millennium should begin, then the 8 thousandth yr will be the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth. If the start point of the 7th Millennium is to appear Biblically reasonable….fitting God’s promise of Gen 6:3…….then somehow certain years are not counted, only known to God; because everything else from Genesis 1:1 and onward has been virtually figurable due to perfect Jewish History spans in the last 6,000 full yrs.

    If worthy of attention, the mid trib in 2016, with all the above considered, is SHEVAT 16 to SHEVAT 19 (Feb 26-Mar 1, 2016) and is interestingly PISCES 8 to PISCES 11…..if applicable…..the flight of the believing Jews to Petra/’multiplication of the fish’/sudden belief in the truth by the Jews who will flee to Petra at the prodding/preaching/begging of the 2 witnesses. These fleeing Jews who finally believe the message of the 2 witnesses are the Remnant, the procurement of whom is the primary purpose of the trib (Jerem 30:7) in addition to the multiplication of the precious tribulation saints who will endure persecution like that of no other people in history.

    Another VERY interesting point is that any TISHREI 1 plus 280 days is TAMMUZ 14, the likely ‘spiritual gestation’ span of the Remnant, complete by Tammuz 14, 2019 (when earth is straight). The spiritual gestation of the Church is likely the 280 days from Rosh Hashana 2011 plus 280 plus the 75 days (in Grace on THIS side of the trib). The 75 days on the post Return side are in Judgment. They will, in a sense, cancel each other out……..spec.

    So, those who have surmised the Rapture to be Rosh Hashana this year have been admirably patient as they have wisely realized the fact that Rosh Hashana involves TRUMPETS, the NEXT & 5th FEAST to be fulfilled, JUDGMENT DAY…etc. All the above info simply offers is a bit more insight as to the possible & speculative connecting points within the next 7 years because I’m of the belief that everything has to fit before, during and after: the three 1260’s, the 1290, the 1335, the 7 mths burying, the 2300 days Temple Desecration, the 75 post trib days (-23=52), etc. etc.

    Disregard the 6 mths addition to Rosh, the 5-mths delay as per the Noah story……etc as per my last letter. Apparently it meant nothing, even though at the time it made sense.

    Thus we can look with anticipation to Rosh Hashana………………..J.H.

  14. Jan Herscu says:

    CLARIFICATION is EVERYTHING to me, so read on:

    Are you ‘up’ to some more insight? Points must be made concerning the last letter (for what it’s worth).

    Remember how I said that ROSH HASHANA plus the 6 mths reaches the official, Millennial New Years Day/NiSAN 1 (Grant Jeffrey’s book, pg 61/’Armageddon, App’t w/ Destiny’/Ezek 45:18); well, that IS the case (Rosh 2011 plus the 6 mths is NISAN 1, 2012/Mar 24). Then there are 5 MORE MONTHS, matching Noah’s 150-day delay in the ark til his exit…… (March 24, Nisan 1 to August 24, Elul 6 = 5 mths). Of course the 150 is 5 perfect mths and our present 5 solar months are 152 days.

    Now add the earth tilt number of 23.5 days to Aug 24, 2012 and one reaches Sep 16-17 Rosh Hashana 2012 (23.5 days that will MINUS at the Return) and you still have the END of the 5 months delay at Aug 24. So in retrospect when the earth is straight, the Rapture will be ‘AS HAVING OCCURRED’ on AUG 24, five months past Nisan 1, 2012.

    So the Rapture at Sept 16-17, 2012, MINUS the 23.5 days tilt loss brings the date back to Aug 24, 2012, end of the 5 mths past NISAN 1 (the “beginning of days”).

    Thus, when I said in the previous letter that the 6 mths past Rosh plus the 5 months past Nisan 1 “meant nothing,” YES they DID mean something when included in the whole picture. To me it’s disastrous to conclude that something meant ‘nothing’ when it seems to have held such significance……and for sure, IT HOLDS. FEW things can be cancelled out as nonsense and ALL things have to be studied and compared intently; and if I shared something that seemed innaccurate (like the Temple Mt UFO) it consumes my thinking until I clarify the fact. Of course scofferism demands disinterest in the whole matter………tragic at this point since we’re obviously approaching Rosh Hashana in just a few days.

    Thus: Rosh 2011 + 6 mths = Nis 1, 2012 + 5 mths = Elul 6, 2012 + 23.5 days = ROSH (presumed RAPTURE).

    Remember that the “beginning of days” which is NISAN 1 was commanded to Noah at the end of the flood (which ended Nisan 17…..to be the “beginning of days”)……i.e. Nisan 1 and Nisan 17 are the ‘same day’ in that respect. When one thinks about Nisan 1 to Nisan 17 in the year of the crucifixion, those 16 days (w/ reference to God’s command to Noah) seem to be ‘cancelled’ in a sense because the purpose of Nisan 1 was to reach the Victory of Nisan 17 (Jesus’ Resurrection); but all actions that preceded His Resurrection are never needed again because the LAMB is alive forevermore. At least that is how I resign the fact that Nisan 1 and Nisan 17 could be the ‘same’ day

    Rosh 2011 (Sep 29) plus 355 days (1 Jewish yr/’shana’/yr = 355 in Hebrew #’s) is Rosh 2012, Sep 16-17. So the one-yr warning is the exact 355 days with the number value of the Hebrew word ‘YEAR.’

    Rabbi Kaduri (if his words are worth considering) said that Messiah would come in the mth of AV, 5772. Well, since the 7-yr trib WON’T be counted (Satan’s yrs), then the Return at AV 8-9 in the 5779 will be ‘AS’ the year 5772 after all…….just a thought.

    The info in my letters is NOT needed at present for ANYONE who just BARELY studies prophecy to realize that the Rapture is very likely Rosh 2012 because there is now SO much evidence via many sites giving credence to a Rosh Hashana 2012 Rapture. But since I’ve written so many letters to you in the past (entertaining your interest or NOT), I feel I must continue to set you at peace with clarification……..so SILLY, I know!……since I don’t even KNOW you!!! I said before that I only write to the BEST sites in hopes that someone, somewhere, somehow will have the nerve to step up, step out and announce the Rapture via the media (if SURETY backs up such an action via God’s leading) thus saving many souls who will simply be scared to death and accept Christ as did the thief on the Cross. At this late date, a person of authority who really sees the whole picture is going to leave in the Rapture anyway and his business/T.V. show/position……will no longer be threatened with failure.

    Rosh is the only Feast the beginning DAY of which is not known. Also, one specific day is not known to anyone because of the 72 hours from the beginning of a day to the end (Japan to Hawaii). Thus “No man knows the day or the hour.”

  15. Janet Herscu says:

    …..sort of amazing:

    355 days is one Jewish year and the Hebrew word ‘shana’ (year) equals 355 when the letter values are added. (sheen=300, nun=50, heh=5). Look how the 1-yr warning of 355 days is combined.

    280 + 52 + 23 = 355

    180 + 152 + 23 = 355

    280 + 75 = 355

    You know, of course, what each addend is: 280 is the ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church, 52 is the 75 post-Return days minus the 23-day loss of days and 23 is the earth tilt days that will minus.

    180 is the 6 mths added to Rosh Hashana 2011 to reach Nisan 1, 2012, 152 is the 5 solar mths delay (as Noah’s 150 days in ark til his exit onto dry land) and the 75 in GRACE (as in ‘Grace Period’) is the post-Return 30+45 (mourning & judg of Nations). (Note that Nisan 1 is the Millennial New Year’s Day/”beginning of days?, Grant Jeff’s bk, pg 61).

    Thus the 1-yr warning isn’t just a year that exists with no rhyme or reason; but instead the numbers WITHIN that 1-yr all fit/reach a point that needs to be completed anyway.

    Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2019 is 8 years (1-yr warning + 7-yr trib). When the Bible characters received their 1-yr promise/warning (Abr, Hana,Eliz, Nebuchad, Esther…..births, judg’s, 1-yr purification…whatever), that 1 year was NOT COUNTED in the AGE of the baby that was born or the event that occurred. Age count began at birth. Also the warning/promise itself ‘WAS’ the event and one’s confidence in God’s actions would start at the PROMISE/WARNING, not the event. Thus you can see why the 1-yr warning is one of the years that are NOT COUNTED.

    When Esther’s 1-yr purification procedure began (perfumes/oils, etc), it was already determined that she was to be presented to the King; and when Nebuchad received the 1-yr warning of his 7 yrs of ‘beastiness,’ it was already determined that the 7-yr condition would take hold of him. Also each baby promised (to Abr, Hana, Eliz) had a 280-day gestation plus 75 more to equal one full year of 355 days.

    The 7th Millen MUST begin on Rosh/Yom of year 2001 (a ONE yr) according to God’s Gen 6:3 promise of the 120 Jubilees (6,000 full yrs).

    We already know that the 1-yr warning is NOT COUNTED.

    The 7-yr trib is NOT COUNTED (Satan’s yrs/Divinely-permitted mega-occultism permitted on earth)

    1-yr Jesus’ age 0 (Birth) to age 1 NOT COUNTED (only whole #’s counted in one’s age)

    1-yr (280 + 75 needed = 355) ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church + the 75 days in GRACE

    1-yr (280 + 75 needed = 355) ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Remnant + 52 (75-23 tilt loss) in JUDG

    1-yr Jesus’ gestation (280 +75 needed to = 1 yr)

    (Note that all 3 gestations are the BODY of CHRIST).

    2-yrs Creation to a ONE year when the 120 Jubilees could start (because at Creation there was no TIME set for man to live on earth; but after man’s fall, God set the 6,000 full yrs during which His Spirit would STRIVE with man. The first yr of Creation was a 0 year, then the fall, then time (the 6,000 full yrs) BEGAN at a ZERO; but the first Jubilee (1st 50-yr span) had to begin on a ONE yr……thus 2 yrs NOT COUNTED in the 6,000 full yrs. Research starts Creation at year 0, not realizing that those first 2 ‘yrs’ were considered as such: 1st yr man perfect/eternal, 2nd yr a ZERO yr.

    4 yrs Jesus’ Ministry (3.5 yrs in actuality, but half years were never counted). During those years the earth rested (‘Millennially’) with infinite possibilities salvation, resurrection and healings because the TRINITY walked the earth. Also during those years God’s Spirit (Jesus) did not STRIVE with fallen man (Gen 6:3) but instead Jesus “counted it all joy to go to the Cross;” thus those years are NOT part of the 6,000 full yrs of God STRIVING w/ man.

    Total: 18 yrs NOT COUNTED

    Thus Rosh/Yom 2019 (end of trib) minus 18 uncounted yrs reverts back to Rosh/Yom 2001 and the Millennium starts on time. This gives comfort in the fact that all the delays seem to be explainable.


  16. zhu97 says:

    The 15th of Av – July 22, 2013

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