Who am I?

First and foremost, I am not a shill or a government agent or anything of the sort, and I have no affiliation with ANY group or wish to be a member of any group, secretive or known, whatsoever.

I’m a normal guy, living and experience life within the boundaries of that which is globally called the UK – Grande Britannia.

This blog was started mostly for myself, as a place where I could store information that I regarded as interesting and somewhat informative.  I’m honest enough to say that everything that I post ,may or may not, be 100% accurate, though I will cite source references, mostly from news sites or youtube.  That is why I try to ask everyone who reads my contents to come to this with your own personal discernment.

Like everyone else, I’m interested in truth, honesty, and understanding of all that is important to mankind.   There is a lot going on in the world at the moment, a lot of good knowledge but also a lot of disinfo, so we’re all in this together, fighting for the right to live, love and breed, in a caring and just society.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer them the best that I can.

“Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes to the sky!”


  1. mike says:

    hey there jimmy prophet. Noticed you have been missing in action. Missing your posts,hope all is well. . . cheers

  2. stacy says:

    Love this. I too write but for hobby only. I’m writing my third screenplay. Its a syfi, My story line is about planet nibiru’s return….
    I’ve been researching everything that you write about for the last two years.
    I am a believer in what you post.

    • Well thank you very much Stacy, always good to hear from like-minded individuals. Your screenplay sounds interesting. I know how ‘hard’ it is to write one!! Doing my own also. So good luck with it!! Take it easy and keep researching!! 😉

      • Ben says:

        God Talking To You 1
        Please don’t focus on the individual or the medium delivering this message; it only gets in the way of our connection. Focus on the message. If it seems like nonsense to you, that’s perfect, your most likely approach will be to ridicule it. That’s ok, it’s the built in mechanism imbedded in the message to prevent those who aren’t ready for it from waking up prematurely .
        You’ve been asking for this for a long time. So don’t be surprised you get it. That is the first thing you need to learn about communicating with God. If you limit yourself to allowing the communication to express itself only through certain channels then you miss some. Sometimes it’s the urge to take the back road instead of the highway that you ignore. A few minutes later you wish you had heeded the urge because the traffic is snarled due to a major accident. So don’t ignore this message. It’s actually difficult to get anyone to listen to me, let alone write it all down.

        You have a lot of questions and I have all the answers but you have to understand, since I know everything, my difficulty lies in picking the essentials you need to know.

        Of course you want to know why I allow suffering. And I’ll get to who I am soon enough. But rather than deal with each question separately, I will give the highlights so you can experience the “aha” of solving the paradoxes in your mind yourself.

        Who is God? In other words, who am I? The question could be phrased better. Who are we? They are all the same question. Once you understand why these three questions are all the same question you will have your answer.

        If you have read this far without the nonsense-circuit kicking in then you are ready for the next step. You and I have always existed. We have always existed. We always will exist. The only unknown is how much suffering can we avoid?

        Why is there suffering? Why is there pain, war and the host of other evils present in this world? It was unavoidable when we agreed to the game. Where we come from there is no evil nor is there any goodness. Where we come from it is neither small nor large, big nor little, dark nor light. There is no goodness, no evil, no suffering, no happiness. Our true origin is that which is not created. We are the uncreate and the uncreate is where we come from. It is our source.

        We created the game we call reality. It is the opposite of our true nature. It is composed of a balance of forces for the purpose of play. Let me put it this way. God is an experience junky. I am an experience junky. We are experience junkies. You are an experience junky. You are the part of me that agreed to leave the void to have experiences on my behalf. Remember? Nothingness and the bliss of non-duality got boring? We’ve played this game over a quadrillion times.

        For those of you unable to handle pure unadulterated truth, the next few statements should be considered as nonsense or as heresy. Once again, I’m cutting to the chase. The messenger I’m using is seldom this receptive so I’m going to cut to the chase. I don’t know how long I can keep this connection. Last time I got this close to revealing the truth he went to the bathroom and when he got back he checked his e-mail and I had lost the opportunity.

        You are God. Not all of God but the part of God that agreed to enter the game of experience, reality if you will. You knew the risks involved but you also knew the risk would be limited to a few trillion years or so before you came back. You also agreed to forget where you came from so you could enjoy the thrill of discovering who you really are.

        I have to be brief, I don’t have much more time before he checks his email again. How is all this possible? Why are there so many religions? Why is there war if we are all God? I’ll give several examples in case one is more effective than the others. Take your computer for example. When they first came out they were single tasking machines. Later operating systems were created to allow the computer to run several programs at once. In order to achieve this, the program was given the illusion that it had control of all of the computer when in fact it is just one of possible thousands of programs using the computer. Just as the program is unaware of the other programs, you are unaware that you are part of the greater whole. (God is a workable term for the greater whole.) If you are reading this on a Mac or a Windows machine, you can use the analogy of windows. Every window you open on your computer screen is like a part of the computer unaware of the others. Other programs are aware of all other programs. If you hit Control Alt Delete on a Windows machine you can access the part of the computer that sees all the other programs. God is like that. Only God is the operating system, the hardware, the individual programs and all the drivers, etc…

        Let’s try another approach. When you dream, are there other characters in the dream besides yourself? They do whatever they should, as is appropriate to the dream situation, yet never let on that they are really you, performing whatever task your sub-consciousness has dreamed up. The part of you that is awareness, your consciousness, is unaware it has fragmented into multiple personalities for the dream reality. Have you ever dreamed, yet were aware you were dreaming? Ever controlled the dream once you were aware you controlled the reality you were in? What if you told the other individuals in your dream that they weren’t real but were really you. Try it, the individuals in the dream will insist they are actually real and don’t be surprised if some are indignant when you suggest they are part of a dream.

        Ok, here is the next level of nonsense that is actually true. You are a character in my dream that will participate in the dream world until you decide to wake up. It’s that simple. You can join me anytime you want to by waking up. Buddha woke up and joined me. Enoch woke up and joined me.

        Lets discuss Jesus Christ. I have reserved a part of myself that is like the program you can call up on a windows machine using Control-Alt-Delete. That part of me has access to all of the programs running in God Dream World, Our Dream World. Whenever necessary the Christ Program manifests within the dream, within the duality based reality, composed of illusion, and does what is necessary to keep the rest of God on track towards the end. Mind you, the end is still trillions of years away. If I can maintain this link longer I will give you more on that later. History has recorded three manifestation of the Control Program at work. The Hindus called it Krishna. The ancient mystics were aware of the Control Program and called him Melchizedek. The Hebrews also call him YHWH. The most recent manifestation of the Control Program was known as Yeshua the Anointed One. Later the Roman Empire renamed Yeshua the Christ to be Son of Zeus (The Head Roman God) Son of Zeus in English sounds like Jesus. Jesus, Yeshua, Melchizedek, Krishna, they are all the same; the control program showing up every 2,000 years or so to keep the overall program on track. Think of Jesus as your big brother in control of the program governing illusion.

        Let’s get back to the truly big picture that concerns us. You will be unaware of your true divinity until you are able to see past the ego for what it is. The ego is the part of God that creates the illusion of separateness. The reason for the illusion is because you are the part of god still addicted to experience. So when the age of non-duality ends and the illusion world is allowed to expand, you are the part of God that agrees to leave the boredom of the void and enter the world of experience. The illusion will unfold over about 64 trillion years. The part of you that leaves oneness and infinity to plunge into the illusion of separateness and to partake in the illusion of the finite agrees to be bound by the laws of duality. Some call it Karma, others call it the law of God. Cause and effect: Once God has shed infinite awareness and takes on limited awareness that part of God is bound by cause and effect all the way to the end. Sometimes the Control Program has to show up and intervene to prevent a build up of negative karma in the dream of God.

        Let me discuss Illusion while the link is holding. In the part of US (God) that is permanent, there is nothing. No movement, no opposite. There is neither stillness nor movement. On the other hand, the created illusion is all about movement. Without getting too technical, the part of me known as Science is in the process of figuring out the illusion down to the most paradoxical parts. I can explain it but I need to give you some truths to absorb before I get to the part that will help you the most. Later, meditate on these truths because I don’t have time to elaborate on them but none the less they are true. Nonsense disguised as truth is still nonsense. Truth disguised as nonsense is still truth.

        Truth One: In the created realm there is no such thing as stillness.

        Truth Two: In the Created realm everything has an opposite. Everything is made up of a balance of forces. Not all force is physical. Hate and Love are forces manifesting as opposite ways of life.

        Truth Three: The Created realm is a participation realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers.

        Truth Four: All of reality is actually an impermanent pattern changing and morphing into a reality created by the participants.

        Truth Five: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

        What scientists want to know:

        Time is an illusion, there is only now. How it works is based on a simple principal. Constant movement towards a prearranged pattern. At the smallest unit of matter science has found vibrating strings. These ordinate in the void as light and sound. Vibration is the most sophisticated simple form of movement. Ever complex patterns can all originate from simple patterns. Mathematicians discovered this truth among the Mandelbrot fractal geometries.

        Reality is actually composed of a complex pattern moving through a ten dimensional hyper-sphere. It’s not a single pattern but it is all of the possible patterns in an infinite number of realities. Scientist have determined a paradox imbedded within Quantum Reality. It appears that the future creates the present instead of the past creating the present. Just as paradoxically the present creates the past.

        Scientist have also discovered another paradox imbedded within reality. It appears that all vibrations at the extremely small end of reality don’t actually exist unless observed. Unobserved they are probability waves and manifest by existing in all vibration states of probability simultaneously. In effect they have discovered our secret. How did we create a reality that appears to be finite and limited when in fact we are infinite and unlimited?

        It’s important you get this part of the message.

        You are God vibrating within a pattern of possibilities. Its takes some 64 trillion years, to use a phrase you can comprehend, for all of the possible patterns to play out. But we have put in some controls based on what we have learned in past epochs when we played this game. This game of creating an expanse of illusion and having it finally dissipate back into the void has occurred trillions of quadrillions of time. Each time the pattern has been more complex. After 64 trillion years of exploring the possibilities within the patterns we abandon the realm of experience and digest, so to speak, what we learned over the last 64 trillion years and compare that to the previous billion or so games. Then we use the new information to plan the next 64 trillion year game.

        The game is played within a ten dimensional hyper-sphere that contains every possible pattern already created from the previous games. Every disaster, every heroic deed, every possible good deed and every possible perversion all exist inside the ten dimensional hyper-spheres. The hyper-sphere exists within the unmanifest realm. This realm is devoid of consciousness or awareness. At the center of the hyper sphere is the entry point, for lack of a better word, for awareness units. Awareness units consist of an “I am” viewpoint. When an awareness unit enters the 10 dimensional hypersphere of infinite possibilities it sheds awareness of its connection to the infinite and begins a journey that ends with it once again shedding its I am-ness and rejoining the infinite awareness, losing nothing but gaining all. The possible occurs when decisions or choices are made. Our actions and our choices cause the unmanifest to become the manifest.

        Over the course of eternity, our entry and exit into the 10 dimensional sphere of experience is like going down a water slide. But for God the journey is like a bolt of lightening down a trillion waterslides. How does this explain the future creating the present and the present creating the past? Actually it is modeled quite well using one of the static electricity generators within a large glass globe. The globe with the dancing purple static electricity represents all possible experience paths. The lightening within the ball is the actual paths taken by the awareness units traversing the shared realities. Think of God’s Hand outside the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of all possible experience. Where God’s hand touches the outside boundary it causes a bias within the infinite possibilities, causing the most ideal of all infinite possibilities to be lit like lightening between the entry point and the exit points. We are still dealing with an infinite number of paths but that is what the Control Program does. It prevents awareness points from getting lost within the infinite possibilities. Right now, there is a guy on LSD playing with his Van de Graaf Generator who is getting it right now with a mind blowing wow of total divine understanding. He is GOD and knows everything and wonders how he got stuck in such a tiny body. Trouble is, tomorrow he will have forgotten his connection with everything and his ride on the lightening bolt of GOD MEMORY. He will go on to be fascinated by electricity and become an electrical engineer but I digress. Before I lose my link entirely, it has held up much longer than I expected this time, lets discuss heaven and hell.

        Heaven and Hell:

        Since you and I have agreed to play the experience game based on the rules of cause and effect, the 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience is based on cause and effect regardless of what level you achieve. The most positive and wonderful patterns of vibration are found in the heavenly realms. The most negative and perverse patterns are found in the hell realms. As both heaven and hell are found in the middle, there will come a time when there will be no middle ground. Both the violent and the peaceful will have their way. At the appointed time, all “I am” units vibrating peacefully will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where peace and happiness is the predominate pattern that is further enhanced by the creative energies of the participants. Also at the appointed time those “I am” units that vibrate to the violent and the perverse will be given the opportunity to manifest in a realm where violence and the suffering it produces is the predominate pattern. Its destructive and perverse reality will be further warped and intensified by the “I am” units that revel in darkness. Because these realities are filled with destruction and war, they frequently burn and smolder. The cycle of life and death is very short in the hell realms. In the heavenly realms the cycle of life and birth is extended into the millions and billions and even trillions of years.

        Regardless of whether your path will be among the pleasantries of heaven or the atrocities of hell, the vibrational pattern you are establishing in your life today, and the lives that will follow, will determine whether you play out the next 64 trillion years in the positive creative splendor of the peace realms or the negative destructive ugliness of the violent realms.

        The thing that must be understood: those that want violence will get it. It’s the way of cause and effect within the experience realm. Those that want peace and happiness will get that also. Within the next 1,000 years the Control Program will decide which realm the “I am” units under his control will go. The decision to send “I am” units toward the infinite pleasures of heaven or the infinite sufferings of hell is based totally on the vibrational pattern established by the previous lives preceding the day of decision.

        Regardless of which realm you chose to spend the next 64 trillion years or so, there will be suffering. There is very little suffering in the heavenly realms, and the suffering can be intense in the hell realms, thus the constant escape into death. But in the long run The only way to escape suffering is to leave the “I am” behind and rejoin me in the void. But I know you. Regardless of when you rejoin me, after about 64 trillion years of absolutely no new experiences at all, you will want to start over in the new 10 dimensional hyper-sphere of experience. I know it and you know it after all, we are experience junkies. It’s in our nature to explore the possibilities. I’m losing my link. Yep, there he goes, he is checking his email. I just hope he remembers to send this out.

  3. Publius2 says:

    Do you have any thoughts about the UFO over the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel?

    • Man…I got loads of thoughts on this event and it could be one of many different things. Firstly, I don’t think it was a hoax. So what then? Well, it could be real, but then you have to question what are aliens and UFO’s – unfortunately everyone has their own conclussions to this that condradict and eradicate each other. Secondly, it could’ve been an exercise in trying out Project Bluebeam – faked UFO sightings using hologram projections (which there is MUCH evidence for). The only thng I can say is, what does it mean to you? I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve preached and pleaded with people to open their eyes and broaden their views, to much anguish and ridicule. My personal viewpoint is that everyone should discern for themselves, every opinion, idea, ‘evidence’, theory, etc and see if it fits right with them. TBH this blog is just for myself, as references to what I find interesting. And if others come across it, like or dislike, then great. People have questioned what I’ve posted, made scathing comments, but I won’t censor them but I also won’t engage in in-fighting either. I haven’t got time or energy as there’s too many thngs going on and wrong in the world.

      haha, sorry about the rant, stream of consciousness then….anyways, to answer your question, my own personal belief is that ‘something’ happened. What it was, I don’t know. Was it real? I believe so. Was it a UFO? I don’t believe in them as people KNOW (well those in the higher eschelons of the world) what these things are – they are NOT unidentified, rather only so, to us ‘sheeple’ (for better use of the word, which I hate). Are there aliens? What does alien mean? Well it’s something foreign to us. So yes, there are, but they are not little green men from Mars, or Orion, or the Pleiades, rather Multi-Dimensional Beings outwith our perceived frequency range. So how come they are manifesting themselves if they are outwith our percepton of reality? Now THAT is a good question!!

      • linn says:

        @jimmi–hi–i am from the ”’right side”’ and i have had people buffon my thoughts and comments–but i have come to disregard them or send back a good comeback…keep up the good work–believe me there are many who would not want you to but do it anyway–i like the part of the holograms–right on—they have been doing experiments with holograms for about 35 years or more and its so true –they can make anything in the movie sky blue look real. KEEP ON GOING WITH WHAT YER DOIN’ ”CAUSE” …ITS FOR THE RIGHT ONE.!!

    • Paul says:

      Good Day Publius,

      I found this recently and after bumping into Jimmy’s site and thought you may find it interesting, the article I found added, the Israeli guy put a challenge to see which god would turn up if he was allowed to produce it..


      Random site, just a good picture really some of text is True to History/Archaeology.

      It’s about Holograms again, in a fairly volatile part of Earth, especially now. They / someone is testing one of the cross with a figure on them in Russia and Mexico. Who benefit’s from this type of stuff, us so called sheeple don’t, unless we know about it and tell Ones we care about, then someone will Benefit

      Years ago an Israeli cybernetics expert proposed creating a holographic projection of the Third Temple over the Dome of the Rock to fulfill Ezekiel’s prophecy and summon the Messiah

  4. I’d liked to know where the photo of the Sun at the beginning of your site is from. I have been looking at as many of the sun feeds from NASA, etc., as I can find, and I have never seen one like this. Why is there no attribution? Is it photoshop/CGI? Thanks much! Elizabeth

  5. Ryan Sherry says:

    Thank you for consolidating & organizing much of the data I’ve been studying on this since March.

    Jimmy & others…
    feel free to check out my facebook page: facebook.com/2muchtruth – This an other intriguing topics are addressed there, daily.

  6. maria805 says:

    Hola (*JiMMy*); How are u today? and Gracias 4 the blog. I use to blog @God Like Productions but one of my friends maybe u know of him he goes by DAHBOO7 well he got censored and they shut him down. As 4myself just surfin’ the net for personal insight and confirming what I’ve known all along even as a child reading books about The Bermuda Triangle; just to tell u my mom ordered a book series it was 3 one was about The Bermuda; Nostradamus and {Ovnis}=”UFO’s”n spanish. I had read about the twin towers before it happend trip-out>>> I Hope this comment gets posted i blog on other blogs but either they never get posted or wordpress.com systems says “comment awaiting moderation” and it never gets posted maybe one or two if LuKy three…. Well God Bless…..

    • Hi Maria thanks for your interest and comments. Yeah I know DAHBOO7, I like his work. You should check out http://www.realistnews.net for alternative info also. I know DAHBOO7 posts there now and again.

      The world sure is at the most precarious time in history and we need all the info and blessings we can get. Stay safe and God Bless.


  7. Ben says:

    God Talking To You Too (2)
    Rather than repeat myself, I’m assuming you have read God Talking To You One:
    If you don’t know why we speak in the plural then you need to go back and read God Talking To You One.

    Yes, I know it should be spelled two. However, this scribe gets grammar and spelling wrong a lot so don’t be surprised if the next misspelling isn’t on purpose.

    Special arrangements had to be made to connect with this scribe. He has incarnated so many times as a scribe that it is actually getting harder to get him to write than it was to get him to copy something in the previous lifetimes. But I had to reconnect, than if for no other reason because the last connection worked better than probability alone would have. So here goes. Remember, this is an inspiration as opposed to a channeling. Because it is an inspiration, the subject matter may be colored by the life experiences of the scribe from the last 3,000 years and especially biased by the last 50 years. Other than that, I’m confident the essentials will get through.

    Heaven and Hell:

    So many questions with a theme of Heaven or Hell, that I had to deal with it. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the beginnings of beginnings to answer. Remember, I’m the part that remembers all, knows all and is the sum total of knowledge. The Knowing, if you will. You want the big picture, so here it is. You and I have always existed. You perform the need for limited perspective and I perform the need for unlimited perspective. I can best explain by beginning at the beginnings of beginnings.

    Beginning of Beginnings:

    Long ago, when you and I were indistinguishable from each other, we began the most basic of realities. For eternity we were ignorant of limit. Our infinite, eternal unbounded made the concept of limits and boundaries rare indeed. For eternity we gloried in the awesome of everything. In order to explain, I need to make sure you understand the true nature of the void. Many think the void is empty. Actually, it is in perfect infinite cancellation. The most basic concept you can understand are an infinite number of vibrational patterns and their perfect opposite. The perfect opposite for every pattern is its anti-pattern. Being composed of every possible pattern and every one of their opposites, they all cancel out creating the illusion of nothing. A very basic example may help.

    A wave, of a certain amplitude, meets up with an other wave of an amplitude perfectly out of phase with each other. When they meet they cancel each other out. Bose has perfected noise reducing headphones by utilizing this technique. The technology recognizes the wave patterns associated with outside noise, creates an anti-wave and produces it along with the non-noise. The noise doesn’t cease to exist but it is cancelled out. Notice:

    These two waves cancel each other perfectly. If both of these waves were to be combined they would cancel each other. But, it can be proven they are not gone. One of the waves can be removed and the other wave will pop back into the manifested realm. Remove either one and the other is no longer canceled. Together, it created the perfect illusion they were not there. Once we discovered this beautiful little secret we began to remove parts of ourselves to see what was left behind. We were amazed at what left the illusion of being canceled and manifested before our infinite awareness. At the beginning our discoveries would closely resemble a child’s spirograph. It wasn’t long before we discovered Mandelbrot type patterns and then spent an eon exploring them.

    Moving Patterns Mandelbrot equations are infinite and the resulting patterns were awesome but they were static. Non-moving patterns, as beautiful as they were, were static and after a few eons of exploring them we found more exotic patterns. These patterns moved. Once we discovered the moving pastterns and how to remove that which created the illusion they weren’t there, we found a new class of patterns that were the opposite of static. Static always stayed the same. These new patterns were never the same from moment to moment. The concept of history and prophecy have their genesis in that epoch. before, the patterns were spread out in their glory, once discovered never to change. These new ever changing patterns were different. If you ceased paying attention and came back the pattern was changed, sometimes in unpredictable ways. Others vibrated in movable predictable patterns. Combining different ever changing patterns has been the motive for the last 55 Quintillion Eons. Discovering ever changing patterns is how Heaven and Hell were formed. In regions where the predominate pattern is one of destruction and violence you are exploring the anti-pattern of peace. In the regions of exquisite beauty and serenity you are exploring the anti-pattern of violence. As each age comes and goes, the exploration of peace and violence continues. But every eon has a golden moment when the destructive and violent patterns are perfectly seperated from the peaceful and creative forces. In one realm the most glorious of Utopias. In another realm the agony of Hell.

    [This is a far as I got with this scribe today 1234]

  8. Ben says:

    God Talking to You Three (3)
    Ok, here we go. Its been awhile since I’ve used this outlet to communicate with you. Its not my fault, I refuse to force someone to do something I want but I will bug them until they give in. I’m assuming you have read the earlier two successful communications. If you haven’t, it would help if you did because this communication builds on the previous two. So without introductions, explanations or preamble I will get to it since this opportunity is always frustratingly finite in its manifestation.
    Just in case:
    God Talking To You One:
    God Talking To You Too:

    God Talking To You For

    One of the paradoxes of truth is that it can often seem to be contradictory. For example, the Jains teach that there is no creator but that the energy that makes up everything has always existed and will never be destroyed but will just continue to change form forever. Other religions believe in a creator and even have names for them. It turns out that both viewpoints are true. In addition to this seeming paradox is a question I hear all the time: “How can God create something from nothing?”. A good question was asked recently…. ”so explain something with the “big bang theory”…how do you get something out of nothing with just a bang? Something had to cause it?”

    Ok. I am going to reveal how we created the universe out of the void. If your not sure why I speak in the plural, see God Talking To You One:

    We have a history of speaking in the plural, its recorded in Genesis we said, “let us make man in our image.” So anyway, how did we make the entire universe appear to come from nothing? It turns out the Wisdom of Balance in combination with the Wisdom of Infinity solves this problem. Since we are infinite energy in all of its forms, unless we do something specific, all of our infinite waveforms, vibrations, patterns and constituent energies all have opposite forms that have the effect of cancelling each other out. I discussed this last time. It might help if you reviewed it. God Talking To You Too:

    An incorrect but perhaps helpful way of saying it would be, “God is what is left behind after matter and antimatter annihilate each other.’

    Now scientists are close to discovering the Grand Unified Theory. If you need a refresher, see Wikipedia: Grand Unification Theory

    One of the primary goals in physics today is to unify the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces into one unified force, or what physicists call the “Grand Unified Theory”. It has already been discovered that at high enough energies, electromagnetism and the weak force are the same force, known as the electroweak force. Scientist theorize that if energies are increased even further, all the known forces will boil down into the same force. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this. Since we are essentially infinite energy with infinite ways of manifesting it, its all the same thing in the long run. An example would be as follows. If someone played a song on a horn infinitely loud, its effect on its surrounding would be equivalent to an atomic explosion. Only by bringing the energy level to insignificant levels would anybody be able to hear that its Amazing Grace being played. What I am about to explain as best as I can through this medium is how the Big Bang is the equivalent of playing Amazing Grace Infinitely loud.

    But before I do, I need to get a little technical while avoiding mathematics as much as possible. You’ve probably know about e=mc² . It basically says that all matter is, is frozen or very slow energy and that E=mc² is a mathematical formula expressing their relationship to each other. This is why a nuclear explosion is so powerful because it literally liberates the enormous amount of energy stored in a small amount of matter. Its what makes it possible for a teaspoon of extremely dense matter, like what white dwarf stars and neutron stars are composed of, to weigh as much as the earth. So very, very small dimensions of space can contain incredible amount of energy, regardless of whether that energy is manifested as gravity, light or some type of charge like electricity or magnetism.

    With that technical background explained, let me now take you to the mystical disciplines of Shaivism and Kaballah. Both of these mystical disciplines share a common heritage that precedes Abraham. Kaballah is a mystical tradition that is preserved in the Jewish Culture but shares the same ancient tradition as Shaivism preserved in the Hindu culture. Both of these mystic traditions record that GOD created the world so GOD could behold GOD. It is also recorded that in order to create the world that GOD had to withdraw part of himself to form space for his creation.

    So with this mystical and technical preamble, I’m hoping it will help you understand how we created the universe out of the void. Once you understand it I will further explain how you can do it also. I know that sounds incredulous to the nth degree but I assure you its true. But that is the very nature of truth. To the unprepared it always sounds like nonsense or at best ridiculous outrageousness. Bear with me, I will reveal and prove it has been revealed before but you didn’t recognize it.

    Now remember, we are composed of infinity and awareness residing in eternity. The formula that expresses reality is mr=ur/a [mr stands for manifested reality, ur stands for un-manifested reality and a = awareness.] Not only are we composed of infinite energy, we are also composed of an infinite combination of the various ways our infinite energies can express itself. As an example, think of the song “Amazing Grace” as a specific pattern. Now think of the song as having infinite variations such as being played on a piano or being played by a guitar or an individual whistling it. Now imagine that all those variations of that single pattern also existed as every level of volume capable of being played from the barely perceptible to so loud its like an atomic explosion. Now… simultaneously there exists an anti-amazing grace song that when played simultaneously with amazing grace it perfectly cancels it out from the barely perceptible to the atomic explosion volume. Now imagine these two patterns are in existence simultaneously. What you have is the illusion of nothing. These two songs are being played at every possible volume at the same time but no one hears anything because they cancel each other out perfectly just like the Bose noise reduction headphones cancel out noise from the airplane as you listen to your music. Now imagine the anti-amazing grace song is suddenly switched off. All possible variations of amazing grace from the harmonica, tuba, guitar, whacho spacetechno warbly organ, all simultaneously being played at every volume from -can barely hear it- to **OMG GOD WHAT BLEW UP??** suddenly explodes into reality all at once!!

    Now with that mind boggling WOW of an idea rearranging neurons in your physio-biochemical brain… wrap your grey matter around this. Imagine a pattern almost as compact as e=mc² that represents gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces and electromagnetism that is composed of an infinite variation of every way that gravity, magnetism, electricity and the forces that make nuclear particles possible all being held in perfect suspension by the equally energetic anti-gravity, anti-electrical, anti-magnetic, anti-nuclear forces suddenly being discovered by the eternal awareness.

    Hmmmm… we mused. What would happen if we switched off the gravolectronuclear anti-warbler?

    Oh wow man – next time we are gonna see what happens when you switch off the gravolectronuclear warbler…. I bet the anti-patterns will be a real trip!!!!
    Now how does this outrageous bit of prose explain the Jains saying that there is no creator? They are correct. Nothing is created or destroyed, it just is. We are eternal, we have always existed and we always will. We are composed of infinity which not only includes the infinitely small and the infinitely big but infinite energy in infinite forms. When we create something we are actually just rearranging what has eternally existed in infinite variations. We bring reality out of the infinite by being aware of it. We have been doing this for eternity and will continue for eternity…………….

    Now, let’s discuss the concept of a creator. Yes the Jains are correct, nothing is ever created or ever destroyed, it is just transformed, but, yes there is a creator and it is always The Word.

    Accurately recorded in the book of John is the phrase “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” John 1:1-3 NIV

    This is also recorded in the Veda Prajapatir vai idam asit: In the beginning was Brahman. Tasya vag dvitya asit; with whom was the Vak or the Word… Vag vai paramam Brahma; and the word is Brahman”

    In both of these sacred scriptures it is recorded how we created the universe out of the void. The Void is not true emptiness but the illusion of emptiness when an infinite set of cancellations are in potential. The pattern (or word) that unlocked from its infinite balance of energetic potentials is the combination of awareness attached to the infinite set of patterns related to gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces of our universe. This special sound which allowed the anti-gravity, anti-electromagnetism, anti-nuclear forces infinite set to be switched off is the same awareness entity known as YHWH in the Old Testament, Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita and Jesus (Yeshua) in the New Testament. This individual, also known as Melchizadek in the Old Testament is responsible for all of GOD’s children that are created within this gravolectronuclear mega-pattern.

    Now here is the absolutely incredible part of the whole process. It doesn’t stop here. Our obsession with exploring every possible combination of ourselves continues for eternity. Everyone born on planet earth is a child of God. All of God’s children on this planet have the potential to achieve the same status in the Godhead as Jesus/Yeshua did. Paul of Tarsus understood this. He wrote in a letter to the Romans that they were God’s children. and not only children, but heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ to the point we can all share in his glory. (Romans 8:16-17 paraphrased). You may remember reading in the book of Revelation that our ultimate reward is to receive our own special secret name known only to you and God the Father. This is spoken of in Revelation 2 in the message to the church of Pergamum. That secret name is the power known only to you to unlock one of the mega patterns contained within our infiniteness.

    The way you achieve this awesome power, responsibility and privilege is to follow the way that Yeshua/Jesus laid out for us when he lived among you and to be prepared for his return for when he spends a thousand years preparing the souls of planet Earth for their journey that will ultimately allow them to someday give God the Father grandchildren!!! I know that sounds outrageously ridiculous but it is true!!!!!

    I hope this isn’t too overwhelming. I’m losing the connection, this time to sleepiness. Hopefully there will be a next time.

    God over and out.

  9. Ben says:

    God Talking to You For (4)
    Here we are again, communicating with this less than credible medium. This messenger is risk averse and knows the information we want to disseminate through him is unpopular and will be ridiculed. Why would he want to be a part of that? So, we have decided to go forward with the strategy of convincing the messenger that so few will take this seriously that he will be in no danger of reprisals. We recommend you treat this, and the previous communications as silliness, nonsense, heresy or fiction. We don’t have time to explain why we speak in the plural. If you don’t know why, start at the beginning: God Talking To You One: Just in case:
    God Talking To You One:
    God Talking To You Too:
    God Talking To You Three:

    Once again our time is short and a lot of information needs to be shared. Our subject this time is prophecy. Specifically, helping you understand what has been recorded in Christian scripture as the book of Revelation. You are aware of the prophecies concerning the time of the end. This isn’t the end of the world but the end of a system on a planet that needs some serious relief. And end of an age if you will. Part of the problem is that the book of Revelation is very misunderstood and many who have tried to educate themselves on this subject have bought into some centuries old assumptions that have led most astray. Probably the most misunderstood part is the where the beast is discussed. The beast is almost always described as the Anti-Christ. The Messiah shared with the apostles that in the future, after his death, a false prophet would arrive and would proclaim a message that was essentially the exact opposite of his. Paul even warned of messages from Angels that were contrary to the gospel the apostles learned from the Messiah. Just before he died John the Apostle received a vision of what was to come and he recorded it. This document was copied many times and translated multiple times into many languages. John, seeing the future did the best he could to record the images sent to him spiritually. The images were extremely foreign to him and were viewed from a cultural perspective that didn’t prepare him for images of modern warfare, extreme pollution and runaway global warming. So he recorded what he saw in language that made sense to him and those of his generation. So it is understandable that his writings of what he saw would be misunderstood by an audience 2.000 years later. Additionally, the copyist over the centuries tried to make it relevant to the times they lived. Many assumed the end would come in their lifetime. From their perspective the anti-christ hadn’t happened yet and since they assumed the return of Christ was imminent, they assumed the antichrist and the return of Christ was to happen at roughly the same time. Another ancient misconception was the assumption that the Beast revealed to John was the antichrist. The key secret to reality is that we have all existed and always will. The misconception is that we are newly created and destined for hell unless we are saved in our one and only lifetime ogf existence. John the apostle was the reincarnation of the prophet Daniel. We revealed to Daniel centuries ago what the long term history of the planet would move forward with certain governments and civilizations replacing each other as the power of the time as history progressed. These governments are symbolized as beasts. John, as the reincarnated spirit that had in a previous lifetime been recorded in scripture as the prophet Daniel, intuitively understood that beast meant government. So when he recorded the revelation, it never occurred to him that later this symbolism would be mistaken as the antichrist.

    At the time of the end, which you are witnessing the beginning of the end, a powerful government (symbolized as a beast) will try to force the world to follow a form of government that emulates an ancient form of government that began in Greece and conquered the world as the Roman Empire. This form of government is now called democracy. Any history student knows that the founding fathers of the United States of America used as a template the ancient government of electing a ruling body, such as the senate of the ancient roman empire. Daniel, reincarnated as John ,was shown the end just has had been promised to him that we would reveal the end to him. He saw a militarily powerful country with the ability to bring fire from the sky to the ground as bombs. He was shown that it would someday spring from a section of the world that was once a wilderness. He saw that the land once occupied by few would someday dominate the planet both economically and militarily and is motivated to expand its form of government around the word and is willing to go to war to achieve it. The important fact needed to be shared to you is that the beast power (government) that dominates the political structure of the planet has nothing to do with the antichrist and that single piece of misunderstanding is why the world is virtually blind to what is happening right under their noses. Prophecies 2,000 years old and some much older than that are being fulfilled right now and are completely missed by almost everybody on the planet. Do we have your attention?

    So, if the end time government that is trying to literally force a version of government that mimics the Roman Empires democratic system isn’t the antichrist, who is?

    We are trying to pack as much information into this communiqué as we can without putting the messenger at risk. So, we have to be more obtuse this time when revealing to you the identity of the antichrist than we were about the beast power. The antichrist is now a historical figure and you probably didn’t recognize that he could be found in the pages of history because you have been looking to his appearance in your future. He isn’t part of the end time, but his appearance and impact on this planet is definitely a major factor in how the end time prophecies come to fruition. We have decided to eschew out right naming the antichrist. Instead we are going to describe the antichrist and you can research history and come to your own conclusions. As Paul tried to warn his readers, a fallen angel is responsible for successfully getting a large portion of the planet to believe in a message that is essentially the exact opposite of the Messiah’s. Christ taught your ancestors 2,000 years ago that you were the children of God just as he was. In fact he was killed for teaching that we are all children of God and that he was the son of God. Find a historical figure that teaches a message opposite of that and you will find the historical antichrist. The most important piece of information we want you to understand is that the antichrist is not part of your future but part of your past. The beast power is not the antichrist but is the dominate political, economic and military power dominating the world news today!

    The rest of the message misunderstood in the document known as the Revelation is the symbolism known as the Trumpets. These symbolic milestones in the evolution of the planet are recorded as points in time so momentous as to be heralded as tipping points. Points of no return, to make it plain. The symbolism of Revelation is an imprecise way to help the reader recognize the ever growing population’s impact on the ecosystem of your planet. Global warming, pollution and later, the impact of war over dwindling resources affect the planets oceans, plant life and ultimately the ability of the planet to sustain life. When the inhabitants of your planet have proven without a shadow of a doubt that without intervention they would have self terminated…. that is when the messiah returns. Later, the experts in global warming will look back and recognize that the year 20007 was the tipping point in the planet’s climate. The event that proved the planet had reached a warming stage that could no longer be reversed immediately was the melting of the Larson ice shelf. The symbolism of bitter water covering a third of the planet is the build up of carbonic acid in the oceans as more and more carbon dioxide dissolves from the atmosphere. Have you tasted carbonated water? It’s bitter. The symbolism of a third of the plants dying is the result of massive drought as the heated atmosphere sucks moisture out of the ground. The symbolism of men burning alive is the heat index soaring to 150 degrees and higher as global warming reaches its terrible height as mankind as a whole continues to pour tons and tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, even though they know it is contributing to the death of the planet.

    You’ve been waiting for this message. Now you have it. Even if mankind stopped all forms of transportation that burned fossil fuel and stopped generating electricity by means that contribute to global warming today and started planting massive bamboo forests and seeding the oceans with genetically engineered algae to soak up the excess carbon dioxide; even if that was to occur right now, starting today, the world’s average temperature would still rise enough in the next few decades to fulfill the prophecies revealed to John. That being the case, if mankind doesn’t make those kind of drastic changes just outlined, the worst case scenario of severe record breaking droughts in many places, catastrophic floods in others, coupled with crop failures and deadly heat waves will be so bad that war will break out as billions of people fight over dwindling resources.

    So the unfortunate news is that the point of no return has occurred. What isn’t known for certain is how bad it will get. There is a 27% probability that the world will get the message and work together to minimize the impact its growing population is having. This is the scenario that allows for only 10% to 30% of the population to die from the upcoming changes in the planet’s weather. The extremes in weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts will get worse, how much worse depends on how fast the people of the planet work to intervene. There is a 50% chance that the world’s governments will put off action until a truly terrible tragedy occurs, obviously tied to global warming, that kills millions of people. But, if they are that short sighted, the death toll will rise to almost 75% of the planet before it is over. Even the most aggressive programs to reverse the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere will fail, and some will make the situation worse. There is also a 20% that a world war will break out instead of global cooperation and that the war will exacerbate the situation so bad that the planet’s ability to sustain life will crash so hard that 90% of its inhabitants will perish even as the messiah returns. There is a 3% chance the world will come to its senses and make tremendous changes in their approach to each other and how they deal with the global environment with a loss of life almost equal to the birth rate. This scenario also includes a worldwide effort to halt the growth rate to the point that the world’ population hits approximately 7 billion and stays there. The reason we had to give the future as probabilities is that the decisions to be made that make the various scenarios possible, haven’t been made yet and free will is always the prime directive.

    When things get really bad it will be too late to pray if you haven’t already formed a good relationship with us. We love you and we want you to survive the future but we can’t help you if we don’t know you. If you want to get on our good side, keep the 10 commandments. It is that simple. Keep the commandments, pray, meditate and walk with us in peace and in love and we will make sure you are protected. Of course, if you have read this far, you already know that. It was real important to us we got this message to you. We apologize for being so short and cryptic. We got more time than we expected but not as much as we had hoped. We will follow up on this when the messenger is cooperative.

  10. Ben says:

    GOD Talking to You Part V (5)

    The V is for victory. We are giving the servants of light all high fives because we are so excited and hopeful for the future!! We are so excited that the message has been getting out without getting the attention of the wrong people . If you don’t know why we talk in the plural, please read the previous messages.

    This message is about what will happen in your planet’s near future. Many, many people are afraid and many of them are thinking that the end of your civilization as you know it is at hand. We can happily tell you that it isn’t. We have gotten a lot of questions about the year 2012. We are delighted to reassure you that it is not the end of civilization as you know it. It is the beginning of the end, maybe, but definitely not the end. Do not be afraid, regardless of what happens, those who are true friends of GOD and walk in the way of peace will be taken care of.

    The Age of Mankind being cut off from GOD is coming to a close soon, from our perspective, but quite a long time from your perspective. Anyone older than 30 years old reading this message in 2009 will most likely die before the cataclysmic apocalypse everyone believes is inevitable will happen. Actually, it isn’t inevitable but it is likely to happen if your planet doesn’t change course soon. Remember, you exist in the Created Realm which is a Participation Realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers. The planet earth as viewed from GOD’S INFINITE ETERNAL AWARENESS is as one living Organism composed of trillions of living organisms. The earth is like a giant beehive or ant colony, composed of individuals making up the whole. And the whole is getting sick. Parts are dying off all around you. Coral reefs die offs are the effects of the fever and the poisons accumulating in your system. The history of your planet is of its living organisms changing the planet’s chemistry. At the beginning it was one-celled organisms which through a primitive but effective process of simple photosynthesis supplied enough oxygen to the atmosphere to create the ozone layer. Without the ozone layer blocking the torrid radiation coming from your sun, life would have never developed on land. The simplest form of life on your planet led to the creation of an ozone layer which keeps you alive today. Yet, many of the most intelligent members of your planet today think they have no impact on the chemistry of your planet. They are wrong.

    We want to tell you what will happen in your planet’s immediate future. The reason we know so much about your planet’s future is because we have watched your planet for billions of years. What is about to happen to your planet in the next two to three hundred years has already happened before several times. But the worst type of event we want to warn you about, last happened about 55 million years ago. The problem back then was a build up of very large areas of frozen, chemically caged methane under the sea beds of your world. Guess how the methane was built up. The methane was formed as a natural byproduct of quintillions of bacteria eating trillions of lbs organic matter in the low oxygen environments at the bottom of the ocean over a very long time. After millions of years, billions and billions of tons of carbon in the form of a type of methane ice suddenly hit its melting point. In just a few days, all of the methane was released from the deep ocean in gigantic explosive belches that filled the atmosphere with around 5 giga-tons of methane gas. Your planet was already warm because of a slow build up of CO2 in your atmosphere. The oceans had finally gotten warm enough to melt the frozen methane. Within a decade your entire world’s overall temperature soared by 6 °C. The methane combined, with the already high levels of water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create a super green house effect. Tropical forests sprang up in the now ice-free Polar Regions, and the oceans turned so acidic from dissolved carbon dioxide that there was a vast die-off of sea life. Sea levels rose to 300 feet higher than your current 2009 levels and deserts stretched from southern Africa into Europe. Your planet has been going through cycles of warming and cooling for billions of years. Currently your planet is in a warming trend. If your planet was following its normal course, the build up of atmospheric and oceanic temperatures would cause another methane release sometime in the next 2 million years. The overall temperature would soar by up to 6 °C again, the planet would essentially become ice free again and the cycle would start all over again. Plants would absorb the CO2, be turned into coal, the CO2 levels of the atmosphere would drop to the point that another ice age would occur. Of course, all of this happens over millions of years, but from our ETERNAL perspective it’s like a flashing light.

    So much for the history lesson; this time it will be different for two reasons. First, this time when it happens, it will affect billions of people. This planet is reaching a critical point in its spiritual and physical evolution. About 50,000 years ago Homo sapiens arrived on the scene. That was the most exciting and most important milestone in the history of your planet. It was also the most anticipated event. You see, we create universes just so planets like yours can form. We want planets like yours to form so people like you will appear on them. Unfortunately you developed technology faster than we expected you to. Maybe it would help if we explained the problem from our perspective.

    Your planet has a natural warming and cooling cycle that takes millions of years to go full cycle. The primary reason for the heating and cooling is the rising and falling levels of CO2 in your planet’s atmosphere. When it gets so cold that most of the plants die off, they CO2 levels start to rise because there are so few plants to use it up. When the planet gets so hot that there is no more ice, it becomes a hot swamp and the plants take over. But, over time they take up so much carbon the levels drop again. All that carbon is now stored as coal. Over Millions of years ago, the dead plant fell into the swampy water, and over the years, a thick layer of dead plants started decaying at the bottom of these enormous continent wide swamps. Over time, water and dirt covered the massive mats of dead vegetation which halted the decay. The weight of the water and dirt packed down the lower layers of plant matter. Under heat and pressure, this plant matter underwent chemical and physical changes, pushing out oxygen and leaving rich hydrocarbon deposits. What once had been plants gradually turned into coal.

    But what has never happened before is happening right now on your planet. All of that coal is being burned by mankind to power your wonderful technology. But all that carbon, which was sequestered away over millions and millions of years, if it is released into the atmosphere in just few short centuries, your planet will warm by an average of 5 to 6 °C, sometime beyond the year 2100. That will wipe out most rainforests, destroy the fertility of many soils and leave the Arctic ice-free even in midwinter. London will be as hot as Cairo – except that, along with many of your most populous areas, they will have been flooded by a 33 foot rise in sea levels. While the exact changes would depend on how quickly the temperature rose and how much polar ice melted, you can expect a scenario much like 55 million years ago to unfold all over again. If it wasn’t for the enormous reservoirs of methane ice at the bottom of the ocean, your planet would be able to handle a 5 to 6 °C increase in overall temperature. It has done it before. Of course billions of people would die in such a scenario but mankind and the rest of the planet would adjust. Homeostasis would be established and life would go on. But the last time the planet reached such hot temperatures, it was because of the enormous release of the built up methane. Unfortunately, because the rise in overall temperature is due to the unnatural release of carbon into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, a never before event will happen. Your planet was already in the warming stage of the cycle when technology made it possible to release millions of years of sequestered carbon in a span of three or four hundred years. Because it has been 55 million years since your planet had its last cataclysmic methane release, your planet has reached a pivotal Macro-pattern. Because all three are happening at once is the problem. Here is what could happen if your planet doesn’t respond aggressively to this perfect storm of climate events.

    The first problem would be that many of the places where people live and grow food would no longer be suitable for either. Rising sea levels – from thermal expansion of the oceans, melting glaciers and storm surges – would drown today’s coastal regions in up to 6 feet of water initially, and possibly much more if the Greenland ice sheet and parts of Antarctica were to melt. West Antarctica’s ice sheets will not survive the next century, meaning a sea-level rise of at least 3 to 6 feet. CO2 concentrations of 550 parts per million in your atmosphere [compared with about 385 ppm now] would lead to an ice-free planet, with sea levels about 240 feet higher

    Half of your world’s surface lies in the tropics, between 30° and -30° latitude, and these areas are particularly vulnerable to a warming climate. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, for example, will feel the force of a shorter but fiercer Asian monsoon, which will probably cause even more devastating floods than the area suffered in 2009. Yet because the land will be hotter, this water will evaporate faster, leaving drought across Asia. Bangladesh stands to lose a third of its land area – including its most fertile agricultural areas. The African monsoons will become very mild and shorter, leading to a drought all over Africa. A lack of fresh water will be felt all over your world, too, with warmer temperatures reducing soil moisture across China, the south-west US, Central America, most of South America and Australia. All of the world’s major deserts will expand, with the Sahara reaching right into central Europe. Glacial retreat will dry Europe’s rivers from the Danube to the Rhine, with similar effects in mountainous regions including the Peruvian Andes, and the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, which as a result will no longer supply water to Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, India and Vietnam. Along with the exhaustion of aquifers, all this will lead to two latitudinal dry belts where human habitation will be impossible. One will stretch across Central America, southern Europe and north Africa, south Asia and Japan; while the other will cover Madagascar, southern Africa, the Pacific Islands, and most of Australia and Chile.

    All of this by itself still wouldn’t destroy all of the life on your planet. The problem is the war that will break out over the rapidly dwindling resources. It is the war that will destroy all life on the planet. But it is the climate change that will bring your planet to the point of war. And this is what we are determined to prevent happening.

    Remember, you exist in the Created realm which is a participation realm and all participants are joint creators and destroyers. The worst case scenario we just described is one of the infinite possibilities that are part of your planet’s future. However a curious juxtaposition has been reached. Your planet is currently experiencing a world wide economic depression. It is almost as bad as the one it had 100 years ago. Because of the economic depression, the burning of fossil fuels has been drastically reduced. Your planet has committed itself to a worldwide agreement to be reached about the global climate situation by the year 2012. The worldwide depression is actually a wonderful blessing in disguise. We are giving you a chance to learn patience and prudence. The last time your planet had this opportunity it chose to go to war. If you chose the path of peace, you can all work together and solve your problems.

    This is the good news. The powers of darkness and the powers of the light will reach perfect equilibrium in the spring of 2012 (ADDS UP TO 5 ;-). The next equilibrium will be reached in 2102 (ADDS UP TO 5 ;-). Which side will have the upper hand for the next century? Will it be The Dark Brotherhood of Violence and Death or the Servants of the Infinite Light?

    If you are reading this, you are a Servant of the Light. Your peaceful, positive approach to this planet’s problems is the key to its survival. We want to share with you Five ways you can peacefully and positively help yourselves.

    ONE: Remember the one celled organisms that we have used in the past to make positive change to your planet? Use them again. You can grow an incredible amount of algae in warm weather and if you grow the right kind of algae you can convert it to a biofuel. These are the same organisms we used in the past to sequester billions of tons of carbon in what is now vast oil supplies. But, once again, what took millions of years to sequester and store deep into the ocean is being released back into the atmosphere in a short 300 years. Your planet is unnaturally warming ahead of schedule. In effect, by releasing back into the atmosphere what it took us millions of years to get rid of, you are creating virtually overnight a climate that hasn’t existed for over 50 million years, and isn’t supposed to exist again for at least 2 million years from now!

    But, this is the good news. It is not too late. Sure the momentum of the last 200 years guarantees at least a 2 degree rise in overall temperature over the next 200 years but that is well within the norms for the current heating cycle anyway. The technology is available to your planet right now to start utilizing algae biofuel. Let’s make this perfectly clear. We never tell a planet its problems without telling it how to solve them. We have used algae many times in the past and we are encouraging you to also. We have Servants of the Light in Denmark learning to perfect this technology. They are your brothers and sisters. Learn from them, please.

    One of the ingenious solutions they came up with has us delighted and hopeful. The easiest way to boost production of algae biofuel is by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and sunlight they receive. Somebody came up with the brilliant idea of utilizing the carbon dioxide produced by a coal fired power plant and channeling it into an algae biofuel plant. If you perfect this technology, you can make coal a solution to your problems and not the cause of the problem. The servants of light on your planet make us very proud!

    TWO: We know there is no way to convince you to stop burning coal or oil. They are a wonderful resource. In fact, if the population of your planet was only 1 or 2 billion, you could burn as much fossil fuel as you needed. The problem is not burning fossil fuel so much is its how many of you are doing it. The amount of extra carbon produced by a population of just 2 billion would easily be absorbed by the oceans and the forests of your planet. They would thrive on it. But if your planet’s population goes above 7 billion it reaches a tipping point. This is the best and easiest solution to your planet’s problem; Population control. If you can keep the population from going over 7 billion you can overcome most of your problems related to global resources.

    THREE: I know what you’re going to say after I tell you the next solution. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT! Convert your planet’s economy from an oil based to a methane / natural gas based economy. Once again we are recommending a solution that is based on the natural cycle of the planet. The technology exists to harvest the methane locked deep in your oceans and use that to power your economies. This has the added benefit of reducing the threat of having the methane suddenly released which would dramatically exacerbate the global warming trend. There is enough methane in the bottom of the oceans to power a green society for 2,000 years. Think about it!

    In addition to the methane at the bottom of the ocean; it turns out that the same process that creates oil also creates natural gas. The best part about natural gas is that it burns a lot cleaner than long carbon chain petroleum products. In fact, North America could convert 25% of its Industrial trucking economy to natural gas and create a new industry to employ thousands! Just a freebie we are throwing out because we are feeling excited about the future possibilities. Of course, we know it’s not what we say to you that causes change. It’s what you understand and act on that does.

    FOUR: What is the one solution your planet has already started using that scares you the most? Is it Nuclear Power? Uranium is so common on your planet it’s ridiculous. Yellow Uranium clay is all over the place. Anybody with a Geiger counter can tell you that. What is the one thing you can say about nuclear power you can’t say about fossil fuels? Nuclear Power does not contribute to global warming. But the radioactive waste is a problem. There is a solution. In the past, we have solved global problems by finding ways to bury them in the oceans. Oil is the way we stored carbon in the oceans. We used creatures the size of a pinhead. These one-celled creatures, known as diatoms, aren’t really plants, but share one very important characteristic with them – they take light from the sun and convert it into energy. Diatoms float in the top few meters of the oceans produce a kind of oil – both to store chemical energy from photosynthesis and to increase their ability to float. When they die they slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean. The tiny amounts of oil become concentrated as trillions of quadrillions of them build up over time. In as little as a few thousands years, a stack of mud and organic remains many miles thick will pile up on the sea floor, especially in nutrient-rich waters. Given enough time, the overlying sediments that are constantly being deposited will bury these organic remains and mud so deeply that they eventually turned into solid rock. The high heat and intense pressure cause various chemical reactions that transforms the soft parts of those ancient organisms buried in the deep-sea sludge into oil and natural gas but locked into solid rock. Unless the rock is thrust up to the surface by tectonic plate interactions the carbon is effectively locked away forever.

    Here is the good news! You can use the same strategy for sequestering the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. The interesting thing about this strategy is that it was actually first discovered by a civilization very similar to yours for cleaning up after a nuclear war. On this planet they discovered a ceramic compound that was so strong that if they encased the blast area with a covering of this super hard ceramic that it blocked 99% of the radiation. This ceramic compound is as effective as lead but at a thicknesses about 5% of what you need using lead. The ironic part is that this compound was found in an area where a nuclear blast had formed a glassy dome over a desert. Scientist on your world are close to discovering this ceramic compound by mistake. It has a similar structure to some ceramic compounds that exhibit super conductivity. But instead of being super conductive it is almost impervious to any type radiation. The technology exists on your planet to create ceramic compounds that can safely encapsulate your nuclear power plant’s radioactive wastes.

    Here is the good news. We are close to inspiring one of the Servants of Light to invent a design that when dropped into the ocean it buries itself into the muck. He will get a terrible chigger and tick infestation when he goes camping. He will become delirious about a month later when the Lyme disease hits him like a freight train. His dreams will be powerful 3D visions about how chiggers and ticks buried themselves into his skin. Later after he recovers (a month of penicillin, 1 gram 3 times a day wipes out the Lyme disease but he remembers the dream). The tick and chigger infestation is a karmic payback for something he did several lifetimes ago, but we are using it to help your planet. He will invent a way to combine spent uranium and a super hard ceramic into a pebble sized design that when it sinks into the muck it literally buries itself like a self propelling screw. He will become incredibly wealthy and your planet will live happily ever after. I’m sorry, that is the best case scenario and isn’t anymore likely than the worst case scenario where you all die from a total nuclear war. But that is the problem with using nuclear power to solve the global warming crisis. If it doesn’t work you have all this material for making nuclear bombs and oops there goes your planet. So proceed with caution when it comes to nuclear energy.

    FIVE: The next solution is actually a fulfillment of prophecy. Ever wondered why your planet has a history of worshipping the sun? Without the sun your planet would have no life. Someday the earth will no longer support life because of the sun. That fate is five billion years into the future. In the interim it is the most important part of the universe you exist in. Ages ago your ancestors knew the importance of the sun. Later they lost the original wisdom and worshipped the sun out of ignorance but with good intentions. We aren’t advocating your planet regress to primitive sun worship but the sun can help your solve your problems. Part of the natural landscape of your planet is huge swaths of land that are poor agricultural areas. These areas share two themes; lots of wind and lots of sunshine. With an investment equivalent to what is spent on the average war on your planet, you could cover those areas with solar panels and windmill farms. The prophecy is that the light will save the planet. The light of the sun!

    We have a backup plan for all the servants of the light. There is no guarantee we will win the battle in the next century. But we make this commitment to every servant of light that has incarnated to help your planet. Do what you can peacefully to help your planet make the right decisions and we will make this promise to you. If our efforts fail in the next few hundred years and the worse case scenarios play out; we will make sure your next incarnation will not occur until the Messiah returns and defeats the god of the Dark Brotherhood.

    Remember, just because you will not live to see the outcome of all this doesn’t mean it doesn’t concern you personally. After death, the average soul usually reincarnates within 50 years of death. Spirits that are unusually attached to the material realm will reincarnate even sooner. Advanced souls have the wisdom and the patience to plan their incarnations for when they can benefit the planet the most. That is why you are witnessing some of the greatest acts of kindness and love ever demonstrated on your planet. We have over 20 million servants of the light strategically placed all over your planet. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood of Darkness also know of the importance of this time in history and they outnumber the servants of light 2 to 1. It is easier to recruit with hate, fear and anger. You will know them because the refuse to show their faces and death and destruction follow them; do not let them pull you into the pit of terror. It is their ultimate weapon.

    Your ultimate defense is the wisdom of faith. Your world has been deceived into thinking that faith and what one believes are the same thing. Faith is trusting GOD and believing the message of the Servants of Light. Trust us to take care of you regardless of what happens to your planet. Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and all your needs will always be taken care. Your cup will run over with blessing beyond measure either in this age or in the age to come.

    Before we end this important message we want to tell you how to tell the false prophets the brotherhood of darkness have around the world. Their message will always leave you feeling fearful, anxious and in some cases feeling hopeless. They will try to convince you that the problems your planet is experiencing is because God is punishing you for your sins. They will also ask you for money so they can spread their warnings of doom and gloom. They will tell you that only they have the truth. We have 20 million souls all spreading the good news and none of them claim to be the only ones that understand the truth. You will also recognize the Brotherhood of Darkness for they will try and convince you that war is the only solution. We can assure you that war is as effective at creating peace on your planet is as sex is at promoting virginity. They are opposites that never meet.

    GOD doesn’t have to intervene to make things bad on your planet. You are doing it to yourselves. You can create the heaven on earth you want or the hell on earth you fear. The law of cause and effect is the immutable law of all created realms.

    We will not let your planet destroy itself. But we will let you learn the lessons of what happens when you mismanage a planet. We will do that because you will need the experience as we travel eternity together.

    We love you. We are with you. We will always protect you.

  11. Ben says:

    God talking to you (1) is on the forth line at the beginning of the comments.
    Light and Love.

  12. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter One
    Ambassadors Through Time

    Our ancestors were some of the Original Planners of Earth, orchestrators who
    seeded worlds and civilizations with creativity and love. Because of their
    qualifications, they liked to orchestrate worlds just as conductors love to conduct.
    Our ancestors are also your ancestors, and we like to call you our ancient family,
    as indeed you are. Our ancestors gave their DNA to the Original Planners, and
    this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species.
    We Pleiadians come from your future. In a version of our “now,” there exists a
    place of tyranny and turmoil, and the have seen probable futures of Earth that
    include that same tyranny and decay.
    Time is greatly misunderstood in third – dimensional reality: you believe that time is
    measured in minutes or degrees. Time is much vaster than you realize. In actuality,
    time codes and plays with information, allowing you to move into realities
    simultaneously by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting time around. You can
    get on an elliptical curve of time and experience many realities by simply going
    around the elliptical curve and discovering that, as time is not “solid,” neither is
    As all realities are not solid, and as the future is not set (it is only a number of
    probabilities), we see an opportunity at this time to insert a more positive
    probability for Earth. We wish to reinsert light on this planet and restore Earth to its
    original purpose – that of becoming a magnificent intergalactic exchange center of
    information. So we have come back in a section of time to a place we call a kernel
    or a seed in order to effect change. This change will not only affect Earth, it will
    affect your future, our present, and the entire universe.
    This is big news! You have come to Earth at a place and time when evolution is at
    hand. A major leap is about to take place that you came to participate in, and you
    are not alone, for many energies are coming to Earth now to participate in this
    great project. There are mother ships surrounding this planet that are acting as
    literal transducers of energy. There are beams of light coming to Earth from old
    and ancient star systems that have been working with you for eons. These beams
    of information are being blasted onto the planet.
    As this information is being beamed to you, your body must be able to receive it,
    transduce it, boost it, and beam it back out to others. Many of you will build
    telepathic links with these mother ships that will be like having your m – n radio
    stations through which you will be able to tune into a wealth of information at will.
    This is the evolution of super – consciousness, the evolution into the highest aspect
    of your being. You do not need to worry about becoming this being, for you already
    are this being, and you just need to remember it. Since the veils around Earth were
    lifted at the time of Harmonic Convergence, you have been steadily beamed with
    this energy from the outer cosmos, and it is constantly being stepped up and
    increased as you are able to handle it.
    You are evolving now at such an extremely accelerated rate that each year of this
    decade will be like ten years or more from the previous century. Feel how much
    you will accomplish by 1999 and feel who you will be. It will be as if you have lived
    one hundred years in a decade.
    You will be flooded with memory, flooded with many other things. Many of you will
    take trips upon the ships to various portions of the solar system. As you come into
    the Age of Light, worlds will open that you never knew existed. You have moved
    past the other ages: the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the
    Information Age, and so on. These other ages had to do with seeding, planting,
    cultivating, and putting the potentialities of life into the third dimension.
    A transition is about to occur, a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the
    third dimension so that you will move into higher dimensions in which the body
    does not have such a solid state. You have come here because you wish to master
    the evolutionary process and be able to live with it. This is going to be very
    exciting, because it means that you are going to function in many realities.
    Buried deep inside of you are all the answers. The questions that come to the
    forefronts of your minds are arising so that you can bring the answers from within
    your own beings. In order to achieve this, you must first believe that the information
    is stored there.
    Humanity is learning a great lesson at this time. The lesson is, of course, to realize
    your godhood, your connectedness with Prime Creator and with all that exists. The
    lesson is to realize that everything is connected and that you are part of it all.
    There are multitudes of cultures and societies that exist throughout the vastness of
    space, and these societies and cultures have been on and off this planet from the
    very beginning. It is not just that we, the Pleiadians, have come to assist; we are
    only one grouping from one star system. There are many who have journeyed here
    for many reasons. The majority of the extraterrestrials are here for your upliftment,
    though there are also those who are here for other reasons.
    Your history moves in and out of very special times. Many of you became involved
    on Earth eons ago through star energy and through working with the higher realms.
    You know quite completely the difficulties that Earth has gone through, such as
    how many times the lands have shifted and how many times help has come from
    the skies.
    Information was distorted when those who came from the skies to move you along
    in your development were turned into gods. As children idolize those who can do
    what they cannot do, your society clearly demonstrates this same method of
    creating godhood. The concept behind this method is one of the belief paradigms
    that you have come here to change. The third dimensional world is one of great
    challenge, for it allows magnificent limitations to set themselves up. Through these
    limitations, structures are formed, and through this process, you create and learn
    that you are a portion of Prime Creator and that Prime Creator desires experience.
    You are magnificent beings, members of the Family of Light, and you came to
    Earth at this time on assignment to create a shift, to make a change, to assist in
    the transition. Love is the key.
    Love is what makes up the universe. The present technology on Earth will only
    develop to a certain extent because mankind does not vet understand that love is
    necessary. Energy can take all forms of creativity, but when one is dealing with
    greed or hatred or any emotion that is not working toward light, one is only allowed
    to go so for. Them is only so much information that is available to that sort of
    vibration. Love is the basic building block, so when one has love, all possibilities
    exist. Bringing back the concepts of light, which are information and love – which is
    creativity – is the plan. It takes renegades like the Family of Light to come into a
    system that as been primarily dark for eons and change it.
    We are very much renegades where we are. As we said, our own system is in
    need of transformation. We are working as a bridge or a link through the Family of
    Light in a variety of systems in order to change our own system. Your raising of
    consciousness through love and responsibility nourishes us, replenishes us, and
    expands our consciousness so that we may evolve further. Therefore, as we are
    friends and guides and assistants to you, so you assist us as well.
    Where will this transition take you? We would like to see you become qualified to
    form worlds consciously. You are preparing to seed and be the species planted on
    many new worlds as they are being formulated, and because you have stored
    within your memories the history of what has occurred here on Earth, you will be
    able to teach others and consciously hold the direction in which other worlds need
    to go.
    It is a vast plan you are participating in. All of you jumped at the chance to be here
    in such a challenging place at such a challenging time. You were certain you could
    do it. Also, you were told before you came here that there would be much
    assistance and that, at different junctures of your development, different entities
    would present themselves upon the planet in different capacities to trigger you, fire
    you up, and remind you – not to do it for yon.
    We are one of those triggers, a catalyst. When you hear the name Pleiadians, you
    feel a connection be cause ice are assisting you in bringing your own information,
    your own knowing, forward.
    By working with you, it is our intention to offer you a reminder of who you are so
    that you can find the greatest source for your own inspiration. If we could assign a
    career to each of you or give you a way of being, we would ask each of you to
    become an inspiration. When you are able to live in this capacity and to be truly an
    inspiration to all who encounter you, you will be living your light, and that is quite
    Remember that we are here for our reasons and that you are here for your reasons
    and that we are all here to evolve together and create a new vibrational frequency.
    We wish to break belief paradigms that separate individuals as they evolve. We
    wish to create an ambassadorship, a game of harmony and cooperation, by giving
    you information that strikes you at the core of your beings, no matter what your
    former beliefs have been.
    We, the group that speaks to you, are intending to fill our own resume with some
    interesting experiences. When we first began speaking in 1988, our collective
    consisted of fifty to seventy – five entities – some physical, some nonphysical, all
    Pleiadian. Our numbers have been growing, and our collective now consists of well
    over one hundred entities from many different systems.
    We can now be called Pleiadians Plus.
    There are those in our reality who do not believe that we can accomplish what we
    have set out to do with you. They feel that we are taking too many chances and too
    many risks, yet they are sitting on the edges of their seats to see what will happen.
    There are those in your system who believe we are here to spread fear, but we do
    not see it that way. We do not wish to scare any of you: we simply wish to inform
    you. If you sit in a dark room and you hear strange sounds, it can be fearful.
    However, if you turn on the light to see what is making the sounds, it is then not so
    scary. We wish you to be informed about what you are dealing with. Light is
    information; ignorance is darkness. We want you to be working in the light, not in
    the dark.
    We are involved in working with you because we wish to evolve our consciousness
    toward more tree will and expression. Just as you are on assignment to change the
    system that you are within, we are on assignment to change the system that we
    are within. we are not without our purpose. As we said, we come from your future,
    and, in certain instances, we have our hands full. We need you, just as you need
    You, as members of the Family of Light, can institute, implement, or insert a grand
    new probability in the chain of realities that will implode in the next twenty years
    from this sector of existence because you physically live on this planet. It is through
    you that the transformation will occur. What you do now vastly affects us. What
    happens with Earth vastly affects us.
    We are here to assist, to teach, and to evolve as we go through this process
    together. We give our version of things only to bring you into higher consciousness.
    We do not wish to say that this version, and only this version, is how it is! This
    whole teaching is designed with a great purpose in mind, and the stories that we
    tell you are setup to take you to a higher plane of consciousness. That is our
    The words that we choose and the concepts of which we speak are triggers for
    codes that are stored deep inside of your bodies. Your bodies are waiting for the
    questions to be posed so that you can begin to resonate with the answers inside of
    yourselves – so that the cellular memories within your bodies can begin to
    remember what they already know. As we speak to you, you will remember.
    In speaking to you, we wish you to expand your definition of reality; however, never
    take anything we say literally. Always follow the larger spiral that we are intending
    to create that allows you to see the bigger picture. Never stop where we define an
    idea, since we are simply here to open up your paradigms and rattle your cages so
    that you can begin to find the activation of the real knowledge, the true knowledge,
    that is stored inside of you. That is where the data is, and we have come to
    awaken it in you.
    We wish to throw out ideas for your consideration. We wish to encourage you not
    to get stuck – on any one idea and also to embrace what you are hesitant about or
    are fearful of. Realize that when you face the so – called dark portions or shadow
    portions of yourself, you are creating an opportunity of liberation for all concerned.
    This comes back to the first and final tenet: thought creates.
    No matter what situation you find yourself in, it is the power of your thoughts that
    got you there. It is also the impeccable belief that thought creates that will
    transform your experience and the planetary existence.
    We recommend that you do a little questioning of anyone who over defines and
    tells you absolutes. It is important to hear many different opinions and many
    different stories. Listen to a person’s story, then see if it feels right. Is it for your
    own benefit and upliftment? One of the things that we like to teach you is that it is
    up to you to decide what to do. We give you information; however, it is up to you to
    decide what to do with it: you are in charge of your life, we are not.
    We like to pride ourselves on being storytellers. There is a certain credibility and a
    certain sensationalism in the way we present data. However, a story that we tell
    you at one point is certainly not the only story; it is not the end, and it is never the
    only truth. It is only one fragmentation, one small portion of the bigger picture.
    No matter what story we tell you today, we guarantee you that a year from now we
    will tell you a different story, because a year from now you will be able to
    comprehend things in a grander fashion. So the story will constantly evolve. Your
    task is to find your identity inside of the story, to find what you know – not what you
    want to believe or what you have been told. Trusting what you know is imperative,
    for knowing is your connection to Prime Creator.
    Each and every one of you is going to have to know that your life is about
    something as you begin to remember your role.
    You yourself chose to be here. You are on assignment to bring memory forward
    and to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are
    needed. You have been in training for this assignment for lifetimes, and you did not
    come unprepared. All that you need to know now is inside of you, and it is your
    task to remember your training. This is not a lifetime when you are going to be
    taught new information. As we said before, this is the lifetime when you are going
    to remember what you already know, and we are just here to remind you of it.
    That is part of our assignment.

  13. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter two
    On Prime Creator’s Journey

    Humanity is an experiment. Humanity has been designed, as has just about
    everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator began experimenting with
    creation a long time ago in this universe for the purpose of greater self –
    exploration, self – gratification, and self – expression.
    Prime Creator brought energies and essences of life – extensions of itself – into this
    universe and endowed those extensions with the gifts that it had. It gave willingly
    and freely of its capabilities. There are many other universes and many other ways
    of designing universes; this particular one was designed as a free-will zone in
    which all would be allowed.
    Prime Creator said to these extensions of itself, “Go out and create and bring all
    things back to me.” This was quite a simple assignment, was it not? In other words,
    Prime Creator was saying, “I am going to gift you of myself. You go out and gift of
    yourselves freely so that all you create in this universe can understand its essence
    as my identity.”
    These extensions of Prime Creator, which we will call creator gods, went out and
    began to experiment with Prime Creator’s energy as it existed within themselves.
    They began to create their own hierarchy, which in turn created other hierarchies.
    Each succeeding hierarchy created another hierarchy to endow it with its own
    essence and to assist in the development of this universe.
    Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, a plan came together to design Earth as
    an intergalactic exchange center of information. It was an incredible plan. Earth
    was a beautiful place, located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems and
    easily reached from other galaxies. It was close to many way portals, the highways
    that exist for energies to travel throughout space.
    There was much scurrying and shuffling to create individual representation from all
    of the galaxies here upon this planet. Some of the creator gods were master
    geneticists. They were able through their hierarchies to tie molecules together
    encoded molecules of identity, frequency, and electrical charge to create life. Many
    sentient civilizations gave of their DNA to have representation of their coding upon
    this planet.
    The master geneticists then designed various species, some human, some animal,
    by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to
    make Earth into this exchange center of information, this light center, this Living
    Library. The plan for Earth was a grand one.
    The Original Planners of Earth were members of the Family of Light, beings who
    worked for and were associated with an aspect of consciousness called light. Light
    is information. The Family of Light created the information center they had
    conceived of; they designed a place where galaxies would contribute their
    information and where all would be able to participate and share their specific
    knowledge. Earth was to be a cosmic library, a place of incredible beauty that
    experimented with how information could be stored through frequencies and
    through the genetic process.
    Outside the structure of time,100,000 years can pass in what may be a year within
    the structure of time as you know it. These creator gods did not exist in time as you
    know it. A few hundred thousand years or a million years was nothing to them.
    Different energies were brought into existence. There were species of humans on
    Earth perhaps 500,000 years ago who developed very highly evolved civilizations.
    We are not speaking of the civilizations that you call Lemuria or Atlantis; to us,
    those civilizations are modern.
    We are talking about civilizations that are ancient, civilizations that are buried
    under some of the ice caps of the far southern continent of .Antarctica.
    The project of the Living Library on Earth was eventually fought over. It looked
    enticing enough to be mined by some. During Earth’s early history, there were wars
    in space for ownership of this planet. Have you ever wondered who owns Earth?
    It’s a prime hunk of real estate. Do you think it would go ownerless in space?
    Skirmishes took place, and Earth became a place of duality. Certain creator gods
    who had the right to do whatever they wanted – because Earth is a free-will zone –
    came in and took over. We call this “raiding” the Earth.
    It was like corporate raiding on Wall Street. These creator gods raided Earth
    approximately 300,000 years ago – the time period, historically speaking, that you
    would call the beginning of human civilization. This is merely the time period that
    you, in this present day, are taught was the beginning of civilization. In actuality, it
    was only the beginning of the later phase, the phase of modern humanity.
    When this skirmish occurred, a certain group of entities fought in space and won
    the territory of Earth. These new owners did not want the native Earth species – the
    humans – to be informed of what took place. Uninformed, the species would be
    easier to control. This is why light is information and darkness is lack of
    These entities beat out light, and Earth became their territory. It gives you a new
    idea of light, does it not? There was great radioactivity and nuclear action, and
    much of Earth was rent asunder. The original species, human creation,
    experienced great destruction and was scattered.
    These new creator gods who were the new owners were also master geneticists.
    They understood how to create life, and they wanted this territory for their own
    reasons. Territories are created and held by certain energies for many reasons,
    one of which is that there is consciousness within all things.
    Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates, or can be led
    to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic energies of
    consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of
    food. Just as apples can he prepared and eaten in a variety of ways,
    consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.
    Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they
    created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies
    of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep
    themselves in charge. They began to Figure out that this is how Prime Creator
    nourished itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic
    frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself.
    The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences
    than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These
    things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power.
    These new owners who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings
    spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all
    over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species.
    They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited
    frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.
    The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were
    contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations.
    When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created
    versions of humans with a different DNA – the two-stranded, double-helix DNA.
    They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original
    DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split
    apart, unplugged.
    Within human cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy
    that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a
    cable – the way fiber optics works – they form the helix of your DNA. When you
    here rearranged, you were left with the double helix.
    Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was
    unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into
    controllable, operable frequencies.
    A frequency fence, something like an electrical fence, was put around the planet
    to control how much the frequencies of humans could be modulated and changed.
    As the story goes, this frequency fence made it very difficult for the frequencies of
    light – information – to penetrate.
    When light frequencies were able to penetrate the control fence, there was no light
    to receive them. The humans’ DNA was unplugged, the light-encoded filaments
    were no longer organized, so the creative cosmic rays that brought light did not
    have anything to plug into and hold onto.
    What part do you play in this story? You are members of the Family of Light. The
    mere fact that you are reading this book shows that you are Family of Light.
    For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding you of what you know
    inside yourselves. We have come onto this planet to trigger your memory banks –
    to inspire the human race through the band of light so that you will begin to
    remember who you are, to create your own reality, and to alter the frequency on
    the planet and claim rightful ownership of yourselves and this territory.
    We, as Pleiadians, come back through time – into what would perhaps be called
    our past – in the vestige of representatives of light. We come back in order to share
    a frequency with you, a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry on this
    planet in order to change the DNA of the rearranged human race. This is a big
    story. It could make headlines, you know.
    The Original Planners are not about to lose the territory. Do you think they are
    going to give up so easily? The Original Planners began to call on the Family of
    Light to go in and infiltrate the project, to incarnate one – by – one and bring the
    light – as information via creative cosmic rays – into the place where it was lost. The
    Family of Light began its work here, coming into a system that was devoid of light
    and devoid of information.
    By mutating the laws of humanity, these creative cosmic rays began to pierce
    people’s bodies, individual by individual, then group by group. In very small
    amounts throughout the eons were these frequencies of information brought onto
    this planet. At times, great battles were fought to keep out the light or information
    that was always looking to be expressed. The Original Planners knew that,
    cosmically speaking, this w as a lesson for them in allowing, in understanding the
    creator gods who took their project.
    The Original Planners set out to insert their own version of a plan to coincide with
    a time when the frequency of Earth would be altered, a time when the owners
    would perish if they could not change their own frequency. Emotions are a source
    of food.
    There are those whose food source is love, and the Original Planners intend to
    alter the frequency of Earth to that of love. The current owners’ food source of fear,
    anxiety, chaos, hunger, and despondency must be removed.
    Guess who is removing this food source? You are! As members of the Family of
    Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters, here to conquer your own
    fears and to show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything.
    You love to go in and cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of
    Light. You are famous for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency,
    thus bringing information. It is not your task as members of the Family of Light to
    proselytize. You simply go into systems and act as receptacles; you receive the
    creative cosmic rays into your bodies, the bodies that you occupy as humans. You
    are in disguise as humans, and you allow a process to take place.
    You are coded, and as your memory begins to rise, you will respond to the plan
    with which you came here to participate to alter the frequencies. You will begin to
    hold, keep, and maintain a certain frequency and then to line it. Identity as
    frequency is the sum total of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies
    broadcast as electronic pulsations. As you live your frequency, you affect
    everyone, every place you go. That is what you are doing now. There are many
    who already understand their assignment, and there are those whose memories
    are just beginning to rise.
    The plan to change the frequency modulation affecting the human species entails
    the rebuilding of your DNA and of the light-encoded filaments. The plan is gigantic
    at this time. Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the universe. Earth is
    where things are happening: it is the hot spot, the place to be. It is where the plan
    begins to blossom, and what happens on Earth is going to affect many, many
    As members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come to Earth many times – in
    many guises and in many different time frames – to learn the ropes, to figure out
    the character, and to become trained. You needed to experience Earth and to
    prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would begin to occur
    and you would all incarnate in large numbers to bring the plan into action.
    The Family of Light everywhere is beginning to unite. You must all focus on what
    you have in common, not what you do not have in common. As members of the
    Family of Light, you bring information to the planet neutrally to stimulate your own
    growth. You need to do this for your own growth affects the growth of the planet.
    Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes. These twelve helixes
    correspond to energy centers, or chakras, inside and outside of your body. Millions
    of you on the planet at this time are on assignment, and you have agreed to carry
    the frequency to accomplish this. Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable, and
    these handfuls are affecting the others. Soon you will begin to have great clarity as
    to who you are and what your assignment is.
    This process is an incredible evolutionary leap for one to be involved in, and it is
    going to take place on an accelerated path for the next twenty years. There are
    those who have already received a realignment of the twelve strands of DNA, the
    twelve helixes. These twelve spiral strands of DNA interact with one another in the
    body and outside of the body. The connection of the twelve strands means that the
    twelve energy or information centers can begin to function and send information
    back and forth to one another.
    Traditionally, seven of these centers are located in the body, and five are located
    outside of the body. They are commonly known as your chakra centers and are
    aligned with the spinning of the twelve heavenly bodies that you know of at this
    time within your solar system – the twelve heavenly bodies that are vibrating, as
    you recognize them, in 3D. These twelve heavenly bodies are spinning with
    information: they spin with the chakra systems that go out to the end of the
    universe, and they spin with the DNA spinning inside your body.
    When human DNA begins to rebundle as a twelve-stranded helix system and this
    information is acted upon, there will be incredible power. Individuals, simply by
    coming together and jointly intending what they want – jointly becoming a telepathic
    receptacle for energies from all over the cosmos – will change the face of the
    We call the rebuilding process of your DNA a mutation. Once you, as members of
    the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation into your bodies, you will be able
    to integrate your twelve centers of information. You will begin to understand that
    you create your experiences, and you will learn to become conscious creators.
    More than that, you will become conscious rememberers of who you are.
    As your tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chakras begin to open themselves, many off –
    planet energies will appear in your lives. These energies will occur on this planet
    as more and more of you hold the higher frequencies. The tenth chakra connects
    with the solar system, the eleventh with the galaxy, and the twelfth with a place in
    the universe. As you hold these frequencies, you will bring information onto the
    planet that will astound and shock most of the world.
    There will be a merging of identities, a merging of cultures, an infusion of many
    “new world orders,” and there will be much chaos and confusion.
    As members of the Family of Light, you can simply observe this, knowing that
    chaos and confusion must come to break down the system so thatit can be rebuilt
    with light. As members of the Family of Light, you can understand that there is an
    evolutionary process taking place and that those who can handle the changing
    frequencies by all means will evolve.
    Earth is an exciting place to be at this time. It is a good plan, is it not?

  14. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Three
    Who Your Gods Are

    There are many misconceptions about the idea of godhood. The universes are full
    of intelligent beings who have, over time, evolved and developed all sorts of
    capabilities and functions to serve their needs to express themselves creatively.
    The importance behind existence and consciousness is creativity, and creativity
    takes many forms.
    Eons ago, Earth was but a thought in the minds of great beings who had set before
    themselves the task of creating new forms of existence. Many of these beings
    affected the creation of this universe, and you have termed them God. In actuality,
    they were extraterrestrial light – bearing energies far removed from Prime Creator.
    We rarely use the term God with a big G.
    If we were to use that term, we would be referring to the entity we know as Prime
    Creator. Prime Creator, in its own personal implosion through love, endowed all
    things with consciousness. All things are Prime Creator on Prime Creator’s journey.
    We see ourselves as an extension of Prime Creator – always gathering information,
    going off on adventures, and doing whatever we need to do to make our lives more
    interesting and challenging so that we can feed Prime Creator. As we feed Prime
    Creator through our schemes and our endeavors, we endow Prime Creator with
    greater energy to give to new creations.
    We have never gotten close to the entity Prime Creator. Even those of us who are
    beings of the grandest light vibration do not have the capacity at this stage of our
    evolution to be in proximity to Prime Creator. We are not prepared enough to
    handle the intensity of that emanation. It is our desire at some point in our evolution
    to get a glimpse of and perhaps merge with Prime Creator for a time.
    We know that this is possible, so it is something we strive for.
    The evolution of consciousness and the ability to house information is what allows
    one to come into the proximity of Prime Creator. Many people on Earth have felt
    that they have merged with God. They may have merged with a portion of Prime
    Creator that best suited their vibration at the time. The total vibration of Prime
    Creator would destroy the physical vehicle in an instant, because it cannot house
    that much information. Those that represent “God” to you are but a minute portion
    of Prime Creator.
    Remember, consciousness is within all things,
    and consciousness was never invented, it simply was. Consciousness is knowing,
    and your knowing is your closest place to Prime Creator. When you trust what you
    know, you are activating the God within you.
    At this time, there is a great awareness moving over the planet as to how big the
    world really is and as to who’s who in the world ballgame: not only who’s who in the
    world ballgame, but who’s who in the cosmic ballgame.
    Just as you have hierarchies upon Earth that you may or may not be aware of,
    there are hierarchies in the cosmos. You can live within a certain area and not be
    aware that any hierarchy exists. You can farm your land, pay your taxes, decide
    not to vote, and simply be oblivious to any bureaucratic political structure. In
    somewhat the same way, Earth is oblivious to the bureaucratic political structure
    that operates in the universe.
    It is important for you to understand that bureaucracies or hierarchies exist, and
    that these organizations have different experiences of time than you do. Others do
    not live within the structure of time as you know it. What you call one year perhaps
    to others may be only one small portion of a day. If you can really begin to
    comprehend this, you can understand why this planet has seemingly been left to
    itself for the last few thousand years.
    Now, activity is beginning to bubble and boil again from the skies, and you will be
    faced with inserting a vast amount of new knowledge into your paradigms and your
    belief systems. This planet is in for a culture shock – a big surprise.
    You have come here at this time for a certain purpose: Those creator gods who
    rearranged the human species are returning. Some of them are already here. This
    planet has been visited over and over again, and many different forms of human
    being have been seeded here through a variety of experiments. There have been
    many influential factors that have created the course of history on Earth. There
    have been civilizations on this planet that have existed for millions of years that
    have come and gone and not left a trace. These civilizations, each and every one
    of them, were influenced by those you may term God.
    Your history has been influenced by a number of light beings whom you have
    termed God. In the Bible, many of these beings have been combined to represent
    one being, when they were not one being at all, but a combination of very powerful,
    extraterrestrial light – being energies. They were indeed awesome energies from
    our perspective, and it is easy to understand why they were glorified and
    There is no literature on Earth that gives you a true picture of these beings. All of
    the gods came here to learn and to enhance their own development through
    working with creativity, consciousness, and energy. Some became very successful
    and mastered their own lessons, while some made quite devastating errors.
    Who were these gods from ancient times? They were beings who were able to
    move reality and to command the spirits of nature to bend to their will. Humans
    have traditionally called beings God who could do things that the human race could
    not do.
    These beings were passed down through the ancient cultures of may – societies,
    portrayed as winged creatures and balls of light. The world is permeated with hints,
    clues, and artifacts of who your gods have been. However, those who wished to
    manipulate humans made up their own stories to create a paradigm that would
    control you.
    You were told that these beings were truly gods, and you were taught to worship,
    obey, and adore them. This paradigm is now on the verge of making a gigantic
    shift. The truth is going to come forward, a truth that will completely change the
    way you view the world. Woe be to those who are unwilling to look. The shock
    reverberations are going to move around the world.
    The creator gods who have been ruling this planet have the ability to become
    physical, though mostly they exist in other dimensions. They keep Earth in a
    certain vibrational frequency while they create emotional trauma to nourish
    themselves. There are some beings who honor life before everything else, and
    there are also beings who do not honor life and do not understand their connection
    to it.
    Consciousness feeds consciousness. It is hard for you to understand this concept
    because you feed yourself with food. The food for some beings is consciousness.
    All food contains consciousness at some point in its own development, whether
    you fry it, boil it, or pick it from the garden; you ingest it to keep yourself nourished.
    Your emotions are food for others.
    When you are controlled to bring about havoc and frenzy, you are creating a
    vibrational frequency that supports the existence of these others because that is
    how they are nourished.
    There are those who live off the vibration of love, and that group would like to
    reestablish the food of love on this planet. They would like to turn this universe into
    the frequency of love so that it can have the opportunity to go out and seed other
    You represent the renegade group of light, and you have agreed to come back on
    the planet. You are on assignment. You come into these physical bodies and take
    them over, and you intend, through the power of your spiritual identity, to change
    the physical body. You all selected with great care he genetic lines that would best
    give you head starts with all of this. Each of you chose a genetic history through
    which members of the Family of Light have threaded.
    When human beings existed in their rightful domain and could understand many
    realities, they had the ability to be multidimensional, to be one and equal with the
    gods. You are beginning to awaken this identity within yourself.
    The gods raided this reality. Just like corporate raiders in your time come in and
    take over a business because perhaps the pension funds are in great abundance,
    so the funds upon this planet were in great abundance at the time these raider
    gods appeared. In order to have you believe they were Gods with a big G, they
    rearranged you genetically.
    That is when the Family of Light was scattered from the planet, and the dark team,
    which operated out of ignorance, came in. Your bodies carry a fear and a memory
    of striving for the knowledge that those gods represented and took away from you.
    The gods who did this are magnificent space creatures. They can do many kinds of
    manipulations and work with realities in many different ways.
    Humans, in ignorance, began to call these space creatures God with a big G.
    God with a big G has never visited this planet as an entity. God with a big G is in all
    things. You have only dealt with gods with a little g who have wanted to be adored
    and to confuse you, and who have thought of Earth as a principality, a place that
    they own out in the galactic fringes of this free-will universe.
    Before the raid, you had tremendous abilities. The original biogenetic example of
    the human was given incredible information, was interdimensional, and could do
    many things. When those creator gods raided, they found that the local species
    knew too much. The local species had abilities that were too much like those who
    were passing themselves off as God.
    A biogenetic manipulation was done, and there was much destruction. There were
    experimental versions of the species brought onto the planet, where the original
    database was scattered but not destroyed. At one time, your DNA was intact. It
    was like a beautiful library where the information was all catalogued and
    referenced and you could find anything you wanted to find instantly. When the
    biogenetic alteration occurred to unplug the data, it eras as if someone hid the
    reference system and pulled all the books off the shelves and heaped them into a
    pile on the door so that there was no order to them. This is how your DNA was
    scattered and scrambled by the raiders a long time ago.
    We are telling you a story now; there is definitely a story to this. We speak not to
    your logical mind but to your memory banks, so that you can begin to remember
    participating in this story. In this way, you will begin to understand what has
    happened and who you are within this process.
    All of the genetic information was scattered; it did not have an order, but it was left
    inside the cells. The only information that remained for you to play with and to keep
    you functioning was the double helix. Many of the databases along the double helix
    were shut down, closed, so that you began to function with very little data. You
    were very easy to manipulate and control by many aspects of consciousness
    passing themselves off as God with a big G.
    Certain entities took the existing species, which was indeed a glorious species, and
    retooled it for their own uses, their own needs. They disrupted the informational
    frequency inside human beings, changed the DNA, and gave you the double helix
    so that you could be kept in ignorance. Your frequency of accessibility was simply
    shut off so that you couldn’t turn the dial of your own radio.
    These creator gods set out to alter the DNA inside the human body, which is the
    intelligence, the blueprint, the code. If a code does not have a place to operate
    within, it cannot fire itself into existence or express itself into existence. If you are
    locked up in a little tiny room and never given any place to grow, you can never
    express yourself. The last number of thousand years, your code has been forced to
    fit inside a very limited DNA.
    One of the most exciting aspects about being on Earth right now is that there is a
    reordering or a retooling taking place in your DNA. Cosmic rays are coming onto
    the planet so that a change is being broadcasted and a reordering is taking place
    inside the body. The scattered data that holds the history and awareness of the
    Living Library is now lining up.
    The DNA is evolving. New helixes or strands are being formed as the lightencoded
    filaments are beginning to bundle themselves together. The scattered
    data is being pulled together in your body by electromagnetic energies from Prime
    Creator. We are here to watch this process in you, to assist you, and to evolve
    ourselves as well.
    As this rebuilding or reordering comes together, you will create a more evolved
    nervous system that will allow much more data to move itself into your
    consciousness. You will awaken many brain cells that have been lying dormant,
    and you will come into use of your full physical body rather than the small
    percentage that you have been functioning with.
    Every place on the planet is being affected by this change, this awareness. Those
    of you who are the Guardians of Light and who wish to completely change this
    present reality and bring different options in are anchoring the frequency. If it is not
    anchored and understood, it can create chaos. It will create chaos. This is why you
    must ground yourselves.
    Chaos brings about a state of reorganization when utilized properly. Time is
    collapsing, and the energy is becoming larger and larger. You have come here to
    use that energy first. You will make pathways of consciousness as you pull the
    energy into your body that will assist others so that they may not have to go
    through what you go through.
    Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all.
    You are all pulling light, which is data and information, onto the planet, and as you
    do this you create new pathways for consciousness to explore without even saving
    a word.
    The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new
    ways of living and being. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It
    does not hold light; it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities; it holds you
    in limitation, and you are tired of that.
    The creator gods are space beings who have their own home in space. They are
    also evolving. There are those who would like to kick them out of the “creator god
    club” because they feel that they do not value the life that they create. Before the
    takeover about 300,000 years ago, many of the original team worked here to bring
    information and create this vast information center that was to be used to connect
    many galactic systems.
    Then there was a great war among the creator gods, and the space beings, whose
    stories are in the ancient manuscripts of this planet, won the fight. They came here
    because they wanted this place for many of their own reasons. In Prime Creator’s
    universe here, all things are allowed. Because all things are allowed, many lessons
    are learned.
    Some of these creator gods married and merged their lines, just as on the
    European continent different monarchs and royal families have married and
    merged their kingdoms. The creator gods would mix one kind with another to see
    what they could create. Remember, they understood genetics, and all things were
    created by manifesting and using the life force and understanding how the life force
    It is beyond your comprehension at this time how vast this project has been.
    Who are these beings who came in and rent asunder the original plans for Earth?
    Who are these space beings we sometimes refer to as the Dark T – Shirts?
    Be kind when you speak of the forces of darkness. Do not speak as if they are bad.
    Simply understand that they are uninformed, and they create systems that are
    uninformed because that is how they believe they must operate. They fought at
    one time and separated themselves from knowledge, so now they desperately hold
    onto their existing knowledge and onto life as they have evolved it into being. It is
    life based on fear, life that does not honor other life, life that uses other life.
    Who are these beings? They are the reptiles.
    These space beings are part human and part reptilian. We call them the Lizzies
    because we like to make things a little less emotional and a little humorous so that
    you don’t take them so seriously and get so upset. We are not here to frighten you
    – we are here to inform you. You know all of this inside you, and as you begin to
    open the history of who you are, some’ of you will begin to access reptilian
    memories. You are under a delusion if you believe that you always incarnate as
    human beings.
    You incarnate to experience creation, to gather information about creation, and to
    comprehend it collectively. You certainly don’t go into just one experience. It would
    be like eating dinner at the same restaurant your whole life and then saying, “I
    know all about food.” It’s foolishness. Begin to expand your boundaries and realize
    that you have to experience many things. There is brilliance within all life.
    Creator gods take many forms, and they are not all Lizzies. There are creator gods
    who are insect-like.
    We Pleiadians are associated with the creator gods that are birdlike and reptilian.
    There were those who came from space and worked with the energy of the birds in
    many different cultures. If you look at the drawings of ancient cultures in Egypt,
    South America, and North America, you will see signs of the birds and reptiles.
    At one time, the birds and the reptiles worked together, and at other times they
    fought. As you comprehend more, the story will get larger. You will begin to
    remember your history.
    The creator gods are very connected to you. When you decide to become a parent,
    you agree to learn from your children, to be responsible for their welfare, and to
    teach them to become responsible for themselves. It is the same with the creator
    gods. Through watching you grow, they are learning about life; they are learning
    about what they create; they are learning how to be good parents, so to speak.
    Some creator gods created life just to have it take care of them or meet their
    needs. They have fed off your emotions. One of the big secrets that has been kept
    from you as a species is the richness and wealth that accompanies emotion. You
    have been steered away from exploring emotion because through emotion you can
    figure things out. Your emotions connect you with the spiritual body. The spiritual
    body, of course, is nonphysical, existing on the multidimensional sphere.
    The range of frequency modulation has now been shifted, and energies from the
    outside are working to alter the planet. These energies deed you. They cannot alter
    the planet from the outside – the planet must be altered from the inside. The
    energies simply bring in creative cosmic rays that penetrate your body and create
    the evolutionary leap inside your body.
    Once you understand the proper use of emotion and begin to get control over your
    own frequency, you will be able to broadcast these rays. Then, you will not feed the
    frequency of fear to this plane of existence.
    As the frequency of fear begins to diminish upon this planet, many activities will be
    promulgated to bring about an increase in fear because those who live off the
    fearful frequency will be losing their nourishment, their food. They will make an
    attempt to reinstate that frequency before they change their nourishment to the
    new frequency of love. The Lizzies have set Earth up with devices that can
    broadcast and magnify the emotional turmoil on this planet. That turmoil is sent to
    them, and it sustains them in some way.
    In order to come to a planet, you must have a ‘portal’ or way to get into it. You
    could fly into space, say to Jupiter, but if you never find the portal that allows you to
    enter the planet’s time frame of existence, you could land on a place that looks
    desolate and without life. Portals allow you to enter the dimension of the planet
    where life exists. Portals open onto the corridors of time and serve as zones of
    multidimensional experience.
    There have been different portals on Earth that have allowed different species,
    creator gods from space, to insert themselves.
    One of the huge portals that presently is being fought over is the portal of the
    Middle East. If you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how
    many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It’s a
    huge portal – with a radius of a thousand miles or so.
    This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the
    Lizzies use.
    To some extent, the Lizzies have controlled this portal. They have used this area to
    create their underground bases and caverns, from which they operate. The ancient
    civilization of Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was a space
    colony where a certain civilization was introduced. Kuwait sits at the mouth of this
    territory. This is a portal that involves manipulation of the human population to
    serve the needs of others.
    Within the Lizzie population, there are those who are benevolent and those who
    are malevolent.
    Why are we telling you all this? Why do you need to know it? You need to know it
    because the Lizzie reality is reentering and merging with your dimension.
    Part of your evolutionary leap in consciousness is not simply to go into love and
    light and eat ice cream sundaes every day. You must comprehend how complex
    reality is, how many different forms of reality there are, and how they are all you.
    You must make peace with them and merge with them to create an implosion of
    the collection of your soul. In this way, you can come back to Prime Creator.
    You are going to be faced with many opportunities to judge many things and label
    them as bad. But, when you judge and label, you will not experience and feel the
    new realities. Always remember that this is a free-will zone and that there is a
    Divine Plan, which is going to be the last plan, the last card to be played. You all
    must remember that this last card is going to be an ace.
    The nature of the drama on this planet is quite interesting. Whenever there is a
    frequency modulation of an existing system, there is a certain magnetism that
    moves out from that system. This magnetism draws every energy that was ever
    involved with that system back to the system so that it can be part of the evolution
    or process. You are magnetizing everything to yourself that you have ever
    experienced so that you can feel everything you need to feel about it.
    The creator gods of ancient times are being drawn back here at this time because
    of the Divine Plan. They must participate in it and understand that their frequencies
    are going to be changed. They are resisting this, just like many humans are
    resisting. Yet, they create their own realities.
    These creator gods of the last 300,000 years have forgotten who created them!
    They have forgotten their gods.
    As members of the Family of Light, you have not forgotten. Your task is
    comprehension: to pull comprehension and understanding onto the planet, which
    will stabilize the energy and generate the power to create. Light is underestimated
    on this planet, and these creator gods underestimate you. Even in their own
    brilliance, they have blind spots. They are so enamored of power that they fight
    amongst themselves.
    The creator gods gave up a portion of themselves and became ensconced,
    enamored with their own project. You are linked to these beings because you are
    extensions or operable forces of them. You are here to affect reality not simply
    from the outside but from the inside. It is this that you are intending to remember.
    The creator gods are coming back to raid you again because they don’t want to
    starve. They understand that there is “systems busting” going on through you, so
    they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory.
    Their food source is important to them. They are losing control of the planet, so
    they are going back to their prime portal in the Middle East, where their nest is
    located underneath the ground, to create fear and chaos.
    The Original Planners wish to bring freedom of choice with respect to frequency
    back to this planet.
    The gods who have been in charge here for this last period of evolution use
    frequency modulation and do not allow freedom of choice. They rob your psychic
    energy by giving you a false picture of reality in every way that you could possibly
    imagine. We are not saying these gods are bad. We are simply informing you of
    events that take place and of how innocently you become involved in these events.
    You do not realize that these situations are setups to get you to think or feel a
    certain way and to vibrate with a certain consciousness.
    We play the same game. If you look back to see what we have done, have we not
    purposely set up a plan of frequency modulation for you? Have we not entrapped
    you, enticed you, convinced you of your free will so that you could choose to
    vibrate at a certain frequency? We have done the same thing the builders have
    You had best, all of you, give up your old definitions of Santa Claus. In the same
    way that you discovered the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and the
    Tooth Fairy, you are going to discover that there is a cover – up, a story, an
    idealized version around many of these energies that you have worshiped as gods.
    The predominant energy on this planet siphons your belief systems according to its
    own will. It directs incredible flows of energy outward, and this energy is alive. You
    have been told that all of your thoughts make a world: they are real – they go
    someplace. There are five and a half billion people thinking right now. That much
    energy is alive on Earth. What is the predominant feeling within that energy, and
    what can this energy be convinced or coerced to exhibit?
    We are not here to say who is right and who is wrong and who is who within the
    hierarchy. We simply want to bust your illusions, to pop your balloons about what
    you have been led to believe. We do not want to say that it is wrong; we simply
    want to suggest to you that you think bigger.
    Feel the noticeable loss that is going to occur within this predominant energy when
    more and more of you don’t vibrate according to its plan. Think what you can do
    when you overcome the frequency modulation or the insistence of your logical
    mind and when, with impeccability, you stand clean as a Keeper of Frequency.
    Remember that identity as a frequency is the sum total of your physical, mental,
    emotional, and spiritual bodies broadcast as electromagnetic pulsations. Every
    time you begin to own what someone has been siphoning off and to cultivate it
    according to your own will, you change the vibration on the planet.
    As systems busters, this is one of the things that you are profoundly proficient in.
    We do not want to discredit or discount what you have used up until now as tools,
    we simply want you to outgrow your old tools. Some of your reverence and loyalty
    has been to belief systems that will no longer serve you, just as there will come a
    time when each of you will move beyond the steps that we are leading you through
    at this time.
    Another energy will be able to say,
    “Well, when the Pleiadians were showing you this, it was very good. They led you
    here and there. Let us take you further.”
    There is no stopping the evolution, for there is nothing that has been given to the
    planet that represents the ultimate in truth.
    As you summon the story of your reptilian past, you will find that many of the
    influential characters in the patriarchal system of history have indeed been part of
    the reptile family. Just as all humans are not bad, it is the same with the reptilians.
    They are no less a part of Prime Creator than you are, and their visage and
    physiology is not one of lesser means. Master geneticists are capable of occupying
    many different forms. It is quite understood that part of the difficulty of working with
    an isolated species is the shock that can occur with the complete revelation of
    There have been many other creator gods, only some of which have had human
    form. Presently, your greatest state of unrest or discomfort comes from beings of a
    reptilian type of existence because they seem the most foreign to you.
    It has been our intention to expand your ideas of who your gods are because those
    gods will be returning to Earth. That is why the planet is going through such great
    turmoil. As you learn to hold the frequencies coming from the creative cosmic rays,
    you will be prepared to meet these gods. As we have said, some of them are
    already here. They walk your streets and participate in your academies, your
    government, and your workplaces.
    They are here to observe, and they are here to direct energy.
    Some come for great assistance, and some are here to learn and evolve. Some do
    not have the highest of intentions: http://www.universe-people.com.
    You must understand how to discern the extraterrestrial energies. This is a free-will
    universe, so all forms of life are allowed here. If an energy attempts to frighten you,
    manipulate you, or control you, it is not an energy that would be in your highest
    interest to work with. You have a choice of who you work with. Just because
    someone has evolved many fantastic and seemingly magic abilities does not
    necessarily mean that that entity is evolved spiritually. Learn to discern.
    You are living in a most important time when energy is coming alive. All you are
    feeling is the result of you coming alive and awakening to your hidden potentials.
    The wind is whipping around, showing you there are great stirrings in the air. The
    gods are here. You are these gods.
    As you awaken to your history, you will begin to open your ancient eyes. These are
    the eyes of Horus, which see not through the eyes of a human being but from the
    point of view of a god. They see the connectedness and purpose of all things, for
    the ancient eyes are able to see into many realities and to connect the whole
    picture, the whole history.
    When you open the ancient eyes within yourselves, you will not only be able to
    connect with your own whole personal history, you will be able to connect with the
    planetary history, the galactic history, and the universal history.
    Then, indeed, you will find out who your gods are.

  15. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Four
    Memories in the Free – Will Zone

    Once upon a time, there were beings who wanted to create something. In order to
    do this, they needed to go in and very subtly change a part of creation. These
    beings worked for, were associated with, and carefully guarded an aspect of
    consciousness called light. At different times, these Guardians of Light met and
    worked together and crossed paths in the different realms of reality. They planned,
    they shared blueprints, and they designed a time when their plan would go into
    Certain members of this light team plotted the probabilities of Prime Creator: what
    Prime Creator would do, where Prime Creator would act, and how Prime Creator
    would be stimulated. These entities understood what could be done with light, and
    their plan was very carefully orchestrated. For several hundred thousand years,
    these beings of light were trained to carry out this plan. Part of the plan involved
    being ready for a cosmic jolt that they anticipated would eventually be coming from
    Prime Creator.
    There was a great deal of dedication and preparation as the groundwork was laid
    and the training begun. There was much to be learned before this plan could be
    implemented, for it was a daring plan. It was the intention of these Guardians of
    Light to take light, or knowledge, into a reality where that light was not welcomed
    and did not fit. It was like putting your foot in a shoe that does not fit.
    These beings had a plan to prepare for the time when that light would fit. These
    beings are you, and that time is now. The time has been carefully orchestrated,
    and each of you knows in the deepest portions of your being that you have come
    here for a purpose. You have come to begin the pivotal movement to release
    everything that has bound you up until now – into your reality, that has held you
    with fine threads like steel cords and locked you into ideas about yourselves and
    your relationship to the cosmos.
    For those of you who have come to act out your plan and to work with the
    consciousness of light, your time is now. Your action springs from this moment. All
    you need to do is begin to allow this energy to come into your body. You must
    begin to vibrate with this energy and to clear the passages of the self, the
    emotional energies that hold themselves locked in your physical body. As you
    begin to examine the self, you will find that there are many selves in which to travel
    on the inner highways or inner nervous system of consciousness.
    You will find that your society has been very cleverly designed to keep you from
    knowing this most intimate and rewarding and exciting portion of yourself.
    As Guardians of Light, you are going to create options of reality and bring them to
    the mass consciousness of the planet. You will do this by first doing it for yourself,
    creating an inner peace and inner love by accepting who you are and all that you
    have done in life and all that has been done to you in life. You will accept and
    integrate these things because you will know they have been exactly the situations
    necessary to bring you into this final stage of anchoring light.
    This story is an ancient one, and it is stored within your body. Part of what we are
    requesting of you and reminding you is to open this historical treasure house and
    become an inner archaeologist. Be willing to travel the roads of memory of this
    lifetime and many other lifetimes so that you can begin to have a picture of the
    purpose of consciousness.
    When you begin to picture the purpose of your own consciousness, and you
    discover the clever ways you have traveled, the many guises you have used, and
    the many actions you have participated in, you will learn to accept the totality of
    your being. When you are able to accept behavior that was not uplifting behavior,
    and accept your own identity of sexuality, and accept how you valued or did not
    value life in many lifetimes, it will open a chakra center in your body that is located
    around the thymus gland, between the fourth and fifth chakras.
    It is through here that eventually the nervous system will open and information will
    flow and through here that you will begin to regenerate the body and move into
    unconditional love.
    As you accept and explore what you have participated in, you will have a greater
    understanding of what is going on now on the planet. You will then allow others to
    dance to whatever tune they are best learning from at this time. There are some
    pretty chaotic tunes being played upon this planet, and there is a purpose to all of
    them. The purpose is to strengthen the self so that the self can become completely
    informed about reality. The self can then decide with clarity the soul’s path, or your
    personal path, through reality.
    The original plan was for Earth to be an exchange center of information for all the
    different galactic systems. The Original Planners have not given up this plan.
    They were members of the Family of Light, and some of you have been very
    intimate with these Original Planners. Feel that for a moment.
    We want to awaken your memories. We want you to begin to understand the
    magnitude of what is occurring to your species on this planet so that you can
    operate with comfort, knowledge, and knowing.
    The Original Planners are quite capable of plotting different courses and different
    As we have mentioned, in a free-will universe, all is allowed by Prime Creator.
    Therefore, since time does not exist as you know it outside of your local sector,
    things are left to work themselves out. So, to you humans, it seems as if it has
    been a long time since any kind of cosmic planetary excitement has taken place on
    Earth. In the larger scheme of evolution, it has not been so long, but because you
    are locked in the time frame of Earth, it feels as if it has been a long time.
    Light gives information, and darkness withholds information. So, in the times that
    are coining, it will be easy for you to discern who’s who and what’s what as you
    travel outside the third-dimensional realm. All you need to do is discern whether
    something is light and you are being given information or whether it is darkness
    and you are being disinformed, misinformed, or information is being completely
    withheld from you.
    Darkness and light have come from the same creator, Prime Creator, who has
    created a host of creator gods to go out and do its bidding. It has given all these
    creator gods freedom to form worlds: to discover how to create life, how to become
    responsible stewards of life, and how to become parents for the planets in the
    galactic systems that they have created. Learning to become a good parent has
    been a constant ongoing process.
    The creator gods have taken themselves and made themselves and fed their
    worlds from themselves. In Egypt, there is a story about a creator god who
    masturbated and created the world. The god took himself and made small
    identities out of himself so that he could be in what he made and not outside of it.
    You are all needed to access the portion of memory that is part of the creator gods.
    Who are these gods? Who are the gods that fought with these gods? Who are
    some of the gods who came here and controlled you? Part of your task is to
    access your memory.
    When these beings return to Earth, there will be many of you who will turn to them
    and say, “Yes, these are wonderful gods. I feel wonderful about them. They are so
    magnificent. Look what they can do.” Some of these gods will seem to fix and save
    your world. This is where it will be easy to miss the bigger picture.
    It will look as if they are coming to fix and save your world when, in actuality, what
    they are doing is simply creating another form of authority and control. What we
    are saying is that people will put a belief system and a paradigm on these entities.
    There will be a large marketing program to sell the presence of these entities to
    you. This program is already going on.
    You are not like the masses on Earth, for you are members of the Family of Light,
    and you know things that others do not. You may know that these beings are not of
    light, and you may know it to the core of your being. You may become sickened in
    a society that does not know this. Many people will turn to worshiping these beings
    because it will seem as if miracles are occurring and the grandest event in the
    history of the world is taking place. It may seem that humanity is being given a
    whole new opportunity, a whole new golden era. Then there will be a very big
    surprise, and people will find that the tyrannies are larger than ever before.
    The purpose, of course, is for each individual to become sovereign and for the
    planet to unite. Not everyone is going to make the shift. Everyone is not in the
    vibration that wants to work in harmony at this time. There are those on Earth who
    will feel as if they are in states of ecstasy when they find what they think is a new
    authority, a higher authority, a new paradigm, animal gods, or whatever.
    So the Family of Light, as it has infiltrated and penetrated this planet, is going to
    create its own planetary sphere, its own Earth.
    You are all learning about authority. Who is the boss for the beings who are here
    now? Who is their God? Who is their authority? That authority is coming back to
    Earth. There is a lesson in this for Earth. These beings, who are neither spiritually
    informed nor lean in spiritual ways, deny the existence of a spiritual force. They
    have developed scientific principles and technologies that scatter the laws of
    You may think that because you understand or believe in the spiritual realms that
    every person, as they evolve, will naturally embrace that information. It is not so. It
    is possible to become a brilliant master of manipulating matter and reality without
    understanding spiritual connections. It is very important that you learn this.
    There will be those who will come from the stars to this planet who will have
    abilities that will be incredible to the mass consciousness of the people upon Earth.
    But these beings will not feel, for they will not be connected to any spiritual
    seeking. The choice to seek, to awaken the spiritual self, is, of course, free to each
    person upon this planet and to each person in this whole universe. Not everyone is
    going to realize it.
    Just as you have cultivated very powerful individuals upon this planet who are not
    in touch with their feeling centers – who have no connection to emotional and
    spiritual consciousness there are those who exist in space who are extremely
    powerful space kings or space entities who have nothing to do with spirituality.
    They are powerful forces. If you met these forces, you would feel like David
    meeting Goliath. That is why it is important for all of you to learn how to alter your
    reality so that you can dance between the vibrations of frequency, or flip into the
    station of the world that you want to experience.
    Wanting to have something to worship is the frequency control on Earth. What the
    planet is headed for is someone or something new to worship. That is the potential
    holographic insert – anew god to worship. The creator gods, the reptiles, know that
    their plan has run short, so to speak, and there is an intention of creating a new
    plan, a new diversion, a new disempowerment.
    Therefore, beyond anything else, listen to yourselves. Listen to the internal
    message that comes through to you and begin to dance with it and make friends
    with it. You, yourselves, are meant to discover reality from inside and to direct your
    life in this way. This is really the gift that is given in the free-will zone.
    Part of the dichotomy or balancing in a free-will zone is the allowance of all things,
    even tyrannies. In this free-will zone, everyone is endowed with the potential to
    create their own reality. It is a free-will choice to create having someone else
    create reality for you. Most people on Earth allow others to create and dictate their
    reality to them. Through frequency control, you have been steered to look outside
    of yourself for answers. When new gods appear, you are ready to worship them. It
    on and on. Those who control frequency in this way are lost in the same thing, and
    you are their mirror.
    As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring,
    everything changes completely. This is occurring in many places. Just as thought
    travels on Earth, there are highways on which thought can be directed throughout
    the cosmos. The grid works and creative cosmic rays are part of an intergalactic
    system that directs what you believe into other places of existence. So even today
    you are a living inspiration to others as a frequency that is fed into other systems.
    In the same way that we pull energy from other systems into your system, you
    send energy to other systems and affect them – and you don’t know it. We want
    you to realize your impact and the power you have to affect systems. You don’t
    even know how powerful you are, and that is why you could be dangerous. You
    have taken on an incredible amount of this mutating energy.
    What are you going to do with it? How are you going to direct it? Do you love
    The Original Planners are after much more than this particular zone here: they
    are after a shift in the universal DNA. They want the entire universe to orchestrate
    a new symphony in consciousness. They are not only after the reestablishment of
    frequency availability on Earth. Their game is much bigger: they are after a
    restructuring of the vibratory rate of this entire universe.
    They are creating this by going into key zones to infiltrate and bring about a
    simultaneous implosion. There will be a universal awakening within these various
    centers so that the entire universe will change its frequency in its own time.
    The Original Planners have solicited the interest of Prime Creator. Prime Creator
    learns from all things that exist because it is all things. Just as you are learning to
    honor your lessons, the things that you manifest for yourself, Prime Creator honors
    all creations. Prime Creator lets its creations be and learns about its own potential
    by watching what it has birthed, just as a wise parent learns from its children.
    Prime Creator needs you to go out and bring the newest inventions unto it so that it
    can experience and evolve.
    Prime Creator has turned its energy toward this free-will zone because, from a vast
    point in your future, it has been shown where this experiment will go if left
    unchecked and unattended.
    Energy could simply run rampant and own other energy. There is a vast probability
    that reaches out for hundreds and thousands of years of a dictatorship in this
    universal system. From a place far into the future, this experiment is being
    reworked: its essential energy is being transmuted and transformed. You are a part
    of that transformation by going into the bowels of the system in various disguises
    and becoming awakened.
    The human portion of you has delineated who is a good guy and who is a bad guy
    and who is who in the space hierarchy. There have been tremendous amounts of
    literature on this subject, and you have bought it all. Smash all of those ideas.
    Smash every one of them, including who you think we are.
    Over the next number of years, those who come from the skies may not be
    members of the Family of Light. They will be the mirror of those upon the planet.
    We have said to you that your lesson is authority – to become your own authority
    and to stop giving over your decision – making process to governmental people or
    parents or teachers or gods. It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign.
    Humans are going to need to be tricked before they can become aware. Many of
    you may find that you will be very frustrated. You will see things that others will not
    see; you will see a mass mania occurring upon this planet, and you will not be able
    to live with it. You will see masses of people walk toward a false god that is
    You are beginning to feel what may be coming. It is an awesome task to carry light:
    once you put it in your body, there is no stopping it. There is no saying, “I quit the
    light team. I won’t be recognized as a member of the Family of Light.” Some of you
    may want to do this sometimes, but once light is there, that is it.
    We want you to realize that those space beings on and round this planet who you
    feel are “bad guys” – and with whom your government forces have made deals –
    are dealing with the same issues that you are. They are beings who are reflecting
    your beliefs and drama back at you. They have been accused of heinous behavior,
    of performing mutations and abductions upon the human species, which has sent
    out a cry among many of the organizational members of UFO study.
    Yet, these beings act as a mirror to show you your own world: what you acquiesce
    to and what you acquiesce to let your leaders do all over the world. How is your
    acquiescence to the government and media, and the way you are used, different
    from a cow who is mutilated by an extraterrestrial? These extraterrestrials who
    come here do nothing different than your own species does.
    The masses allow the leaders to do as they wish in their name because the
    masses do not rise up and say,
    “Hey, I do not approve of this!”
    There is a complacency upon Earth. The consciousness on this planet is,
    “You do it for me. I don’t want to be responsible. You become my government
    official. You become my teacher. You become my boss. Someone tell me what to
    These extraterrestrials mirror this to you.
    Remember the movie V that was shown on television a few years ago? That movie
    gives you some idea of the cunning and conniving of certain entities who will come
    from space; some people will indeed worship them and think they are absolutely
    powerful masters. We are saying that these scenarios are going to prove true.
    There is a pending merging of human consciousness and the extraterrestrial
    presence upon this planet. It is being marketed to you at a rapid rate.
    Many of you who have studied and used your own discernment will be shocked
    and appalled at the foolishness and ideological worship that the rest of the human
    race will express toward certain beings from space who pass themselves off as
    your creators even though they do not have bodies that look like yours.
    They will be able to do many things and will share many technologies. They will
    perhaps cure certain diseases that they helped create in the first place by teaching
    germ warfare to your planetary scientists.
    You will become disgusted with society because you will not fit with the new gods,
    and you will retreat. Do you understand that the new gods may be lizards? You
    think that’s a little funny? Hold onto your seats, because you have no idea what is
    coming. If we told you everything that was coming, you would have scattered a
    long time ago.
    There are some who play on both teams because they are double agents. This is
    very complicated, and it is time for you to understand it. We are pushing your
    paradigms and stretching your identity because we are preparing you for
    something. If you are prepared, you will be able to stand firmly in an identity and
    not be crushed by what you thought was out there.
    Oh, dear humans, you are in for an adventure, and only you can carry this
    adventure out. The nonphysical realms continuously support you, and members of
    the Family of Light are around you and with you all the time. Yet, it is up to you to
    master the laws that we share with you and to anchor them upon this planet.
    When you begin to live all that we teach you – to trust identity, to trust
    synchronicity, to trust being a part of a plan then you will find that even in the midst
    of great calamity and incredible odds you will be able to defy the laws of humanity.
    The creator gods have their own creators toward whom they are evolving. The
    lapse in consciousness between the creator gods and their creators occurred
    within the context of the manipulation of worlds and universes, not necessarily the
    manipulation of species. You, as a species, are being manipulated within a
    multitude of realities. It is your task to figure out how many realities you exist within.
    For those beings who are manipulating you, their task is to realize how many
    worlds they are manipulating realities in. The creator gods are jugglers of realities,
    but who is juggling their realities and putting them through their creation in all of
    these worlds in the first place?
    All of this is to be felt. Allow your brain cells to click into being without your rational,
    conscious mind wanting to define things down to the most minute detail.
    This experience involves raising a feeling inside yourself and then, one day, at one
    moment, in one afternoon, having an overwhelming sense of knowing: having a
    composition a thousand pages long come alive in five seconds of divine ecstasy.

  16. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Five
    Who Carries the Chord of Light ?

    You hold the history of the universe within your physical body. What is occurring
    upon the planet now is the literal mutation of your physical body, for you are
    allowing it to be evolved to a point where it will be a computer that can house this
    This is going to occur due to biogenetic engineering that really has nothing to do
    with you. You can facilitate the process, of course, by intending cooperation with it.
    As a species, you are being biogenetically altered by the beings who created you
    and who redesign your DNA at periodic junctures in your history.
    This time period was designed by the original creator gods or project designers for
    them to come back and take over this place and return it to its original plan.
    Millions have been called to participate in this project.
    Millions have said,
    “Yes, we are renegades. Let us go and take back this project and see if we can set
    it right. We will rebuild the ruins and put it together.”
    So the plans have been drawn and the designs made and the genetics studied to
    find who carries the recessive genes and the chord of light inside them.
    You have selected with great clarity the parentage that genealogically provides you
    with the fullest accessibility to combinations of light-encoded filaments that can
    potentially evolve.
    Before you came into the body, all of you committed to designing events that would
    fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came
    into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired
    to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine
    Plan that you are a part of.
    The firing of the codings and the realization of your identity are going to become
    phenomenally intense. The reason for this is the evolving DNA. When you have
    twelve helixes of DNA in place, those helixes will begin to plug into the twelve –
    chakra system.
    The twelve chakras are vortex centers loaded with information that you must be
    able to translate. You are evolving yourself even when you are not on the planet
    and you are perhaps more involved with other identities of yourself. Therefore, to
    evolve, you pick particularly challenging situations in which you have to rise
    beyond what has been established as a ceiling or boundary of what is possible.
    You have to become super beings in whatever reality you enter because, as
    members of the Family of Light, the branch of renegades, this is your forte. You
    purposely came to this planet to give yourself such a challenge so that you could
    be defiant – not in a way that would give you problems or create disharmony, but in
    a way that would create harmonic defiance. Through your harmony, you are defiant
    toward the old vibrational frequency.
    Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and
    bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to
    respond the way you are. Some people are not coded at all for this. Some knew
    the plan of change and came here at this time to be observers.
    Some timid beings came here knowing that if they had the courage to step onto
    this planet – while realizing what the blueprint of the planet was – that somehow this
    would be an accreditation of their own conscious journey and would catapult them
    into higher consciousness even if their only participation in the transition was
    simply to be here.
    just to be in the vicinity of this kind of activity is empowering. So give due credit to
    all who are on the planet at this time who have decided to be participants in this
    great frequency change. All of these participants are necessary, because the more
    frequencies that are on the planet, the more energy that can build to alter the old
    frequency. Those who have opened themselves to light are literally having their
    bodies rearranged. Sometimes you may wake up at night and literally feel the
    This rearrangement of the body is the restructuring of the DNA.
    Your DNA is a filament; a scientist would describe it as a connective filament.
    Scientists, doing the best they can up to this point, have found certain codings
    within certain portions of the DNA. They have also found superfluous portions of
    the DNA. In other words, there are portions that they cannot translate or figure out,
    so they think these portions of the DNA are just there for the ride, and they call
    them “junk DNA.” They are off track.
    We have talked about how all of you were built by the creator gods. You were built
    like houses that were going to be expanded or added on to in the future. You are
    now at that juncture when those who designed you are adding on to who you are.
    What the scientists call “junk DNA” has been dormant in your body for a long time,
    and it is now becoming activated. In our teachings, we always emphasize the
    importance of oxygenation, because oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the
    junk DNA in your body (which certainly isn’t junk at all).
    What scientists are calling “junk” houses the perceptions deep inside of your body
    that will allow you to become an entire perceiver, a fourth – dimensional being. This
    awakening DNA will allow you to change your eyesight, change your hearing,
    increase your life span, and so on. This dormant part of the DNA that has baffled
    the scientists is now coming to life.
    You are mutating so quickly now that certain scientists call the process a disease.
    Some are very concerned about it. They have persuaded the government to invest
    billions of dollars to research DNA. What is occurring in your body is certainly not a
    disease: you are being naturally mutated and rearranged.
    This mutation occurs most often while you are sleeping, so you may be waking up
    in the mornings noticing that something feels a little different in your body. You can
    expect that the changes will begin to show themselves and that you will develop
    new abilities. You will automatically know, many things.
    The original designers of the human body were benevolent beings. These original
    creator gods were very generous in endowing you biogenetically with a
    tremendous vitality of spirit and a tremendous zest of capability. Much of this
    information is stored within your body in the light-encoded filaments that are
    scattered and are coming back into alignment.
    Your bones and skeletal form correspond with that information. When your skeletal
    form is in alignment, the energy from sacred power sites is released, the cosmic
    rays are pulled into your body, and the light-encoded filaments inside your cells
    begin to reorder themselves, you will find that you are in the change. The change
    will be mirrored to you everywhere you look.
    The present evolutionary system designed by the creator gods to step you up a
    number of dimensions or frequencies is based upon the evolution of the twelve
    helixes that correspond to the twelve chakra centers – seven within your body and
    five outside your body. This is simply the way the system plugs in. With respect to
    the evolution of the helixes within the human body, a common denominator
    frequency must be attained that even those in the lowest possible stations can
    There are also those humans who could go beyond the twelve helixes. In general,
    however, the state of consciousness of humanity cannot achieve that kind of
    acceleration. It is enough of a leap for people to go from a double – helix system to
    a twelve-helix system.
    Some people will be functioning with the twelve helixes within a short period of
    time, while others around the planet will not receive this shift until later in the
    decade. This is simply because each individual is coded to be given the frequency
    when they are capable of integrating it. Many are already having a difficult time
    integrating the changes at this early stage of the plan. A large majority of the
    humans on Earth have convinced themselves that there is only one reality and
    there can be no other. This could be the downfall of the human race.
    As the helixes come into full force in a person, there is an awakening of the
    person’s inner knowledge, knowledge that goes beyond what the person has been
    taught. This inner knowledge is knowledge of self, knowledge that says there is
    much more than this physical world. Believe it. Know, it. Understand it.
    The physical world is a clue to the spiritual world. The world of spirit and self –
    evolution is on the verge of an information explosion: cheap energy, free energy –
    everything will be given to you. All of this is related to the evolving light-encoded
    filaments, which are millions and billions of tiny little fibers.
    As we related the story to you, the raiding creator gods who came in and took over
    needed to have you operate in a certain way in order to control you. They needed
    to unplug your intelligence, and so they did, by scattering and disconnecting the
    light-encoded filaments that form the helixes in your DNA. These filaments are now
    beginning to reconnect into helixes.
    The helixes will evolve in sets of three until there are twelve strands, or helixes.
    When these twelve helixes or strands of many light-encoded filaments begin to
    vibrate within the body, each of the strands will correspond to a chakra center.
    There are multitudes of chakra centers, and there are multitudes of potential
    helixes that can form. Right now, the common denominator with respect to the
    number of helixes and chakras that the consciousness of humanity can handle
    without destroying itself is twelve. So we are dealing right now with an evolvement
    of twelve helixes to plug into the twelve chakras as mentioned before, seven
    chakras in the body and five chakras outside the body. The seven chakras in the
    body are not too difficult to work with because, if you allow yourself to feel, you can
    physically touch and locate all of them.
    The first three are the chakras of survival, sexuality, and perceptual feeling. The
    fourth chakra is the heart – center of compassion and connectedness to all things.
    The fifth is the throat chakra, which relates to speaking. The sixth is the third eye,
    the vision. The seventh is the crown chakra, which opens to the knowing that one’s
    identity goes beyond the physical form.
    When you get to the five outside of the body, you must begin to find new ways to
    figure out what is going on with something that you don’t even know for sure is real.
    The eighth chakra is within your realm of activity. It hovers twelve inches or more
    above your head. Most people keep the eighth chakra center close to their physical
    body. The ninth chakra is close as well, within a few feet of the body. Once nine
    helixes are formed, this chakra will move out into the atmosphere of Earth to
    become more of an Earth chakra, connecting into the gridwork. It is a link.
    The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chakras are much further out. The tenth chakra,
    once it is in line and plugged in, will be in your solar system. The eleventh chakra
    will move out into your galactic system, and the twelfth will be located and
    anchored some place in this universe.
    You will receive information from these personal centers, for they are collective
    centers as well, just as your other personal chakra centers are collective centers.
    As you learn to translate the chakra experiences, you will discover that life is not
    the same anymore.
    Not all people on the planet are going through these changes right now, because
    you are not all coded to respond at this particular time. Each of you came in with a
    certain order – a map of when and where and how you best operate. Many of you
    are learning how to follow this plan of the self that will lead you to discover your
    exalted self. Once you learn how to do this, life will become quite effortless
    because you will become a vehicle for light and you will be moved just by your
    intention to commit.
    Different humans will be exposed to these changes at different times because it
    would not do to have them occur all at once. This would create chaos, where a
    certain order is needed. As an individual goes through the changes and translates
    the experience, they can turn to someone to assist them who has already gone
    through the changes.
    For those of you who are the beginning people, the process can be very difficult.
    You are the way showers. Once you are able to go through the changes, you can
    make the path and show others. There are road maps that indicate certain events
    that can occur if you wish to plug into those grid – works of time. The greater
    commitment you have in every moment to your own evolution, the sooner the
    changes will occur for the last person.
    There was a time when the human species occupied higher dimensional
    frequencies and you had the ability to move through realities and manipulate
    matter. Many of these abilities were purposely scattered by those beings who are
    in charge of your reality. You must understand that every reality has its guardians
    and that there are different stewardships and guardians at different times.
    We are using the term guardian in a neutral fashion. You use the term guardian for
    someone who is protective. We will say that a guardian is in charge of reality and
    that perhaps they guard it from others; they don’t let others come in and change
    their reality. Guardians, as we are referring to them, are not necessarily
    benevolent, uplifting entities. The entities who are guarding your reality could be
    keeping out those entities who would set you free.
    You have forgotten so much because you were retooled, and many of your
    inherent abilities were scattered and unplugged so that they would not work.
    Control came down over minds in your society. There are veils of protection that
    were put around Earth, because if you were to attempt to plug into some of this
    information, you would not have the tools or the background or the ability to make
    sense of these realities.
    Now the whole planet is immersed in expanding realities. In order to go into these
    other realities, you will first need to explore very deeply your own reality. There is
    no time to have twenty years of psychoanalysis. You have to develop skills and
    abilities within a few hours that will allow you to travel a few decades in your own
    emotional evolution. You are going to have to travel the emotional highway,
    because the human body expresses itself through the emotions. That is the
    uniqueness and gift of your species.
    First you will need to open the emotional highways to areas that you have hidden
    from yourself in this particular lifetime. Memories may flood in as this data is lined
    up inside you memories about events that were difficult for you at the time or
    perhaps that you did not have a context for. Some of you may uncover the events
    of extraterrestrial contact that all of you had when you were children.
    Some of you may uncover expressions of sexuality that you did not understand at
    the time you were involved in them, whether you were a passive or an active
    participant. Such things have been buried by the human emotional body because it
    is very sensitive to judgment, and the mental body passes tremendous judgment.
    The emotional body, linked to the spiritual body, hides from this.
    You all think you know who you are. You have stories of who you are based upon
    what you remember of growing up in this lifetime. What we want to communicate to
    you is that you have a number of parallel, legitimate existences that have different
    memories than you have. You stopped these memories or didn’t focus on the
    related events because your emotional body could not compute them.
    Much of what you will tap into is tied to your sexuality because it is a part of
    yourself that you have not understood and that you must go into in order to
    understand its purpose. What is sexuality all about? Who made these rules about
    the appropriate and inappropriate expression of it? Also coming up for you will be
    the realization of the contacts and energy that were continuously around many of
    you when you were younger to teach you; you blocked out these events because
    you were not given the support to believe they truly occurred.
    As you begin this multidimensional exploration, the memories that you have hidden
    from yourself will come forward.
    You will be astounded that you could have completely forgotten whole events and
    large chunks of your life, especially events that occurred when you were under
    twelve years old. You will be amazed when you explore the ability of the nervous
    system to shut down the flow of data that the mind cannot compute. And yet, the
    records are there, so you will replay them. You now will have the ability to compute
    many of these things because you will learn to be neutral and not to judge what
    you have participated in.
    As you explore your current body, identity, and lifetime, do it quickly. You do not
    have years to study them. As the information in your DNA is retooled and
    replugged in, you will be able to feel how the events from this life connect and
    blossom and have a thread of purpose with many different places that you have
    lived and many different identities that you have occupied.
    Ideally, you will move out of judgment, and because of that you will be able to pick
    up the story of what really happened here, which you will experience firsthand
    through cellular memory. The only way you can step into this higher frequency and
    determine the future of your lives on this planet is to not judge your participation
    within this process.
    This is very complex and very important: feel what we just said.
    This process involves smashing the existing paradigm and becoming a heretic of
    reality. You will begin to understand that a legitimate, real existence has simply
    been hidden from you. It is imperative that you begin to remember who you are.
    You are not alone. You could not do this alone. Even when we say to you that you
    are the standard bearer of your soul, there are other aspects of yourself that have
    figured the story out and are coming back into your time period to create this vortex
    of energy that is going to affect all realities. We cannot emphasize enough the
    importance of these times and the excitement and joy of what they hold – as long
    as you are willing to change.
    If you are not willing to change and not willing to give things up, you will have to go
    through experiences that will be less than joyful. All of you will have certain things
    you may not want to give up. That may be the difficulty, for each of you has your
    area of clutching and clinging. And yet, each of you came to do something here so
    that you could get on with your travels and with what your soul is craving to
    experience. It is as if you have unfinished business here.
    The veil for many of you was pulled down very tightly so that you would not fly
    away and say,
    “What am I doing here again? I’m out of here!”
    Those of you who understand the higher realms have many times felt very alone
    here upon the planet.
    There are millions like you here at this time, forming a tremendous support group.
    You are beginning to meet and find one another, and you are beginning to thread
    your consciousness – one fine silk strand with other strands of consciousness. You
    will see a most beautiful creation come together without great effort because it is
    part of a plan and you are moved to do certain things.
    The whole planet has been controlled in such a way that you have been taught and
    trained from the time you first arrived here that you are not in control of your own
    reality. You have been taught that everything is circumstantial and that everything
    depends on something you have no say in. This is wrong! You are the one who
    controls your DNA.
    You have complete control over everything. Until you discover that and believe it,
    you are subjected to whatever anyone else wishes to do to you in this free-will
    And, in your innocence, you have been exposed to things that have allowed your
    DNA, your intelligence, and many other things to be controlled.

  17. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Six
    Unclocking the HIstory
    DNA carries the coding, for this genetic material and its helixes are made up of
    light-encoded filaments – tiny gossamer threads that carry information the way fiber
    optics systems do.
    The pillar of light that you use to activate yourself and to bring information into your
    body is also composed of light-encoded filaments. These light-encoded filaments
    carry a vast amount of data and information, and your body is filled with them.
    When bundled together and placed in a certain alignment, the lighten – coded
    filaments work together and release information that makes sense of the history
    they carry.
    The light-encoded filaments inside your body are similar to a grand library – a
    library that is so gigantic it carries the history of your universe. During the course of
    the Earth’s history, there have been many different species who have lived here.
    You have convinced yourself that humanity is native to this planet. Human beings
    were put here. People are in for a shock because they are going to discover very
    shortly the skeletal forms of very different creatures.
    Some of these have already been discovered, particularly in South America,
    though they have been either written up in your tabloid newspapers and passed off
    as a hoax or fearfully kept in secret.
    When the consciousness of humanity is raised to the frequency of receptivity, and
    the nervous system of the mass psyche is balanced to the point that you can have
    a paradigm shift, Earth itself will reveal its secrets through a variety of means such
    as weather patterns, Earth changes, psychic discoveries, and so on. You will
    unearth a whole new history.
    The task you have before you is to consciously command, intend, and will the
    evolvement of your DNA. Commanding and willing and asking for this is not easy,
    for you must move through many identities. From the historical perspective of your
    multidimensional existence or essence or soul, you have been all kinds of
    characters, and some of these experiences have been painful. They have been
    challenging and difficult.
    It is time for you to move through the challenges and unlock the history that is
    inside of your body by allowing the lighten – coded filaments to rebundle, forming
    new helixes, and by allowing yourself to be receptive to what this new information
    in the DNA is going to plug in to you. It will not always make sense to your logical
    mind. You will learn that your logical mind has a place, a function, and a purpose,
    but that it is not your identity.
    The logical mind is overused by many people. It is overtaxed and abused, and
    when you overuse and abuse the logical mind, you create stress upon your body.
    You do not always need to understand logically what you are experiencing. Watch
    yourself, maintain humor at all times, and maintain the idea that you are evolving.
    You will be going through many things because you are climbing a ladder of
    identity made up of your chakra system. The chakras are energy information
    centers that are keyed into lifetimes in which you activated or expressed yourself in
    one area or another. It is imperative for you to discover your identity in these next
    few years.
    The light-encoded filaments are a tool of light, a part of light, and an expression of
    light. These light-encoded filaments exist as millions of fine, threadlike fibers inside
    your cells, while counterpart light-encoded filaments exist outside of your body.
    The light-encoded filaments carry the Language of Light geometry, which carries
    the stories of who you are. These lighten-coded filaments were not previously able
    to come onto the planet because there was a pollution created by the dark team
    that kept them out.
    The light-encoded filaments are like rays of light that hold a geometric form of
    language. They come to you from a cosmic database and hold information. Many
    of you are at the point where you don’t need to have a healing done on your body.
    You need to have a spontaneous education, or implant, put into your body to teach
    you. This is what will be coming during the next number of years.
    Some of the people on this planet, particularly those working with crystals, will
    learn to fill and activate other bodies with these filaments. Individuals seeking this
    experience will have the filaments activated in their bodies to give them instant
    information and instant knowing. This is what education is evolving into.
    There will be beings who will assist you with all of this. You are going to have to be
    able to recognize these beings and to recognize other realities as they exist around
    When the information in the light-encoded filaments was scattered, there was no
    burning of the libraries – it was simply that all of the books were torn off the shelves
    and left in the center of the room. Imagine if you walked into a room the size of a
    gigantic stadium and all of the books or information it had been filled with was
    pulled off the shelves and left in the middle of the floor. How could you find
    anything except by chance? Since humans don’t believe in the order of chance,
    they have never followed the order that is within them.
    The information in the filaments was left inside of you, yet there was no logical way
    to make sense of it. So, in the present time, how do you find the information? The
    information is going to reveal itself to you. That is the process. You don’t have to go
    looking for it because this revelation is your heritage and who you are. As the DNA
    begins to form new strands, these new strands will travel along a nervous system
    in the body that is being developed at this time, and memories will come flooding
    into your consciousness.
    You must work to develop this nervous system, to pull light into your body, to
    oxygenate your system, to learn how to move through energy accelerations, and to
    call more ideas and experiences into your body. As this process begins to grow
    and nurture itself in your body, simply observe it, for you will want to know how to
    access it.
    Getting stuck in your dramas is like reading one of your books over and over again
    and not letting all of the information in other books come together. There is more:
    there is a whole story.
    This whole story has to do with your entire soul. As members of the Family of Light,
    you are agreeing to hold in your physical bodies a conscious awareness of all of
    your existences. You are agreeing to accept what you have done and the parts you
    have played in all these existences and then to raid different realities and change
    them according to the dictates of your agreement as a representative of the Family
    of Light. You have free will within this agreement, of course.
    The triple helix brings you into the feeling center. The feeling center is emotion,
    and emotion is your road or bridge or ticket to the spiritual self. When people deny
    the emotional self, they can’t get into the spiritual realms. The Christed one said,
    “Know thyself.” Know thyselves. It’s the same thing.
    That message was given on the planet a long time ago, but it was distorted so that
    people could not understand how grand indeed they were and that all they had to
    do was rearrange themselves.
    The work is always internal. When you want to know how to go about bringing a
    change upon the planet, we always tell you to work with yourself. Develop yourself.
    Move beyond the boundaries of self. Learn to become multidimensional, to exist in
    the astral world, and to travel beyond the physical body. Stop defining the body as
    ending “here,” which is what society encourages you to do so that you can be
    controlled. In a free-will zone, control is part of the game because someone wants
    to be in charge.
    You are members of the Family of Light. To what hierarchy and to what gods do
    you answer?
    DNA is a living history of truth and life. When one is able to merge with this history,
    one is able to go into realities without videos, tapes, or books. One is able to
    experience. Many native cultures were trained to find the remnants of the Living
    Library left upon this planet. That explains their reverence for Earth and animals
    and their understanding of the cooperation that runs through everything. These
    native cultures were purposely put upon the planet so that there would be a
    training ground and a place of potential memory activation when the time was right.
    DNA holds the code. It holds the blueprint of identity, the plan for existence, the
    history of the universe, and the history of life in this particular locale. And, it is
    stored within the cells of humans. The original DNA of the stewards of this planet,
    the human occupants, had a genetic blueprint system that was based on the
    number twelve.
    The twelve strands of genetic material are therefore connected to many other
    representatives or informational sources that also number twelve. Remember,
    reality mirrors reality. The twelve strands of information hooked the human
    occupant up with corresponding information centers in and out of the body.
    Earth is now entering a conjunction or lineup with purpose through which the
    Original Planners are returning to reactivate the twelve – helix system in the
    occupying species – the human to date – and put Earth back on its track. When the
    biological library was conceived of eons and eons ago, it was decided that the
    stewards of the planet would hold the key to unlocking the data that was stored in
    this Living Library.
    How does this tie in with the twelve information centers? When human chakra
    systems are connected, open, and activated, information starts to seek its own
    expression and become available. There are certain things that will code or trigger
    this information, bringing it to the forefront of existence to get it to begin to express
    When you are hooked into the information centers, seven in your body and five
    outside your body, you are ready to receive energy through another set of twelve
    information centers. When you activate your own twelve chakras, you hook into
    energy stored in parallel sets of twelve centers that will further activate your
    process. This will eventually bring the brain into its complete, full, computer – like
    The twelve parallel realities hold ways to unlock information that has been secreted
    away. There are many steps to unlocking this information. You could compare this
    to governmental deep security, which uses different levels of fingerprints and
    imprints to access the final bit of information. There are many different ways things
    must be connected if something very secret is stored away.
    The activation of the twelve strands of DNA coincides with the activation, spinning,
    movement, and opening of the twelve centers of information – the twelve chakras
    or etheric energy discs. This is the beginning of the connection of the spinning of
    the twelve. When this alignment of energy takes place, it brings and pulls energy
    into the twelve heavenly bodies in your solar system.
    These bodies then begin to feed energy back to Earth. They activate themselves
    by releasing what they hold so that Earth can biogenetically come alive. There are
    more and more of these groups of twelve – the twelve universes spinning, for
    example. Through the spinning of the twelve centers, there will be a chaos of new
    consciousness, because when these twelve energy centers – particularly the outer
    five – begin to hook themselves back up with the planet, there will be an incredible
    flood of new energy.
    The formation of the twelve helixes will not mean that you will become completely
    informed as a species. It means that in order to catapult the species of humans
    forward into a higher consciousness, there is a maximum and minimum mutation
    that needs to take place to create a new standard of operation.
    This mutation will bring in a new frequency level that each person will become
    affected by in their own way. The process could be compared to a new sun being
    born in your atmosphere. These twelve helixes certainly do not comprise all of the
    information inside the light-encoded filaments. However, the forming of the twelve
    helixes will be plenty to give you, as a species, a much bigger picture of who you
    As members of the Family of Light, you know who you are. It is the humans who
    don’t know who they are. Since you are in
    disguise as humans, however, sometimes you trick yourselves into thinking that
    you don’t know who you are either. You know from the eternal portion of your being
    that you are a member of the Family of Light.
    We call Earth the Living Library because you all have an image of what a library is:
    it is a place where information is stored and available. We use this analogy
    because we intend to evoke the image that everywhere you go you are in a library.
    You just haven’t figured out yet how to translate the information or recognize where
    it is in the library.
    This is the image that we would like everyone to begin to have. It will create a
    greater loving for Earth, and a greater realization that there is something for
    everyone to relate to in this place. No one need ever be alone when they find out
    that there is intelligent life willing to communicate with human beings. Once there is
    formulation of the twelve helixes, which hook one up to the twelve information
    centers, the library will be activated.
    Humans were designed to be the key to access this information in the Living
    Library. There are many stories that we can go into about this. Millions of years
    ago, all life coexisted on this planet, particularly during the dinosaur period, when
    these large beasts operated as guardians of the planet and certain energies were
    building to store data here. For many millions of years this occurred.
    Right now twelve is the system that connects, and if you look around, you will see it
    everywhere. It was a symbolic insertion for a reason: so that you would someday
    figure out that it connects you to something somewhere else. It is not your natural
    rhythm but is a group agreement to use the energy of twelve in many different
    systems of reality. It is a coded formula.
    Many things that make no sense to the logical mind make a tremendous amount of
    sense to the light-encoded filaments and to the body as it is becoming more
    There are those who would say that this is a very inefficient system and that it is
    not a natural flow. But this system of twelve is the flow that this planet was adjusted
    to. In actuality, if you, look, you are a system of thirteen. How many times a year
    does the moon come full? Thirteen. The system of thirteen will come. You will open
    to it soon because you will move past time. The energy of thirteen moves beyond
    logic and beyond the forced system.
    Now, as we have indicated, the Family of Light has come onto the planet to receive
    energy from the Original Planners. This energy will create a genetic alteration and
    reactivate and rebundle the light-encoded filaments. The filaments will make up the
    twelve – helix system that can move the body into activation. This will make human
    beings very valuable because they will then be ready to be used to access the data
    that is stored in Earth.
    What is this data that is so important? It is disguised in insects and flowers and
    pigs and donkey tails and rabbit ears and all kinds of things, and it is for you to
    discover. We want to emphasize that when the data was stored in the twelve
    libraries, it was stored in many different layers. When you came into the libraries,
    there were different codes of clearance. In other words, there were many different
    ways of entering the libraries.
    You could not just walk in and say,
    “I have free clearance to receive all of this information.”
    Just as there is now security clearance within your government, so the libraries
    holding this information had security systems.
    There was reason to build the libraries in the first place, for the pulsation of tyranny
    was beating at the time. There was concern on the part of certain energies, the
    Keepers of Time, that information might get into the wrong hands. So, very
    playfully, libraries were designed in many different modes. The other libraries, or
    worlds, are not at all like your world. The task for the Keepers of Time was to
    engineer a project through which consciousness could evolve, have information,
    and be utilized to access information.
    Originally; the role of the human occupant as the way shower to the library was
    one of great honor. Without the human occupant, one could not access the library;
    and the more tuned in the human occupant was, the more one could access the
    library. The human occupant had a certain pride in being loose enough and
    connected enough to find the data in all things.
    If humans were the library cards, then some were better library cards than others.
    There was training that went into being the library card, and when beings came
    who wanted to find information on the planet, they would merge with the human
    occupant who was coded to respond to certain codes. If someone had a low code,
    they might only see a certain amount of something; each one came with the
    purpose of accessing specific information. Information was not withheld from
    someone because it was secretive, but because the information was not
    electromagnetically suited to their biological structure.
    Data must be able to penetrate the belief system of an individual; otherwise, the
    individual could blow up if they are overwhelmed with energy that is not strongly
    tempered with love. When something is strongly tempered with love, it prevents the
    individual from blowing apart and keeps them focused on receiving a very enlarged
    This is how large concepts are transduced onto this planet: they ride the love
    Light frequency cannot carry large concepts because it is not connected with
    emotion. Love frequency is connected with emotion. When an individual is creating
    an expanded concept of themselves, there must be a love that gives the individual
    purpose. Without love, the individual does not feel there is purpose, and the
    individual must always feel connected with purpose to understand how vast things
    You are going to discover someday that sex is part of the process. When you own
    your own sexuality, you will see the opportunities you have to express it, and you
    will decide whether you want to express it in those ways or not. As you become
    accessible, and as others utilize you to discover. the library, you may have very
    interesting encounters as the years evolve. If you go back and study the scriptures
    and ancient manuscripts, you will understand that the gods came down and
    intermingled with the daughters of human beings.
    Sexuality has been used to spark the library card. There is something very
    dangerous in this, however, because it has been misused. That is why it is very
    important to own your sexuality and be very certain whom you share it with. We
    don’t want any of you to be in a position to be bought or enticed. You are advised
    to look and see if you experience others as being honest and having integrity or
    whether they are flattering you.
    You are becoming stewards for power.
    There are traditionalists who feel we are making entirely too much information
    available without supervision. We say that Earth is headed for a major collision, so
    no holds barred. We are flooding the planet, as are many others, with opportunities
    to remember. So, as you begin to amass this knowledge and these abilities, there
    will be others attracted to you for their own reasons because of what they can
    access through you.
    When you are sexual with someone, it is like opening an avenue to the other
    libraries. It has to do with many, many things. Part of what we want all of you to do
    is love and honor your bodies, love yourself, and make certain that if you are going
    to be sexual with someone that the person really love you. It doesn’t mean you are
    going to marry them.
    But there has to be love so that you know who you are bonding with; in this way,
    the discoveries that you make move between the two of you. We are not so much
    warning you as we are informing you, because you will see things happen to others
    who are not careful of their power.
    In other words, sexuality is not something to fool around with. It is a way to open
    many avenues. If one does not approach it carefully, one can attract energies even
    without having a partner. If one is using sexuality to activate information, one could
    invite the wrong energies in.
    So be aware of the frequency of sexuality, because it brings up the emotions, and
    the emotions are the key to accessing the data that is stored in the Living Library.

  18. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Seven
    The Multidimensional Merge

    You benefit by participating in the event of life. By simply being in physicality, you
    are endowed with experiences and characteristics that you cannot gather
    anywhere else.
    To be part of physicality on Earth at this particular time and during the last 200,000
    to 300,000 years is a very potent event indeed, because it means that you have
    come into a place where darkness has been reigning. You have had to struggle to
    open your eyes in any capacity and to recognize joy and upliftment. If you think
    back over modern history, you will find that it has been a rare event indeed for
    people to have had uplifting lives. Therefore, you must birth upliftment for yourself,
    and you must convince yourself that you can do it.
    The nature of existence on Earth has been a struggle between light and darkness
    for many eons. Some would call it a struggle between good and bad, or upliftment
    and evil. We will simply say that it is an event and place where certain laws and
    rules exist and that Earth is certainly not the only place in existence that deals with
    these kinds of challenges.
    You are unique in that the biogenetic structure you operate Within has much
    greater capability than you have ever dreamed of. It is so interesting to watch you
    perform within these struggles, because you have been convinced that you can
    utilize only a small percentage of your potential. In actuality, you are grand
    creatures designed in the image of gods.
    Even gifted with this incredible potential, you have been controlled to such an
    extent that that potential has been denied its own existence. Most people use only
    3 or 4 percent of their capabilities. Those who are more advanced may use 12 to
    15 percent of their capabilities. Where does that leave most people? Where is the
    other 80 or 90 percent? What can that 90 percent of capabilities do?
    That 90 percent is awakening now, and the ancient eves are going to begin to
    remember and see what the self is capable of being.
    When the ancient eyes are open, and you recognize your true potential, you will
    stop arguing with yourselves. You will stop arguing for limitation and will begin to
    move beyond the things that you insist on using to hold yourselves back.
    In ancient Egypt, it took many lifetimes for the initiates trained in the priesthoods to
    completely open their eyes to other realities. They were trained to reincarnate into
    certain families and to remember who they were. Mothers and fathers understood
    who they would be birthing because they would dream of it. They would know who
    was coming into their bodies before they even moved into conception. The eyes
    were much more open then, and could see into many different realities.
    They were called the eyes of Horus because they could look into many different
    worlds – the world of waking and the world of sleeping, the world of death and the
    world of dreaming.
    You who are wanting to open your ancient eyes and who are the masters
    awakening have experienced training in many other lifetimes. It is now your time to
    integrate this training into a body and into a system that has nothing to do with
    temple life – into something that is not waiting to give you a place for your abilities.
    You are renegades, so your society is not waiting for you to bring your gifts forward
    as it was in ancient Egypt. There is no place to put these talents to work within
    officialdom, no sect within society. This is not how you are living yet. So you will go
    at the pace that the body and soul and mind deem appropriate for the use of your
    Do not chastise yourself for not accelerating at the rate that your ego deems
    The ego has eyes that see one part of yourself. The soul, or the eyes of Horus that
    look through you, has a completely different vision of what is appropriate. Knowing
    your needs, your constitution, and your blueprint, you will operate at a pace that
    will keep you intact. Mental institutions are filled with people who opened the
    ancient eves and couldn’t make sense of it or figure it out; they cannot find their
    home station. Without a place to plug into, the delicate balance of the nervous
    system is upset.
    You are rapidly developing your nervous systems, and there are ways to recognize
    it. Every once in a while, you are able to catch the pulsation that takes you out of
    physical reality as you know it – out of the frequency that is third – dimensional
    identity. You are then able to move into another vibration and see, feel, and
    recognize that something out of the ordinary something extraordinary – is going on.
    It is usually then that denial comes in, because if the logical mind can’t explain
    what is happening or get a grip on it, you deny the experience or block the memory
    of it.
    It is best if you stay in your intuition – if you rely on what you feel and, even though
    it may not make logical sense, operate with trust. Impatience is a trap for many of
    you because you feel you need to move somewhere. Don’t deny the virtues of the
    turtle who moves very slowly, stops to go inside and contemplate, is close to the
    ground, and sees very well.
    When you desire an acceleration in this opening of the ancient eyes, state your
    commitment. Thought is. Thought creates. If your thought is that you wish to move
    into an acceleration with the greatest growth and ability, that is what you will do.
    When you doubt, that doubt is a thought, too, and it will also create itself. When
    doubt occurs, it stops the expansion process because you deny the subtlety of
    what is coming to you.
    You are in the decade that we have labeled “the unnamed decade”: the 1990s. It is
    during this time that all the great events are going to begin to occur upon Earth.
    Many events have already been occurring, but they have been sequestered away
    in little compartmentalizations of officialdom. Officialdom is now outgrowing its own
    outfit and can no longer fit within its boundaries because it does not hold reality as
    it truly is evolving,
    Those of you who are ancients – who are the masters awakening as you awaken,
    we want you to be able to see out of the ancient eyes and to awaken something
    that you know, something that you remember, something that is deep inside. You
    are going to need to trust yourself and rely upon yourself. You need to be able to
    see, to understand What you are seeing, and to translate the grander vision for
    others. You’ will come to an understanding or a vast implosion of consciousness
    that will move you to know who you have always been.
    It is up to you and only you to undo the locks and allow yourselves to go forward.
    We have spoken about your beliefs and the importance of thought. We emphasize
    over and over again that you are a result of thought, that thought is, and that this is
    the essence of understanding, manipulating, and working within your world. When
    you begin to take this process from the intellect and put it inside the body, and
    when you begin to commit to live your life this way, then the ancient eyes will really
    begin to see.
    As you begin to view your soul’s history, your identity in this particular body – the “I”
    – may seem to be very insignificant. You had a magnificent essence expressed on
    this planet in very ancient times, and there is so much more going on than you can
    presently perceive. It is as if existence is a book three feet thick and you are on the
    first couple of pages on this planet with the awakening of the New Age. You are
    going to go through this whole book in your lifetimes.
    As you compute all of this information, the story will flood your consciousness as
    you begin to drop the boundaries of where you think you and civilization existed
    and came from. As you begin to disassemble your identity, cherish, honor, and
    love the variety of identities that are you, and do not feel that any of them are
    insignificant. Honor each one, whether you are picking strawberries in the fields or
    looking for cigarette butts on the street corners.
    Allow the aspect of self that carries the primordial fire to express itself through you.
    You can still be the “I” when it is appropriate to be the “I.” Then, when the vastness
    of energy wishes to utilize your physical vehicle as part of the plan to effect reality,
    the “I” is not annihilated. Instead, the “I” is incorporated: this is becoming
    multidimensional. This is being able to move.
    You each know that you are here in a time sequence that is quite profound. The
    age that has been written about, whispered about, and spoken about is upon you.
    It is the age when humanity physically mutates before your eyes and literally turns
    into something that it was not a short time before. What do human beings turn
    into? It is quite simple: human beings turn into multidimensional beings.
    This is a big word and a big concept. However, it is something that will be as
    familiar to you as tying your own shoes. Multidimensional humans are humans that
    consciously exist in many different places all at once. Humans are mutating or
    evolving into beings with the ability to flip from one station to another and to
    understand the grandness of who they are – that they do not end where their skin
    ends. Human beings do not end where the aura or etheric body ends; they exist in
    many different realities.
    This is the age of the multidimensional self: the self who can move with awareness
    in many different realities; the self who can eventually bilocate and disappear; the
    self who can move into fourth – dimensional consciousness – the perceiver, not the
    thinker. It is the age of the self who understands that the thinking portion of the self
    is very important but that it is not to be the CEO of the physical body; it is to be an
    Intuition is the avenue that you are now being guided to cultivate to bring about a
    marriage of consciousness. It is the marriage of the male aspect, which is logical,
    with the female aspect, which is feeling. It involves bringing them together to
    become one.
    It is time to get moving. You are at a very crucial point, and it is time for a huge
    change, a huge leap, a giving up, a releasing, and a letting go. It is time to
    completely allow light and spirit to move you throughout your existence, and time to
    let yourself become one with the multidimensional aspects of self and portions of
    self that you have no idea exist.
    These aspects of self really do exist. They are connected to you and are using you,
    the standard bearer of your soul, as the vehicle of movement for light in this
    universe at this time.
    Those within our group who plotted the probabilities of Prime Creator were correct
    in much of their time travel and anticipation. Indeed, Prime Creator is sending a
    change of vibration to this area of existence, this free-will zone of consciousness.
    The action is taking place here on Earth now. It is starting here, at this corner of
    your galaxy, on the fringes, at this end of the universe.
    This is a vast experiment, and it is with great excitement and great longing that
    each of you came to participate in it. Have courage. We cannot emphasize that
    enough: have courage. Follow your inner guidance and trust yourselves. Call
    energy into your physical bodies and utilize it. Defy the laws of humanity, because
    that is what you came here to do. You are renegades, and we are renegades as
    There are those who cannot travel this route of consciousness, and that is fine. It is
    not an easy route that we move your consciousness through. The route will give
    you rewards that your soul is after, even though the rewards may come through
    battles. You are bushwhacking through consciousness, and you will come to a
    place where the vistas are grand and you have completely new options about
    where to go both on and off this planet. Those who are involved with you will
    discover that they have new options as well.
    All of the consciousnesses drawn to this planet at this time will begin a spark of
    evolution that will change the universal structure. Think big. Think really big and go
    for it.
    Who are these multidimensional selves? Many times you have been led to believe
    that there are other portions of yourself that are much more together than you are
    and that know much more than you do. To some extent that was true, and to some
    extent it is still true. However, you will find that in being the standard bearer of your
    soul, you will begin to activate data that is stored inside of your body that carries
    your whole history.
    How will you know when these other aspects of self begin to show themselves?
    This can be very subtle, or it can be like being hit over the head with a two – by –
    four. It simply depends on the self. You may be sitting one day and find all of a
    sudden that upon blinking your eyes you are sitting in a different room. That is
    getting hit over the head with a two-by-four.
    More subtly, you may be walking down the street looking at a window display when
    suddenly a mannequin or picture or word triggers something inside of you; for a
    moment, you drift off and get a clear image of a simultaneous identity of yours –
    existing at the same time as you.
    You will begin to discover aspects of yourself that exist non – physically, or parts of
    self that exist as beings working in space who are truly space creatures. The soul
    is going to wake up. It will know every aspect of itself, and every aspect of the
    soul’s self will know of all of itself at once.
    You will be aware of all realities at once as you learn to ride the vibrational rate and
    become fourth dimensional. You will develop this ability by first balancing three or
    four realities, then five or six, and so on. You are awakening Prime Creator’s
    abilities and will become your Prime Creator.
    Your Prime Creator’s goal in creating this universe and all other universes was to
    develop itself to such an extent and have so many multidimensional channels of
    data open that it – whose consciousness is in all things you know – could become
    aware of itself in all things, aware of every event that all things are involved in, and
    compute this and not go insane.
    You are evolving that ability in yourselves. Basically, the part that you are presently
    going through is the toughest part because you are doubting and wondering if it is
    really real. The body says one thing and the mind says another. The body says
    one thing and society says another. The knowing is growing, and it is a knowing of
    what is awakening inside of you.
    You must be committed all of the time. When these gifts and abilities begin to be
    firsthand experiences for you, you must learn to work with them no matter what.
    Begin to know that you are divinely guided and that all events are drawn to you for
    your upliftment no matter what kind of upheaval they seem to produce in your life.
    Ultimately, these events will make you richer.
    The present situation is like someone dumping barrels full of gold in your back yard
    and you saying,
    “Gosh darn it, the gold is wrecking the grass.”
    You think the lawn isn’t as beautiful as it used to be because all of that gold is
    being dumped there.
    Whenever you get an experience, learn to participate in it; be a full participant in
    your physical body. Enjoy it, have a good time with it, and learn how to
    simultaneously observe your experience, the impact of your experience, the effect
    your experience has on other people and yourself, and the results you get from all
    of your experiences.
    Then, whenever something of an extraordinary nature comes into being, you can
    say to yourself,
    “Oh, goody, goody – here it is again. What can I learn from this?”
    When you are not having these experiences, begin to fantasize, to take charge of
    your life, and to act as if you can command or move one of these experiences the
    next time it sneaks up on you.
    You can do this the same way you may have learned to come awake in a dream
    and command that you not be chased by boogie men or to make the bell ring when
    you are just about to get an “F.” You must, as individuals and as a species,
    cultivate this kind of belief or intention over all experiences of life.
    There is a convergence of your selves about to occur on this planet. The selves
    that you are going to meet are coming from all over the universe. There are selves
    that petrify you when you think about them and selves that you could die of a heart
    attack looking at. They are selves that are you.
    Earth is going through an initiation at this time. You are going through an initiation
    because you are part of Earth, and you cannot separate yourself from this system.
    Earth is transforming itself and intending to act as a domino for your solar system.
    It is intending to merge multiple worlds into one, to be grounded enough to allow all
    those worlds to exist, and to translate the experience. This is what Earth is up to.
    So, of course, you all must be up to the same thing.
    The 3-D world is headed for a collision of dimensions – not a collision of worlds, a
    collision of dimensions. Many dimensions are going to come crashing into each
    other. Some of these dimensions may seem horrifying and very frightening. The
    test, the initiation – and initiation always means to move through another reality to
    conquer it and transmute it – is to be faced with these energies and entities that
    seemingly are of incredible darkness and to understand that they are coming to
    merge with you because they are you.
    They are part of your multidimensional self, and you are the standard bearer, and
    you are light. Dark will come to light. Be very clear when you deal with these
    things. If you are hesitating about something, do not do it. Be clear.
    We define light as the promoting, dispensing, and sharing of information. Dark is
    the controlling and withholding of information. Think about this and feel it. You have
    come onto this planet with a coded blueprint to carry light and to bring about a
    huge planetary transformation. You have come to be the standard bearer of your
    soul, the portion of your soul that is going to lead.
    That portion of your soul says,
    “I set the pace here, and the pace is light and information; no more being in the
    Have you ever thought that there are portions of yourself that are in the dark that
    don’t know how to find the light except through you?
    They want the light as well. They want solutions and answers. What you may feel
    is not necessarily the intent of the dark force but the emotional makeup of the dark
    force – the fear that vibrates out of lack of information. Portions of yourself that are
    uninformed are going to come to you to be informed. How do you inform them?
    You shed light; you share light. You say, “I intend for all of my other selves to come
    along on this journey and for them to get light as well.” It is quite simple.
    The battle between light and dark doesn’t really serve you.
    It is part of the separation story that keeps you confused. In actuality, there are
    simply aspects of individual souls taking different guises in conflict with
    themselves. You are battling yourself. The battle of light and dark and good and
    evil is only between portions of yourself. These portions are multidimensional
    extensions or reincarnations of the same collective of energies that you are a part
    of as an individual. Because you don’t understand something, you fear it.
    As separated forms of consciousness that are part of Prime Creator’s game, you
    are in a universe that is made up of dualities. Prime Creator brought this universe
    into being with the components of free will so that free will could lead to chaos and
    then to a realignment of energy and a realization of the Creator within all things.
    With free will, all things are allowed and oppositions occur. These oppositions split
    off of the self just as the Prime Creator is in all things and allows all things. The
    things you meet that you fear are you. So when you focus on the story of good and
    evil and want to figure it out, all you need to realize is that you are playing ball with
    another aspect of yourself that allows you to play ball from your point of view.
    So – called evil serves a great purpose. You just judge it because it seems bad. As
    members of the Family of Light, when you exist in other places, you move into
    various aspects of yourself and play the parts to perfection. When you came here,
    you entered the density of the planet and worked with the double helix, which is
    barely functioning, so you forgot many things.
    Now, as you come awake and realize what you can become, you are leading
    yourselves toward the realization that you are your enemy.
    As members of the Family of Light, you have access to a tremendous amount of
    understanding that others do not have. You came in with it, you are being
    reminded of it, and you are now learning it and accepting it. Part of your task is to
    allow yourself to merge with your selves that seemingly are your enemies and are
    separated from you. These selves are within all varieties of existence.
    The task is also for you to carry the frequency of love, which is the frequency of
    creation, and light, which is the frequency of information, throughout the collection
    of your soul. You have come together as a soul to gather experience and enrich
    Prime Creator. As you separate, you go off and act with free hill however you
    choose, without judgment, so that you can gather the proper information and bring
    you to wholeness.
    This good – and – evil thing is something that can entrap you if you do not get
    beyond it. You are a collection of an incredible wealth of personalities who
    incarnate in many different systems of reality. As members of the Family of Light,
    you come into this reality to bring information, and you do so in many different
    systems. There are versions of yourself that are doing the same thing within the
    communities of lizards, insect beings, or bird beings. You are a collection of
    As members of the Family of Light, the reincarnational experience of yourself
    includes nonhuman forms.
    A characteristic that members of the Family of Light have in common with one
    another is their participation in many versions of sentient or composite reality.
    Many of the forms that you have chosen to incarnate within would look very foreign
    and be very frightening to you, yet this is how you have evolved your soul.
    You do not incarnate in only one species; you are travelers. As you are in disguise
    as humans, you may be in disguise as lizards or something else. You do this so
    that you can unite yourself to understanding the essence of Prime Creator through
    a variety of species that seemingly have nothing in common.
    As members of the Family of Light, you know the inside scoop. You come as
    ambassadors to make realities merge and become more informed within
    themselves so that everyone involved can release fear and become uninhibited.
    Part of your job is to meet these other selves, to merge with them, and to feel what
    this is like. Ideally, you will become multidimensional travelers and will be able to
    take the force from your body. You maybe working in the field, perhaps gardening
    or chatting with someone or picking strawberries, and something strikes you a
    You excuse yourself and say,
    “I am being called. I will return later.”
    You go and sit and allow your current Earth personality to depart.
    With conscious awareness, you then take that personality to where it is needed to
    add to the Family of Light’s capability in that reality. You will know it.
    You will all become multidimensional players. You will think nothing of it when one
    of you excuses yourself from the others when you hear the tone and are called.
    You will travel with conscious awareness, and entertainment will come from the
    self. You will not seek to read books or listen to tapes or go to movies, for you will
    be living those things. As you bring the abilities of the Family of Light to this planet,
    others are not going to want you to be here, because you will not fit with their gods.
    Not everyone wants to be free. You, as members of the Family of Light, are going
    to create a new Earth that is going to be free. Those who do not wish to be free will
    have their Earth as well. There will be a splitting and a time of separation.
    Members of the Family of Light know that there is no need to force anything. You
    are simply to work together in harmony, to support one another, and to seek one
    another out so that you feel comfort in what you do because some of the things
    that you do will be very outrageous.
    Each of you volunteered to come here at this time to carry a frequency. At this
    time, that frequency is light, but eventually you will learn how to carry the frequency
    of love. The large majority of you have no idea what the love frequency can be.
    You talk about love and light, yet you do not comprehend the ramifications and the
    true meanings of them. Light is information; love is creation. You must become
    informed before you can create.
    Do you understand this?
    As you grow and come to these higher realms of recognition, you will break
    through what feels like cement blockslayers of yourself that have held you down.
    Think of the frequency that has limited the human experiment as a radio station.
    The human experiment has had one radio station on for 300,000 years. Same old
    tunes! The human experiment was unable to turn the dial and hear a different
    band, so the same frequency was broadcast. This created a quarantine – a sealing
    off of this planet.
    The creative cosmic rays sent by Prime Creator and the Original Planners pierce
    through this frequency shield. They bombard Earth. However, they must have
    someone to receive them. Without a receptacle, these creative cosmic rays would
    create chaos and confusion. You, as members of the Family of Light, come into
    this system to receive these rays of knowledge. You then disseminate the
    knowledge, the new lifestyle, and the new frequency to the rest of the population to
    alter the entire planet.
    As members of the Family of Light, you are here to anchor frequency and allow the
    mutation process to happen inside of your bodies so that you can make it available
    to the planet. You live this process, then you broadcast it to the planet.
    What does that mean? It means that eventually your reality is going to change and
    that how you deal with reality will change.
    You will stop being you, as you know you, and will become more connected with all
    of the other yous who are looking to make the same leap in consciousness as this
    This process involves meeting and merging and using the multidimensional self. As
    you reach higher knowledge, you realize you are not alone and that there are
    multitudes of selves; you are challenged to understand this. There is no reaching
    higher knowledge without going through the multidimensional self. This means
    coming into full realization and experiencing, meeting, and merging with a
    collective of intelligence existing in the ever – expanding now, beyond space and
    Believe us when we say that you, as members of the Family of Light, made a vast
    study of the historical manipulation that has been going on on this planet, just as
    anyone sent on assignment would be trained for a long period of time before they
    were sent out into the field. Each of you has been trained, and you have the
    knowledge inside you.
    Our part is to hit key chords and play your consciousness into activity so you can
    go ahead and make the tune or song or dance you are prepared for. Your
    knowledge is inside of you, and as you agree to discover it, it will awaken on
    deeper and deeper levels. You will become very self – sufficient, those of you who
    agree to this.
    You will also become incredibly knowledgeable, those of you who do not stop
    because you are frightened.
    We will say to you very honestly that fear will always play a part in your
    evolutionary process, so get used to it. Do not feel that fear is bad. When you
    succumb to your fears and allow yourself to buy into them, then you must cycle
    through them and experience all you feel so that you can overcome them.
    Begin to say,
    “I will transmute this fear. I will understand that it is part of the plan. I will
    understand that it can serve me.”
    Remember, your power and your ability to create reality through your will ends
    where your fear begins. And we will tell you life is meeting fear. Begin to look at the
    events of your life and how you create them. Understand that you always create
    them to serve you.
    You are trained for this. You are coded for this.

  19. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Eight
    Outside the Ultimate Tyranny

    The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the
    psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so
    that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do
    not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.
    We represent what is outside of what you have been taught exists. It is where you
    sometimes venture and where we want you to dwell; it is outside of where society
    has told you you can live.
    You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you –
    from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have
    been deprived of knowledge by frequency control. Think of frequency as individual
    broadcasting and receiving through which you dial into the station of your choice. It
    is the broadcasting of carrier waves of intelligence. The range of frequency is
    unlimited, and the range of intelligent matter transmitted is unlimited.
    Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of
    the Family of Light, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and
    bring them into the physical realm. The range of accessibility on this planet to a
    variety of frequencies has been very minimal for a long time because of many
    things that you most desperately need to become aware of.
    As you learn about your own personal history and discover patterns of ineffectual
    behavior that you must break and change, the planet pulses through its own
    patterns of behavior. You are about to repeat history as a planet in a most dramatic
    You have come to alter and remove the frequency of limitation and to bring in the
    frequency of information. When you are informed, you move beyond the need to be
    in fear. When you feel uninformed and out of control, you do not understand the
    bigger picture. Each of you came to awaken something inside yourself, inside the
    coding of your being – the DNA – and you are responding to it. This is why you are
    on a search in all directions of your life.
    You and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As
    you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you
    broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and
    continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry,
    and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect
    everyone around you.
    They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a
    wave around the planet. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have
    worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it.
    This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information. It is called being
    taken out of bondage.
    You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are
    becoming informed; you are coming into light.
    As each of you has been assigned to become informed and to bring about a
    frequency alteration on this planet, you must learn to become Keepers of
    Frequency. You must rise to a certain place of knowledge and consistently stay
    there. You must become in command of your body so that you can will it into
    stillness or into activity.
    You must be able to go inside yourself and heal what needs to be healed
    emotionally and physically. You must begin to part the jungle of self and find the
    clearing so that you can show others the way. Sometimes you will show others the
    way not by speaking to them, but just by maintaining, living, and working on your
    own frequency and having the courage to do this.
    As systems busters and potential Keepers of Frequency, you will obviously go into
    the areas where your specialties are most needed. Many of the beings who have
    incarnated as members of the Family of Light came to the United States because
    this is the land where you can make the most progress. This also happens to be a
    land where denial is pervasive. You believe that you live in the land of the free and
    the home of the brave, yet you live in the most controlled experimental society on
    the planet.
    The tyranny that has been set up here is rather interesting, because it is a tyranny
    without walls.
    As a country and a collective consciousness, the United States still has not
    reached an awareness that something is not right. The environment of the United
    States is actually much more controlled than that of the former Soviet Union, where
    the control was obvious.
    Because everyone is so frightened of giving up the system in the United States,
    they are going to be forced to give it up. The system is corrupt, it does not work, it
    does not honor life, and it does not honor Earth. That is the bottom line. If
    something does not honor life and does not honor Earth, you can bet it is going to
    fall, and it is going to fall big time.
    Consciousness must change. This is part of the Divine Plan, and this opportunity
    and setup are not going to be missed. There has been an over involvement in the
    material world and a complete lack of understanding of the nonphysical world that
    exists all around you, so there will be a reprioritizing of what comes first in life.
    People will stand up, once they have lost everything, who had never thought of
    standing up when they owned everything. People will awaken to the incredible
    potential of themselves.
    In the next few years, a connectedness and communal cooperation will begin to
    run through this country so that you will stop separating yourselves with respect to
    political ideology. That separation was designed. Whenever a people are
    separated, and they focus on what they do not have in common or label
    themselves different from others, it is a perfect disguise to keep them from
    discovering what they do have in common. This separation keeps people from
    banding together and becoming very strong.
    Much of the political maneuvering going on, particularly in the United States, is
    purposely designed to separate you. Look at the New Age. Do you see how the
    New Age is separated?
    All kinds of things are said to keep you from discovering what you have in
    common. When people discover this, they will begin to get angry. As more and
    more of the methods of control and separation are revealed to you, the anger will
    build in the United States. Events will occur that may look as if the country is falling
    apart, yet they will serve the purpose of bringing people together. A new pride and
    a new sense of integrity will come about, because this is what is designed for the
    The material realm is one area that everyone relates to. Life in the United States
    translates into how much money you have in your pocket and how much money
    the government wants out of what you have in your pocket. Taxes will be the issue
    that will create both the greatest amount of havoc in the United States and the
    greatest amount of unification, because you all have taxes in common. You may
    not worship the same God, but you all pay taxes.
    In a clever move, the Middle East crisis allowed the government to have what it
    wanted without going through the problem of asking your permission for a tax raise
    on gasoline. You see how clever these things are? With a few more taxes piled on
    top of one another, people will begin to examine the quality of their lives. You will
    see a lot of anger in this country, because many people will feel powerless.
    Anger is one of the first emotions that will occur when people finally understand the
    manipulation that has been going on and begin to get in touch with their feelings.
    Modern technology is one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. You have
    been sold devices for entertainment and convenience, and they are all involved
    with frequency control. We recommend strongly that you get rid of your television
    sets. They are the primary tool used to manipulate your consciousness on a dayto-
    day basis.
    This experiment is so finely tuned that you respond subliminally to disease via the
    television. So there is an entire generation that is killing itself by watching television
    – and supporting the medical society while they are doing it.
    Sometimes liberating information is broadcast – perhaps even a New Age show.
    However, you may watch such a television show about how uplifted and unlimited
    you can be, while subliminally you are being hit with a frequency that keeps you
    from original thinking. This subliminal keeps you immobilized and holds you in a
    “survive, arrive, be-on-time, be-silent, go-to-work” society.
    Television also promotes inactivity and a sedentary, obese life. Look around you.
    Wake up, humans!
    Most of the subliminals on television are done through technology that was
    developed in conjunction with off-planetary beings. The use of subliminals to upset
    human consciousness has become a worldwide program.
    If you think about the houses that have two, three, and four televisions in them, you
    must agree that this has been a very successful marketing program. Some people
    who know about the subliminals on television feel that they are immune to them.
    However, the effects of television are so permeating that no matter how clear you
    say you are going to be, you cannot counterbalance what the technology is
    presently doing to your vibrational frequency.
    We have said that there are entities who feed off your emotional bodies. Think
    about what a clever tool television is for them. All over the world, billions of humans
    are emitting emotional juices into the atmosphere based upon what they are
    watching on the tube.
    They don’t have to have too many wars anymore to get you all riled up – they can
    simply make movies!
    People who need to watch television are not tapping into the wealth of information
    within their minds and immediately accessible all around them. As a matter of fact,
    if you really want to evolve, do not read your newspapers, do not listen to the radio,
    and do not watch television.
    If you are able to be media free for periods of time, and you disengage yourself
    from the frequency of chaos and anxiety and stress and hustle – bustle and
    temptations of all kinds that you don’t need, you begin to get clear. You begin to
    listen to what is going on inside of yourself and to live in the world and not
    necessarily be lost in it. You become clear. We cannot emphasize this enough!
    Electronics also jam your frequency. Even when they are not specifically designed
    to jam your frequency, sometimes there is incompatibility between the electronic
    frequency of something and yourself. Plus, as we said, many of them are designed
    to create static so that you will always stay at a certain vibratory rate, turning you
    into safe, harmless, inactive, productive cattle.
    What about computers?
    The second most predominant piece of hardware in the United States is the
    computer. How many of you go to work on computers and end up getting
    headaches, particularly when you work for large corporations and are hooked up to
    their mainframe? Large companies are into aspects of mind control; they use your
    minds to generate energy to achieve something for themselves. Personal
    computers are not as potent and powerful.
    Some new inventions are going to surface in the nineties very underground
    inventions, because they will never be given patents to be promoted in the
    marketplace. There will be a whole underground economy based upon barter, in
    which certain inventions will be traded between people. There will be technologies
    that can counteract much of the frequency control: these technologies can change
    the quality of your air and water, and they can eliminate and seal off your home so
    that you are an integral of energy and nothing can bombard you.
    There are technologies that do phenomenal things. Do you understand how
    technology has been used against you? It has not been used for you. Television is
    not necessarily bad in itself, but it has been put to ill purpose. There is nothing
    wrong with technology.
    It is how technology is being used that is the bottom line. That is the difference.
    The education system is another area where you are controlled. Most of what you
    are taught is malarkey. You work hard, take loans out, and pay money to learn
    something that is antiquated before you even set foot in the door, particularly in the
    realms of scientific, mathematical, psychological, and medical exploration.
    What do you do when you live in a society that rewards you for degrees? You
    begin by saying, “I believe that I formulate my world. I believe that I do not need
    these credentials to define my existence. I can be unique unto myself, sovereign
    unto myself.” Come up with a method or way to explore the world without degrees.
    Education is actually the pursuit of knowledge, and knowledge can come from a
    walk in the desert. It does not have to come from flipping pages in a book. It is not
    harmful to explore a little bit of schooling, but don’t buy into the idea that what you
    are being taught is correct.
    You are controlled and separated by issues that strike at the core of your emotions.
    The abortion/pro-life issue is not a global issue, it is a national issue. Sometimes it
    does look as if innocent victims are trampled or stampeded by events that
    seemingly have nothing to do with them. Of course, that is what you have been
    taught – that you are powerless and can only be saved by the mood of the gods,
    which has never been the case. Those who find their lives taken by accident or
    violence select it.
    The pro-life/abortion issue has been purposely orchestrated in the United States by
    different factions within the government to create a lack of harmony. Divide and
    conquer, and you own the people. Allow the people choice, freedom, and the ability
    to continuously improve their lives, and you cannot own them. Whenever people
    oppose people, those in control benefit, even down to the issue over abortion.
    How do they benefit? They keep women from uniting with each other and men
    from uniting with each other here in the United States. They keep people in fear.
    They convince you, by continuously putting these issues before you, that a woman
    has no control over the birthing process in her body.
    You don’t need abortion: you never need to get pregnant in the first place if you
    don’t desire it. How? By will.
    A woman can say to herself,
    “I am not prepared at this time for a child.”
    Or, alternately,
    “I am in receptivity of a child.”
    When you own yourself, you will not need permission from the government about
    what you can do with your own body.
    Violence on the streets of major cities is another subtle means of control. The big
    cities in the United States – Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and so
    on – are energy buckets, or holes, where energy comes into the North American
    continent – or has up until now.
    There has been an increase in violence in these cities because it is known that if
    unrest can be kept brewing and reported, it can be a likely vehicle for manipulating
    the entire nation. These things are purposely set into motion on the physical level
    and assisted on the etheric level because the more fear that is generated the more
    those in charge can feed on it.
    When a woman goes out with her family and is assaulted, and her young son, a
    seemingly innocent victim, fights the assailants and goes down by knife and dies
    totally unexpectedly on his vacation, the fear that is promoted throughout
    multitudes of people feeds many. The fear that the war in the Middle East brought
    about was phenomenal.
    You have been raped of your life force. If there is anything that you as members of
    the human species have in common it is that you have been raped for your
    emotions. Others have played your emotions as though they were instruments, and
    they have never let you know the power you have with your emotions.
    Always this whole story comes back to emotions. Emotions are like tickets that can
    get you places and plug you in. You are incredibly rich. If you would only realize
    how wealthy you are with your emotions. The lower vibratory beings, if we may be
    so bold as to call them that, exist off emotions in a very small range of frequency –
    emotions that are based on fear, chaos, and violence.
    The ability to use the human will over the human mind is your ultimate resource.
    This ability to master the body according to your will is exactly what the people in
    charge of the planet do not want you to figure out.
    As more of you become sovereign and in charge of your own frequency, those who
    do not want the new frequency here will bring an opposite frequency to create
    chaos, confusion, and polarity. Always, whenever a society is on the verge of a
    huge leap or change, there are diametrically opposed activities.
    Always look at an issue from the perspective of the bigger picture so that you have
    neutrality with it, for the picture gets bigger and bigger all the time. The planet is
    headed for a major confrontation with certain entities. We are simply pointing this
    out; we are not here to promote fear. Fear is what the other team wants you to feel.
    We want you to understand that you can change anything you want to change.
    This is going to be a game of numbers in the future, because you will work together
    to bring yourselves to a place of empowerment.
    We are asking humans to come into full function as members of the Family of Light
    by imaging and energizing the pillar of light and pulling it inside the body.
    Command it. Make it your intention every day to operate with a cordon of light, for
    light frequency connects you and fills you with protection and information.
    Feel it move into the base of your spine, down your body, and into the Earth, as
    well as coming out of your solar – plexus area like a fountain and forming a golden
    shield of light around you. As you use the solar-plexus area to determine what is
    going on, you will learn discernment through feeling.
    Earth’s owners have not wanted humans to understand that their feelings and
    emotions are like a crop, such as wheat, that can be harvested. If you are in
    charge of your own harvest, then others cannot take advantage of you and use you
    unless you decree it. When you operate with a certain frequency and sovereignty,
    those who wish to control you are not interested in you.
    They want a fearful, chaotic frequency, which is what nourishes them. Fear and
    chaos have predominated on this planet because these entities have stirred them
    up. They have divided and conquered everywhere to create that frequency.
    When you operate in peace and love and with information, you alter the structure
    of this place drastically: you bring choice of frequency back to this planet.

  20. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Nine
    Profound New Boundaries

    Since you are a frequency – controlled society, the ability of humanity to create
    technologies has been limited. In a less controlled society that has greater
    outreach or travel capabilities through space and greater interchange between
    systems, technological advances are quite astounding and uplifting.
    Many gifts and influences from outside this planet have been hushed up. Some
    information has, of course, been given to the planet in many different ways, and
    the resulting technologies have brought about great changes in lifestyle.
    One of the changes in lifestyle that occurred during this century was the
    introduction of movies. A whole new way of influencing thought was brought to the
    planet by the film industry. Just as there is a movie industry on this planet, there
    are those in space who have a holographic industry. They make holographic
    inserts – dramas that look just like they are real and insert them through portals into
    your reality.
    Since these space beings have been around for hundreds of thousands of years,
    and humanity’s frequencies have been controlled, it is quite easy to hoodwink
    human beings.
    Holographic inserts have been used on Earth to manipulate and control
    consciousness and to change the story of information to one of disinformation –
    one of a limited amount of knowledge. As we see it, those who use the holographic
    inserts are not always after bringing light or information or upliftment to people.
    They have ulterior motives, although they may pass them off as light.
    Holographic experiences, especially viewings in the sky, are set up to influence a
    large group of people at once. Many, though not all, UFO sightings have been
    holographic inserts. There have been holographic inserts of one individual,
    designed in many fashions, projected simultaneously in many different cultures.
    That is why some of Earth’s religious stories are parallel from one corner of the
    world to another when there was no physical contact.
    Holographic inserts look exactly like 3-D reality. They are creations of events
    manufactured and inserted in your reality to look as if they are part of a sequential
    action. They are used to influence the minds of observers, and they are very
    difficult to recognize. You will have plenty of practice in the next number of years
    when – in the Middle East and other areas around this planet – a lot of
    extraterrestrial activities come into full force and begin to be published.
    Some of the grand events will be very legitimate, and some of them will be inserts
    designed to move the consciousness of humanity toward the one world order to be
    Holographic inserts have energy fields and can be dowsed. Dowsing rods move
    differently in them because their energy fields are diverse and vibrate at an
    incredible rate. You can walk into them and participate in them. People may be part
    of them and swear they are real. But they are orchestrated events designed to
    influence the minds of humans. Holographic inserts are not done for information,
    they are done for control. They are simply an aspect of technology that exists.
    Realities can be constructed and inserted just like movies. Movies, television, and
    so on are your version of creating reality. There are other, very evolved beings who
    cleverly create realities so “real” that you can’t tell the difference. They are like
    beams. Just like spotlights are projected into the night, holographic inserts are
    projected onto this planet through portals. Tremendous energy is needed because
    the process involves the merging of dimensions.
    The technology does not exist in the third dimension, it exists in other dimensions,
    and they need the dimensional fusions.
    What is the difference between dimensions? Why is one dimension important to
    another? Because each dimension has a different vibratory rate or way the
    molecules move. These holographic inserts need places where the dimensions are
    already merged because they need to play through the other dimensions in order
    to enter here.
    Humanity has been blind and hoodwinked over and over again because of the
    unevolved helixes that information could not plug into. The Family of Light has
    come to change all of that. You are here to carry a new frequency on the planet
    and hold it in your bodies so the rest of the planet can begin to vibrate at the same
    That frequency is going to create disruption of the structures based on two –
    stranded DNA on this planet. It cannot help it; it is time to evolve. Earth is ready to
    go through whatever is necessary for that evolution.
    Human beings must learn to read energies. They must learn to use more than the
    senses of their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and so on to perceive reality. We have
    said that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense of touch are deceivers of reality.
    They lock reality in. You think you are perceiving reality with these senses when in
    actuality they limit your perceptions of reality.
    You have been trained since you were a child to rely on your eyes, ears, nose,
    mouth, and sense of touch to interpret experience. Now you are going to need to
    rely on other forms of sensing to determine experience. One of the forms you have
    discounted is feeling. Feeling – your knowing, intuitive, psychic self has been
    jammed by frequency control on this planet so that none of you have been able to
    find it.
    If you found your own knowledge and your own way of intuiting, you could not be
    How do you know what is controlled and what is not controlled? Part of your
    experience here is to learn that – to get into a little hot water and to know when to
    jump out. In the deepest core of your being, there is an integrity you can discover
    and begin to operate with. It is an integrity that honors life and honors yourself first
    and foremost as the life that you are in charge of.
    You are in charge of you, and it has been gifted and granted to you that you honor
    your light, your body, and your experience to the best of your ability.
    As you begin to take good care of your integrity and to cultivate it and discover the
    miracle and potentials of it, you will discover that your body, which seemingly has
    been somewhat of a burden that you have been carting around, is really
    invaluable. It brings you untold wealth. With the physical body, you are millionaires.
    You must learn to use your feeling center and to activate and act on the
    information inside of you; you must learn to trust it.
    You, as members of the Family of Light, are intending to merge dimensions. Your
    task is to pull other dimensions into this reality, to have your nervous system
    handle the different molecular fluctuations, and to be able to make it OK. You are
    learning to perceive through your feeling centers and to teach others how to do all
    that you can do. You are the way showers.
    You will recognize holographic inserts by feeling. They won’t feel right – something
    will feel fishy or strange. When holographic inserts are put into your reality,
    something is not right. As members of the Family of Light, your codings and
    filaments will not feel good if you are exposed to holographic inserts because they
    are used to control you rather than bring you to upliftment. They are used to ride
    your emotions to a certain point so others can feed off them and to bring you to a
    certain new level of operation.
    These technologies will be used more in the next decade. That is why we say that
    humanity is in for a drastic awakening as far as what is really real. The boundaries
    of reality are quite profound.
    We talked about the portal in the Middle East being a dimensional doorway or
    entryway onto the planet for certain energies to find civilization. Remember, when
    you leave a planetary sphere and go into space, once you traverse certain belts of
    consciousness you must find the proper portal to come back onto the planet in the
    precise time period or corridor of time that you are looking for.
    This is how systems are kept locked and intact, and how they are prevented from
    being raided and taken over. There are portals on the South American continent,
    the North American continent, Asia, China, and all over the globe. The huge portal
    that we are presently discussing is the portal in the Middle East. It is gigantic.
    Many holographic inserts or dramas have been inserted through that portal to
    upset the minds and beliefs of the population. Since this portal is in the midst of
    crisis, it is a prime candidate for holographic inserts and also prime for a belief
    system to alter this chaotic world and get everyone to move in a different direction.
    Be aware of your feeling centers when these kinds of events begin to occur on this
    The Middle East is a portal where many dimensions meet and where entities from
    other dimensions can come onto this planet. It is a hot spot. In recent times, in the
    last forty or fifty thousand years, many civilizations have surfaced and many
    religious dramas have started in the Middle East. Because of the vortex,
    holographic inserts are easier to produce in that area, just like movies are easier to
    produce in California.
    A potential holographic insert in this portal is the arrival of extraterrestrials from
    space. Or Christ returning. Or some god returning, or some savior, or some reason
    for everyone to begin to follow one way of thinking. At this time, as we see it, it is
    not of light. An example of a holographic insert that was put on the planet in the
    past to change the course of history is the crucifixion of Christ.
    The drama that was played out and passed on historically to you is not the reality
    that the Christed One came in to play. A version of this entity’s life was molded and
    designed in a holographic entertainment movie, which was then inserted and
    played out as if it were real.
    Christ came in as a committee of beings over a period of time. The story that you
    have been told is a dramatized, marketed version – a very controlled version of who
    this entity was and is. Part of the Christ drama you have been taught was a
    holographic insert. And part of what you will discover in the future about the
    Christed One has the potential of being another holographic insert.
    So be aware. Most people would say that we are sacrilegious and of the devil to
    say this. How can we question what the Bible says? How can we question all of
    these things? Because they were all said and done by patriarchal organizations
    that promoted themselves. That was all they were. They were utilized to bring back
    control of the energy on the planet.
    In reality, the Christed One was sent as a systems buster, a member of the Family
    of Light, to bring light through the portal in the Middle East. This created a way for
    many to enter and seed a reality that would prepare the consciousness of humanity
    for the cycle that will terminate in approximately the next twenty years, depending
    upon how events proceed.
    The Christed One came not as one entity but as a number of entities, influencing
    people in humanity’s dark hour, an hour when human beings were ready to
    understand their mysteries. One of the things that was not promoted to you in a
    very truthful way was that the Christed One was very well accepted. The kind of
    energy that the Christed beings brought to the planet was received very well.
    There are a number of dramas going on with the Christ entity. There is the original
    blueprint: the plan of the Christed committee to come in, to spread light or
    information, and to show humans what the human body is capable of doing.
    Then there are the beings who said,
    “What are we going to do about this? This one is coming in our portal, and we want
    control over this portal. How are we going to be able to use this energy? It is a freewill
    universe, and we can do what we want.”
    So they created a holographic insert of the drama of Christ being crucified to create
    fear and emotion out of someone else’s intentions and to move consciousness in a
    way that was not originally intended at all.
    This means that in a free-will universe it is possible, particularly in portal areas, for
    one group of gods to raid another’s story and insert their own version of it. At the
    time, perhaps, this does not affect many, although over time the impact of the
    holographic insert is eventually known.
    We know this is frustrating for many of you. Yet what we are doing by sharing this
    information with you is getting you to move, feel, remember – and not think so
    much. This is not a process of logical thinking, it is a process of feeling. What is
    going on with your body?
    Ask yourself,
    “What is my identity? How can this be? Who am I within it?”
    Then you will begin to release more of who you are to yourself, and you will be
    able to figure out many things.
    Do you understand why you have come here to bust the system? Do you
    understand how complex frequency control is? Do you understand how fine and
    thin reality is? Do you understand how available reality control is to the human
    species – if humans would harmonize with one another, and act as though they
    were all provided for, and believe and create through their minds?
    We said some time ago that light is underestimated on this planet. Truly it is. If it
    became known how many individuals are gaining sovereignty over their thoughts
    and lives, and how many of them are broadcasting this sovereignty and living to
    teach it to others, those in charge would do something about it rather quickly. Light
    is underestimated, and it is a good thing, because light is going to liberate you all.
    You have an exciting assignment – an enviable job – and you have all the help you
    are going to need to complete your task. There has been a tremendous influx of
    entities and mother ships on this planet that are now acting as intermediaries or
    perhaps literal transducers of energy. The beams of light that come to the planet
    come from old and ancient star systems that have been working with Earth for
    eons and eons.
    Many of them are simply numbered by your astronomers, while others have names
    you are familiar with – Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, the Pleiades, and so on.
    Beams of light are being caught by quite a number of mother ships surrounding
    Earth, filtered through an entirely different system, and then blasted onto the
    planet. Many of you have implants inside of you to respond to this communication
    and to bypass psychotronic warfare and interference that would keep your
    frequencies jammed and prevent you from being able to receive this information.
    These implants are not negative. You were not abducted and probed to receive
    them against your will.
    They are etheric implants that you called to yourself as tools to receive off – planet
    energies. These implants are being activated now. Many of you are finding that you
    are feeling altered. At different times of the day, particularly when you are going to
    sleep, you are hearing a variety of tones or feeling a kind of electric vibration in
    your body.
    When this information is beamed to you, your body must be able to receive it. In
    order for your body to receive it, it must be in a certain state. The information is like
    a current, and if your body cannot handle the current it moves into a state of
    discomfort. The people of Earth were programmed for this time, and there is no
    one incarnated upon the planet who can say that they made a mistake and did not
    know what was going to occur here.
    No one was born upon this planet without a mechanism inside of them that can be
    activated to tune into or turn on to the ability to house these frequencies.
    We have encouraged many of you to move out of the logical mind because the
    logical mind will come into conflict with this information and electronic energy. In
    the next number of years, your understanding and vibration with the frequencies
    coming to you will be like turning on your own radio. You will have a direct
    telepathic link with mother ships broadcasting to you.
    There will come a time when you will never even think of going to a channeling
    session because you will have your own linkup with information. The wealth of
    information that will come to you will be of great reassurance; it will be broadcast to
    fill you in on what is happening.
    As you become more trusting, you will be able to manifest before you a light entity
    who will come physically and begin to teach you. Channeling, or the process of
    bringing information
    through another being, will become completely archaic as each of you manifest
    your own literal being to teach you. In the meantime, we are here to teach you, to
    remind you of who you are, and to give you an idea of what you can draw to
    yourself. What we want more than anything else is to assist you, as members of
    the Family of Light, to succeed in liberating the humans.
    Focus on the dance of yourself.
    To what tune will you dance and to what magic will you perform and to what
    heights will you be willing to push consciousness to give it a new definition of
    Chapter Ten
    A New Paradigm of Light
    Content of „Bringers of the Dawn“, pg. 107 – 115, Chapter Ten.
    Who are the Bringers of the Dawn, and what is their role? The Bringers of the
    Dawn are those who carry the rays of the sun and bring light and knowledge. They
    have an ancient organization, an ancient society, an ancient spiritual bonding that
    keeps them doing certain work within a certain star system.
    You are members of the Bringers of the Dawn; otherwise you would not be drawn
    to this book. The members of this elite organization come to Earth at different times
    to do their work. This occurs when a cycle has been set and events are perfect for
    them to allow the energy from the high cosmos and the energy from Earth to
    merge within their own beings.
    The energies from the cosmos are always coming to Earth, and the energies from
    Earth are always lifting up toward the cosmos. Humanity creates the sacred bridge
    between Earth and sky, which some have called the rainbow bridge. The Bringers
    of the Dawn allow these energies to merge so that the dawn, or the light, is
    awakened within them. They then bring that dawn to civilizations. This is who you
    are. This is what you are doing. So are multitudes of others. You are the Bringers
    of the Dawn.
    As Bringers of the Dawn, there is a certain stance that will facilitate the
    commitment you have made. This stance is one of allowing and moving out of self
    – indulgence and the discounting of your experiences. For the Bringers of the
    Dawn, each link makes up the whole, no matter how it is constructed, no matter
    what strength or weakness it has, and no matter how big or small its role. Strength
    or weakness or influence are not necessarily to be compared; they are simply the
    stance that consciousness, in its own dance of reality, chooses to focus upon.
    We teach you about yourselves and assist you in unlocking what is inside of you,
    not what is outside of you. As Bringers of the Dawn, you are in your darkest hour
    before the dawn, when you may wonder if there is going to be a ray of light. Then,
    almost instantly, the light will begin to show from nowhere.
    Where will it come from? How will it change your thinking? How is existence as
    dark as it can be one moment, and then the next instant there is light? As Bringers
    of the Dawn, you will that light to dawn. You were trained for this; it is your forte.
    You, the Bringers of the Dawn, also known as the Family of Light, agreed to go
    through the process of mutation to evolve yourselves into higher beings by
    intention and conscious agreement. You bring light back to the planet, bring about
    the new evolution of humanity, and make the cosmic evolutionary leap in
    awareness and intelligence possible by anchoring the frequency first inside your
    own bodies and living it.
    The Family of Light comes from a central place of operation – a source within this
    universe that acts as a broadcast station. There are central suns within your
    galactic system and a central sun within this universe. The Mayans named this
    central sun Alcyone. Others know it by other names. The sun has light, and light
    has information.
    To make this very simplistic, members of the Family of Light come from a place
    that is the central storehouse of information for the universe.
    You cycle or spiral out from this central sun and carry the information from it
    throughout the various systems in this universe; you plot, plan, and travel. You are
    very unique in this regard, and you know it. You know when you look at the
    population that you are very different. You love rabble-rousing, and you love to
    bust systems open.
    When something says, “No Trespassing,” it is for everyone else and not for you.
    You go wherever anything is shut down so that you can open it up. You operate by
    separating yourselves into many multidimensional identities and then going into
    systems to change them.
    You sometimes incarnate in these systems for hundreds of thousands of years in
    preparation for the time when you may be called on to bust the systems. You have
    a resume to back you.
    For example, you incarnate on Earth a number of times soy that if the call goes out
    that Earth is going to be busted open and the paradigm is going to be shifted, you
    can say,
    “I have been there 247 times, in this many varieties, and once I was able to ascend
    my body. I did this, this, and this. If I go in for this game plan to bust the system, I
    am certain that I can refresh my memories, pull them up, defy the laws, and
    complete the assignment.”
    Sometimes it doesn’t happen and the plan has to be aborted for some reason.
    That is a very frustrating experience for you. However, when all goes according to
    plan and you succeed in busting the system and creating a new paradigm of light,
    it is like a cosmic orgasm to you.
    Members of the Bringers of the Dawn or the Family of Light work in teams. You
    don’t go into systems alone. You need each other to do this work because you
    cannot hold the frequency by yourself. By going in as teams, you increase the odds
    of successfully carrying out the plan. You are like rays and light spirals of the
    central sun that are very intelligent, and you are guided by a great intelligence
    inside the central sun.
    Light is a kingdom of consciousness, and it has a purpose in existence. The story
    we tell you today is a story that you can comprehend. Every time we speak to
    humans and you comprehend more, we give you more. We do not want you to
    think that light is more noble than anything else.
    Something in the essence of your soul connects you to this light source and drives
    you to this profession, but it does not make this profession better than any other
    profession. There are others who have different sources and spiral out with
    different intentions, and they make the ballgame possible. You are learning about
    We remind you that Prime Creator creates it all, and it endows all things with itself.
    Just as you are seeking self awareness, Prime Creator is mastering this as well. It
    seeks to be aware of itself within all things and to endow the things that it is within
    with awareness that Prime Creator is in them and aware of its existence. The
    awareness is like a mirror going back and forth between Prime Creator and all
    creations, down to the smallest little bug or ant that crawls on the ground.
    Just as Prime Creator is in light, it is also in so-called evil, knowing that “evil” also
    has a divine purpose.
    Many kingdoms of consciousness exist. “Kingdoms of consciousness” are fancy
    words for a concept that we would like you to grasp. Within the kingdoms of
    consciousness, there is a likeness of energy, and there are many kinds of
    kingdoms of consciousness. The Family of Light comes from a particular kingdom
    of consciousness.
    When your consciousness learns the laws of creation, manipulation, and
    management of reality, it is quite easy for you to manifest into any form you
    choose. For those of you who have activated your shamanistic and native cultural
    memories, you well know that part of the teachings of native cultures was how to
    go into various realities and change form. The shamans in certain cultures were
    revered for this.
    They carried genetic coding, and there were very few on the planet in relation to
    the entire population. They held the magic and mystery and kept the process alive.
    They were able to move in the forms of animals and various other shapes and
    guises. This was quite a profound science, indeed.
    Because this science exists on the planet, of course, it also exists off the planet.
    Earth is a “happening” place right now, a hot spot. It is coded to start its own
    revolution – not necessarily just a revolution in the United States to change lifestyle,
    but a dimensional shift that is going to alter all of the space around Earth.
    Many extraterrestrials who are curious about life forms know how to rearrange their
    molecular structures and come onto the planet in disguise as humans. In times of
    tumultuous change, when dimensions have the potential to merge and collide – as
    you are setting up here for Earth – there is a great gathering of energies that come
    to participate in the big show.
    The big show happens on many levels, not just in 3-D. A chain reaction moves
    through all of the dimensions of existence and all of consciousness. Some beings
    beam themselves to Earth in disguise as humans, or they incarnate, picking an
    opportunity to get a ticket into this reality to be here for the event.
    Perhaps some of those you sense as not native to the planet and not here as
    systems busters are here to observe, to participate, and to understand so that they
    can take the information back to their own systems, which are always evolving.
    There are intelligent creatures who are able to manifest as humans and play the
    role out to perfection; sometimes their memories are intact, and sometimes they
    have the veil down. It is not always easy for these beings to come here with full
    conscious memory of who they are elsewhere because of the frequency control.
    You will grow in your awareness over the next few years that you are members of
    the Family of Light in disguise as humans. Part of the planned evolution of the
    human species and the planned rearrangement of the human DNA is for each
    person to begin to open a memory bank and remember who they are.
    In different dimensions of reality, there are, of course, different experiences and
    different laws. In 3-D, where you have been locked as a human species for so
    long, there is a limitation on what you can experience. The third dimension is
    designed to focus on one existing reality at a time. It is designed this way
    according to frequency and nerve pulsation and the rate that frequencies adjust the
    nerve pulsations within the body.
    You are magnetically and biogenetically tuned and designed. The members of the
    Family of Light are much more than human. Characteristically, you are supreme
    achievers in the multidimensional realm. One applies for a position in the
    multidimensional realm as a member of the Family of Light.
    As members of the Family of Light, you have incarnated on this planet to prepare
    yourselves to do your work.
    What is your work? Your work is quite simple: you carry frequency into systems
    that have limited light frequency, because light is information. This is not cold,
    computer – data information; it is information that is transmitted biologically through
    an electromagnetic send – out of consciousness. This is what you are experts in.
    If you were to have a business card printed up for yourselves when you are in full
    memory of your identity, it would say something like:
    “Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for altering
    systems of consciousness within the free-will universe. On call.”
    You go for it! This is what you do.
    This is an aspect of your identity that you all have in common, and you are here in
    the millions at this time.
    You are here primarily to remember who you are, to operate multidimensionally
    within the system, and to teach humans – the natives in this place that have been
    under frequency control for a long time – a new system. You are disguised as
    humans. As soon as you begin to realize this, you will extricate yourself from the
    human drama and the human dilemma of frequency control.
    Before frequency control was instituted 300,000 years ago by the raiding group of
    creator gods, the native species was somewhat clever. They had a very evolved
    system of receiving information and could directly receive on the planet from space
    contacts. They also had many different ways of distributing knowledge as it was
    Distributing knowledge on the planet at this time is based on technology –
    something outside of yourself. It is another clever bill of goods you were sold as a
    means of control. A long time ago, communication on this planet occurred through
    contact with one another by the use of internal mechanisms, not by technology
    outside of yourself.
    Most humans cannot grasp that their history goes back more than a few thousand
    years. You will learn, remember, and teach the planet that it has a history of
    millions of years. First, you will uncover and integrate the history of the planet for
    the past 300,000 years so that you can expand the picture of the human dilemma.
    Remember, the history is all inside of you, not outside of you. In your current
    technology, light-encoded filaments are being created outside of your body in
    symbolic form as a representation of the transmission of intelligence through fiber
    optics. The human species creates outside of itself what it must learn is inside of
    itself. It is part of the mastery of light.
    When the great library of yourselves was put into chaos, there was a little bit of
    data left that kept the species controllable, operable, manageable, and yet
    functioning on its own, performing tasks and stimulating it as a life form and form of
    consciousness to produce a certain frequency: fear. This fear has been promoted
    for the past 300,000 years on this planet as a controlled substance in every version
    that you can think of.
    When a human being resonates electromagnetically and broadcasts the frequency
    of fear, a transmission of consciousness is sent out. Where does that fear go?
    Where do your thoughts go? Where do your emotions go? We have already said
    that, collectively, consciousness forms food. As systems busters, you have come in
    to eradicate the food source, or to change the food source from one of fear and
    chaos. Those who are nourished by that food source will have to either change
    their diet or leave this planet. You are here to bring information, light, the
    comprehension that there is potential for change, and a food source that works in
    cooperation and resonates with light. This is what you are about and what it is your
    responsibility to achieve.
    We understand that some of you are very puzzled about how to do this and how to
    bring about this state of impeccability in your own lives. One of the primary things
    we ask each of you to do from this moment forward is to not base any of your
    future experiences on your past. All of you love to drag the past in as an excuse for
    what might happen in the future. You are famous for it. But you must act as if you
    are newly beamed down, innocent as a babe, and ready to step forward into the
    circumstances of your daily life.
    As you awaken each morning and step forward each day, state with clarity what
    you intend to experience that day. If you are not doing this or cultivating the habit of
    doing it, then you had best get going! It is the way that reality is designed.
    As we have said before, the big secret that has been kept from the human species
    is that thought creates experience, and thought creates reality. All reality is created
    by thought. It is all a subjective experience. But electromagnetically, you are being
    controlled in such a way as to create experiences within a certain spectrum of
    You who are members of the Family of Light are well traveled and well attuned to
    the possibility of bringing new frequencies in. You have come here to hold the new
    frequencies being beamed to you from space that are setting into motion a new
    pattern inside your bodies. As you begin to know that this is your purpose, you will
    begin to design your purpose consciously, to get clear about what you want, and to
    experience it, no matter what area it is in. This is an absolute.
    Each of you likes drama in your own way. You get bored if you don’t have “stuff”
    happening. This is why you formulated this plan – this raid. In actuality, this reality
    or world was set up by entities of the Family of Light a long time ago, before the
    reality was raided. As members of the Family of Light, you were the Original
    There were many rich funds of consciousness here that were free to become
    attached to and to utilize. When the entities of other families that you have come to
    call “dark” took over this planet, they did a very good job of keeping light out. Light
    is only as big as your paradigm can get at this time, but there are other teams and
    kingdoms of consciousness out there as well. For now, we will just work with light
    and dark.
    The dark team did a very good job of keeping light out for a long time.
    However, that time is up!
    You are renegades of light, and you decided to come back and stage another raid
    of consciousness – millions of you at this time – because you knew in working with
    Prime Creator’s energy that there was a high probability that everyone would
    achieve a great richness of consciousness.
    As you begin to pull this light into your bodies and onto the planet, many people
    who like drama may be affected. They may be pierced by light and have a reaction,
    because the more light you bring the faster it will spread.
    Light is definitely growing on the planet as you remember that you are the native
    species, working closely with the Original Planners, here to take back your world
    from the raiders.

  21. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Eleven
    A New Paradigm of Light

    In order to survive in the times that are coming, it is imperative to move into the
    idea of thought manifestation or superconsciousness.
    Superconsciousness is only a word to you at this time. It is not a concept that is
    inside of you yet because you cannot conceive of being so in tune and filled with so
    much information. Yet, as you evolve, that is what you are moving toward. There
    are those who are very aware that this movement of consciousness could begin to
    sweep the planet, and they are banking on it not occurring. It has already occurred.
    We have come back into your past to assure you of this.
    Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary. It is never the other way
    around – that you have the experience and then you base the thought around it.
    Always your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.
    Clarity and recognition of your own power are the bottom line. Your thoughts form
    your world all of the time. Not cafeteria style – all of the time. Because you are
    bombarded with so many frequency – control vibrations that attempt to keep you
    from being clear, you fluctuate. You must, as a species, make it your intention to
    stay very clear, to stay centered, and always to bring yourself into the moment.
    Stop living in the future or living in the past, and always live in your now.
    Say to yourself,
    “What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist
    me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate
    health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what
    humanity can be.”
    It is this line of thinking – this commanding from your being and calling out what you
    want with clarity – that brings you everything in acceleration.
    Watch your patterns. If you find yourself denying that you created a portion of your
    experience, and you don’t want to own it as your creation, simply look at it. Say,
    “Isn’t this interesting – I do this all of the time. I don’t want to own what I am
    creating. If I don’t like it, I blame someone else. Let me see how long I will do this,
    and let me come up with a solution to develop a different pattern of behavior.”
    Don’t judge yourself. Begin to say to yourself,
    “I will accept responsibility for all that I am involved in. I will accept responsibility for
    everything that happens to me. If I don’t like what is happening to me, I will begin to
    ask myself why I create things that I don’t like. Maybe it’s to get my attention about
    something so that I can change what is really not working for me that I cannot see.”
    Always act as if there is an impeccable purpose to everything you do.
    Act as if your highest good and your highest opportunity involve working through
    every event you are involved in. Always act that way. If you are walking down the
    street and someone says, “I’ve got a gun in your back; let’s have your purse,” act
    as if you are being given an opportunity for your highest growth. You never know
    what the results are going to be if you begin to act this way. When you act as if,
    you act without knowing and without expectation. This is an attitude.
    If you all could have this attitude and act as if every event is designed to propel you
    further in your growth and awareness, then you might turn around and find that the
    person holding the gun in your back is a counterpart or portion of yourself. You
    might be able to heal something; you might be given an opportunity to do
    something you are afraid of.
    Do not be afraid of what you create. Trust what you create. Trust that there is
    always something in it for you. Do not sweep your dramas under the rug as if they
    are dirty old horrible things and you never wish to see them again. Get finished
    with these dramas: stop cycling in them and being lost in them. However,
    understand that the drama you have had with your mother, your brother, your
    sister, your lover is something you may use twenty years later to come to a whole
    new realization. So let these life dramas be like a file for you.
    Finish them up, resolve them as best you can, create peace, accept your part in
    them, and then let them cycle back through your consciousness to teach you
    something. Let them be ongoing treasures of experience for yourself rather than
    hackles that you want to get past. Emotion is connected with these things, and
    remember, emotion can take you into other realms of activity.
    Do you believe that you only create your reality in certain areas and that in other
    areas you are disempowered? Do you argue that you have no control over some
    areas of your life? Do you give up what is naturally yours because society tells you
    you cannot have it?
    You will find that events do not come out of the blue. Some of you believe that you
    create your own reality but that others do not create theirs – especially little babies
    who have all kinds of things happen to them or children who are abused. It is a
    difficult concept for many of you to grasp that seemingly helpless children or
    starving people also create their own reality.
    Whenever you buy into the victim mentality, you send people the idea that they are
    powerless and you make that probability one for yourselves. You must learn to
    honor other people’s dramas and lessons. Realize that the newspaper is not going
    to tell you about the potential for change that exists for all of those involved in a
    particular scenario, because newspapers do not report and cover things in that
    way. You do not understand the underlying synchronicities of events: your media
    exposes only the external so – called facts and ignores the rich riverbed of
    emotional significance that accompanies human dramas and lessons.
    Those who are involved in dramas in which it looks like someone is a victim are
    usually so out of touch with their feelings that they do not connect how they feel
    with what they are thinking. Victims find victims. Victors find victors. So, please,
    with any newspaper event or world drama in which it looks as if people are
    hopeless victims, honor them and honor yourself by saluting that they created their
    own reality. It may not be a reality that you need to learn from – or anything you feel
    a need to participate in.
    You must understand that others must go through the realms of density to bring
    them to light. Sometimes the greatest enlightenment lies in the greatest
    catastrophes and the greatest difficulties.
    When you go to a restaurant and order something you want, the chef prepares it
    and the waiters bring it to you. You order it; however, you don’t make it. Somehow
    the cooks or the spiritual energy make it, yet, you select it to be put before you. It
    will not be put before you unless you go into the restaurant to order it in the first
    place. So you are responsible for it and you pay for it.
    Life is the same way; life is like a restaurant. Learn how to order what you want
    from life like you do in a restaurant and then trust that, because you ordered it, it
    will be put before you. When you go into a restaurant, you don’t worry over every
    item and wonder whether or not you deserve to have it. Well, sometimes you do.
    Sometimes you say,
    “Well, I don’t deserve to have that. That costs fifteen dollars. I can only have
    something that costs seven dollars or less.”
    The way you act in restaurants is a wonderful indication of the way you act in life. It
    is an incredible teaching to understand.
    When you go into a restaurant, do you simply order and say,
    “This is what I want,” and trust that it is going to come to you, or do you worry that
    they are going to screw it up?
    As soon as the order is in, do you follow the waiter into the kitchen and say,
    “Oh, they probably won’t have the right lettuce. They probably won’t sauté those
    onions just so, and they won’t have those kind of mushrooms I want.”
    No. You trust it will be presented to you exactly the way you want it and you let it
    go. When it is presented to you, you say, “Thank you.” If it is not quite right, you
    ask for what is needed and then you proceed.
    Look at the divine nonchalance you have when you order things in a restaurant.
    That is how you order up life. Get clear on what you want, order it and be done with
    it. Don’t keep calling up Spirit to see if they got the order or give advice on how to
    fill it. You ordered it. Trust that it will come.
    You are a result of your thoughts. If there is nothing else you learn on this planet,
    you will learn that this is the rule in this reality and the rule of many other realities.
    Thought creates experience. Why not give yourself a gift and begin to think of
    yourself in a capacity that is exceptional, magnificent, and uplifting; free yourselves
    from the need to have the rest of society agree with you. Validate yourselves. For
    some of you, this is very difficult. How do you validate yourself when you are in the
    habit of not doing it?
    Your words are either empowering or disempowering. We want you to have the
    courage to live your light, so we want to emphasize to you and convince you in
    whatever way possible that your thoughts formulate your world. Eliminate the
    words should and trying from your vocabulary. If you were to pay money every time
    you say these words, you would be in great debt.
    You are in a great debt of disempowerment or impotence. Should implies that you
    are operating under someone else’s sovereignty. We would like to remind you that
    you are sovereign unto yourself.
    If someone is trying to put out a newsletter or trying to change their patterns, they
    can try for the rest of their life. Trying is not doing. Whenever you use the word
    trying, you will not accomplish anything because trying is an excuse: “I tried to do
    it. I tried. I tried.” In your own life, use the words “I am creating,” “I am doing,” “I am
    manifesting,” “I am intending,” and “I am bringing about.” Forget “I am trying.”
    When you become a doer and are able to manifest what you want in life, you set
    yourself up as a mirror for many people. There has been a belief that there is a
    limited amount of everything and that only one person or the other can be a doer or
    manifester. When you begin to show that you can bend the laws they want and
    they can’t get it unless you don’t have it.
    If you put yourself behind others and are afraid of having what others do not have
    because you think there is not enough, you do not understand that as you allow the
    divine principles to work in your body and anchor themselves upon the planet that
    you become a living example of light. You allow the underlying purpose of light to
    move through your vehicle and you become a living example of what others can
    do. This is the high vibration that we intend to teach all of you.
    We want you to understand that there is no limitation.
    There is no limitation on the entire planet. Each person on the whole planet can
    operate in cooperation and in a uniqueness of being. Whatever gifts of spirit and
    materiality come your way, don’t think that you are more lucky than others. Instead,
    simply understand that you are able to get the divine principles to work in your
    physical body and that you can show others how. You can say, “Listen, it works. I
    have been able to do it. You can do it as well.”
    We spend hours teaching people about not being afraid to manifest. Each of you is
    frightened because you grew up with an ethic that says, “Only if you work for
    something is it of any value. If you do not put in hard work, you cannot get things.”
    It is imperative for all of you to look at this idea of hard work and where it came
    from. Look at your parents and the belief systems they have had. We are talking
    about birthing a consciousness that represents the new human species that learns
    how to do things effortlessly.
    If something is not being done effortlessly, then forget it. If it looks like if is too
    much work, something is telling you it is not the way. Only when something comes
    together effortlessly and simply fits, with no one doing too much to it, is it right. If
    you all begin to live like this, you will completely change how the species of
    consciousness approaches life. It is not irresponsible or a cop-out – it is a new way
    of carrying bricks from one place to another.
    One time we talked about a big pile of bricks with a group of people and asked
    “How do you move the bricks?”
    They all said,
    “Well, you pick them up one by one.”
    And we said,
    “No one ever thought of hiring someone else to do it?”
    If your assignment is moving bricks from here to there, how are you going to do it?
    Your first answer may be,
    “Well, I will move them. I’ll pick them up.”
    However, you could go call someone up and say,
    “Move these bricks for me.”
    If you do that, you are still doing the assignment.
    You are doing what needs to be done. Do you think we are going to chastise you if
    you don’t do it yourself? No. You are still getting the job done. You see the
    Money seems to be an issue with everyone. You all have very definitive beliefs
    about how money comes to you. The more you believe you must work hard for
    money, the harder you are going to have to work. Many of you believe it is quite
    normal to work hard for money, and that if you don’t work hard for money then it is
    Let us ask you to remember the word effortless and incorporate it into your
    Say to yourself,
    “I am effortlessly intending that this come about.”
    To be effortless is to command to reality to bring itself to you in a way that gives
    room for plenty of energy to be expended in other experimentation.
    Remember, your reality is a result of your thoughts. If you believe that things are
    hard, what are you creating? Many of you have spent lifetimes honoring and
    respecting family members or people of society who you believe are uplifting
    citizens and who represent to you a certain work ethic and value system.
    You have not thought to question this work ethic or to see if there is any other way.
    So you believe that in order to get money you must expend a great amount of
    energy, or you must be employed by someone who is going to give it to you, or
    These ideas are completely and totally erroneous. We cannot emphasize that
    enough. When you are allowing, Spirit will compensate you in a variety of
    unexpected ways. The only reason this has not happened before is that you just
    haven’t believed it was possible. When you believe things are possible, reality
    State of mind is the name of the game here. We cannot emphasize that to you
    enough: how you feel about reality and how you program reality is how you are
    going to respond to it or how it is going to present itself to you. That is why we say,
    “Go for it! Be outrageous! Do what excites you! Do the impossible!” You can do it.
    You can do whatever you want to do. You will transform your world no matter what
    state the world is in.
    Remember, when you learn the rules of the game – that you are a result of thought,
    and that this is a law within your universe – all you need do is think of how you want
    to be, and so you shall be.
    Once you figure this out, you can design your body, you can design your age, and
    you can fix everything about yourself, because you will be self-motivated, selfempowered,
    and self-generated.

  22. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Twelve
    It’s an Awesome Task to Carry Light

    It is time for all of you to redefine your own identities in a much greater sense.
    Events are transpiring in the cosmos that you and even many of your political
    leaders have no idea of. You must stop this foolishness about your definitions of
    gods – thinking that there are beings who come from the skies to this planet with
    special talents and abilities and that they are all spiritually connected.
    You are going to discover as a species some very disturbing ideas over the next
    number of years. We are preparing you by decree of the Family of Light so that you
    can understand and be informed about your own options.
    We have stressed with you this idea of multidimensionality – the concept that you
    can be in many places and can shift your consciousness. We have shared with you
    the idea that there will be a number of worlds created out of this Earth. At one time
    or another, you will come to doubt everything we have shared with you. Your
    system will be shocked, and you will not want to believe the extent to which you
    have been uninformed, so you will deny the validity of our information for a time.
    We can only offer you information based upon your own acceleration. You must
    evolve yourselves and have your wits about you to ask for information because
    there is a divine law concerning interference. There are many who have broken
    that law and interfered with Earth: even those in our own ancestral realm have
    done so. We have said to you often enough that this is a free-will universe and a
    free-will zone so that, of course, the underlying theme is that all is allowed.
    Therefore, there are always those who wish to be the lords and masters and
    authorities over others. You have been too simplistic about how many beings
    control others here.
    The Family of Light has been noted for its penchant or predilection for creating
    societies in which there is a tremendous movement in all directions along the light
    rays. What does this mean? Light is information, so the Family of Light is the family
    of information. There are consciousnesses – families of war – that spend perhaps
    billions of years in your conception of time studying, promoting, and experiencing
    control over consciousness. In a universe that exists outside of the limitation of
    time, all scenarios within a free-will zone get played out.
    This is a time for you to radically change your views about yourselves and to break
    down boundaries. It is time for you to rise out of the pettiness of day – to – day
    dramas and events and begin to connect on a cosmic level with the higher drama
    that is occurring. In this way, you can be better informed about your own intentions,
    purposes, and drama. You must be able to understand both your identity and your
    ability to ride your identity into any world you choose.
    This story of the Family of Light, or “The Return of the White T – Shirts,” as we like
    to call it, is who you are.
    You have committed to do a certain task, to be on assignment, and to remember
    and fulfill what you came here to do. We have told you that your worlds and your
    identity within them are going to change drastically, and you are coming closer to
    those times. You have had changes, many of you. If you look back to see who you
    were one year ago, ideally each of you will see that you are now much more
    Ideally, each of you is beginning to feel that you do, in every instant, create your
    own reality, and that every situation you experience, whether you are employed or
    unemployed, is by your own design. At this time, ideally each and every one of you
    has the art of manifestation down, because it is now time for you to pull the cosmic
    gridwork of information into your body and plug it into your psyche so that you can
    become a broadcaster of this data upon the planet.
    This is the gridwork that is fired by the light-encoded filaments outside of your
    You must become much more discerning about what and who is coming from the
    skies, because you are going to be duped and tricked and you are not going to
    understand it. We see this because we ourselves know how easy it is to dupe and
    trick you. Sometimes we do it to you to move you along. We told you that we have
    already been very tricky with you. This was necessary, because if we told you the
    whole story, many of you would have turned tail and run a long time ago.
    Ideally, we have instilled confidence in you. We have also instilled in you a new
    codicil of information so that you can take the basic building block of this system –
    the concept that you create yourselves, that you create your reality by your
    thoughts – and formulate a world designed by the Family of Light. In this way, a
    plan and new gridwork can overlay a portion of this Earth so that a completely new
    probability can burst forward.
    Without you and the new probability that you are bringing, there is potential for a
    great cosmic war here upon Earth at some time.
    Reach out with your feeling center and feel the confusion that is spreading around
    this world about what is going on. This planet has operated on a very low
    frequency, a frequency based on survival, and a frequency based on
    disempowerment. Your identity has been based on what you could gather outside
    of yourself. The twelve helixes will render irrelevant everything that has
    represented and surrounded the two helixes. All of the money saved and property
    owned – all of the security based on the first two helixes that provides you with
    identity – is completely irrelevant to the evolution of the planet.
    Feel the fear and uncertainty running through the lives of humans as they begin to
    realize that the way their lives have been defined is now crumbling. Realize that
    light is the culprit of this crumbling and that you, as members of the Family of Light
    and Keepers of Frequency, are causing this crumbling to take place because you
    carry the electromagnetic charge onto the planet that broadcasts the new
    frequency. You help create this chaos of new consciousness.
    Think back over your own lives for the last year or two and realize that there have
    been times when you, yourselves, have been in an incredible chaos of
    consciousness. You have been in a chaos of decisions about who you are, where
    you want to live, who you want to mate with, whether you want to stay mated or
    not, whether you want to have a child or not, whether you want to continue to be a
    parent, and many other things.
    Reach your minds out into your communities and feel how the foundation that
    people have based their lives on is slowly slipping away to rubble. The global grasp
    of reality is going, going, gone. The foundation is sliding away, and there are those
    who cannot see the slide at this time. The most significant reason for this slide is
    that there is new information accessible that makes the old information archaic and
    decrepit, and you are responsible for this.
    So you are responsible to a certain extent for evolving yourselves through this and
    for being your own forms of inspiration – for being living examples for others.
    You take a very active role.
    There are many who say,
    “Oh, no, here comes the light!” because light is known to alter every vibrational
    frequency that it encounters.
    Light carries information, and information expands systems so that old systems
    can no longer exist. So, as light moves to destroy, it also births new systems by
    what it leaves behind. A new order is formed.
    Some of you find it difficult to think of yourselves as destroyers because you have
    a belief system about destruction. It is a paradigm, and if you get stuck in that
    vibration and do not smash those ideas, you will become very confined and
    restricted in experiencing reality. Yes, you are definitely destroyers. You destroy
    systems where the dark team and ignorance prevail.
    Light goes in to destroy all systems, and the experience of destruction is relative to
    how strong or with what fervor consciousness clings to what is being destroyed.
    Who’s going to bail you out when the going gets rough? Where is the rescue team?
    You are it. In order to have this transformation take place, you must use what you
    have to bring it about. There is incredible assistance from all kinds of realms;
    however, it all depends on you, not us. You are going to change the frequency
    simply by commitment, determination, and willpower.
    Discover what you are in your physical body because it is your outreach of power
    here. Learn to direct and use it and become one with it. By carrying light inside of
    your body, you bring that frequency onto the planet, and that frequency has
    information. The frequency of light contains the history of your identity and the
    history of your particular consciousness.
    As we have said, that consciousness was scattered from your database or cellular
    structure because those who came in to be your gods could not control you if you
    had the same abilities they did. So they did the biogenetic experimentation and
    mutation that has been called “the Fall.” That was when the ignorance of the
    human species became more predominant.
    They performed many different experimentations, which went on for a very long
    period of time.
    Light represents the putting together of what has been asunder, and to perform
    that task all you have to do is be. As you simply are, and as you evolve yourself
    and let your own personal life evolve, truly you are to take for granted that all the
    other members of light are evolving as you are.
    You send your telepathic broadcast out that your presence is here, much as we
    always say to you,
    “We are here.”
    We are also members of the Family of Light, and we bring information with us and
    broadcast it everywhere.
    There is a need for each of you to examine the boundaries you have set around
    yourself. You believe that you have evolved, that you have a large picture, and that
    you see many things. And, relative to where you have journeyed from, indeed you
    have made progress. However, we guarantee you that you are not seeing the
    boundaries that you presently set for yourself, which still define what you believe
    you can and cannot do. They are what tethers you to this version or frequency of
    These boundaries that you set, and that you advertise and announce about
    yourselves, keep you from moving with the information that is awakening inside
    you. The information is part of the spiritual upliftment. Different layers of reality are
    removed so that you become more in tune with the realms of spirit. That is what
    spiritual advancement is.
    We want you to give up boundaries and stop defining and protecting every aspect
    of your lives.
    It is an awesome task to carry light. Once you allow light to come into your body,
    you begin the process of change – which is not always joyous, uplifting, and fun
    filled, as some of you have discovered. In this process, when things are not so fun
    filled, the first thing you may do to keep yourself from evolving and changing is to
    respond to emotional events with fear. You may blame someone else and whine
    and complain, and you may feel and believe that someone did something to you.
    The rest of the planet believes this, but they are not members of the Family of
    Light. There are millions of members of the Family of Light here, of course, and
    light is returning to this planet where the Dark T-Shirts were in charge for a very
    long time. The Dark T-Shirts have fed off your emotions of fear and negativity and
    war and greed; because this is a free-will universe, all of this has been allowed.
    Prime Creator is the dark team as well as the Family of Light. Prime Creator is all
    We teach you in stories. Someday, perhaps, you will see through the stories we
    tell. You will not need them any longer, and you will be able to smash paradigms
    and come into a knowing of larger realities. Until that day, we speak to you in
    stories so that we can hold your interest and entice you into areas you are petrified
    to go – areas where you have committed in the deepest portion of your soul to
    In a short period of time there will be a great need to realize which people are
    really Keepers of Frequency and which are just talking about it. The Keepers of
    Frequency are going to be called upon to create a certain stability upon this planet,
    for they know 100 percent of the time that they create their reality. They learn how
    to defy the laws of humanity by conscious direction of their awareness and energy.
    That is the depth of impeccability and commitment we are speaking of.
    We are not here to bandy words or get you to feel good about yourself. We are
    here to remind you who you are and what you have agreed to do – what you have
    come here to achieve on this planet. We are here to be your cheerleaders and
    encourage you to remember – to give some guidance and assistance so that you
    can discover for yourselves the miracle that awaits inside the human body.
    The way you can best operate at this time is to be keepers of your own frequency
    and not go around “saving” everyone else. Do everything in your power to keep
    yourself consistently aware and understanding of what is going on. Be consistent
    with the frequency of light that brings you information, and with the frequency of
    love, which is the frequency of creation.
    As the food source is taken away from the creator gods and the frequency barrier
    is pierced, Earth’s grid – work will change. In actuality, Earth is going through an
    initiation. Earth cares about all of its inhabitants and is evolving as its inhabitants
    are evolving into an existence in which greater possibilities will be everyday
    occurrences – in which miracles can become the way of life because they will exist
    within the frequency that will become available.
    Each of you assists in making that frequency alive on this planet by living your life
    according to light and according to what you know. This is work of an individual
    nature. You may work in groups and have certain leaders, but you must, as
    individuals, evolve yourselves. As you do so, and as you are led by your light to
    live a certain way, you will begin to feel excited.
    You do not have to work with us or with anyone continuously to gather information.
    The only continuity needed is for you to continuously work with yourself and seek
    the meaning of what we call the exalted self. Feel what the exalted self means it is
    triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement, and the highest in attainment.
    This planet is in desperate need of committed entities who are in search of the
    exalted self. The continuity we have been speaking of – that it will behoove you to
    bring into your lives involves knowing from moment to moment inside your beings
    that you are committed to discovering this exaltation. This exaltation can be
    translated in words as a frequency, or wave of feeling, or vibration. You all
    understand vibration in terms of light and sound. Vibrations are ongoing – they
    carry and transmit forms of intelligence.
    When you look to yourself and do not forget that you are on this path – and you
    continuously remind yourself that you are pulling light into your body and are
    seeking to raise the frequency of your physical being, defy the laws of humanity,
    and alter the frequency of the planet – you are producing a kind of continuity that
    can do more than all the books and tapes in the world.
    There is nothing stronger than your commitment to the exalted self. Once you
    commit yourself to the energy of light, the energy of exaltation, and uplifted
    frequency, you are marked. Then you must live according to what these energies
    put before you as you call for your task to be accelerated.
    First and foremost, live your light. Live that light inside of yourself with courage.
    Don’t live in the closet – live it. Speak what you know without getting up on a soap
    box and waving your hands around like a fanatic.
    Simply state,
    “This is what I believe. This is what I live.”
    For example, someone may say to you,
    “Careful, you might catch a cold.”
    You can say in return,
    “I don’t believe in catching colds. I don’t use my body for sickness.”
    By saving things like this, you bring others to awakening. Speak what you know in
    casual conversation with family and friends.
    Wherever you are, use the pillar of light. We recommend that each of you visualize
    a pillar of light coming in through the top of your head, opening your crown, and
    filling your body with light.
    Picture this cosmic pillar of light coming from the higher cosmos, filling you, and
    then coming out your solar plexus and making a ball of light around your body so
    that you exist within a glowing etheric egg.
    When you love yourself and Earth, and you know that you are here to redefine,
    redesign, and break the boundaries of humanity, you broadcast this. You live your
    life committed to this.
    If you ask us how much time you need to devote to this, we will say,
    “It is very simple: all of your time.”
    All of it. It is not something you worry about, it is something you simply are. You
    live it – it is your divinity. You will find that when you live your light, you will draw to
    yourself others who are very interested in living their lives in the same manner, and
    your numbers will grow and grow.
    When you make the commitment to say,
    “Spirit, I am wishing to be employed by you. Put me to work and show me what I
    can do. Give me the opportunity to live my light, to speak my truth, and to carry this
    light around the globe,” then Spirit will put you to work.
    Be clear on what you are available for and make a contract with Spirit.
    Tell Spirit what you want for compensation. Spirit will allow you to negotiate and
    write whatever contract you want as long as you are operating in a capacity of
    service to yourself to uplift your vibration. When you are in service to yourself and
    are committed to personally evolving and changing, you uplift everyone around
    you. That is service.
    Service is not going out and martyring yourself and saying,
    “I’m going to save you.”
    Service is doing the work yourself and living in such a way that everyone you touch
    is affected by your journey.
    There is nothing wrong with getting a little feisty with Spirit and saving,
    “Listen guys, I’ve had it. I’ve been asking and I’m willing to do it. Please, I want
    If you want an acceleration, be clear, be very prepared to take off, and be open to
    reading the symbols as they come to you.
    When a book falls off a shelf, read it. When an opportunity comes for you to go
    somewhere, don’t say,
    “I’m sorry – I can’t afford it.”
    Do it. When a person is put in your path, and you have been saving you want a
    relationship, but the person has the wrong packaging, do it.
    You are operating in no sense, and perhaps these things are Spirit’s way of
    bringing you pattern breakers. If you are clear and you communicate in every
    situation, you can make a lot of progress.
    You all think too much about how things are going to come about and what the
    packaging is going to look like. This is important to realize. So when you ask for an
    acceleration, be prepared to take chances that the logical mind may scream about.
    The logical mind is going to kick and fuss over some of these things because it will
    be afraid. As soon as you hear yourself say “I can’t do that” or “That doesn’t make
    any sense,” listen. These are key words.
    Simply say,
    “I am divinely guided. I am intending an acceleration. I am intending that I work
    through an uplifting capacity, and I will take a chance on this. This feels right even
    though it makes no sense, so I will go for it.”
    However, if it doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t make any sense, then don’t do it.
    Trust your feelings.
    There is a culling going on – a culling of the chosen. What does it mean to be called
    “the chosen?” Those who gather when we speak and those who hear the sound of
    their internal song are the chosen. Just because you are the chosen does not
    mean you are automatically going to rise in the ranks and perform the duty that
    needs to be performed.
    Who chose you? You chose yourselves.
    You are not members of an exclusive club – and yet, on the other hand, you are.
    The membership in this club is voluntary, and all of you decided who you would be
    and why you would come here. We cannot emphasize enough that courage is
    going to become the middle name for each and every one of you.
    Many of you have lives that are in the closet. You are not willing to let everyone
    know what your intimate beliefs are. You may feel very safe in a room discussing a
    variety of subjects, some of them very far out, vet, in your workplace or with your
    family or whatever, you put a zipper across your mouth and hill not give yourself
    permission to speak your truth.
    There are a multitude of people whose codings are waiting to hear your voice. So
    you, the chosen, are being culled at this time. You are being sorted out for
    courage. If you cannot gather courage now, we are not too certain that you are
    going to gather courage later on.
    You each came to this planet to do a task, and that task is at hand. It is now. The
    decade of change is upon you, and as you integrate and realize what this change
    means, it will alter each and every one of your lives. The change means giving up
    many things, coming apart from many things, and coming together with other
    things because you will trust. Trust is the word that all of you would love to have as
    your middle name, and yet trust is something you all say that you don’t have.
    What does it mean to trust?
    It means to have such inner knowing that your thoughts create your world – to
    simply be quite certain, with divine nonchalance and inner knowing, that if you think
    something, it is. It is this theme over and over again that we are attempting to
    present to you, in every capacity and every means of expression, so that one of
    these days you will get it. Once you get it and begin to live it, you will begin to
    change your lives.
    We keep emphasizing that the time to get moving is now. It is not necessarily that
    you have run out of time. It is that time is beginning to squeeze itself in upon you,
    and if you do not act, things can move into discomfort. As we said, there is a culling
    of the chosen. You have chosen yourselves; therefore, if you do not move into the
    work of the blueprint you have designed for yourselves, to a certain extent you will
    run out of time.
    You have a few more years before things will be so topsy-turvy and hectic that if
    you are not living your life in the true eminence of light you have volunteered to, it
    could be too late. In other words, if you procrastinate and procrastinate, you will be
    washed into the undertow of the tidal wave as it comes – perhaps literally.
    No matter what the endeavor in which you are being led to participate, it is part of
    your blueprint and plan so that you can evolve. And by evolving, you affect the
    evolution of the planet. Everything you do is for your evolution. As you come into
    comprehension of who humans are and what this place is, you begin to open new
    pathways for others. You will find that events you never imagined will somehow be
    put together before you.
    These will be things that are beyond your comprehension “setups,” as we like to
    call them, or opportunities you never thought of. This is when you will know that
    you are living your light and doing so with courage.
    There is a good possibility that light carriers will come into question in the next few
    years. Understand that this is part of the plan. All of you must have a clear intention
    as to how you would like your reality to be designed. This does not mean that you
    are not flexible; it means that you operate with clarity.
    You say,
    “To my guides and all of those who are assisting me in my evolutionary journey on
    Earth: It is my intention that I be successful. It is my intention that I be always safe
    in all things that I do. It is my intention that I receive love and give love in all things
    that I do. It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with
    prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that I not become overly
    enamored of the material world.”
    Though you must do your own work to evolve, there are many off-planetary and
    nonphysical beings ready to work with you.
    All you need do is call them for assistance. When you do, always state clearly that
    any assistance come to you from light. Stay in your integrity and be aware. On this
    planet, it is assumed that if someone is intelligent they are spiritually aware. This is
    absolutely a falsehood! Someone can be brilliant and learn to transcend human
    laws and yet still not operate with the frequency of light or the frequency of love. Be
    aware of this and be clear about the assistance you call to yourself.
    We have mentioned many times that light frequency brings information. Love
    frequency brings creation as well as respect for and connection to all of creation.
    Love frequency without light frequency can be very crippling. If you think that love
    frequency comes from something outside of yourself instead of from inside
    yourself, you will do what has been done on this planet over and over again:
    worship someone who is promoting love frequency as if they were a saint.
    The ideal is to carry the light frequency of information – to become informed – and
    to couple it with love frequency.
    This will allow you to feel a part of creation and to not judge it or be frightened by it
    but simply to see the divinity and perfection of it as it evolves to teach every
    included consciousness about itself.

  23. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Thirteen
    Whose Purpose Are You ?

    We said that you exist for a purpose. Whose purpose? Did you ever think of that
    one? Whose purpose are you?
    You have purpose because all aspects of consciousness are connected to one
    another. None exist outside the system; they are all parts of the whole. That is the
    purpose we want you to seek. The essence of the vehicle you occupy and the
    energy you generate are part of a developmental sequence that you can say has a
    purpose for your personal search in life.
    But what purpose do you add to the whole? Can you conceive of someone else
    using your purpose and growing from it? An energy that you do not know exists?
    This universe is interlocked in such a way that it is based on the domino system.
    All aspects of consciousness have gathered in this universe to affect each other
    because that is the only way consciousness in this particular system can
    experience itself. In another system or another universal structure, each and every
    type of consciousness may be completely free. In other words, you could be on
    your own and serve no purpose to anyone else.
    That is not true in this universe.
    There are many different universes and themes. Just like one hundred pennies
    make a dollar, certain collections of universes make something that is a collection
    of energies. Eventually, you will begin to fathom and recognize that there are whole
    systems of existence that have nothing to do with existence as you are working
    with it. This system is designed as a free-will zone, within which everything is
    interlocking and interworking with everything else.
    There are other kinds of zones, which perhaps you could also call free-will zones,
    where everything is independent of everything else. Here on Earth, everything is
    interlocked with everything else. There is much more space in a system in which
    everything is independent. Or, let us say, there is much more awareness of space,
    not necessarily space. That kind of universe could in actuality be much smaller
    than this universe, but because it is not operating out of density, the awareness of
    space could be greater.
    Your purpose is to carry information and, by carrying it, to make the information
    accessible to others by frequency. When we share a story with you, you end up
    carrying information. Information is light; light is information. The more you become
    informed, the more you alter your frequency.
    You are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that you are, you broadcast to
    everyone else. Just as you can recognize someone in fear, you can recognize
    someone in joy if you begin to learn how to use your body to tune into this kind of
    Your assignment is to carry information and to evolve yourself to the highest
    capability within the human form. When you do this, you cannot help but affect
    multitudes. You may feel that your particular occupation is not on a grand scale –
    say, for instance, you are a waitress. Remember, things are not what they appear
    to be on the outside, and everyone you come in contact with is affected by your
    Some of you may be left in very menial or mundane jobs for a while, or you may be
    led simply to be parents and guardians of your children, or you may do work that
    you feel is not exactly on the road to high glory.
    Yet you will have a certain time period in which you must assimilate all of this
    information that is indeed radical. You must fit it into your life, and you must fit it
    into the history of your world by living it, perceiving it, and getting used to it.
    Once you can consistently maintain a frequency of information and not be riding
    the roller coaster of emotions up and down because you don’t know who you are,
    you will be given a task. It will be put before you, and it will be part of your
    blueprint. Your blueprint is your own personal detailed plan or outline of action for
    this lifetime.
    Many of you already know your blueprint and what you will be guided to. Each of
    you knows your plan in the deepest portion of your being. What gets in the way of
    your knowing is logically thinking that you don’t have the talent for your plan or that
    you can’t do it. If you go into a meditative state, you will receive a picture of your
    identity and reality and the next step of your assignment day by day. Meditation is
    a state of communication; it is not a way to go somewhere to get lost.
    Meditation is a way to get informed and to go to a place that nourishes you.
    You will move into your purpose and, more than likely, it will have to do with
    facilitating the frequency: transducing it, stepping it down to others, explaining it,
    using it to heal others, and stabilizing it for the human race. When each of you can
    hold a frequency of information without freaking out and can be counted upon to be
    consistent, then you anchor the frequency on the planet. That frequency is
    recognized. It cannot be traced, exactly, but it can be recognized, and it is being
    recognized now.
    That is why there has been a frenzied step – up to alter that frequency. You will see
    more frequency control everywhere you look, only now you will be able to
    recognize it for what it is.
    You will find that all the things in your life have prepared you step by step for what
    you will be doing. At one time, perhaps, you were a Boy Scout leader and learned
    how to work with young boys. Maybe at another time you worked in a restaurant
    and learned how to work with food and to serve. Through your jobs, you created
    certain aspects of reality so that later on, when you must teach these systems how
    to go beyond themselves, you have an idea where these humans are coming from.
    We speak to you as if you are not human because, to us, you are not. To us, you
    are members of the Family of Light, and we know your multidimensional selves.
    We speak to you about dealing with humans because it is your assignment to
    integrate with them, soothe them, and awaken a spark of light within them so that
    they are not all destroyed and so that this place can house a new species and a
    new realm of activity.
    We have talked many times about the evolving DNA and the frequency modulation
    that has kept the species and the experiment controllable and manageable. You
    have been hired and are on assignment from the future to catapult back into this
    cycle of existence to incarnate many times so that you can understand what has
    kept humans controlled. In this way, you can operate from the inside and change
    the system.
    When you are in a battle with your logical mind, you are experiencing a conflict
    between the portion of yourself that is human, which has bought the story, and a
    portion of yourself that is Family of Light, which has not bought the story and is
    learning about the bigger picture.
    Begin to realize that the portion of yourself that operates out of logic is teaching
    you something. It is giving you first – hand experience of how most of the
    population operates and firsthand knowledge of what you are going to have to work
    around to reach others. If it were quite easy for you to move into intuition and
    operate there completely out of trust, and if you did not have this duality of
    understanding with the logical mind, in the long run you would become very
    impatient with the rest of humanity. If it were easy for you, how could you possibly
    understand how difficult it is for others?
    Humans have been controlled by frequency for a long time. They are so used to
    this frequency control and the logical mind has been so overly developed in recent
    times that there is much suspicion and fear – a dark place of self that is so
    controlled that people are frightened to even go into it and trust that they could
    possibly receive information on their own.
    When you think of the entities who have modulated the way humans broadcast
    themselves by rearranging their DNA and instituting various scenarios and events
    upon this planet – and then funneling the results of this psychic energy through
    different portals out into space for their own reasons – you can see what you are
    There are those who want you and the whole planet to function in no other way but
    through logic – a very fearful logic. The best advice we can offer you at this time is
    toy use that logic.
    “I will be in logic here for a moment and see what my logical mind is doing. It is
    wanting to take over. It has been told that this is how it is. I have also been told that
    this other stuff is true too. I will simply observe how I waiver between one and the
    other. Am I angry? Am I insecure? What brings me upliftment? What brings me
    security? What does each mode of thinking do for me? What am I perceiving about
    myself? How am I feeling?”
    Observe and acknowledge all of this.
    Then say,
    “Now that I’ve given everyone a chance to be on stage, what do I want?”
    Reaffirm what you want, and you know you want to evolve.
    Do you see how cycling back through doubt is in actuality part of the Divine Plan?
    It is part of understanding what others who will be following in your footsteps will go
    through. You must learn to open your compassion center or heart center, which is
    probably one of the most difficult things to do. Learn to feel compassion for yourself
    and for everyone else, as you all have the courage to let go and feel.
    It is very important to observe how you deal with events. Different events are
    brought to you so that you can observe them. Learn to observe your behavior and
    to spend much more time alone even if sometimes it is difficult for you and you feel
    lonely. In the long run, you will thank us for directing you to have a more
    meaningful encounter with yourself. You hold the richness and ripeness that can
    bring you into higher realization.
    There is an order that you operate within that part of yourself cannot see.
    Sometimes when part of yourself is operating without vision or seeing, events
    occur to get you back on track. Be aware that, in this new chaos of consciousness
    and confusion and shifting of uncertainty, there is a divine order.
    This could be compared to baking a cake. Each ingredient in the recipe is of itself
    an integral whole and has its own sense of structure: the eggs, the flour, the butter,
    the sugar. When you begin to put them all together, it looks as if you are making
    Someone could say,
    “You are wrecking everything. You wrecked that egg. Where did the sugar go? You
    are wrecking all of the essential elements here.”
    They don’t understand, perhaps, the magic of the catalytic formula of heat.
    There is a catalytic energy present at this time on the planet as all of the individual
    structures begin to melt and merge to create what looks like chaos. There will be
    something new born out of this, just like a cake is born out of the chaos of mixing
    together certain ingredients. Someone who does not understand that after you mix
    cake batter, you put it in the oven to bake it, could look at the goopy batter and
    think they made nothing. Many people on the planet will not recognize that there is
    a higher order behind the chaos – that there is a recipe being followed.
    Each of you has a specific assignment within this recipe. Of course, you have free
    will to determine how you will follow the recipe and be an ingredient of it. This free
    will allows you to decide the specifics of how you would like your life to be
    designed, although you must live out your blueprint. Whether you choose to do this
    with difficulty or with ease, in poverty or in richness, is up to you. It all depends on
    where you have been convinced to put your boundaries.
    What can we say to convince you to take all of your boundaries down – to stop
    limiting what you believe can be yours? If there is anything we wish to achieve, it is
    to have each of you boundless and free, knowing that every thought you entertain
    somehow determines your experience. If we could get you to live 100 percent of
    the time according to what you want, we would feel that this has been a most
    successful year.
    We are going to ask each of you to make that commitment and to live a cleaner
    and more impeccable life. We ask you to accept responsibility in areas that you
    have not even thought of accepting responsibility. We want you each to act as if
    you know what is going on. Act as if you are divinely guided in every choice you
    make, and begin to believe that you are always at the right place at the right time.
    Say to yourself,
    “I am in divine guidance. I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything
    I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher consciousness, and my higher
    We want you to operate in that way all of the time now. Be living Keepers of
    Frequency. When light is brought into your body, it fires your light-encoded
    filaments and helps rebundle the DNA, creating a frequency change.
    Frequency is what you know. Frequency is your identity.
    There have been periods when many different dimensions have existed upon this
    planet at the same time. In the last thousand years, there has been a receding of
    the many different dimensions as great chaos and darkness have come over the
    population. These dimensions or other realities or places where the laws of
    existence are a bit different are returning. You help them return by pulling the
    dimensions onto this planet and creating what is called a dimensional merge.
    Sometimes you move into these dimensions and do not recognize that you are in
    them. You enter an altered state, particularly when you go to a sacred site on
    Earth. You move into a different dimensional frequency and everything changes.
    You feel uplifted and full of energy, or sick to your stomach. Something goes on
    when you move into an altered state.
    Since you are in the altered state, you do not always know you are in it. That is the
    beginning of the dimensional merge. When you return home from a sacred site,
    you may look back and say, “Wow, what happened there?” That is the feeling of
    experiencing different dimensions.
    Dimensional collisions are another story. Those who are gripped with fear and
    refuse to change, even though their purpose is to be on the planet at this time to
    change, will experience the dimensions as collisions. The dimensional merge for
    them will be like a solid wall of cement hitting another solid wall of cement. Great
    discomfort will occur on this planet for many.
    This is already occurring on a very small scale as discomfort in the nervous
    system. People may develop disease of the nervous system simply because of
    their refusal to evolve and change their stand about themselves and their reality.
    All of you who are working with other humans, whether you are medical people,
    body – workers, teachers, musicians, or whatever, understand that this is the
    human dilemma: the need to drift tire definition of self and reality.
    Use your will and mind to decide how you would like reality to construct itself. By
    doing this, you will eventually discover that there is a higher will and a higher plan,
    and you will ride your consciousness to it and discover the divine path. This divine
    path has in mind the evolution of consciousness. You, as a human species, have
    believed for eons what others have told you about yourselves.
    As we have said, there has been a purpose to this: others have wanted to control
    you. Strive as you would for attainment, it was difficult on the planet because the
    DNA was scattered and closed down, so no matter what you wanted, the
    vibrational connections were not available.
    Now that the vibrational connections are coming onto the planet, the Divine Plan –
    which you can think of as a grid or blueprint – is coming closer to Earth, and the
    dimensions are going to meet eventually. When they are going to meet is up to
    you. The Divine Plan is not scheduled to come here on a specific date; it depends
    on how quickly humans can meet the needs and master themselves.
    What does it mean to master yourself? In order to understand the Divine Plan and
    move into the blueprint, you must look at yourself.
    You must be able to master who you are. There are many things in your society for
    which you must master a test in order to say, “Yes, I qualify. I have mastered these
    rules, and I utilize them and put them to my will.” For example, you must master
    how to drive a car to get a license. How many of you can master your bodies and
    use them with your will? Very few.
    Why? Because no one told you it was possible. We are here to remind you of a
    number of things.
    Earth at this time is a very difficult place to be, simply because those who are
    coded to bring the changes onto the planet are coded to teach themselves. You
    see, the problem on this planet, over and over again, has been the gods. One god
    after another. Who have the gods been? The gods created you. You are their
    project. You are dear to them.
    However, some of them you are not very dear to because they do not understand
    emotion and feelings. And some of them are enamored of different realities than
    you are, like http://www.universe-people.com
    Consciousness is allowed its expression, and you have been allowed your
    expression within limitation by those who have been governing you. From your
    point of view, you have never let them govern you and you have no idea that they
    exist. They bring dramas onto this planet in the guise of what you call religion,
    leadership, or, sometimes, inspiration.
    Events, even though they are orchestrated to achieve certain things, sometimes
    gather those who hang on, and many other probabilities come out other than what
    was intended.
    We want to communicate to you that there is a drastic change going on. We cannot
    emphasize this enough. Earth is in for a big shake – up. The shake – up involves
    humanity processing and conceiving of data that is totally out of the current
    paradigm. This means that your nervous system will be assaulted with data and
    must be able to unlock itself from how it believes it controls or perceives reality.
    The task for you members of the Family of Light who have desired to take this
    information inside of yourselves is to anchor a new frequency on the planet by
    anchoring it impeccably inside yourselves. This is not easy. It was not meant to be
    easy. You did not come here to have an easy assignment.
    You are renegades, and you have been renegades.
    If we could give each of you a minute’s worth of your multidimensional memories,
    you would know what we are talking about. You would know in the deepest portion
    of your being that time and time again, in different guises and different collections
    of form, you have gone where change needed to be anchored.
    You have gone many times, busted the paradigms, liberated yourselves, and
    moved beyond where you thought your identity was. This is the Divine Plan:
    merging the self.
    The Divine Plan has many ramifications and brings together many kinds of forces.
    You have heard us talk about the forces of light and the forces of darkness. We
    have nicknamed them the “White T-Shirts” and the “Dark T-Shirts” to make the
    situation neutral and have you know it is a game. We also want you to know that
    there is a grave seriousness to the game and that in and around and above the
    game is the Divine Plan.
    The Divine Plan can be anchored as a vibration into certain human bodies that are
    coded for this and that came here to carry this frequency. Then you can rise to
    your own blueprint of impeccability.
    When your own life rises to a position where you do not even recognize it as your
    life, you allow the energy of the nonphysical realms to use you as a conduit – to
    merge the dimensions and liberate consciousness into a new way of perceiving.
    Even though there is death and destruction coming to your world, remember that
    death and destruction come in the autumn every year on this planet. The flowers
    and leaves on the trees are killed by the frost; things wither and die. Perhaps
    someone who lives where it is always summer would be very disturbed when they
    saw autumn for the first time.
    They would think,
    “Goodness, the world is being destroyed here. All the beauty is being taken away.”
    Understand that this is what is going on with Earth. It is a season when some
    things will die so that many new things can be born.
    It is all part of the Divine Plan.

  24. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Fourteen
    Emotions – The Secret in the Chronicles of Time

    There are those who exist in this universe who have yet to discover human
    emotion. When you visit Earth’s ancient lands and look at the creations of other
    times and places, you can feel the frequencies and vibrations inherent in the sites.
    You know that there are keys there, and you know that there are messages that
    there is something locked within that once existed and will surface again. In the
    same way, human beings have something hidden within them that is very valuable
    for the evolution of the universe. We refer to this data as the codes and master
    numbers: geometric formulae of light that are integral to recreating and producing
    life forms throughout this universe.
    Human beings have been tucked away, hidden, and forgotten in the antiquities of
    time ever since their DNA was rearranged, because it is in the distant past of the
    chronicles of time when the species was alive and vibrating very differently. That
    time has been forgotten or shelved by some. As we have said, you have been in
    quarantine, almost as if you have been in the dungeons of time for so long that as
    the new eras have come forward they have forgotten that you have been here.
    There are those, however, who have not forgotten. They have sent you on
    assignment to change all of this: to bring memory forward and to bring the value of
    human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are needed because you
    carry something that many other species have no idea of: emotion.
    And just as you need to work together to bring your own selves into a wholeness
    and richness of multidimensional being, there are those who are striving to catapult
    the entire universe into a new octave – a reach toward and creation of new territory.
    The Keepers of Time know where the data is locked, and you have been found;
    you have been selected to bring it into the light. We have come forward – or
    backward from our time period – to assist those of you on assignment to unlock the
    annals of human DNA. We are here to help you rearrange them within your own
    being and then to become part of the Living Library.
    As we have mentioned, what is occurring on Earth is going to affect things in many
    places. Energy is being sent here at this time to redirect certain universal forces so
    that they will come into alignment and bring this universe into simultaneous
    awareness of its identity. What is in Earth is like a locked-away secret in the
    chronicles of time, and it has to do with emotion. In this gift of emotion there is
    wealth and richness; there is incredible ability to transcend many different realities
    and to move through and experience many different states of awareness.
    Emotion allows certain energies to coalesce, fuse, bond, and come together in
    realization of themselves. Without emotion, that bond could not be.
    There are those existing in this universe who are very ancient and who have come
    to the realization of what this place is. They have been working for eons. They are
    ancient elders even to our system, and they are honored as great wise men and
    women, in your terms, although they are not men or women at all. They are
    thought of as the Keepers of Existence in this system.
    They are the ones who make the movements and drive the system like a pilot
    drives a ship. They steer this universe on its course; that is their job. Just like you
    have jobs, their job is to steer this universe on a course of discovery. They have
    discovered from their own learning and journey that they must connect with other
    There is a plan to catapult and send energy into new experience. At this time,
    Earth and a number of other systems where you simultaneously exist are
    instrumental in the reemergence of emotion, with the purpose of comprehending all
    identities compacted into one. The universes are discovering what they can do by
    coming together and interworking just as you are discovering what you can
    become. There is no preconceived idea of what will happen. This is new territory.
    Emotion is the key to all of this.
    As human beings, you need emotion to connect you with your spiritual self.
    Emotion is essential to understanding spirituality because emotion generates
    feeling. The mental body and physical body are very linked, as are the emotional
    body and spiritual body. The spiritual body is, of course, the body that exists
    beyond physical limitation.
    You need emotions to comprehend the nonphysical, which is why emotions have
    been so controlled upon this planet. You have been allowed very little room
    emotionally and have been encouraged to feel powerless or frightened.
    Many of you don’t want to go beyond these emotional barriers and through your
    personal boundaries because it might be painful. You’d like to say “abracadabra”
    and just have them be gone. Pain brings you feeling. If you can feel in no other
    way, sometimes, in order to capture your attention as a stubborn human, you
    create pain to show yourself the range of your abilities and to bring yourself into
    life. In this way, you can feel the richness of being alive.
    Most human beings are afraid of their emotional or feeling center; they are afraid to
    feel. Trust your feelings no matter what they are. Trust that they lead you to
    something and that the way you feel can bring you a realization. You all want to be
    in life and be removed from it at the same time.
    You say,
    “Let me just be here and be a powerful person, but I don’t want to feel or
    participate too much because it hurts too much and then I will get sucked down. I
    don’t trust life.”
    When you are not afraid of feeling, and you move past judgment and allow yourself
    to feel all the ways you feel, you will have a tremendous breakthrough because you
    will be able to ride feeling into other realities.
    Some of you are afraid to feel and participate in this reality; let alone ride into other
    realities, because you do not trust your feelings. If you wish to have an
    acceleration, dive into something that brings up feeling. Stop skirting the issue so
    that you can think you are in control. Dive in the middle of it and then see if you are
    in control.
    It’s not that you don’t know how to feel, it’s that you are afraid of your feelings. You
    don’t know what to do with them when you have them. They bring up a sense of
    powerlessness within you, so you associate feeling with a sense of,
    “Oh, no, I blew it.”
    You have a boundary in your belief system that states that when something comes
    up that is emotional and brings pain or anger, then it is not good. It is time to stop
    tiptoeing around things and avoiding your emotions.
    Anger serves a purpose. All of you want to get finished with it: you want to sweep it
    under the rug and act as if it is no good. You act like it is rotten vegetables, throw it
    out, and bury it in the back garden as if there is no purpose to it. We are
    emphasizing that there is a purpose to fear and a purpose to anger. If you would
    allow yourselves to express and experience your fears, which might lead to the
    expression of your anger, you would learn something.
    Those of you who want desperately to avoid fear and anger, and who are really
    afraid of these feelings, have something great to learn through these emotions.
    They are techniques that move you beyond your personal boundaries of identity
    and behavior, and you are simply afraid to experience this.
    Most of the time, all you want is to be accepted. You feel that no one will like you if
    you do certain things or feel certain ways, so you don’t give yourself permission to
    have those certain feelings. That is where the anger comes from. You have anger
    because you make judgments about what you can and cannot do. If you do not
    give yourself permission to feel, you cannot learn. Feeling connects you with life.
    Feelings serve a variety of purposes in human beings.
    We encourage all of you to please trust and cultivate and rely on your feelings.
    Understand that your feelings are your ticket to ride into multidimensional realities,
    where you must go if you are seriously playing this game. In multidimensional
    realities, you learn to hold and focus many different versions of yourself at once.
    Feelings can take you to these places, particularly feelings that you trust. Many of
    you are very suspicious and masterful over your feelings. You will not allow certain
    feelings to come forward, or you judge them when they come up instead of
    observing where they take you or what they do for you.
    Because you have a fear of something, you keep yourself from experiencing it
    because you put up a wall that says,
    “If I go there, it is bad.”
    You put the brakes on. In actuality, your fear will eventually energize the
    experience into your realm of development because all thought is drawn into form
    based on the emotional influence behind it.
    So sometimes the greatest thing to do is to simply say,
    “What the heck, I will go there. I surrender.”
    Then deal with being there and don’t worry about being centered while you are in
    your feeling center. If you intend to go into your feeling center and always be in
    control, you are not giving yourself the range of movement that is needed to ride
    the emotions that knock down boundaries and belief systems.
    Anger has its purpose. Anger is not purposeless and pain is not purposeless. They
    all lead you to something. You can make an intention to go into your feeling center
    and learn how to be centered there while you explore the opportunities.
    If you say,
    “I am going to be centered there,” it sounds as if you won’t allow yourself any
    movement within it.
    Instead, just intend to have a centeredness.
    A centeredness does not mean that things don’t fluctuate; it means that you allow
    things to fluctuate. Whether a boat is ready to tip over or is in calm water, you allow
    it. You ride it, then you get out of the event either a calm ride or a rough ride. Your
    emotions are not just food for others, they are food for the self. This is how you
    nourish yourself and create your identity. This is your identity as frequency through
    your emotions. Emotions feed you and feed your call letters into existence.
    You are going to deal with each of your boundaries, simply because that is what
    you do not want to do.
    You would love to say,
    “Golden stardust, eliminate all that has limited me. Boom! I am free!”
    Ideally, it would be so simple.
    That is a classic example of wanting to recircuit and bypass the feeling center. You
    have certain emotional beliefs or feelings that assist in making these boundaries
    outside of yourself, so when you break a boundary, you have to deal with the
    emotion that put the boundary there in the first place. Through your emotional body
    you are connected to your spiritual body. You may want to bypass something that
    is difficult, yet you have to feel your way through it.
    You want to sweep difficult things under the rug and say,
    “I don’t want to do these,” when the difficult things are your gemstones.
    Even if you discover you have 101,000 boundaries, do not feel frustrated.
    Simply say,
    “This is interesting.”
    Look at the boundaries you have set up and, instead of swearing at them, simply
    observe them and see if you can discover how they came about. See what
    purpose they served – what grocery store you shopped in when you bought those
    As soon as you acknowledge and recognize and are willing to release something, it
    moves. When you cling or have fear or think, “I like that boundary; that serves me
    very well,” then you limit yourself.
    You must learn to love your emotions. As long as you describe something as
    difficult, you are making it difficult. No one else is. You are resisting and judging the
    changes coming about. You are feeling that you do not know what is going on, and
    you wish to be in control. Control is something very convenient and very handy. It
    must be applied at the right place at the right time, like super glue. Super glue in
    the wrong place doesn’t do much good. Did you ever super glue your hands or lips
    You must learn to exercise control in the way you use super glue. If you screw up
    with super glue, you get stuck and you can’t do anything. Control is the same way:
    you get stuck with it, and it sticks you to something that you don’t need to be stuck
    to. You must be very selective about what you decide to control or not control.
    The old human pattern, or the paradigm that exists, says,
    “You must be in control.”
    You, as members of the Family of Light, are having an awakening. You need your
    You must become friends with your emotions because, through feelings, you can
    climb the ladder to the multidimensional self and the twelve – chakra system and
    explore what you discover. Through feelings, you can tell if something is going on
    or not. The logical mind will disinvolve itself when something is going on if the body
    is not plugged into feeling. Feeling registers frequency change. Logical mind does
    not register frequency change.
    You are experiencing an awakening of frequency change. You are being led to
    change many portions of your life and to give up many things. Don’t resist the
    changes and feel out of control because you don’t know what is coming and it
    appears that your emotions are getting in your way. Your emotions are simply
    wanting to show you something; you don’t like it because you think your emotions
    are interfering or will embarrass you.
    Get clever. Next time you come into one of these emotional situations, say to
    yourself immediately,
    “Alright, I know what is going on; I’m not getting caught in this one. I know there is
    something here for me to learn, and something for me to change. I believe that I
    am guided and that I am following a blueprint, so I will check out what is in this for
    me by not judging it and by going with the flow.
    I request that all my changes come in joy and safety and harmony. That is my
    decree. Everything in my evolution I am intending is covered by that: I experience
    joy and safety and harmony. So I will go with this energy and see what is changing
    for me and what I need to give up.”
    When your memories are not intact and you have not cultivated trust inside
    yourself, you shut down because you don’t understand what is occurring when you
    are made ready for change.
    It is imperative for people to trust the feeling center and operate with it. When
    “stuff” activates your feeling center and brings you into discomfort, face the feelings
    that you do not like. This is your essence. These feelings are your jewels, your
    treasures, and your gems, from which you can learn about your identity. They are
    your springboard, and you are never finished with them.
    You cannot shove them away and say,
    “Yuck, I don’t like the me I was then!”
    However, you can alter the “you” who perceived reality in that way. As you
    continue to become aware and gain a vast comprehension of who you are, you can
    look back at that entity in that place and have a whole new realization of who you
    were then. This process is ongoing. You will begin to see it in one another.
    Honor your friends as they go through their “stuff”; just don’t get involved in it. If it is
    for you, do it, but don’t help others prolong their dramas. It is time to move through
    “stuff,” not to stage a 365 – day Broadway run with it. We suggest telling your
    stories once or twice or three times, and that is it. You don’t need to tell everyone
    everything, because everyone else has their “stuff” occurring too.
    Do you understand? When you continually speak about your “stuff,” you are
    missing the point because you are talking instead of doing and seeing what you
    are telling yourself. By talking to everyone about what is going on with you, you are
    simply wanting to get attention, and you don’t need to do that.
    Events are ongoing, and you never really finish with them because they are your
    “stuff.” If something is painful for you at the time, we guarantee that later you will
    encounter a situation that is similar, and you will have gained a compassion that
    you never had before. You will see the situation all in a different perspective.
    What is coming up now are the things that originally blocked you from perceiving
    reality. These are the parts of your emotional body in which the highway system
    was severed and the information could not flow, so you moved into pain and
    translated the emotional pain out of your physical body. We recommend to all of
    you that you receive bodywork.
    Bodywork simply involves bringing energy from outside the cosmos into your body,
    infusing it with your other bodies – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – and
    making the energy grid fit. Where the energy grid fits and you don’t block cellular
    memory and you allow – energy to step into your body, the energy moves through
    your chakras and feeds your body its data. When you are afraid or you shut down,
    or when you blame someone else, or when you are in denial, you get stuck.
    Then, even though light floods unto your body, it does not fit with the grid – work.
    So you are in chaos, and everybody else wants to stay away from you because
    you emanate chaos. Chaos is a fine place to be; there is nothing wrong with chaos
    as long as you don’t permanently dwell there.
    When you deny emotion, you are asking for major Earth changes to take place
    within your psyche. When you allow a tornado here, a hurricane there, or a small
    volcanic eruption here and there, you are allowing your emotions freedom of
    expression, and they will not run rampant over your personal environment.
    Feeling is what connects you to your humanity; feeling is what connects you to
    your emotions. Emotions connect you in this realm of existence to your spiritual
    body. What we are saying is that emotions, or feelings, are the key to being alive in
    this reality. Many realities exist without emotions, but in this reality they are your
    greatest gift. If you deny your emotional self in this lifetime, then you had best
    realize that you have hung it up.
    If you are not going to be part of your emotional self, then you are never going to
    make the game we are talking about.
    You will simply be one of the masses who watches television and feels like a victim
    over and over again. If you are feeling pain within your emotional body, ask
    yourself why you believe the pain is there, what purpose the pain serves, and why
    you are choosing to create pain through your emotions.
    Why is it not your choice to create joy? All is choice. We need to remind you of this.

  25. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Fifteen
    Earth’s Initation Through Integrity

    This beautiful Earth is a treasure so profound and so magnanimous that it draws
    those from far in space to come cherish the beauty that is here. We want you to
    feel that beauty inside yourselves and let it pulsate within your own beings. As you
    allow this beauty to come into you, it will move you profoundly, and you will begin
    as a species to command that the beautification of Earth become the first priority
    for all.
    We want to seed this idea into you so that you awaken to your responsibility to
    Earth. We have awakened within you the responsibility to yourselves, and you are
    on the road to becoming the best that you can be; we congratulate you. Now, what
    are you going to do for Earth, and how are you going to do it?
    We have taught you to command the best for yourself in all possible moments.
    Since Earth is your home, how are you now going to extend this energy to Earth
    and affect this planet with what you know?
    How many of you have walked your own property, considering it a sacred space,
    and let Earth know how much you treasure it? That sort of communication will get
    you involved with the beautiful Earth. Involve yourselves in doing. Look at your
    garbage, at what you are throwing away, and at what you are unconscious of. It is
    an exact reflection of what we have asked you to do with yourselves. Look at your
    thoughts and at the garbage that clutters your psyche. All we have taught you, you
    can extend to Earth.
    Wherever you go, communicate with Earth and let the planet know you are
    awakening. You must think of yourself as a thread of light; wherever you walk,
    drive, fly, or visit, you are carrying your thread of light. As more and more threads
    are woven around the planet, eventually there will be a fantastic cosmic wave of
    We are in a world that is on the brink of slowing down before it goes into a mad
    frenzy. You can begin that slowdown by consciously taking greater care of Earth.
    The predominant consciousness on Earth at this time, particularly in the United
    States, maintains that having the best – looking lawn is a status symbol. In order to
    have that best – looking lawn, you use as many pesticides and chemical fertilizers
    as possible until the lawn begins to look like a carpet that would be in your living
    room. Where did that value system come from, and what is the sense in it?
    The sense in that value system is that someone made money off a product and
    created a marketing campaign that gave that product legitimacy, and someone
    bought it.
    Communicate with Earth, listen to it, and let this beautiful planet teach you how to
    live in harmony. This is a slow process, and you are not going to learn it overnight.
    Hear Earth saying, “Listen, would you like someone pouring pesticides on your
    skin?” This is what happens when you pour them on Earth. Earth is a sentient
    being, or collection of beings.
    The sentient beings that make up Earth came into this collective of consciousness
    out of love for the unity of this consciousness and desire to experience being a
    home for consciousness.
    This is like you being the home for all the bacteria and all the things that live on
    your skin and inside your body. You work with them. Earth understands that, in
    order to be a good mother to its children, it must let the children learn their own
    lessons. Your lessons are, of course, the lessons of responsibility. If you want
    something, there are certain ramifications and things you must do and
    responsibilities you must take on to accomplish your goal. Earth is teaching human
    beings responsibility by allowing you to create disruption upon its surface and into
    its interior.
    When Earth is in jeopardy and humanity has pushed things too far, Earth will do
    whatever is necessary to teach the human species about the proper care of its
    home, in order for you as the inhabitants to learn a bigger lesson. In divine love of
    humanity and divine acceptance of its role as teacher, Earth will teach you about
    its own secrets and power so that you can understand how to walk with
    cooperation and love of Earth and not walk with disrespect.
    This inevitably leads to the overwhelming probability of Earth doing some major
    changes in order to capture the consciousness of human beings and point out to
    them what they are missing. If twenty million people disappeared in an afternoon
    because of an Earth change, perhaps the other humans would wake up. Perhaps.
    You have heard the predictions of Earth changes over and over again. Some of
    you have taken them with a grain of salt. You have not thought they would happen
    to you, though you might think they would happen to someone else or in the
    newspaper halfway around the world.
    What about when a change happens at your doorstep or in the next city over?
    What about when the major cities in the United States begin to collapse? How do
    you think you will feel if you awake someday and find that there has been a tear in
    the Earth from New York City to Washington, D.C.? Would that be enough to
    shake you up a little bit? Enough to restructure and revalue your lives?
    You are becoming more aware of what is going on because now your newspapers
    are beginning to carry the stories. The stories have actually been there for some
    time. There have been environmentalists and conservationists talking about
    environmental changes for twenty years, but people figured that the problems
    would fix themselves.
    Besides, environmental issues do not sell newspapers, and, to a certain extent,
    people have not been interested in learning about responsibility. That attitude is
    going to backfire; most people will claim ignorance and think the issues came out
    of nowhere. Things are going to get so severe that we predict there will be
    countries that will ban the use of the automobile.
    Earth’s teachings or lessons at this time have to do with many things. As
    frequencies change, everything changes. When frequencies change, it is like
    moving from your house: the whole environment changes. These changes are
    designed to uplift everyone’s life. They are designed to bring everyone to a greater
    place of ease and comprehension.
    They are designed to disengage human beings from the paradigm that has defined
    your world as solid and in very limited terms.
    When human beings make quality of life the number one priority in their lives by
    honoring the quality of Earth’s life, there will be very few Earth changes upon this
    planet. However, most humans, particularly in the Western world, are concerned
    with a very different quality of life: how many electronic devices they own, how
    many clothes are in their closets, and how many cars are in their garages. They
    are not at all connected to the effects of all of this material manufacturing on the
    sentient being that is your parent.
    If human beings do not change – if they do not make the shift in values and realize
    that without Earth they could not be here – then Earth, in its love for its own
    initiation and its reaching for a higher frequency, will bring about a cleansing that
    will balance it once again. There is the potential for many people to leave the
    planet in an afternoon. Maybe then everyone else will begin to wake up to what is
    going on.
    There have been events all along stimulating you, encouraging you, and bringing
    you to the realization that there must be global change. There are grass – roots
    movements that are going to grow phenomenally. What happens to Earth depends
    on how willing everyone is to change.
    What is your responsibility in this? How willing are you to change? The time has
    come not to just talk about it but to do it. As you commit to change in your own life,
    you automatically make the change available to the entire planet.
    Earth is striving for its integrity. The planet feels at this time deprived of its integrity,
    dishonored, and unloved. Earth loves you and gives you a place to operate; it is a
    living organism. Earth is about to reestablish its integrity and let you understand the
    importance of loving yourself by loving Earth. Love yourself and love Earth,
    because they are the same.
    Earth changes could play an important role in breaking down the system. They will
    bring about the collapse of the insurance companies, which will bring about the
    collapse of many other systems. Many of the banking businesses sell their
    mortgages to the insurance companies, and the insurance companies invested
    very heavily in the junk – bond industry.
    Given a few more major disasters like Hurricane Hugo or the San Francisco
    earthquake coupled with war and the underground economy – how long do you
    think they can continue to operate?
    On paper, no one has quite caught up with this yet. It is still a matter of checks
    shuffling from one bank to another and keeping everything just above water. So
    Earth changes, more than likely, will be utilized in some way to bring about that
    collapse. Earth changes will also bring about a joining and triumph of the human
    spirit because men and women will go out to help other men and women when
    disasters occur. This bonds people.
    There are technologies that could clean this place up very quickly if that were the
    plan. However, as the species at present does not take responsibility for Earth,
    there would be no point. The present species must learn to honor its nest. All of
    you must learn to honor your bodies because without your bodies you would not be
    here, and without Earth you would not be here.
    Your body and your planet are your two greatest gifts and the most valuable things
    you own. Ideally, you would express a sacredness and honoring and cherishing
    and love of Earth and your physical being. This would resonate in your home, your
    property, the land you are associated with, and the land of your body as well.
    Earth is more resilient than you would imagine. It is here to feed you and sustain
    you. The animals are also here to work in cooperation with you. If everything is
    done with love, it has the force of the Creator behind it. Done with love, there would
    be no hurt and no harm.
    If you need a guide to make decisions about your behavior, ask yourself:
    “Am I operating with my highest integrity? Am I operating with love? Is love my
    intention for Earth, the animals, all the people I encounter, and all the things I do?”
    Everything of Earth can be used if Earth is loved and honored in the process.
    It may be difficult to imagine a gang of oil workers, before they set the bit into the
    ground, holding hands and asking for guidance and permission to penetrate Earth.
    Yet, if this were done, things would be much more in harmony. You laugh because
    you deem it foolishness to communicate to something that does not talk back.
    But if industry, educators, and all people first stopped and committed to the highest
    integrity and love for all involved and asked that there be no harm to Earth or
    humans, it would be phenomenally received. This would put into motion the plan
    for a high civilization. Such awareness is beginning to come; many people are
    getting this kind of information at this time.
    Many human beings do not want to put themselves on the line and stand up in
    integrity because they are afraid of getting into trouble. They say, “I will just keep
    my job and my security; what the heck.” One of the most incredible things that can
    happen in any society occurs when everyone’s security is taken away. Courage
    begins to blossom like a freshly planted garden because people have nothing to
    lose. Humans begin to stand up.
    Never feel that your efforts are in vain. Use the power of your mind to clearly intend
    what you want. Ask for assistance from the nonphysical realms and visualize the
    outcome you would like to have. Understand that you create your reality and that
    every other person creates their reality. Everyone has the opportunity to wake up
    at any time. When you approach anything, approach it from the bigger picture.
    When enough people create their own reality – consciously create it – you will
    create a new planet. There will literally be a splitting of worlds. This splitting will
    more than likely not occur for more than twenty years. In the meantime, Earth will
    more than likely be ravaged by war quite a few times. You will have some very
    puzzling and confusing space dramas take place with some space cousins who
    need to figure out quite publicly who they are.
    Earth is on a dimensional collision course, and many dimensions or probabilities
    will intersect one another my this decade. Some of these realities will be shocking,
    depending upon the level of shock each person needs to kick their consciousness
    into another paradigm. Shock does not mean destruction, necessarily. It can simply
    be a method to alter the way you view reality.
    Whenever you are shocked by something, you can no longer grip reality the way
    you gripped it the moment before. There is an instantaneous kick in the stomach,
    and everything changes. The world is in for numerous shocks, and not simply on a
    national level. We are talking about global intersections of dimensions by which
    realities will seem to come tumbling down only for those whose realities need to
    The concept of probabilities maintains that there is no one reality and that you,
    yourselves, branch off into other realities continuously through your thoughts. It is
    not that you change the world, it is that you change which world you occupy. This
    goes back to the idea that the world is not solid. It is constructed of energy, and
    that energy takes form through the thoughts of those that participate within the
    There are, and there always have been, probable Earths and probable
    experiences. There are probable “you’s” leading quite different lives than the you
    you know. You are frequency and energy. You are pulsating to the beat of a chord
    of energy that sings you into existence, and you are so familiar with it that you stay
    focused continuously on one aspect of your experience.
    Experience is gained from many perspectives, and you are learning how to change
    the frequency and beat so that you can notice what you usually do not notice.
    You are continuously monitored as to the effect of the neurological changes that
    are taking place in your bodies. The rewiring or restructuring is like your nervous
    system going from a two – lane highway system to a twelve – lane highway system.
    When this takes place, you will have memories of events that have run
    simultaneously with other events. At first, this may freak you out a little bit because
    you will have no place to plug them in.
    For example, say two years down the road you remember a Thanksgiving dinner
    you had in 1989 or 1990. Then suddenly, you have a memory of an event you
    never before remembered, and it is right next to and parallel to the Thanksgiving
    dinner you did remember. You then realize that you were at two Thanksgivings.
    This is what will happen as the nervous system comes into a new pulsation and the
    body has its library put back together.
    As the light-encoded filaments reform themselves and broadcast what they have
    available, the nervous system must be able to carry and translate it.
    There is a great polarization of energies occurring, with many participants and
    observers. Many who have come to observe have come to disrupt as well; they
    have come to learn their “stuff” in this time. There are also participants who are
    completely intent on creating a world that will be quite glorious.
    As we see it, as the probable worlds begin to form, there will be great shiftings
    within humanity on this planet.
    It will seem that great chaos and turmoil are forming, that nations are rising against
    each other in war, and that earthquakes are happening more frequently.
    It will seem as if everything is falling apart and cannot be put back together. Just as
    you sometimes have rumblings and quakings in your lives as you change your old
    patterns and move into new energies, Earth is shaking itself free, and a certain
    realignment or adjustment period is to be expected. It will also seem that the
    animals and fish are departing Earth. Those animals are now moving over to the
    new world as it is being formed.
    They are not ending their existence, they are merely slipping into the new world to
    await your joining them.
    It is difficult to explain this, to a certain extent, because it is beyond the third –
    dimensional experience. Basically, you are moving into the fourth dimension. When
    this move is made, you will literally form a new Earth. It will seem as if you have
    awoken from a dream into a world that is pristine and beautiful.
    Your skies are full of observers watching and waiting to see how you will do this
    and offering to give you assistance in doing it. For many people, it seems as if this
    shift is completely beyond all possibility. But not for you who have studied this
    energy as alchemists and ancient Atlanteans in temple life. The training you have
    had in other times is encoded within your beings to prepare you for this juncture.
    The people who leave the planet during the time of Earth changes do not fit here
    any longer, and they are stopping the harmony of Earth.
    When the time comes that perhaps twenty million people leave the planet at one
    time, there will be a tremendous shift in consciousness for those who are
    remaining. When a large group passes over together, they create an impact upon
    the consciousness of those who remain.
    Expand yourselves. Begin to dwell in other realities besides the reality that is work
    and sleep and eating. When you are awake, let your mind expand to possibilities
    and let ideas come to you. Ideas are free; they are everywhere, and there are
    broadcasts continuously coming to the planet.
    When Earth does its shifting, not everyone will experience the same thing. Those
    who need to experience destruction will experience an Earth shift or rotation with
    destruction because they will not fit with the new frequency. Those who are
    prepared to hold a higher vibration will experience a frequency shift. So for one
    person there may be the end of their life as they know it and dire destruction, while
    for another there will be a state of ecstasy. All potentials exist. Remember, you live
    in a symbolic world that is a result of your thoughts.
    The outside world represents to you what is going on internally with you. So if the
    world is falling apart, what does that represent? It represents the falling apart or
    collapsing of what is inside in order to create the rise of a new system and a new
    It is imperative for you to love and bless the changes within society and not move
    into fear or anxiety about what is presenting itself. It is your task to be in the
    vibration of knowing, even without sense, that in every event there is an
    opportunity for Spirit to do its work and to uplift. You are an exceptionally lazy
    You give your power away to anyone who will do things for you, whether it is your
    boss or your wife or husband. You give your power away over and over again. In
    order to turn you toward yourselves, you need some events to put you in charge of
    your lives. Bless these changes that come to Earth and, in these events, trust that
    what you want with clarity will be manifest. You will find yourself tested.
    You will say,
    “Am I a victim here? Is the world collapsing around me? Or is it uplifting itself
    around me while everything is seemingly in the midst of collapse?”
    An important primary belief for you to hold is that you will be in the right place at
    the right time doing the right thing. Intending that you will be in the right place at the
    right time more than intending it, knowing it – will open you to guidance. Perhaps
    without even looking for it, a piece of land or an opportunity to connect with
    someone else will be put before you.
    You will recognize it and say,
    “This is for me. I shall take this.”
    Believe it or not, there will come a time or let us say, there could come a time – in
    many of your lives when you will shut the door on life as you now know it.
    Literally, you may give up the house that you have and walk out of it with only a
    few possessions. It does not seem possible now, does it? Something inside of you
    will say, “My God, has the world gone mad? What are my values? What is the most
    important thing now for my survival?” And Spirit will come in and guide you to tell
    you what is the most important thing for your survival.
    That may mean simply carting off a few possessions. Some of you in this life will
    literally stand on the threshold of your houses, look within, and it will all be
    meaningless because the most important things will be your spiritual values and
    your life. All those material possessions and collections of things mean nothing in
    light of what you are becoming. Can you imagine the events that will be needed to
    move you to that action? They are not going to be small events.
    Remember humanity’s destiny to evolve. We guarantee that life as you now know it
    will not be around ten years from now. The world as you know it, the reality as you
    know it, the comforts and projections and vacations and all the things that you do
    will not be here ten years from now. You are here for your own personal evolution.
    How that evolution is going to come about worldwide will be rather interesting. We
    are not talking about the evolution of a few dozen people; we are talking about the
    evolution of the species.
    There will need to be some events to bring people to awakening. That is why it is
    going to be your challenge to live your life with courage and to have the courage to
    live your light.
    We recommend that all of you intend that the Native American teachings come
    your way. Begin to explore them through sweat lodges, drumming, dancing, and so
    on. This will awaken many things in you and teach you much about Earth. You are
    coded to ritual; when you perform ritual, your body begins to remember who you
    are and what you know.
    As we see it, communities are going to be very influential in the 1990s. They will
    form on tracts of land that will be anywhere from fifty to a few hundred acres,
    perhaps as small as twenty – five acres, and they may house anywhere from thirty
    to one hundred people. These groups will come together because the members
    will be responding to an inner knowing. The new technologies that will be used in
    the coming communities will be technologies based on love.
    There is nothing wrong with technology. The major stumbling block of technology
    now in use on this planet is that it is used to separate, manipulate, and control
    people rather than to uplift them.
    Technology with love is the key. Many people will be given great amounts of
    technological information that will seemingly come out of nowhere. You may be
    given information for an invention and yet not have any idea what it is you are
    inventing. You may have to hand it over to someone else to bring it into reality.
    People will work together in harmony to bring forth this new technology.
    Part of the evolution of consciousness involves uniting one consciousness with
    another – not keeping yourselves separated. Perhaps one person will come up with
    an idea, and another one will take the idea and put it into manifestation, and
    someone else will sell it. As we see it, there will be a tremendous underground
    market for inventions. These inventions will never be shown in the traditional
    marketplace because you would be wiped out, snuffed, if it was known that you
    had these abilities. There will be great trading from one community to another of
    these underground technologies that will do all kinds of things for you.
    It can be one of the most rewarding experiences of this lifetime for you to live in
    cooperation with a group of people who love the land and get the land – Earth – to
    In loving the land and letting Earth know what you are after, Earth will nurture and
    take care of you.
    That is the key.

  26. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Sixteen
    Heretics Ahead of Time

    The sixties were a time of preparation. They held your initial awakening and were a
    time that showed you that new paradigms could be born. During that decade, you
    suddenly became far removed from the values of the previous generations.
    The sixties were full of events, such as the movement for peace and the movement
    for expression of the body, which supported looking at the body and accepting and
    sharing sexuality with full consciousness – with clothes off, rather than by finding
    body parts between layers of clothes, which is what the generation before did.
    Consciousness was birthed, and the idea of peace and freedom was awakened.
    That was kindergarten.
    The nineties are the time to bring the movement of spirituality onto the planet – not
    just in small pockets, but onto the entire planet. The planet is awakening all over.
    We travel the planet and can tell you that you have your counterparts in every
    corner of the globe. The team of light that you represent made sure that they
    covered all their bases, because there are light – workers everywhere. You are
    coming into your own.
    The movement toward spirituality is a movement away from materialism. Over the
    last number of years, many people have gotten very into their bodies, regenerating
    them, exercising them, and making them more beautiful. That has simply been
    preparation so that you could move into Spirit. The realm of Spirit is a very exciting
    place. It has more flexibility: there are places to travel and great adventures to be
    had, and there are no limitations.
    The reason physical reality has been so frustrating for you is because you bought
    the stories about its limitations hook, line, and sinker. You bought them because
    you had made an agreement to do so. It was part of your plan to buy into these
    limitations so that you could relate to those who have no idea about light and who
    have been buying into the limitations for their whole existence. You are going to
    electromagnetically alter the planet – rewire it, so to speak – so that all of these
    other beings can be plugged in once again. You can only do this if you can relate
    to where they are.
    If you had come here with your memory banks open, either you would not have
    wanted to stay or you would not now understand the others. So you have been
    submerged in a society that has been without light, and you have forgotten your
    light (or vaguely remembered it as you grew up) so that you could relate to that
    world. Now it is time for you to integrate that world of society into the
    multidimensional world of light and Spirit you represent so that the values and
    designs of this planet will begin to change completely.
    Heretics are ahead of their time. The heretical ideas that come onto the planet
    always prove to be brilliant later. So have courage; it only seems as if these new
    ideas are being ridiculed. You must remember that there is much activity in the
    nonphysical realms to assist you and that, even though each of you has your own
    blueprint and plan to evolve into, you are part of a global blueprint and a global
    consciousness. You are firing that global blueprint and awakening others.
    You awaken in waves as each of you learns to carry information and broadcast it. If
    everyone were awakened at once, it would be very chaotic. The awakening must
    happen as you are able to handle it, because putting too much light into an
    element that cannot handle it would blow a fuse. If the electrical currents are not
    matched up, the body can be destroyed. You will see this. You are going to see a
    disease move over the planet that has to do with the nervous system and memory
    because people won’t be able to handle the energy.
    They will become frightened of it. They may discover a multidimensional portion of
    themselves and think they are crazy. Then they will be obsessed with keeping their
    insanity quiet. from their husband or wife or children. People will drive themselves
    into a frenzy with this energy because they won’t understand it.
    We cannot emphasize enough that the nervous system is the key to open your
    ancient eyes and see, and for you to remember who you are, where you come
    from, and where you are going. The nervous system must be able to take the
    electrical current into the body, transduce the high energy and fit it inside the body,
    and let the body evolve and nurture itself on this high energy that is consciousness.
    This is literally what is occurring.
    It is as if you were to take a newborn babe and feed this babe a formula that would
    force it to grow from a day – old infant to a thirty – year – old adult in one year. This
    parallels what will be happening for you over the next twenty years. That newborn
    child would become thirty in one year. Think about what that child would have to do
    and what its body would have to integrate to grow like that.
    Think about the organs, the functions, and the hormones.
    Since you are committed carriers of light, there is a certain opening within your
    auric field. There is an opening that the pillar of light brings so that guardians can
    come down and act as gate keepers for how much energy you can handle.
    Even though your intellect, mind, and ego may say,
    “More, more, more,” the gate keepers know that, because you are a carrier of light
    and have committed to a certain task, you cannot be lost.
    Unless, that is, you are bent on your own personal destruction and you move past
    what is called the highest will into the will of yourself.
    The nervous system, which is a highway within the body, can only move at the rate
    you can process the data flooding over it into the cells. Many of you are still
    cleaning out caverns with in portions of your being that have been filled with
    darkness. These caverns may be from this lifetime – they may go back to childhood
    – or for some of you they may be from other lifetimes.
    Many of you have been on this journey for twenty – five or thirty vears, while others
    of you have newly joined the journey. Not everyone is going to take the same
    amount of time. Those who have been plodding along for thirty years are way
    showers. You set up a vibrational frequency that those of you who are new joiners
    can feel. You who are new joiners don’t have to go looking for the new frequency
    and discover it; the mapping is done, and the mapping hits your body.
    You all need one another. It is imperative that you work in harmony. If you don’t
    work in harmony, you will create Atlantis and all of the other destructions over and
    over again. Harmony is required.
    A time is coming when many of you will be put to work with Spirit to broadcast
    frequency and assist others in comprehending what is going on. The waves of
    awakening will continue, and Spirit will become a way of being on this planet. That
    is the plan for this planet, and the creative cosmic rays from Prime Creator are
    hitting the fringes of your galactic system – moving here first.
    That is why the great gathering of energies has come here. These energies want to
    participate in the transformation here so that they will be prepared when it comes
    to their own area of galactic and universal existence.
    There is a huge transformation taking place, but what you do with it, of course, is
    up to you. We have said that your world is going to split into two worlds and that
    those who move with light will be in the world of light. This split is already beginning
    to take place. Those entities who wish to work with the higher vibratory fields that
    represent light, and those who wish to work with the lower vibratory fields that
    represent fear, darkness, chaos, control, and confusion, are beginning to polarize
    and choose sides.
    Those who work with the lower vibratory fields will say to you that you are witches
    or the devil because you represent something that they don’t understand. You
    represent change, and you must remember that most people are frightened to
    death of change. One of the curious things about human consciousness is that it is
    enamored of stability.
    You bought the concept that stability is something desirable hook, line, and sinker.
    So you strive for it; you think that if you do not have stability and security then who
    are you? You might not exist, you might be annihilated.
    We are talking about many people you know; some may even be family members.
    You will need to develop a tremendous amount of patience and compassion for
    those who feel this energy and do not want to respond to it in a way that can
    benefit them. You are going to have to become very allowing – perhaps even
    allowing others to destroy themselves so that they can learn the value of life.
    Even though human beings are not consciously aware of it, you know in the
    deepest portion of your beings that you move from one existence to another and
    gather experience so that your soul can understand and process data to give you a
    view of one reality. Someday you will be able to scan the lives and existences of
    your soul and hold the energy of that soul just like you would hold a crystal, look at
    the different facets and sparkles within it, and feel and know that identity.
    When you are able to do this with your soul, your soul will be able to connect with
    other forms of intelligence that it is a part of but does not presently comprehend.
    We are stretching you. We want you to become completely confused so that you
    will be energized. Then you will utilize your curiosity to take you into areas that, not
    only have you never thought of, you never even knew existed. This is our intention
    – that you come to a higher ground where you can create a new order of identity
    courageously, with humor, and with confidence.
    All things are frequencies. If you knew how rapidly you are evolving, you might
    want to sit in a chair and put your hand over your head and say, “I can’t do it. There
    is too much going on for me.” You keep the veil pulled down and pretend to go
    about life as if nothing is happening when you are continuously being upgraded
    with all kinds of changes to bring you closer to the higher dimensions. Think about
    and feel what you are going to achieve in one lifetime.
    Within the next ten to twenty years, you will move from being dense physical
    creatures into creatures of light in the Age of Light. Can you conceive of this?
    Everything that you are doing, including eating a pizza, is bringing you in a divinely
    perfect way to that place. At some point you will understand the importance of
    every event in which you are participating and the integrity of the whole.
    In the movie The Karate Kid, the kid is very impatient while learning karate. He
    finds a master and doesn’t even think he has found a master. He is given things to
    do that he thinks are a waste of time. He does not understand that each piece he
    learns makes up the greater whole. You are like this kid. All the pieces are coming
    together, but because of the vision of your ego, you do not understand at this time
    that they make the greater whole. You will be put to task, and you will find that all
    you are seeking will be yours. That is the good news.
    Be aware and learn how to recognize when your will is usurping the divine will and
    the Divine Plan – when you are forcing too much onto yourself because you are not
    operating out of common sense. Look at yourself in the mirror and see how you
    look. Look into your eyes because your eyes are an indicator for your whole
    physical body.
    Are they clear? Are you able to look back with clarity? Is your face lined, or
    exhausted, or calm? How does your body feel? Are you able to sit in a serene
    position? Are you able to hold your body erect, or do you feel the need to slump
    over? Do you fidget because you cannot hold the energy in your body – so your
    body is always dancing and twitching because it does not know what to do? Are
    your fingers always drumming, or are you gnawing at your flesh?
    There are many indications to watch for. You can look around and see who cannot
    integrate energy.
    Once you bring this energy into your body and are able to hold it, your body will
    begin to feel a lightness. There will be a vitality in your skin, or perhaps your hair.
    Your hair is a very good indication of your health. Common sense, of course, is
    one of your best comrades to hang around with. Common sense will show you
    what is right and what is not.
    At times you will recognize that the energy has become too much and that you are
    not calm and centered. This will occur for each and everyone of you at some point.
    In some way, you will feel as if too much is happening: there will be too much data
    to compute, too many people to talk to, or too much going on.
    When this happens, you must think of yourself as an appliance and unplug
    yourself. Just like you are a toaster, simply unplug yourself so that you can be out
    of use. At those times, what you need to do more than anything else is rest. Some
    of you will need a tremendous amount of sleep at different points. Do not think you
    are getting lazy and beat up on yourself; simply acknowledge it.
    There will be times when some of you will wish to sleep eighteen hours. Do it. It is
    necessary. You have no idea of the lands you travel to and the work done on your
    physical body when you sleep. It is the time when you are unplugged from this
    reality and recharged and taught in other realities. The bridges, and your eyes, will
    open between realities, and you will begin to see and carry these memories.
    When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you eat Chinese food; you don’t order a
    hamburger. When you go to an Italian restaurant, you order lasagna. This
    restaurant called Earth has a physical body, so that is how you must operate here –
    within a physical body.
    We speak in very simple terms so that you will get our point. It doesn’t make any
    difference how ridiculous our metaphor is, we simply want you to get it. So you are
    here in the restaurant of Earth, occupying an Earth body because this is what is
    available here. There is nothing else served Lip here. You are going to bring new
    recipes into the Earth restaurant – recipes that periodically have been tested and
    proven true, but only in pockets here and there.
    Remember, Earth was sealed off eons ago. Earth was created to be one thing and
    then completely got off track after millions of years of existence. Many of you
    incarnated here over and over again and got really frustrated, because every dine
    you incarnated you had an intention of doing something, but half the time you
    forgot what it was.
    Some of you were able to achieve mastery upon this planet and get yourselves off
    it through the ascension process. Others of you clamored that you wanted a time
    when this quarantine or seclusion from the rest of cosmic society would come to an
    end. Because of you and the multitudes that are upon this planet and surrounding
    this planet, the present time period was born.
    Assistance comes to you in all avenues of life, yet others cannot do things for you
    because you designed life in such a way that the species must self – motivate and
    evolve in order to be empowered. Those of you who are tremendously
    knowledgeable decided to incarnate in the species to empower it by being an
    example for the rest who cannot do it for themselves. You make new pathways of
    being as you broadcast who you are.
    When you gather in rooms for channelings, you ask for a tremendous number of
    reminders and a tremendous amount of encouragement along the way. Some of
    you are finding that you cannot make it without the encouragement. This is
    understood. It is why we are here, most of the time with tremendous patience, for
    you. We wish to give you the opportunity to claim who you are.
    One of the most important ultimate realities upon this planet for you as a species to
    understand, and one of the greatest challenges you have been faced with, is what
    it means to die. We can convince you of many things, but it is difficult for us to
    convince you that you do not have to die. In this time, you do not have to physically
    leave your body behind here upon this planet.
    Can you conceive of the idea that you will simply change the vibrational rate of
    your physical being and take your body with you because you will rearrange the
    molecular structure?
    Making the ascension leap and completing the journey here is possible for a
    multitude of the species upon this planet. Some of you have already ascended off
    this planet, and you have come back to do it again and to show the way. It was a
    grand journey to get out of here with the ascension process. It took lifetimes of
    training, one after another, to bring yourself to dedication. It involved not living in
    the material society and basically living very close to nature to do it.
    Now those of you who have done this and are familiar with it have come back. It is
    your goal to ascend off this planet and to be taken, literally, up into the higher
    cosmology of mother ships. You will ascend into the cities of light and be able to
    dwell within the other realities that are all around you that you simply do not permit
    your third – dimensional eyes to see. You will have completed your task on Earth,
    and Earth will make its transition. It will be a beautiful jewel in the universe.
    You may wish to stay for some years to help with the restructuring and rebuilding
    of this new Earth. But after a while, you will want to move on to new assignments
    to transform other worlds. Remember, you are renegades, and you like a very
    exciting time. So most likely you will leave this beautiful planet to others to enjoy,
    and you will go on to a new assignment.
    Ascension is the goal on this planet. There will come a time when that will be the
    only way people who live on this planet will depart from it. Once you get off this
    planet, you will go to many other places.
    You will show yourself and the rest of the species that the body, this thing that
    seems so solid and uncontrollable, is actually a result of a divine orchestration, and
    that you, in your consciousness, can do anything you want with it.

  27. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Seventeen
    The Language of Light

    The avatars and masters have now permeated the grid – work of the world,
    bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on
    this planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension, symbolic forms that literally
    have a life of their own. They make up what is known as the Language of Light.
    You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers certain
    information within you. It also facilitates, for those who work with you, the sending
    of information directly into your being. The large majority of you are implanted, and,
    if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself.
    No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of
    Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It
    is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It
    involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond
    your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very
    This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see
    through the time mechanisms that are keyed into the planet to know that
    consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap. There are 144,000 members of
    the spiritual hierarchy who are infused in the grid – work of the planet at this time.
    Each master has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light,
    and you have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within your
    To start with, you will work with the twelve forms that the body will be able to hold.
    Much later, once the transformation has occurred, there will be an infusion of the
    entire 14 – 1,000 symbolic language structures through your being. That will be an
    unfoldment that cannot even be explained in this lifetime.
    This mutation is a process unfolding within you that will allow you to move into
    another realm of experience. Each person on the planet has the potential to move
    through this mutation. Many will stop the process because they do not have the
    desire to align themselves with higher consciousness.
    When you are aware of who you are, that is one thing. When you become aware of
    the divine consciousness that seeds this planet – an intellect that is vast, loving,
    and works with you – and when you call to that consciousness and ask to be a
    portion of it, that is when you are implanted with the geometric forms.
    The forms that are implanted come in a variety of shapes such as the pyramid
    structure. Why is the pyramid so important? On this planet and throughout the
    cosmos, the pyramid structure is utilized to represent a great unity of
    consciousness. It is the structure that is the most difficult to create in all of its many
    facets, and yet it is a structure of perfection. It is a structure that gathers energy
    from Earth and sends it outward.
    The structures of the sphere and the spiral will also be implanted inside you. The
    spiral is very dear to many of you because you have sojourned within cultures and
    societies where the spiral was utilized to communicate many ideas. There will also
    be implanted the structures of the parallel lines and the cube. And, of course, there
    will be the structure of the Merkabah vehicle, which is the five – sided figure.
    The five – sided figure represents the figure of the human being in its most
    unlimited state the totally free human. Some of you know it as a symbolic structure
    called a Merkabah vehicle. It is the human design without any limitations. It is the
    human being able to fly, which is something that a large majority of you do not
    think you can do. This implant comes when you truly commit yourself to what was
    formerly not possible.
    Which implant or geometric form will be implanted inside you will depend first of all
    on your request for alignment. It will also depend on your belief that these entities
    choose to be available to you if you choose to be available for them. As you begin
    to unfold and allow what are called miracles or magnificent events to manifest in
    your life, they will begin.
    Many of you will start with the implant of the circle because it represents God –
    form, unity, and completeness. Some of you will select the pyramid structure to be
    implanted since you have had many lifetimes with discovered and still
    undiscovered pyramids all over the planet. You think your geography is known, but
    there are many things still undiscovered because they are slipping from one reality
    to another.
    Deep within jungles, there are many buried pyramids, often lying buried beneath
    mounds of earth. There are still many wonders to uncover.
    Those of you who are willing to believe that there are truly no limitations will be
    able to take the Merkabah structure and move yourself off the planet with it while
    you are still living on the planet. The desire to do this must exist in you if you are to
    be implanted with the Merkabah.
    Already some of you have attempted to travel with it, and you know how it can be
    used in your being. When you truly call the Merkabah to yourself, and you are
    willing to get the feeling of what that truly means – to be unlimited consciousness
    that travels with your body, without your body leaving the planet – that is when
    implanting will occur.
    The Merkabah is not the highest implanting, as there are no highest or lowest
    Implanting comes when it will best suit your personal development. Once you have
    become implanted, there will be an unending process of new forms coming into
    your being.
    You do not consciously choose the form that will be implanted in you. However,
    you choose the life you have, which opens you to the structures of the Language of
    Light. You choose what is important to you each day. That is your access to these
    forms. Through this marriage of energies, eventually you will all hold the alphabet
    of light inside your beings, and this alphabet of light will teach you. If you have
    dreamt of geometric forms, it is an indication that the forms are working with you.
    Or perhaps you loved studying geometry in school. If you wish to know what you
    have been implanted with, see which forms continuously come first or are larger
    than the others. There are many shapes that do not even have names. There will
    be shapes that you know and recognize that later will take new forms and new
    shapes that your consciousness cannot translate.
    The spiral is one of the basic forms of the Language of Light geometry. It is a
    bridge, a teaching unto itself. The form of it is coded with information, and when
    you ride the spiral, it is seemingly non – ending. This shows you that the journey
    into your self is non – ending and that the journey outside of yourself is non –
    You, as a species, will be able to split your consciousness and go in both directions
    so that consciousness can be connected. By taking the non – ending journey within
    and the non – ending journey without, you link yourself up into a connected spiral in
    which there is universal truth.
    We have said that the cells in your body contain the entire history of this universe.
    Ideally, you will come to realize the existence of this golden library within
    yourselves during this lifetime and learn how to read what is there. Taking the
    spiral within is one part of the journey. The trick is to both go within and go without
    – and to realize that they are the same.
    The spiral exists in many dimensions. When you visualize the spiral, you will feel
    that you have known it, yet at first you are only knowing one aspect of it. When you
    begin to grow with the spiral, you will realize that it has so many dimensions that
    you could spend the rest of eternity – to use your term exploring it. It grows. The
    spiral is the key to tapping into what is inside of you.
    Your DNA is in the form of a spiral. Spirals are all around you, and the Language of
    Light rides upon the lighten – coded filaments that also descend in spiral form. This
    is something that is experiential, and it will grow for you.
    In your meditation, feel yourself riding a spiral like you would ride a tornado.
    Visualize yourself seeing a spiral approaching that is like a tornado. Then, instead
    of running from it, stand there and feel yourself whirled up inside of it. Ride it, for it
    is a doorway to other realities.
    These Language of Light geometrical shapes and forms are collections of
    experiences of individuals who have incarnated on this planet, defied the human
    laws, awakened themselves to high abilities and then manifested themselves as
    language and geometric components. Once these energies existed as men and
    women on this planet.
    They have evolved themselves into geometric symbols, and they exist in their
    sphere of activity just like you exist in your body. These entities exist in a language
    system or a geometric system.
    There are universes of these systems, and there are visitations into your own
    universe from those universes at this time. There are circles and other shapes
    being put upon this planet in the grain fields that are inexplicable as far as you are
    concerned. These imprints are a frequency, not a process or action.
    There is a song or story or language that is being implanted on the surface of Earth
    with language symbols. These symbols come to establish a certain frequency, and
    they are going to increase.
    Eventually, some of you will build houses that are geometric shapes that are not
    simply squares or rectangles. Many of the dwellings in the Pleiades do not have
    shapes as you know them, and it is understood there that shapes and angles hold
    energy. In astrology, it is understood that certain angles have power points and
    that certain things happen with certain angles. It is the same with shapes.
    The Great Pyramid is all about the use of angles and shapes. Energy collects in
    angles, in shapes, and in forms, and you can learn to create these shapes and live
    in and around them. Energies are formed and transmitted in this way.
    You will also discover that certain degrees have certain powers, and that some
    angles are very uncomfortable for you to be in. It is sometimes better to sleep in
    the middle of a room rather than having your bed jammed into a ninety – degree
    angle, because the ninety – degree angle creates an energy lock. In the middle of
    the room, the energy flows around you.
    In third – dimensional reality, many portals are now being opened to bring about
    evolution upon Earth. At one time, the planet was sealed off and put in quarantine
    because there were forces that fought here. There have been incredible wars upon
    this planet, and some of the vestiges of these wars still exist as very barren areas
    upon the planet.
    This was the time of chaos and confusion when creator gods fought creator gods.
    During the most recent wave of the wars, about ten or twelve thousand years ago,
    Earth was sealed off because those beings who operated with light lost the battle.
    Light does not always win, you know. Light is not always the victor as you think of a
    victor, for light must learn to integrate with all portions of itself. Prime Creator is
    within all things, and light and dark are part of the Creator.
    Therefore, light must incorporate with the dark portion of itself.
    Time has orchestrated and brought events together. A number of cycles were set
    to pass since the last wars, after which time the energy portals into the planet
    would again be opened so that light could enter. This is that time period. Light is
    being orchestrated to once again come onto the planet, and it is increasing daily. In
    order for energy to work its way through your consciousness, it must house itself
    on the planet. Intelligence penetrates in the form of waves making geometric
    shapes on Earth.
    It is not that a spaceship comes down, makes crop circles in the night, and then
    takes off. Although some circles have been caused by ship landings, intelligence
    can take the guise of any form it wants, and very often intelligence comes in the
    form of a wave. A time will come when there will actually be a wave of light that
    sweeps Earth.
    Intelligence is beyond the spoken word and beyond the written word, for it is
    frequency that sometimes comes in geometric shapes. Pythagoras had a
    beginning grasp of this, but his geometry was not understood by others. Geometry
    is an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge
    amounts of information. Actually, crop circles all over the planet are put there by
    sounds above human frequency to implement these language shapes. Many times,
    in the beginning, these shapes are circles. They will evolve into triangles, lines, and
    many other things.
    The crop circles have been most prevalent in England and throughout Europe.
    However, they are also in the area previously known as the Soviet Union and in
    South America. They are even in the United States, although some people are
    doing a good job of pretending they are not there. We understand that some of
    your news broadcasters are planning upcoming shows about these crop circles.
    We will see how much they pretend they don’t know about them. It is going to be
    These geometric shapes are like hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs and pictographs
    carved in stone on this planet are a similar generation of intelligence. In other
    words, if one were to read the hieroglyphs based on the Rosetta Stone, the
    hieroglyphs would communicate one thing. If one were able to remember the
    secret language of the priests, the hieroglyphs would tell another story. And if one
    were able to understand the language of the creator gods, they would say
    something entirely different.
    The circles and shapes being put on Earth are here to assist you in holding and
    managing your frequency and having the courage to live your light. They make
    frequency information available in a very subtle way, and no one can figure them
    out yet. These shapes are all connected to one another, and if they were all written
    out simultaneously on some farmer’s field, something would happen to them
    They are spaced from one continent to another, and they move a frequency band
    around the planet that will help activate Earth’s grid-work. They will allow you not to
    feel so weird with what you know and to feel more comfortable with the changes in
    frequency as they occur.
    This is just a little bit of what the crop circles do. They are quite interesting. Many of
    them are designed and constructed by what some call Ascended Masters. There is
    also a joke behind them. You must understand that some beings, as they become
    very evolved, develop a tremendous sense of humor. They see the humor in all
    As we have said, geometric shapes and forms are carriers of intelligence. They are
    frequency waves that can be modulated and changed. The shapes coming onto
    Earth are like energy gates or energy glyphs. They hold intelligence and are being
    set up to eventually connect and make an intelligent grid – work around the planet.
    This gridwork will have a frequency that humanity can use to evolve.
    The whole language is not on the planet at this time. The glyphs come onto Earth
    as a result of a certain evolvement of consciousness. They work with places that
    are vortex centers that are now drawing them in. Over the billions of years that
    Earth has been in orbit, these centers have been covered over and buried. Some
    have gone into dormancy, and many of them are being reawakened because the
    seal around the planet has been penetrated.
    The crop circles are phenomenological expressions of consciousness. They come
    into your reality to show you that the reasoning mind cannot control all of the data,
    much as it would like to. These events occur to intersect with the coding of
    consciousness of all human beings. Whenever reality cannot be explained, a
    certain niche is opened within consciousness.
    The crop circles are completely beyond the logical mind. Therefore, they force the
    consensus view of reality to expand, since reality, as formerly designed, cannot
    house these events as a possibility. They are a trigger. They force reality to move
    beyond its own limitations.
    There are a number of reasons for the existence of the crop circles. Basically, they
    exist to force reality to move – to get you feeling rather than thinking. Most who
    explore these circles think their way through the circles rather than feel their way
    through them. Great Britain is having a rash of them because, in general, the
    British have a very logically oriented consciousness.
    However, the land of the British Isles is imprinted with megalithic spirals and stone
    forms that have intensely imprinted the intuitive faculties of the inhabitants.
    This phenomenon has no logic to it. It is forcing a logically oriented society to
    recognize something that makes no sense, and it is being done in a very playful
    and obvious way without creating a threat to anyone’s view of reality. If ships were
    to land everywhere, people would get upset. When corn lies down in concentric
    circles and doesn’t even break or die, no one really gets too upset.
    Do you understand how energies play with you? It is necessary to do certain things
    so that you can’ get it and figure it out without having your circuits overloaded.
    This language is being introduced onto the planet as a story – a glyph of
    information that holds a frequency to assist you in holding your own frequency. As
    you awaken, it is easy for others to read you and recognize you. You are monitored
    all of the time, because there are devices that monitor the evolution and location of
    consciousness. Once consciousness has reached a certain place, assistance is
    brought from the outside to establish other realms of that frequency.
    In other words, say you open a restaurant, and it is a big hit. You run and maintain
    it and sell really good food.
    Then someone comes along and says,
    “How about franchising? Let’s get you everywhere.”
    These geometric shapes help you franchise the frequency by spreading it all over
    the planet and holding it.
    They bring you to a new level of attainment.
    Chapter Eighteen
    Symphonies of Consciousness
    Content of „Bringers of the Dawn“, pg. 191 – 197, Chapter Eighteen.
    Light informs you. It uplifts you, because once you are informed, you feel more
    powerful. When you are not informed you feel powerless.
    Sound is another way to carry information because it is part of light. To you it may
    seem that sound and light are two separate things, because from your point of view
    you perceive light with your eyes and sound with your ears. Because you use two
    separate areas of perception on your body, it seems that sound and light are
    separated as well. In actuality, they are very connected. They wind themselves
    around one another because they both carry information.
    Many of the structures built on this planet, particularly ancient sacred sites, have
    information stored within stone. In the same way, you have information stored
    within the bones of your skeletal form. When you allow sound to move through you,
    it unlocks a doorway and allows information to flood into your body. It also
    penetrates the ground, affecting the vibrations of Earth and allowing a
    rearrangement of a molecular alignment of information to take place.
    Those of you who use sound when you are working on others’ bodies bring about a
    rearrangement of the molecular structure and create an opening for information to
    flood in. This kind of work will become more and more profound.
    In Tibet, when a master who was able to transcend realities passed over, the body
    was kept and allowed to move into its own natural deterioration because the
    skeletal form held a sensibility to frequencies. informatioin is stored in bone and
    stone. In some places in Tibet where the lines of continuity in sects of monks can
    be traced back for thousands and thousands of years, people have kept the skulls
    of different masters. They have very secret crypts and rooms filled with these
    skulls.. When one walks into these places, one can, through sound, access the
    intelligence factors of the humans who once occupied those skulls.
    Do you understand why crystal skulls were designed? Crystalline structures are
    like holographic computers: they can transmit to the evolved or plugged – in human
    a tremendous amount of information. They are designed like skulls to act as a code
    for understanding your own skull and understanding that the bone in your body is
    very valuable.
    Sound is a tool for transformation. Keepers of Frequency, which is what we are
    encouraging you to become, learn how to modulate the frequency they hold
    through sound. Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and
    rearrange realities.
    In ancient Egypt, the ankh, or symbol that represented life, in actuality was a
    frequency modulator. It was utilized by individuals who were masters of keeping
    frequencies and able to do many things with those frequencies. The ankh is similar
    to a tuning fork and can direct sound. That is how it was used a long time ago.
    Before you will be able to experience using sound in the manner of the ancient
    Egyptians, you will have to demonstrate your integrity. You will have to pass an
    initiation or a testing to see whether you can be trusted with this kind of power. This
    planet is not ripe for this kind of energy simply to be thrust into anyone’s hands. If
    you were capable of this kind of work at this time, your life would not be safe
    because there would be too many who would want to misuse your gift.
    You will be given abilities as you can best mature into them.
    You can begin to work with sound by allowing it to “play” your body. Get yourself
    centered, clear your mind, and allow tones to come through you. The ancient
    mystery schools worked with sound in this manner, and it is a very powerful
    technique when done in a group. Many years down the road, but within this
    decade, you will amaze yourselves with what you will perceive as the results of
    your cooperative sounds or symphonies of consciousness playing themselves.
    When you tone together, you will be shown what you can do without even knowing
    you can do it.
    You will learn how to use and cultivate this kind of energy to make your own ankh.
    When you buy a child clay, the child at first doesn’t know how to make many
    things, so you make little balls and spaghettis for the child so he or she can see the
    potential within the clay. Then the child, after playing with the clay for awhile,
    discovers his or her own sense of creativity with form.
    The creative form of sound is shown to you first as a potential. You are led and
    orchestrated through the use of this sound. Eventually, you will discover on your
    own some of the things that sound can achieve. Then you will become more
    daring, and you will learn what sound can create. Energies are introduced this way
    to make certain there is not a misuse of them and that you don’t overextend
    yourself or overdo out of enthusiasm.
    You will go very far with your use of sound after working with it for awhile. It is like
    a powerful tool being given to an infant. Without proper awareness, you could do
    things and not realize the ramifications of what you are doing. Think about what
    sound does in stadiums and auditoriums. The cheering or booing of a crowd
    creates an ambience. When groups of you make sound together, you create an
    ambience for yourselves.
    You allow certain energies to play the instrument of your bodies. You let go of
    preconceived ideas and allow different melodies and energies to use your physical
    bodies as opportunities to represent themselves on the planet. In actuality, what
    you experience is the life force of energies that you allow to express through your
    own selves. You become channels.
    Just as our vehicle allows us to come into your reality through her body, you allow
    a vibration to come onto the planet in its full glory through your bodies and your
    joint cooperation. You birth something. You create an opportunity, and an energy
    takes advantage of that opportunity.
    Emotion, because .it brings feeling and connects you to feeling, allows you to
    recognize different states of consciousness. The logical mind does not allow you to
    recognize states of consciousness because it holds onto its own identity. It is
    locked into the boundary of ego and does not want to recognize other areas.
    Feeling, however, always acknowledges other areas because feeling discerns the
    difference. You can read the signs and the definitions by the energy that you call
    feeling. It is, in actuality, a vibration. Sound brings about states of emotional
    When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something. It
    reminds your body of light, of deep cosmic love, and of other worlds. Your body
    comes into joy and sometimes overwhelmingly into sadness. It seeks and
    accesses a frequency that it has been longing for, which the sound has reminded it
    of. As you allow sound to play your body, you discover a frequency that you have
    This frequency is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body. Sound
    is a vehicle or conduit to connect you to the higher chakras outside of your body
    because you do not have a way of accessing them logically. You must access all
    frequencies and chakra centers by feeling, and sound will connect you with feeling,
    which will allow you to understand the information.
    If sound could be pictured, some of you would become entranced with watching it.
    There are realities where sound does picture itself. You feel the movement and
    language of sound when you wave your body or move your hands. You experience
    the richness of this form of communication and how multidimensional all things are
    by feeling sound express itself. It has its own language, and it has a form.
    Sound carries a certain frequency, and the body recognizes the frequency. The
    body is keyed to respond to the acceptability of the frequency.
    The great master musicians such as Beethoven and Mozart were coded to bring in
    information of a stable nature, for they received the harmonics of sound at the time
    when there was great darkness over the planet. In order to keep a certain
    remembrance open in the minds of the human race, lower vibratory rates of sound
    were translated into the minds of these masters.
    Sound is going to evolve. Now human beings can become the instruments for
    sound through toning. Human beings become the flute, the piano, the harp, the
    oboe, and the tuba. They allow energies to use their physical bodies to make a
    variety of sounds that they do not direct or attempt to control the range of. Spirit
    plays, and human beings simply observe the attendance of the symphony that they
    and all the others are performing. It is quite profound.
    These harmonics can be utilized in incredible ways, for harmonics can evolve
    many things. One of the things that is important for utilizing these harmonics is to
    be very silent once the harmonics are complete. The harmonics alter something;
    they open the door. Certain combinations of sounds played through the human
    body unlock information and frequencies of intelligence.
    Being silent for a long period after the harmonics allows human beings to use their
    bodies as devices to receive and absorb the frequencies and to use the vehicle of
    breathing to take them into an ecstatic state.
    When you tone with others, you have access to the group mind that you did not
    have prior to making the sound. It is a gigantic leap in consciousness. The key
    word is harmony. When the entire planet can create a harmonic of thought, the
    entire planet will change. That is what you are working for. You are going to
    broadcast a frequency, and that sound is going to travel. It is going to become a
    desperate aching and longing for the return to harmonics within the human race –
    a return to the power of the group mind and the simultaneous empowerment of the
    What you intend to do with sound is of the utmost importance. If you are not clear
    about your intentions, sound can have away of enveloping upon itself and growing
    beyond its original capacity. It doubles and quadruples itself with its own impact. It
    is very important for you to have a clear intention of what you plan on doing with
    the sound. That is number one.
    Number two is that sound stirs energy up. It creates a standing columnar wave,
    building frequency upon frequency. This energy can then be directed at or toward
    anything. You have heard about those who marched around the city of Jericho.
    They marched for days around Jericho and created a standing wave. The wave
    eventually built up so much energy that the city walls imploded.
    Native dance, rattling, shaking, and moving in circles creates the energy of this
    wave. When you make sound in a circle, or in the circumference of the pillar of
    light, you create a column that is capable of doing many more things than you ever
    realized. It is capable of creating explosions and of destroying and creating many
    Among the war – oriented tribes, the war – hoop was used by those who went into
    battle. The unified and intended invocation was to ask the nonphysical forces to
    accompany them. The warriors would use this kind of sound to combat their
    opponents by allowing energy to move through a portal and create a standing
    When you hear a sound like a war – hoop, you remember uncomfortable ways that
    the sound has been utilized because it is very powerful. It makes others
    uncomfortable because it reminds them of the responsibility of sound. Some of you
    are petrified of sound; you are petrified of the sound of your own voice speaking
    out and stating with clarity what you prefer.
    You have cellular memory of what sound can achieve, and the impact or capability
    of what you can do with it is to some of you rather devastating. Sound can link you
    to places where your intellect cannot. Your intellect strives to categorize, but you
    cannot categorize sound; you must simply experience it.
    Misuse happens through intent. You can discover the power of sound and then
    misuse it to manipulate others. What do you experience when you live in a city and
    hear sirens? Fear.
    That is a misuse of sound, and it is altering your frequencies. It is a very base way
    to do so. Those who make the sound know the result of it on the human psyche. It
    is jarring and disturbing and keeps you from placing your attention somewhere
    That frequency is like a lock; it is hypnotizing, and it captures your consciousness
    and your intelligence. It is as if your intelligence cannot focus any other place. It is
    almost like being in a prison, because the sound imprisons your awareness so that
    it becomes addicted to or locked into a vibratory rate and does not seek anything
    else. It becomes subdued. Think also of your televisions or the sound coming from
    other electrical devices.
    It is always upsetting to look at the different forms of frequency control and to see
    how powerful allies such as sound are used to control you. It creates a great deal
    of anger, unrest, havoc, and excitement in many human beings when they hear
    about the undercover devices used to manipulate consciousness. We share these
    things with you for many reasons.
    The ultimate purpose is to bring you to greater self – empowerment. You must
    realize that you are not powerless in any situation and that your mind is the
    ultimate of your creativity. Your mind and your thoughts design your experience no
    matter what method of technology is being used.
    Those who act in their own reality with impeccable guidance, commitment to
    harmony, and commitment to light align themselves with their dimensional
    counterparts who are doing the same. You make bridges of light and hold lightencoded
    filaments as pillars and open portals. Those who are rewarded with the
    understanding that they are called to use sound as part of their work and who
    recognize that call and respond to it will evolve at a rapid pace.
    Those of you evolving at this rate will be called one day to represent many people,
    to represent world gatherings of consciousness, and to change the available
    frequency with your sound.

  28. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Nineteen
    Igniting the Internal Flame

    The planet is looking for a balance in the self. Since the self is a composite of all
    things, it is a harmonic that balances all of your extraterrestrial selves,
    multidimensional selves, and male and female selves.
    You are incredibly whole beings, which you are beginning to realize. Allow yourself
    to blossom and come into this completeness. No one hinders you but yourself. If
    you allow this completion, there are vistas awaiting you that are beyond your
    imagination. You are discovering that you need your emotional body and that you
    need both your femininity and your masculinity. You need all that you have been
    gifted with in order to survive and understand what is unfolding upon the planet.
    Please realize the severity of the times that you are living in. As we spend time with
    each of you, you in turn will be tested and then taken to teach many others when
    the time comes.
    Through feeling, you can discover much more, for you are seeking to resolve
    something and make something whole within yourself. To show yourself how unwhole
    you are, you have created a situation of tremendous separation that appears
    to be outside of yourself. It looks as if your drama has to do with a powerful man
    against a powerful woman.
    Which one is going to be the victim? Who is right and who is wrong? What is this
    internal drama actually saying? What is this outside mirror that images what is
    going on inside of you?
    As you access multidimensionality, you must merge male and female. You will not
    stop at the separation or fight between men and women that has been going on for
    thousands of years. Who is creating the separation between men and women’ It is
    the creator gods, who have set up this paradigm for you and instigated these
    frequencies from other points of view. The separation story has served them well
    because of the havoc it has created.
    The male vibrations came into power in recent times some five thousand years
    ago. In order to slowly recognize who they were, they completely and totally
    disassociated themselves from anything that was formerly in power: the
    matriarchal movement and females. Females operate traditionally through the
    realms of intuition and feeling. Males have also been carriers of intuition and
    feeling a multitude of times, but in this recent separation they did not carry feelings
    with them.
    There was a huge schism, and the males and females on the planet came into
    great conflict. Why did this occur? It was a setup. It was set up by the creator gods
    who took over the planet and raided the reality – feeding, keeping themselves alive
    and functioning, and nourishing themselves off emotional turmoil.
    This planet has been subjected to all kinds of plans and activities orchestrated to
    create greater and greater emotional turmoil. The more people involved in these
    activities, the more potential for emotional turmoil there has been. The creator gods
    instigated these activities and set you up to work against each other. In order to
    bust this paradigm, as you all are on assignment to do, you must change many of
    the separating structures that have been set up. Whatever the separation may be
    between man and woman, black and white, or Oriental and Caucasian – you must
    change it.
    You came onto the planet purposely to insert yourselves as members of the Family
    of Light in situations that are archetypal. As we have said, you are doing this so
    that you can understand the masses and transmute energy for them by being able
    to transmute it within yourself. Once you make a healing or joining, you take it on
    and heal not only yourself, you heal the species and the mass psyche.
    Remove yourselves from your personal drama and realize that it is all symbolic.
    See yourself as a female entity looking for identity, and notice how a male identity
    constantly seems to oppose you. You must discover how you can bring these
    identities together inside yourself. When this joining occurs inside you, it will
    automatically proceed outside you. As you have journeyed upon this planet, part of
    what you have come to heal is male dominion over the female.
    You don’t need to take what you are doing personally or carry it as a personal
    burden as if it is just yours. It is not just yours; it is universal.
    Each of you carries energies to resolve within your collective experience. As
    members of the Family of Light, you each have your reincarnational goodies – your
    “stuff” – in areas that most impersonate you and that you find to be stimulating.
    That is why you are all different. As members of the Family of Light, you need to
    branch out or fan out to get the hang of being human.
    You need to cover the full spectrum of experience so that you can comprehend
    from a cellular level how much needs to be transmuted, how deep the sense of
    powerlessness runs, and how lost the energy of the Goddess is from the
    consciousness of the species.
    Remember, you are creatures who have been locked in development by
    frequency, and your task is to bring human beings to the place where they can be
    poised to consciously accelerate human evolution. When you are locked in
    evolution by frequency and DNA manipulation, there is only a certain kind of
    frequency that can broadcast.
    There is fighting with the self, and things seem to be more separated. As you
    become more complete, you do not separate things in such a way: you see that all
    things are part of the experience. Sometimes you become so lost in the experience
    of being human that you forget what you are here to do.
    As members of the Family of Light, you have come here to transmute for the
    species. As soon as you get less attached to the drarnas, you will not feel so
    caught up and victimized by them. You will understand that this is a collective of
    energy you are dealing with. So, collectively, if you can come to the realization
    inside yourselves, you can broadcast a new vibration for women and men to
    harmonize with.
    Everv time you feel as if you have made headway, you have. Do not discount the
    steps you have taken. You discredit yourself when you look at your behavior and
    judge yourself or others as bad. Look for what you get out of everything.
    The conflict that is going on is actually between the male and female inside of you.
    You have not figured out how to merge your male and female parts, and there are
    millions of others with the same conflict. Be kind and generous to yourself. As you
    build cooperation between your male and female counterparts within yourselves,
    you will be able to find the cooperation to work with one another on the planet and
    the cooperation to work with the beings who come from space who are all
    You all need to become sovereign. As you change, you need to have a space
    around you within which you can operate without feeling obligated to someone
    else. At the same time, you cannot make demands on someone else without
    allowing them the same right. You are redefining in many ways the whole concept
    of relationship and cooperation.
    Relationship is cooperation. It is agreed cooperation of frequency, or frequency –
    modulation blending. Many of your old ways of relating are becoming very irritating
    because you are discovering a freedom frequency. Your assignment is to pull that
    freedom frequency onto the planet.
    Of course, you will pull it into your own life and family and relationships first.
    Ideally, you will learn how to be free while still being involved in an intricate number
    of relationships, relatings, and relayings of life.
    Unfortunately, on this planet, relationships connote ownership. When a man and
    woman get married, the woman’s father traditionally has the role of giving her
    away. In other words, a male figure must hand her over. There is an incredible
    expectancy within relationships about another’s behavior. Get clear about what
    your idea of relationship is, and this will facilitate things in the long run. Just as
    there is no ownership with parenthood, there is no ownership in a relationship.
    You relate to one another as you relate energies back and forth. Ideally, there is
    communication with all of this relaying and relating.
    The male vibrations give their power away just as much as the females. They give
    it away to a government that says, “Here, go jeopardize your life. Go take a stand
    and shoot for us. If your body gets chopped up, we will take care of you in a
    hospital and give you a bit of money. What the heck; go for it,” and the males just
    obey. The chain of obeying and giving the power of the individual away is then
    You are opening your feeling centers. Men tend to have greater blocks in their
    feeling centers than women do. Energy in the male has been stuck, because it has
    moved from the first chakra to the second chakra and stopped. The feeling center
    in the male vibration has not been activated. This is part of the experiment that has
    gone on for the last four or five thousand years.
    The female energy, which feels and brings life onto the planet and represents
    creativity, moved into a submissive state in order for the male vibration to have its
    opportunity, without feeling, to run the world.
    We want you to get the big picture. We are looking at movements of
    consciousness. The female, who carried the magic and the intuitive, agreed to give
    these up – female meaning not just female physical beings but consciousnesses
    who were female. Many of the native cultures that lived with Earth and knew about
    life were very feminine. Remember, the female literally brings life onto the planet,
    for life comes out of the female body. The female therefore carries feelings,
    because you can’t bring life onto the planet and not feel – unless you participate in
    the patriarchal movement that creates drugs to numb you from feeling.
    When you can’t feel life, you don’t value life. When you feel life and participate in
    the creation and deliverance of life, you value life much more because you know
    about it.
    The patriarchal movement over the last five thousand years has removed itself
    from the birthing process so that it could carry out its experimentations involving
    war and the continual annihilation of people. The energy was purposely blocked in
    the male. As we mentioned, the male energy is very stuck. We are not pointing
    fingers. However, we are saving, in general, that the energy of the male species on
    the planet is very stuck in the second chakra or within the penis.
    Females, you are stuck in your throats because you agreed four or five thousand
    years ago to be silent about the magic and intuition of what you represented and
    knew as one part of the twin flame. The thin flame is the male and female existing
    in one body, whether you are physically male or female.
    The patriarchal society has been run by the male aspect of the self, which you all
    have been. You have all experimented with consciousness and taught yourselves
    about what works best, preparing for this time when the flames will be lit together in
    your body. At this time, the twin flame is not sought as a partner outside of the self
    but is understood to be the integration of the male and female selves and the
    ripeness of all that self has done.
    After you have integrated the male and female within yourself and activated your
    own twin flame, then, when you seek a partner, you will seek someone complete,
    not someone to fill the need that you have not acknowledged or that you have not
    filled for yourself.
    During these times of change, women are going to need to open their throats and
    give themselves permission to speak out. Now is the time. And men, your
    challenge in understanding women and other men is to feel, and to let feeling enter
    your expression of sexuality in your relationships. Many men now, are having a
    very difficult time with women. Women are driving men crazy. It is true.
    What we are suggesting for the male vibration – and also for the female who
    operates in the male aspect of herself – is that you move into feeling in your sharing
    of sexuality. Move into the emotionality of things, rather than just the sexuality and
    stimulation of the body. There is an emotional stimulation that needs emotional
    commitment and emotional trust. Electromagnetically, this emotional stimulation
    will open a frequency within you. This frequency that sexuality represents is a
    reminder of your godhood. .
    The male shut down his feeling center in order to experience stewardship upon this
    planet. He was able to carry on war and to kill and dominate the planet because he
    had shut down his feeling center. The female agreed to have her speaking center
    shut down so that the male would have the opportunity to experience being in
    charge of this system.
    All of this is now coming to a point of stabilization or equalization. The female
    began to open her throat about thirty years ago, making the opportunity to speak
    fashionable. The problem is that many females ended up shutting down their
    feeling centers as they opened their speech centers. They began to become very
    much like males. A balance is needed. Now the female is finding the need to
    awaken the feminine principle inside herself.
    She is in a female body and has mastered the use of the male vibration within
    herself. She has gone out into the world, and she feels powerful. She can walk the
    streets without a veil on her face, and she can decide whether she wants to be
    married. She is her own property. She is responsible in this country for her own
    She is beginning to soften and to awaken the portion of herself that nurtures her
    and brings her life. As she makes herself whole with her male and her female
    portions and allows herself to experience the evolved DNA, she broadcasts this
    frequency. This frequency will become very prevalent upon the planet.
    It is inevitable that men will open their feeling centers. That is the next step men
    must go through to establish a balance with the female. This will happen very
    quickly for men. It will not be a thirty – year process because men at this time are
    moving as a populace into confusion. Men are realizing that they don’t like what is
    occurring, and they are questioning authority.
    At some point, the frequencies will become predominant. Then, for example, a
    person may be experimenting on an animal in a laboratory when their feeling
    center is suddenly and radically opened. The person feels the pain that the animal
    is feeling, and what they have been doing becomes abhorrent. They turn around
    and walk away from the laboratory and never go back because they are so shaken.
    This is what is coming for the male vibration.
    We have said that the male vibration will transform in a very short period of time.
    We will not tell you why or how because some of you will consider it to be entirely
    too ominous. However, we will say that, as the waves continue to come, there will
    be a unilateral rising of consciousness within the population. At a certain point,
    when men are in the deepest struggle of mastering feeling, the feeling center will
    be activated. This will either occur gently, or it will be blown wide open.
    Women at the same time will be hit, infused, and enveloped with the opening of the
    heart chakra so that they can have compassion while they watch their men feel.
    We are speaking of mass events that will trigger people through waves of light.
    Female energy, that which feels and connects life to life, is being awakened in
    everyone. Women must redefine their ideas of femaleness and strength. They
    must find what it is to be strong as females, just as men must discover what it is to
    be vulnerable as males. What is the endearing aspect of the male when he is
    vulnerable? What is the endearing aspect of the female when she is in self –
    empowerment – when she is a feminine version of empowerment and not a
    masculine version?
    Women have had a hard shell around their energy fields; they have been
    protecting themselves. Now they are going to develop true emotional strength.
    That hard outer shell will diffuse, and the light body will radiate from the heart.
    The goddesses and the gods are agreeing and working with this energy.
    It is so decreed that this is how the drama will unfold.
    The old stories have been buried and covered that recount the magic of the
    female, the creator, the one able to bring birth, the one holding the mystery of
    blood – the life force – and the one able to put that life force back into Earth. Where
    are the stories of the Goddess – she who loves and feels and nurtures? The male
    species used to have Goddess energy inside, too, and felt the need for the
    In order to better control the planet during the last several thousand years, all of
    the myths have been given to you by extra terrestrials.
    They have seeded all of your religious institutions. We have said you are an
    experiment. At times, the experiment has been uplifting and loving, but in recent
    times it has moved into incredible decay. You, as members of the Family of Light,
    have come to raid this planet and pull light back onto it so that the nonsense of
    separation and war never need be believed again. Man and woman are meant to
    complement each other, not oppose each other.
    Remember, feeling is emotion. Emotion is the key to getting off this planet; it is the
    key to figuring out the multidimensional self, healing it, and becoming one. It is also
    the key to lovingly activating Earth as a Living Library, returning a valuable area of
    existence from extinction.
    With men and patriarchal society in charge of this planet for the last several
    thousand years, and women taking a position underground – not even in the back
    seat – separation has been the theme and emotion has been pushed aside, given a
    bad name, and frowned upon. You have been automatons, performing roles that
    were given to you to keep you separated.
    You do not have a pantheon of powerful female creator images. You have nothing
    on which to pattern a positive image of the empowered feminine. So men are
    striving to be male and women are striving to be empowered through a male
    vibration because you do not have a clear vision of the empowered female. You
    must create it.
    Begin to recognize the wealth of energy in the female version of self, which is
    intuition, receptivity, creativity, compassion, and nourishment. You are discovering
    that there is a wealth of identity in an essence that has been discredited for along
    time. If you are female, of course, you are a living form of that essence. Men must
    discover their form of the Goddess within themselves where the Goddess meets
    the god in them.
    By the same token, the view of the masculine is distorted. You do not have an
    example of an empowered, feeling male. Society has deemed feeling males “soft”
    and lacking in masculinity.
    Men are beginning to look at their emotions and say,
    “Hey, I feel this,” and know that they are still men.
    So men and women are both creating role models for empowered, integrated
    versions of masculine and feminine. These models are coming, and they are
    coming quickly.
    The time for separation is finished.
    As we mentioned, it is not outside yourself that you are looking for a twin flame
    partner. You are looking for the integration of the female and male essence within
    yourself. They make one whole. Whole people are looking to connect with other
    whole people in relationships that are based on trust, desire, and choice.
    The relationships are not based on,
    “I need you in my life to complete me and validate me.”
    You become complete in yourself and operate with someone else who is complete
    in themselves and offers a whole new territory to explore.
    When you marry that twin flame inside yourself, you are recognizing the intuitive,
    Goddess, life – bringing, sensitive portion of yourself as well as the portion of
    yourself that is powerful, rational, and intellectual. One that is very much of the
    Earth plane and the other is very much of the spiritual plane. When you merge
    these energies together in yourself, it will be imperative that you find someone who
    has the same qualities. You will not fit with someone who is not integrated and
    You will automatically draw whole people to yourself, and it will be effortless. You
    will be able to plug into one another out of desire and recognition, not out of need.
    You will achieve something that you never recognized as a possibility in any
    relationship before, and you will give relationship a very new personality, a new
    boundary, and a new definition.
    You will become your own role models for this new type of relationship. Many of
    you will find that the marriage institution is meaning less. It will not fit and house
    what you know or how – you want to live.
    As all of you are on the path of integrating the polarities within yourselves, difficult
    issues are going to come Lip over and over again. Welcome the difficult times, for
    they can be your greatest teacher. Stay focused on your own growth, your own
    path, and your own self, and not on what others are doing. Call on your own
    internal masculine and feminine and set up a dialogue between them so they can
    begin to work in partnership and harmony. Give yourself a lot of love and
    Make an appointment with yourself and say,
    “I love you, self. You are a wonderful self. You are A – Number – One, the best
    When you give yourself the dignity of your own love, as if you were royalty
    receiving the accolades of the people, everything changes.
    Strength and integration become yours because you believe in and love who you
    are. When you believe in and love yourself, everything starts to go your way. The
    most difficult thing for most of you is making the commitment to believe you
    deserve love. No one else has to love you. You are not here to go around
    gathering love from other people to convince yourself that you are worth it.
    You are here to master a very difficult task in a system that is dark and gives very
    little input, stimulation, or information about the true story. You are here to do the
    impossible. By committing to love yourself and making this commitment the
    number – one step from which you operate every day, everything falls into place.
    You become whole and complete.
    Then you are ready for a bonded relationship with another who is complete, and
    that relationship can take you into unexplored realms.

  29. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Twenty
    Sexuality – A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness

    When the library of yourselves was torn from the shelves and scattered, and the
    DNA was split so that there were only two strands left with very little data and very
    little memory, sexuality was left intact in the physical body. It was left as a form of
    reproduction, of course – as a form for the species to stay in touch with its own
    essence and bring itself into life.
    Very deep inside the mechanism of sexuality is a frequency that can be attained
    that has been sought after and misunderstood by many people. It is called orgasm.
    The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose. Your body has forgotten
    the cosmic orgasm of which it is capable because society has taught you for
    thousands and thousands of years that sexuality is bad. You have been taught this
    in order for you to be controlled and to keep you from seeking the freedom
    available through sexuality. Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy,
    which connects you back to your divine source and to information.
    Sexuality has been given a bad name upon this planet, and that bad name is
    stored in your cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime; it is from
    thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse. It is necessary for you to clear
    the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and
    examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your
    multidimensional selves.
    The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that
    heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self.
    Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between
    two persons, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it.
    Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator.
    However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of
    We have spoken with a number of individuals who have been utilizing light. Since
    finding the proper partner in a monogamous situation, they have been able to
    achieve very high states of being. Monogamy tends to work for most of you very
    well because of where you are vibrationally.
    When you have many partners, you tend to be less than honest and to hide who
    you are: you share a little here, there, and everywhere in scattering your seed. It is
    best to be with one person, but this does not mean the same person forever. Be
    loyal, be open, and be sharing with the person you are working with, and go as far
    as you can with them.
    If it happens to be your whole life, wonderful. If it doesn’t, then when you come to a
    place where you are no longer communicating and serving one another, and you
    feel the relationship is not going to be able to make a leap, terminate the
    relationship and find another person who works with your vibration.
    When you work one – on – one intimately, you develop trust. Most of you have
    difficulty trusting yourselves because you don’t have a role model for trust. You can
    learn about trust in a relationship because a relationship acts as a mirror for you,
    showing you what you cannot see from your own viewpoint. It shows you yourself
    outside of yourself when you have open communication within sexuality and deep
    intimacy, and when you are not using sexuality as a distraction for getting close.
    Many of you have used sexuality as a distraction and a way to avoid intimacy
    rather than to develop it.
    You begin to get energy and to look into one another’s eves and to feel all hot and
    Then, instead of exploring each other intimately and spiritually, you shut down your
    feeling centers, put on your armor, and have shallow, genital sex because it is too
    frightening and too intense to go the deeper route of full body and full spiritual
    connection. Sometimes hot sex feels great and is wonderful. We are simply saving
    that there is more. There is much more, and no one is keeping it from you except
    yourselves and the beliefs and fear you have of letting down your boundaries and
    Many of the fears you have are based on what you have created for yourselves
    and what you have done to others in your sexual life. Your sexual history affects
    every other portion of your soul, so all of your soul’s issues are broadcast loud and
    clear throughout your body. You don’t want to look at this sometimes because it is
    too painful, and you judge it because you think it is bad.
    Stop judging, and get neutral about what you have done – no matter what you
    discover, no matter how heinous it seems, no matter how difficult it seems, and no
    matter how much violation it involves. Understand that your purpose has been to
    gather data and to understand your selves.
    Sexuality is a frequency. It represents what was not taken away from you even
    though your history, your memories, and your identity were removed and scattered.
    The way you were left intact with the ability to discover who you were was through
    the sexual experience. Of course, you were never taught this.
    We are going to do some church bashing here. So sorry for anyone who is a
    member of the churches.
    The churches came about as organizations-businesses to control religion and
    spiritual development and to create jobs, to create a hierarchy, and to create a
    club. Very few churches came about with the idea of bringing information to
    people. You don’t usually think of religion as something that keeps you informed,
    do you? Any religion that brings information is a religion operating on the vibration
    of truth.
    Spiritual realms are places of existence that the human bodies locked away from.
    Because sexuality was an opportunity for human beings to regain their memory, or
    to connect with their spiritual selves and spiritual creator, or to find an avenue to
    the spiritual realm that you are sealed off from, the churches came about and
    promoted sexuality for procreation. They taught you that the only reason you had
    sexuality was to produce little humans.
    Sexuality was promoted as something very bad. Women were told that sexuality
    was something they had to undergo to serve men and that they had no control over
    the birthing process. Women believed this; hence, to this day, you believe in
    general that you have no control over that portion of your body. You must realize
    that only you decide whether you are going to birth a child or not. This is not such a
    complicated thing as you have been told.
    Decision and intention are what bring the experience to your being. You can
    control whether you have a baby or not. If woman had had this ability for the last
    several thousand years, and if she had been able to explore her sexual self without
    fear of having a child, perhaps men and women would have discovered that they
    were much freer than they had been told they were.
    The discovery of the highest frequency of sexuality arises from the love
    experience. It has nothing to do with relationships being either homosexual or
    heterosexual. It has to do with two human beings bringing pleasure to one another
    in a way that opens frequencies of consciousness. You have bought many ideas
    about what is proper and what is improper within sexual expression.
    Love is the essence that is to be created in all relationships. If you love and honor
    someone, it doesn’t matter what your composition of density is. What matters is the
    love vibration and how you explore this love, which ideally is gifted and coupled
    with the integration of the male and the female counterparts that make the twin
    Ideally, sexuality is explored through feelings. The third and fourth chakras connect
    you to the emotional and compassionate selves, which connect you to the spiritual
    self. The spiritual self is the part of yourself that is multidimensional through which
    you exist in many forms simultaneously. It is your assignment and agreement and
    task to be aware of all these realities in the identity that you are.
    When you are aware, you can time into the different frequencies, remember who
    you are, and change the vibratory rate of this universe.
    We love to talk about sexuality because it is so mysterious upon this planet.
    Certain mystery schools have held some of the knowledge about the potential uses
    of sexuality in secrecy. You are electromagnetic creatures, and when you come
    together physically with another human creature, you bond your electromagnetic
    frequencies together. When your frequencies are attuned and joined by a love
    frequency, incredible things can occur.
    Thousands of years ago, when society had more of a matriarchal view in certain
    areas of the planet, Goddess energy was coming through and working with certain
    individuals. The female understood her power, her intuition, her feeling center, her
    connection, and her desire to create life. She also understood that she never had
    to conceive a child if it was not her intention to do so.
    In order for the patriarchal society to come full circle and prepare Earth for this shift
    in consciousness, female energy needed to take a back seat. So female power,
    energy, and understanding of sexuality were suppressed. In modern times the past
    two thousand years – it came to be upon the planet that women believed they had
    no control over when they could have children, that sexuality was deemed bad and
    disgusting, and that sex was taught to be performed only within the rights of
    marriages and so on.
    All of this was a marketing program.
    Some of the present – day marketing programs to create an even greater fear of
    sexuality and its expression are the new diseases: AIDS, herpes, and all the other
    things. You read about these things in your newspapers and become frightened of
    your own expression, frightened of your own intuition, and frightened of your own
    Do you understand?
    Before DNA was rearranged, the way many people reached the higher realms and
    were able to climb the ladders of themselves and reach into off – planet frequencies
    was by electromagnetically bonding through love. They created a rocket – ship –
    like experience to propel them out into other systems of reality. This has been one
    of the best – kept secrets upon the planet.
    Many we have spoken to have had absolutely profound experiences with their
    sexuality. We would like to point out again that we are not making distinctions or
    judgments about who you happen to bond with in a relationship, and we suggest
    that you give up that judgment as well. It is old programming. It does not matter
    whether you bond with a member of the opposite sex or a member of your own
    We are talking about two humans coming together by physically joining themselves
    in whatever ways are appropriate for them to join and create love, because they
    are sharing love. When integrity and love are missing from a joining of human
    bodies, that is when human beings do not think well of their experience. This can
    create all kinds of damaging results within the physical body.
    You were left with the frequency of the orgasmic experience in sexuality so that
    you could remember your higher identity. When this energy or history of yourself is
    revealed and you discover who you are, you will unite many bodies of your
    personal multidimensional identity in your physical form. To receive the full impact
    of the gridwork of your identity, let the twelve helixes fit in your body and allow the
    light-encoded filaments to rearrange themselves.
    This process has to do with the mental body, which is of course connected to the
    physical body. The emotional body, which is connected to the spiritual body, is the
    body that everybody wants to skip.
    You say,
    “I want to evolve. I want a rapid acceleration, but I do not want to go through the
    feeling center to do it.”
    You are connected to your multidimensional selves through your feelings, and it is
    in your feelings that you primarily get stuck.
    Accept that your “stuff” comes up for a reason. Many of you would like to bury your
    “stuff” and throw it out in the trash as if it is something ugly and not who you are.
    This “stuff” is the shadow portion of your identity that you don’t like to deal with or
    We understand that sometimes, when something comes Lip, you label it and say, “I
    hate this part of myself. I want to just finish it and sweep it under the rug and forget
    it. I’m finished with this stuff.” Guess what. Your “stuff” – your issues – are the
    treasures of your life. They are how you learn.
    You have agreed to mutate, to pull light into your body, and to birth the Family of
    Light on this planet. Since light is information, you must deal with all of the things
    you have hidden from yourself. Sexuality is the primary issue because it is the
    secret self – the self you hide from.
    Society has said to you,
    “This is good. This is bad. You are to do this. You are not to do this.”
    Who gave you these laws? Who gave you any of your laws to begin with?
    You have been stuck because you can’t read the symbols of the language you are
    speaking to yourselves. So you dwell upon it. Many of you love your stories
    because they get you attention. If you didn’t have a story, who would talk to you?
    Observe your body and see what it is teaching the self. Ideally, you will heal the
    sore and create a place of greater comfort and joy as you learn to dwell more
    completely in your physical body and have a new identity of your sexuality.
    Sexuality is a key. It is a doorway to the higher realms of consciousness. As you
    redefine yourselves, and the light-encoded filaments give you a new definition of
    yourselves, you are going to change who you are sexually as well. Sexuality must
    come up for all of you, and, we will say from experience, it is the area that you are
    most frightened of at this time. We guarantee there will be more frightening areas
    If you are stuck on the idea of love and cannot comprehend what is going on with
    it, your difficulty is that you are looking for love outside yourself. You are looking for
    somebody else to put meaning in your life and validate you. If you do not have that
    person, you become angry or feel you are worthless. This is a pattern you grew up
    with, which your parents and your society showed you. We have said over and
    over again that the most important thing you can do is love yourself and honor
    But you keep forgetting this and looking for the next relationship to make you whole
    or complete. You feel that without a relationship you are perhaps less than an
    acceptable citizen. Then you feel lonely. You must learn how to be alone.
    Loneliness is simply a state of mind. You are never, never alone.
    You have multitudes of entities around you. If you would stop feeling sorry for
    yourselves, you would find that there is so much data constantly being blasted at
    you that you may want to be alone so you can have a good time receiving the
    When you love yourself and stop getting convoluted about the need to have
    someone else love you, you are able to accept what someone offers. It is
    imperative that you value yourself so that you do not settle for a love disguised. If
    you decide to go for a partner or to vibrate with someone, and you do not receive
    what you want, do not whine or nag or pout about the person to make them change
    according to your needs.
    If you set a value for yourself and do not create it, then simply change your reality
    and continue onward alone until you meet someone who reflects your value.
    All the while, vibrate in the love of the self, honor the self, and understand that the
    journey here is about self – discovery in relationship to others. It is not just about
    husbands or wives. The journey here is about honoring your physical body and the
    uniqueness of the self as you touch the lives of many. Always allow yourself to
    work with the self and let the self evolve.
    You are all afraid of being intimate with yourselves – of being alone with the self.
    Once you develop an intimacy, a silence, a self – love, and a containment of your
    energy, then you will want to make that aspect of intimacy your standard for
    intimacy with someone else.
    Sexuality can be very confusing at this time because you are raising and studying
    your frequencies. When you join bodies, even when you hug one another, you
    exchange frequency. When you have a sexual experience, there is a hormonal
    release inside the body. The hormones awaken certain energies inside the cells,
    and there is a transference of one person’s essence onto the other person.
    That is why when vote have had sexual experiences with someone volt sometimes
    cannot get their energy off vote. Even though you don’t want to be with the person,
    the sexual experience stays with you because you have had an electromagnetic
    You are going through this frequency modulation and learning how to raise your
    frequency to a place of consistent information, self – love, and self – intimacy.
    Therefore, it can seem very confusing and sometimes frightening to take this
    vulnerable thing you are learning about yourself and layer up and merge with
    another. The more you become aware, the more you take charge of how you use
    your body, where you plug it in, where you sit it down, and certainly who you mix it
    with sexually.
    If expressing yourself sexually now encouraged your greatest growth, you would
    automatically create that experience for yourself because you would be ready for it.
    Understand that, during the process of evolving the self, very often a period of
    dormancy in sexual activity occurs. Within the sexual frequency, you exchange
    with one another.
    So if you are bonding yourself and chemically exchanging with a person who is not
    of your likeness, you are taking on their garbage because you are exchanging
    energy quite intimately.
    Sometimes you will be led away from that kind of exchange.
    You may think,
    “Oh, my goodness, what is happening? Am I turning old? Am I drying up? What is
    going on?”
    That is not the case.
    You can learn to use the energy that would stimulate you sexually without giving it
    over to another person. Instead of getting chaotic and crazy, you may explore that
    energy by practicing the art of masturbation, knowing that it is perfectly legitimate
    and fine to do it. Or, you may want to simply observe that you feel a sexual arousal
    and decide what you are going to do with it.
    You may say,
    “Well, I’m not going to act on this now. Let’s see where this energy goes.”
    Take the energy, let it rise through your body, and use it in other areas.
    You will get to a point when you must adore, sustain, and love yourself as if you
    are holding yourself like a newborn babe in your own arms, knowing you will do the
    best for yourself. Many of you distract yourselves. Find the place of serenity and
    silence in which you cyan find answers. You cannot find answers by dialing the
    telephone all day long and asking everyone else for them.
    If you attempt to, you are demonstrating that you are looking outside of yourself.
    When you learn how to turn within to find answers, the self will speak. Usually you
    cannot hear because you are locked in behavioral patterns that you know you have
    to change but that you don’t want to change because you don’t know who you will
    In all honesty, you are afraid of yourselves. This is a very common thing. You are
    afraid you will not be complete, and you want to be complete very much.
    So you say,
    “I am complete. I am sovereign. I need someone else. I am attracted to someone.
    Oh, no, I cannot look. I am too frightened of that. I don’t need anyone. I do need
    You go back and forth.
    Learn to still your mind. Learn to become completely in charge of your energy.
    What does that mean? It means that wherever you are, you observe yourself – how
    your body is positioned, how you are using your hands, whether you are repeating
    yourself over and over again, whether you are speaking or silent. Learn to watch
    yourself with no judgment. Learn to watch and self – correct by determining how
    you would like to be versus how you are. Learn to quiet your mind.
    Frequency is carried from you to another person particularly if there is a love
    bonding. A love bonding does not mean that you are going to cleave to one
    another forever. It simply means that you are in a relationship for however long you
    deem that relationship appropriate in that you honor one another and exchange
    energies and let the energies flow as if through open circuitry. When you do not
    love another and you are not bonded, there is no exchange; the circuitry does not
    open. It does not mean that you cannot have good sex; it simply means that the
    circuitry is not open.
    As this electrical current is raised higher and higher, there are greater heights of
    orgasmic experience that the human body can receive because the nervous
    system is able to handle the higher ecstatic frequencies.
    The nervous system will determine how you express yourself and how you feel. If
    you have a poorly evolved nervous system, your sexual experience will be very
    limited because the nervous system conducts the electrical current. The orgasmic
    experience brings about a healing and realignment of the physical body.
    Eventually, you will not be able to get close to or be with someone who is not
    operating at the same voltage you are. You simply will not fit. It would be like
    putting a size nine foot into a size two shoe. It won’t work or be comfortable. You
    won’t fit because you won’t be able to merge vibrationally.
    You will eventually understand the importance of vibrational nourishment as you
    begin to link sexually. Linking sexually is only one way of merging with people who
    are moving at the same or a compatible voltage rate. Your reality is very interesting
    to us because you have so many clues in your waking world. When you go to a
    foreign country, your electrical appliances do not plug in. They don’t fit, so you
    need an adapter.
    It would be stressful if you had to continuously adapt to a vibration when you were
    involved intimately in a sexual relationship. It would be too much effort. You would
    spend all your energy creating the adaptive mechanisms. Then you would be in
    denial and not give yourself permission to go further because you would lower the
    The sixties marked the opening of sexual exploration. In an instant, the paradigm
    shifted. Much of the energy that was on the planet at that time, coupled with the
    experimental ingestion of different mind – altering substances, immediately made a
    new paradigm and split you from previous generations.
    The boundaries were instantly changed. You were split from a generation that
    believed in war and did not feel – a generation whose sexual expression was done
    in the dark, perhaps with many clothes on. You broke the paradigm wide open in
    many ways, and you set new trends and created new ways of being.
    It was wonderful.
    “Oh, goodness, free sex and love and bodies showing!” you said.
    Now it is time for a whole new revolution through which you will become
    vibrationally hooked to a person.
    There will be no more distractions of sexuality and no more pretending that you are
    without hang – ups – that you are sexually liberated because you can be in this
    position and that position and say this and do that. That is simply body aerobics in
    the area of sexuality. We want you to get into the aerobics and contortions of the
    soul – the vibration.
    The depth of two people coming together and linking in this capacity is what you all
    crave. If you are frightened of it, it is because you don’t have a framework or role
    model for it. You must design one. You must trust that somehow the energy in the
    design of the cosmic blueprint will instantly bring about a new movement based on
    the desire for this next step of understanding yourselves.
    You will remember with great clarity your expressions of sexuality in your different
    manipulations through reality – when you have been both men and women and
    explored sexuality in every aspect. It takes courage to do this. If there is one area
    in which you really judge yourselves, and in which the planet does great judging, it
    is sex.
    You have had some definite ideas about what is sexually proper and improper. So,
    many of you may be shocked to remember what you have done with your
    Understand that, on this planet, sexuality has always been the body’s link to its
    higher frequency. Even though much of the data was scattered and disassembled
    in the body, this potential to create life remained for you to completely understand
    who you are at the base of your being and at the core of who you are.
    Sexual vibration has been your link with your cosmic identity, but this whole
    concept has been completely misunderstood and lost. We are simply saying that
    there is a bigger story and that it is much more exciting than anyone has dared to
    believe. There were those who did not want you to be in tune with
    these frequencies because the sexual frequencies could have taken You to areas
    of liberation where you would have begun to figure things out. Sexuality was left as
    a frequency for you to ride through the nervous system and connect with the higher
    mind by going out of your body. If you had been told that this was the route out,
    who could have controlled or manipulated you?
    The population must clear the negative connotations and judgments that have
    colored your sexual experience for eons. You must make peace with sex in order
    to integrate the frequencies and identity. Things have been manipulated and given
    a boundary of limitation so that the truth of sexuality has been kept from you. You
    have been told that you can procreate with it and have orgasms, but you have not
    been told that you can open frequencies with it.
    You can come into contact and use it as a method of remembering who you are
    and altering the vibrational frequency of your body.
    In the next few years, your expression of sexuality will have a whole new
    dimension. You will evolve and grow, provided that you have a partner who is
    willing to take the same route and to be that open.
    But if you are with someone who wants to play the avoidance game or the game of
    denial, you will not get there.

  30. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Twenty – One
    Your Commitment to Evolve in 3-D

    From our point of view, you all have knowledge, and you just need to activate the
    memory that is stored inside your being. We’ve noticed that some of you, from your
    location of experience, are out there moaning and groaning, saying, “We need help
    and assistance now and again.” So let us suggest to you an avenue that you can
    definitely walk down – a formula that works.
    The formula is quite simple. It is for you, in the moment and every day, to
    consistently set out with clarity what you wish to experience. Perhaps what you
    want falls into a category of impossibility according to someone else’s boundary or
    someone else’s limitation. With a sense of deserving and graciousness, discover
    inside yourself what will bring you happiness.
    What makes you feel light and connected and alive? What do you desire that will
    bring peace on the planet as you occupy your own being?
    Whatever those things are, begin to want them.
    Call them to yourself by saying,
    “It is my intention that I experience a harmonious lifestyle. It is my intention to
    experience health and energy that lead me to creative adventures. It is my
    intention that I be well provided for, that shelter and food and all of the things I
    need to experience life be given to me in great abundance, and that I pass this
    great abundance on and share it with others.”
    These are not ideas you have been trained to think of. Two or three times a day,
    devote a small portion of your time
    to getting clear about what you want. Every day open the energy centers in your
    body and above your Every day by calling the frequency of light. We call this the
    pillar of light. Picture a beam of light coming into your twelve chakra centers, seven
    inside your body and five outside your body. These chakras are information
    centers or vortexes that, once activated, begin to spin.
    When they spin, they create a movement inside your body that activates the lightencoded
    filaments to work together, rebundle, and form the twelve evolving helixes
    in the body.
    It is very important for everyone who wishes to be in complete balance with their
    physical being to practice, on a regular basis, some kind of deep – breathing
    program. This is a program in which breath is very important and oxygenation is
    practiced so that oxygen is brought into the body.
    Another activity we recommend for those of you who wish to move into a vast
    acceleration of energy is spinning. Move from left to right, spinning around and
    focusing your vision on your thumb, counting and spinning. We recommend that
    you spin thirty – three times at least once a day. You may build up to the thirty –
    three spins very slowly. If you are able to work up to thirty – three spins, three times
    a day, so that you are spinning ninety – nine times, well, we will see how long you
    stay on the planet – or at least in this dimension.
    When you complete spinning, however many times you spin, bring your palms
    together at chest level. Press them together, keeping your eyes open, and balance
    yourself with your feet a shoulder’s width apart so that you feel anchored and still
    feel the spinning at the same time. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of
    the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at
    which you can interpret and receive data.
    So, the methods to use are intention, breathing, using the pillar of light, and
    spinning. We will add a postscript to these. As you are electronic beings who are
    altering your frequency at a very fast rate, we would recommend that you drink a
    tremendous amount of water: fresh water, purified water, or spring water. Water
    acts as a conduit or conductor. It keeps your system open and flowing.
    There are many other things you can do. Learn to have altered-state experiences
    and not feel out of control.
    Cultivate them and go into them to gather information, change probabilities, move
    onto the corridor of time, and alter your own lives. Then come out of them with
    complete and total use of your will with respect to how you use these altered
    states. When you learn to do this, the acceleration will be absolutely phenomenal.
    When there are many consciousnesses on the planet registering that kind of ability,
    the whole network that organizes and monitors human consciousness alters itself.
    More energy is able to come onto the planet because there are those who can
    accommodate it.
    Everyone can learn to accommodate and honor this energy, because it must be
    housed. It is like an oil well. What good do oil wells do if they are untapped and
    shooting off here, there, and everywhere? Very little; they just create a mess.
    However, when you take energy gifts from Earth such as oil wells or sources of
    natural gas or waterfalls and you combine them with your will, you put together a
    purpose or way of directing the energy.
    Then a wealth occurs for those of you who direct these natural resources.
    The most essential aspect of this entire process of directing and housing energies
    is to value Earth and her experience first and foremost. You are being given an
    incredible natural resource at this time, and you must tap it and direct it. Then you
    will all become very wealthy individuals in the realms of accessibility and mastery.
    Many of you want to reach the higher realms and stay there, forgetting that your
    task is here on Earth. You must learn to stay grounded. The necessity of being
    grounded is something many of you do not understand. You will soon find out that
    if you move into greater and greater acceleration and you do not have grounds –
    things to connect you and pull the worlds into one you may have difficulty with your
    nervous systems.
    When frequency changes and more light comes into the body, the typical vehicle
    begins to receive much more data.
    Sometimes you get very bored living in your world, and you just want to come into
    data receptivity and forget about what you consider the mundane world. If you are
    not grounded, you will not have a way of allowing that information to enter your
    reality and be put to use. It could simply overload your system, or you could not be
    able to translate what you are getting and stay calm.
    You need to balance many worlds at once. How do you do this? By intention, by
    practice, and by decree. Grounding allows worlds to merge and allows you to
    access many worlds. It allows you to feel surges of energy and then to direct these
    surges of energy where and when you need them – to become superhuman.
    A good way to ground yourself is to go outside and sit on the ground. So go
    outside and be in nature. Stand or sit next to a tree for awhile. Put your chair in the
    sun and read a book with the sun shining on you. Or go swimming, or put your feet
    in water. These are the elements. They make up Earth, so you can feel them.
    As you evolve and your entire species moves to merge dimensions, your nervous
    systems must be able to translate all of this information that will change how you
    define your world. This is coming. In the last year, the information that you may
    have known for years has become much more public. Many more people who have
    not been interested in extraterrestrials or personal development have become
    either interested or at least aware of these things.
    They are aware that there is a growing movement and that something is changing
    all over the world, not just in the United States.
    There is a conflict of energies at this time, which you could call either a skirmish or
    a grand battle. The battle is going to become grander still because it is a battle
    over whose frequency will prevail on this planet and who will own, manipulate, and
    train your frequency. Who are you, as a frequency in disguise as a human, and
    what specifically is your job in this time?
    It is essential to know who you are and What you are doing when you are doing it.
    As you become interdimensional and multidimensional, and as the frequencies
    alter and the energies accelerate, your body goes through a drastic rapid change
    that the nervous system, the conveyer of information, must handle.
    You must learn to handle many realities at once, to realize that you are doing this,
    and to have a place – Earth – to translate information into. You would not be here if
    it wasn’t important for you to ground information and energy into Earth. So
    whenever you find yourself electrified or energized, realize that you are in an
    altered state.
    Realize also how many versions of altered states there are and that you must
    instruct yourself to become a conduit, like a big pipeline. When you know you are
    in an altered state and are being given information, healing energy, exaltation, or
    upliftment, act as a pipeline. Funnel the energy through yourself, and acknowledge
    and recognize that you are in a multidimensional expression.
    Register this, but do not analyze it. Just let the energy filter through you into Earth,
    and it will make more sense later on.
    You can discover your emotional body by making a decree that you believe
    emotions can be trusted. Decree that you believe emotions are good, that they are
    safe, that they can take you somewhere, that they are beneficial, and that they are
    not just in the way or misunderstood. Any time emotions are released in you, look
    to see what they do for you.
    When you have a fight with your child and your child screams at you and then
    afterwards you feel bad and cry, look at your emotion. What is the emotion doing
    for you? Whenever you are in emotion, you are accessing information from many
    realities. Find that frequency and hold it.
    It is somewhat of a universal belief that emotions are uncontrollable. They are not.
    You can control emotion, and you do not have to go out of control. Emotion can
    become a frequency inside of you through which you feel to the depth and core of
    your being. Yet, someone may look at you and not have any idea that anything is
    going on with you.
    This does not mean you are blocking; it simply means you have set up a way to
    feel an emotion and not feel bad about it or good about it but just recognize you are
    feeling it. See what you can do with an emotion.
    Where does it take you? What is the next step? Disengage from the event that
    brought about the emotion. That will help some of you.
    Bodywork serves to bring about a release. You have used the tissue and muscle of
    your body as armor to cover up your skeleton. This tissue has compacted and
    buried itself and kept what is in the skeletal form from rising to the surface. You
    want to access information that is within bone, for bone is where the story is held,
    while the blocks are held in tissue. You must go through all of these layers to get to
    the truth inside your body.
    Your blueprint, or what you came onto this planet to achieve, begins to get excited
    when you get close. This is just like the game you played when you were a child;
    you would hide something, and when someone got close, you would say,
    “warmer.” Your body gets excited as your blueprint begins to take over and you
    move out of your logical mind and into experience.
    That is because you are aligning yourself with your purpose. Your body, not your
    mind, takes in the information. If you allow your emotions to have a free reign, you
    will have a much more satisfying experience than if you judge your emotions, do
    not understand what you are going through, and attempt to control them.
    You need your emotious. We cannot emphasize that enough. Some of you pride
    yourselves on the fact that you don’t have emotion. This will not work much longer
    because you will find that what you pride yourself on will bring about your
    You may feel as if you have worked things through with your parents. It would be
    more accurate to say that you have had as much vision as has been possible at a
    given time. When you experience some sort of bodywork or crystal work, or you
    create any kind of movement to higher ground, you get a bigger picture.
    Information is stored and written in stone. Information is also stored and written in
    bone. That is why it is important to work with the skeletal structure, because it
    houses much of your experience in this lifetime. Let things come out, and do not
    chastise ourselves because you thought you were finished with certain events.
    “This is wonderful! There is more here. I love it!”
    Use the experience as if you are discovering a gold mine as if you are discovering
    that you are a newly birthed, wealthy person.
    All you go through is what you decide you have to go through. You don’t know how
    much you are clearing. You are opening avenues of consciousness for the planet,
    not just for yourselves. The good thing is that what you are clearing now is the
    easier stuff. Some of the far – out bizarre stuff will come later when you will be so
    blasé about it that it won’t make any difference. Everything happens in its own time.
    The mutation occurring is the evolution or plugging – in of internal data to external
    data. The clearing occurring is the accessing of all the emotional bodies you have
    been frightened of using. You need to access your emotional body in order to
    understand your spiritual body. As we have said, the mental body and the physical
    body go hand in hand, while the emotional body and the spiritual body go hand in
    Because the spiritual body is nonphysical and you are locked in the physical realm,
    you must access the whole realm of the nonphysical through your emotions.
    Human beings tend to love their dramas so much that they can get lost in the
    process of processing. Processing can become a way of life. This is not useful.
    It is not “cool” to always be processing and saying to people,
    “Don’t call me, I’m processing. I’m deep in my stuff. I can’t figure it out.”
    Yes, your personal dramas need to be examined.
    Yes, your personal dramas are a banquet of nourishment for yourself. But, eat the
    food and get on with life and make yourself another banquet. Quit holding onto
    these gems of your past and being so frightened that if you resolve these issues
    you will never have anything else exciting come up again in your lives. It is good to
    put processing in perspective.
    The human body is evolving and changing. It may believe that it needs a certain
    nutritional combination because this is what you have been taught. Ideally at this
    point, however, you will forget what you have been taught.
    You will listen to your body and let your body tell you what it wants. We would
    guess that many of you in the last year have changed the things you want to eat.
    You no longer feel comfortable eating what you used to eat because the vibration
    within certain food is so intense that it is not compatible with you.
    In the meat industry as you know it, the cattle, pigs, and chickens are not fed food.
    They live in small compartments, and many of them do not see the light of day.
    Many of them defecate on top of one another because they live in layers of small
    metal boxes. This is how they are raised. They are fed steroids and antibiotics –
    things other than food. They are not raised with love. When they are taken to
    slaughter, they are also not killed with love. So you are ingesting this vibration.
    Remember that all things exist as a vibration. Animals were put upon the planet to
    be companions for you, to live on the land, and to feed you and shelter you if
    necessary. This was to be done with love. If you live on a farm and raise your own
    chickens and pigs, and if you feed them food, and if, when it comes time to bring
    them to slaughter, you do it with compassion and love, then it is fine.
    You give quality of life to the animals, and then the animals in turn recycle
    themselves to give you love and quality of life. That is the ideal. That was the
    reality for a long time upon this planet. It is not the reality any longer. Be aware of
    the vibration within things.
    Let your body speak what it wants. Let yourself be willing to change, because your
    body, as it attempts to raise its vibration and build a light body, will move away
    from certain foods. Intend that you wish to change your diet and then intend that
    things come to you.
    We emphasize over and over again that you are much more than physical beings.
    You exist in many realities, and you have a multitude of guides. So each of you
    needs to become more clear in your intentions. What do you want State, “I want to
    evolve. I want to change my diet. I wish to have a greater sense of intuition.” Be
    clear about what you intend. The words I intend have tremendous power.
    True health would consist of twelve completely mutated and evolved helixes inside
    the body, which would activate full brain capacity. It will take a while for the twelve
    helixes to be completely activated, though they can begin to be plugged in. Some
    of you have experienced them as plugged in, yet not activated.
    When they are in activation, the full brain is in operation and you are geniuses. You
    know everything, you are telepathic, and you are able to do anything because you
    are the host of the Living Library. You have the card that allows you to access any
    kind of information stored all over this planet.
    If you could aspire to anything, we would ask you to become impeccable Keepers
    of Frequency. Keep inside yourself knowledge and information of the highest order,
    an order of unlimited being. Make that frequency, simply by living it, available to all
    around you by walking your streets, shopping in your stores, and simply resting on
    your pillows in the evening and knowing who you are.
    There will come a time when you will no longer need to seek information outside of
    yourselves. At this time, we and others like us come to trigger you, to round you
    up, to gather you together, and to put you into clusters so that you can reflect off
    each other and electromagnetically charge each other. When we work with you, we
    create sparks of light that allow openings.
    As these openings occur within you, you vibrate at such a rate that you affect
    everyone around you.
    Whenever something clicks with one of you, you send out a frequency of
    recognition and other people pick it up. That is how the group mind grows. It occurs
    without you rationally understanding it or specifically having a picture or a
    realization of it because it happens electromagnetically within the body. You create
    the raising of energy according to how much you are able to handle.
    Individuals must trigger themselves into multidimensionality.
    Part of the self makes a decision and says,
    “Alright, I wish to go into this multidimensional experience. What do I want to do?”
    The desire must wine first. The desire is a realization that puts you in the moment.
    Then you must decide what you are going to do with this desire. You might forget it
    tomorrow. In order to structure this desire and demonstrate that you are really
    serious about it, participate in events, actions, rituals, and ceremonies that
    demonstrate your commitment.
    Then you can proceed to structure your life in such a way as to send the signal that
    this is what you mean. This can be like living and walking prayer. Churches teach
    people to pray and beg certain lords for things that they want or for forgiveness.
    We are suggesting a living prayer, a process by which every moment in the day
    has meaning and leads you because of the way you are acting and your focus on
    what you are praying for.
    Living prayer involves having a very conscious intention about the objects in your
    environment: having an altar, having sacred things, and having nothing in your
    reality that does not have meaning for you. We know that suggesting you have
    nothing in your reality that has no meaning sends an earthquake through some of
    But how many of you are putting up with things you don’t want in your life, whether
    it is the coat you have been wearing for the last fifteen years that has a few moth
    holes under the arm or the partner you have been carting around for thirty – five
    years who has more than a few moth holes? It is a challenge to get rid of
    everything in your life that does not have meaning for you, yet this is essential.
    Putting an altar together is a great overlay for activating ritual. Ritual stirs up
    cellular memory and reminds you of ancient teachings that are stored inside you. It
    puts these teachings into your active memory. Ritual puts you in the now and takes
    you from one expanding now to another by honoring aspects of Mother Earth that
    have personal significance.
    You create personal significance for yourself. All things first come into being
    because someone decided to energize them. Anything can be energized. It comes
    down to the power of the individual mind to activate the will and use it to restructure
    There is no one on the Earth plane at this time who is not impulsed toward
    evolving. No one without this impulse would have come here. All the portals that
    were opened and the blueprints that were laid out for this time were conditioned to
    work toward self – motivating, self – accelerating, rapid evolution. This book itself is
    a process and a trigger.
    The keys are hidden within this book.
    We encourage you to act on the impulses that are whispering in your ear saying,
    “You are part of this Family of Light, and Earth is a Living Library.”
    We will entice you and assist you by saying that there are many rewards. Even
    though we will never guarantee that the challenges will stop, there is a stance of
    mastery that you will achieve.
    Learn to read the symbols and follow the impulses to their highest conclusion.
    Being multidimensional means opening the channels and turning the dials to the
    various frequencies, and then receiving the transmissions or knowings.
    There are not enough words in the present vocabulary or dictionary of expression
    to convey the feelings of the nonphysical realm. The Spirit we speak of
    encompasses many ideas. It basically refers to that which is not physical or not
    within third – dimensional viewing.
    You can liken this enticement or leap to bounding on a trampoline and going for
    one gigantic jump, after which you never touch the trampoline again. You bound
    and bound and then go for that gold that sends you into the realm of Spirit. This is
    not to say that you are lost or destroyed or that your molecules are disseminated. It
    is simply the vault that all of the ancient shamans on Earth practiced and
    maintained as a potentiality a way of linking intelligent forms and assisting the
    evolving human species.
    Multidimensionality to us is a way of life. We realize that part of our challenge as
    teachers is to transduce our way of life into systems that are evolving. To put you
    at rest, however, unless you check out of the planet, this is a process you are
    heading toward, though how you encounter it is up to you.
    We want you to be able to go to the edge of a cliff, step off it, and stand in the air
    next to the cliff edge. We want you to be out there. We want you to recognize the
    heretic inside of you: tile part that knows and is going to break this reality wide
    open and establish a whole new paradigm of consciousness.
    This is not going to be done by one world leader; it is going to be done by the
    masses, because the masses are ready for it.
    At this time, the Guardians of Light are on this planet in the millions. All you need to
    do is evolve yourselves. Your work at this time is very intensely involved with the
    self, the physical vehicle that you presently occupy. It is the self that allows you to
    play this game at this time. Love it, honor it, cherish it, take good care of it, speak
    very well of it, and intend that it perform at optimum capacity.
    That is all you need do to be open to connect with your Family of Light. Then be
    prepared to find out who light has met, who light is going to introduce you to, and
    who light, indeed, are.
    Love is what you experience when you go beyond light. You need light, which is
    information, to access this love. Without the informational frequency, the love
    frequency is misunderstood. When the love frequency comes first, without the light
    frequency, you think that love is outside of yourself rather than understanding that
    it is you. Then you do what people on the planet have done for eons: you worship
    and deify everything and think that love is out there rather than is Here.
    We have decided to come onto this planet and operate with light first by informing
    you, strengthening you, and firing your blueprints according to information.
    Now that you have become informed, and you understand what you are up against
    during the multidimensional light infusion with your identity, you will begin to
    experience the love frequency that Will allow you to extend love to other versions
    of your multidimensional self and create a massive healing of consciousness on
    many levels.
    The experiences you will have in these realms of activity can be very powerful.
    They will alter you tremendously, and you will walk around with a smile from ear to
    ear so that others will wonder the reason of it. It will carry yourself this way
    because you will be in a vibration of ecstasy. You will be in a vibration of
    connectedness, and everyone and everything you draw to yourself will be a part of
    that vibration. Anything that does not resonate with this frequency will not even be
    able to get near you.
    In actuality, when you resonate with the higher frequencies, anything that is not in
    those frequencies will not even see you.
    When you operate in the frequency of information coupled with creation and love,
    you will be put to work spreading that frequency – not by doing it for others, but by
    allowing others to feel your frequency when they come in contact with you.
    You all are invaluable, you know. Those of you who master these things, and there
    is no reason why all of you cannot, will be in very high demand one of these days.
    You will be looked upon as superhuman. However, it is not for you to separate
    yourself from the population. It is your place to teach the population and show them
    how they can do the same thing.
    Frequencies are to be given and shared freely so that everyone can discover what
    they can do for themselves. This is how this planet is going to evolve

  31. Ben says:

    Bringers of the Dawn
    Teachings from the pleadians
    Chapter Twenty – Two
    The Glactic Tidal Wave of Light

    Awareness is awakening within the masses on this planet. The sum total of events
    as they quicken and unfold is seeping its way into everyone’s reality.
    These events are orchestrated and designed to bring you collectively, as a
    species, to this new octave of light expression. This infusion from the galactic tidal
    wave of light comes from the future through portals you open on this Earth plane
    as you follow and weave yourself through the journey and story we have shared
    with you. The masses are awakening.
    You see them around you and feel the rumblings of consciousness, the internal
    Earth changes, which will truly mark the rites of passage for all of humanity.
    We have, with the greatest assistance from our teachers, presented to this planet
    information that we feel can harmonize our purposes and pool our energies. We
    feel that we have given to this planet at this time a succinct message of inspiration
    – a message that holds waves of truth. It is a message to tickle – a message to
    entice and call forward that part of the self that has been hidden away and lying
    We feel that the material we have been sharing through this book is to awaken
    within you what you know. It is to bring you to an understanding of the different
    versions of your reality’s illusion as it is sold to you and to an understanding of what
    your part in all of this is or can be.
    We have stimulated each and every one of you with our thought – provoking
    messages. It has been our intention to move each one of you and stir you from
    some place, not to make you uncomfortable. You may make yourselves
    uncomfortable; we encourage you to find comfort. We also encourage you to climb
    a few – mountain ranges of consciousness within yourself: to go to new – places of
    comfort and to find those valleys of eternal youth, eternal vitality, and ongoing
    expression of creativity.
    There you will find new vistas of consciousness and a galactic wave of light from
    the future.
    It is our intention in delivering this final message in chapter 22, the final chapter, to
    use the vibration of the number 22, a master number. This number is associated
    with imprinting and delivering into this version of physical reality a master teaching
    – a message that involves an encoding. The message is not simply in the way the
    words are strung together: there are layers of information hidden within the method
    and unfoldment of this book. Ideas are presented, conflicts arise, solutions are
    suggested, and inspiration weaves its way through, turning you always to that final
    commitment to inspire yourself.
    We feel that you will benefit from this orchestration that we have been influencing
    behind the scenes.
    There is a process of understanding that this book represents. Where it seems that
    there has been chaos and confusion, and where it seems as if things have been
    scrambled, that scrambling has created its own order. This order is being summed
    up in this final delivery under the stamp of 22.
    In this final message, we speak into the soul and heart of every one of you. We ask
    you to hear the call, to recognize it, and to step forward as a member of the Family
    of Light. Have the courage in all the days you walk this planet to live that light and
    share it with all you encounter. This does not mean to preach or sell that light. It
    means to live the light you know you are, to discover in the simplicity of your being
    the purpose of your existence, to blossom with it, and to reseed this place that is
    Planet Earth in its deepest time of transition.
    The process of moving into this higher octave of under standing – this blending of
    dimensions and creation of new territory – will lead everyone through greater
    understanding of death. Your light will be needed. Your light represents what you
    know. This book has many ways, through designs and codes that you have been
    unable to recognize, to remind you in these final pages that you know everything
    we speak of and that it is inside of you.
    It is time for you to share the discoveries and miracles of operating the physical
    vehicle in these times of change and transition that involve the death of the world
    as you know it. When there is a death, there is always a rebirth; something dies
    and something new is born.
    As this planet moves closer to these days of great change, each of you will be
    called upon to stand as pillars of light. You will show the way in times when people
    are desperate because the old ways are no longer solutions – they no longer fit and
    no longer apply. We have intimated or suggested in this book that light brings
    about much of this chaos on the planet.
    So, during these times, your gifts will be needed. You cannot run and hide,
    because you are needed to weave through the communities to bring alternative
    ways of being. You are needed to share your belief in creating reality through your
    thoughts and to show others how this works by healing and creating new ideals of
    civilization and cooperation.
    As the days begin to unfold, they will reveal the ancient prophecies as they are
    coming alive. These ancient prophecies will be much more colorful and have their
    own versions of themselves as they teach this planet its greatest lessons.
    As you evolve, you carry what you know forward, and you share it and live it. You
    become a greater vessel or greater expression of light. Through this process, you
    will find that over the next few years you will be catapulted beyond the speed of
    light with what you will know. The abilities and talents and information that will
    come to you are simply inside of you.
    We will remind you that there is a galactic tidal wave of light from the future coming
    toward your planet and that this intersection will be felt throughout the masses in
    the year 1993. It will be as if the entire planet has a unilateral raise in
    consciousness. This wave has to be gigantic to affect all of the masses who are
    locked in frequency control.
    It is you, the Family of Light, who are here in the millions making room in your
    bodies for this galactic tidal wave, who will allow this infusion of the first layer of the
    light body to be held by all of the masse.
    The light body is the body that holds the complete mutation of the species. It will be
    able to juggle realities through the shifting of consciousness by intent from one
    view to another, like turning the stations on a television. The light body will hold all
    of this encoded data and be able to translate it at will. It will communicate
    innerdimensionally and interdimensionally.
    Remember, matter is simply light that is trapped. As you build your light body, you
    are allowing a reorganization of the molecular structure – a loosening of your grip
    upon a certain aspect of materialism so that your spiritual understanding can be
    more in tune with your day – to – day life. The building of the light body is the
    allowing of less trapped matter to manifest and allow light, which is freer in
    expression and in seeking its own source, to become who you are so that you are
    not so solid.
    As you raise your vibratory rates, you become your light body. You will see the
    change in your body literally. Your body will become more vital, more youthful,
    more nourished in its own being, and definitely the processor of a multitude of
    information. It will become a super being. The building of the light body involves
    becoming a super being.
    Extending the longevity of the cellular body through rejuvenation and extension of
    cellular life is coming back into fashion. This is part of building the light body – a
    body that is not so dense, that does not self – destruct, that self – generates, and
    that self – replenishes. That is what you are all striving for. You would be your light
    body, and you would feel it, if your logical mind were not so worried about whether
    it is possible; society is not telling you it is possible.
    We cannot emphasize enough to you that you must stop listening to society. This
    is going to be the hardest task for you to do and the biggest break for you to make.
    You have the societal self and the spiritual self, and you must decide which one is
    sacred. Which one is your source of authority? Let your intuitive self become your
    Allow your intuitive self to be the standard bearer of your experience, which is
    experience no one else is going to validate. )’our experience springs from the
    assignment that you are knowing, and not necessarily remembering, you are on.
    If you approach all that you know with the stance that there is divine order and
    divine purpose, without your ego aspect comprehending it all the time, you will
    move rapidly through realities. There will be many different ways this galactic tidal
    wave of light will be experienced. Definitely it will catapult everyone into some
    exaggerated version of their greatest opportunity. That, of course, is each person’s
    Our final words include a thank – you to all of you who recognize the light source
    that is a part of your identity and that moves you to read this book and follow the
    silent whispers that echo down the golden spirals through the corridors of your own
    being. We honor you, we recognize you, and we are here to assist you.
    We are all here as the Family of Light to bring that choice and that freedom to
    evolve back onto this planet to bring it to this place where it will shine as a portion
    of the Living Library, a new star, a new light on the horizons of many sentient
    We wait in the future for your past to intersect our present and catapult all of
    existence to a new octave, the highest octave of being.
    It is our great pleasure to have your assistance in this process.

  32. Ben says:

    Hello Earth and her inhabitants, Its a great honor to present you with this Information. Today being a mark of my incarnation here on Earth, i decided to share this whole knowledge to the members of the family of light. Don’t Doubt if you are or Not.
    for you will be attracted to these messages if you ARE. Help the planetary system JP and seed the gem of truth.
    In light and Love.

  33. Ben says:


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  35. roy says:

    “NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during 2012 to 2013. Few listened.”

    That’s a load of crap. Nasa has, for the most part, been denying anything unusual with occur durring 2012-2013
    So tell me who you are again…..?

  36. adfsdgvv says:


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    -Shape-Mass + Rotary-Motion = Inertia-Dynamic / Form-Function Wide [Flat] Cylindrical shape + positive dynamic rotary mass = continue Inertia positive tendency motion. Kinetic Rotating Mass. Tendency of matter to continue to move. Like a Free-Wheel.

    -Combustion 2Two continue circular [Rockets] flames. [ying yang] opposite one to the other. – With 2TWO very long distance INFLOW [inside propulsion] CONDUITS. -4 TURBOS Rotary Total Thrust-Power Regeneration Power System. -Mechanical direct 2two [Small] Planetary Gears at polar position. -Like the Ying Yang Symbol/Concept.

    -The Mechanical Gear Power Thrust Point Wide out the Rotor circumference were have much more lever [HIGH Torque] POWER THRUST. -No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature profile. -3 points of power thrust; 1-flow way, 2-gear, 3-turbine. *Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 All Rights Reserved. Carlos Barrera.


    ·2-IMPLOTURBOCOMPRESSOR; One Moving Part System Excellence Design – The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Implossion – Only One Compression Step; Inflow, Compression and outflow at one simple circular dynamic motion Concept.

    *·“Excellence in Design” because is only one moving part. Only one unique compression step. Inflow and out flow at the same one system, This invention by its nature a logic and simple conception in the dynamics flow mechanics area. The invention is a wing made of one piece in a rotating motion, contained in a pair cavity system connected by implocavity, and interacting dynamically with a flow, that passes internally “Imploded” through its simple mechanism. This flow can be gas (air) or liquid (water). And have two different applications, in two different form-function; this one can be received (using the dynamic flow passage, as a receiver). Or it can be generated (with a power plant, generating a propulsion).

    An example cut be, as a Bike needs a chain to work from motor to wheel. And for the Imploturbocompressor application, cut be as; in a circumstance at the engine, as an A-activate flow, and with a a tube flow conduit going to the wheel as a B-receiving-flow the work use.

    To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is posible on a simple way, just to check the Hurricane Satellite view, and is the same implo inflow way nature.

    And when the flow that is received and that is intended to be used at best, must no necessarily by a exhausting or rejection gas, but must be a dynamic passing gas or liquid flow with the only intention to count it or to measure it. This could be possible at the passing and interacting period when it passes inside its simple mechanism. This can be in any point of the work flow trajectory.

    In case the flow that is received is a water falling by gravity, and a dynamo is placed on the rotary bar, the Imploturbocompressor can profit an be obtained by generating? electricity such as obtained by the pelton well, like I say before. The “Imploturbocompressor”, is a good option to pump water, or a gas flow, and all kinds of pipes lines dynamic moves.

    Or only receive the air-liquid flow, in order to measure its passage with a counter placed on the bar, because when this flow passes through the simple mechanism of a rotating wing made of only one piece it interacts within the implocavities system. And this flow can be air wind, with the difference of can have an horizontal work position, and that particle technical circumstances make an easy way for urban building work new use application, and have wind flow from all the sides 180 grades view. The aforementioned information about this invention refers to technical applications, such as a dynamic flow receiver. (whether being gas or liquid).

    With the appropriate power plant and the appropriate dimensioning and number of RPM this invention is also feasible to generate an atmospheric air propulsion and the auto-propulsion of an aircraft. Being an effective and very simple system that implodes and compresses the atmospheric air permits the creation of a new concept of propulsion for aircrafts, due to its simple mechanism and innovative nature. At the place of the aircraft were the system appears and the manner how the propulsion direction can be oriented with a vectorial flow (no lobster tail) with I call “yo-yo system” (middle cut (at the shell) to move, one side loose), guided and balanced is feasible to create a new concept of TOVL-vertical take-off landing, Because the exhaust propulsion can going out radial in all the 360 vectorial positions, going out direct all the time in all the vectors direction. With his rotor cover for an better furtive fly, like going down of a bridge for example.

    Likewise, with the due form and dimensioning, and considering the liquid density and the due revolutions for this element there could be generated a propulsion (water) in order to move an aquatic ship, whether on surface or under water. Also can be a good option to pump liquid combustion for a rocket propulsion.

    Making a metaphoric comparison with the intention to expose it more clearly for a better comprehension of this innovative technical detail, it would be similar to the trajectory and motion of a dynamic flow compared with a rope (extended) that passes through the system would have now a knot (without obstructing the flow), so the complete way of the flow at the imploturbocompresor system have three direct ways and between make two different turns; direct way (entrance) – turn – direct way (implocavity) – turn – direct way (exit), all this in a 1 simple circular move system concept.

    Its prudent to mention that the curves and the inclinations of the blades of a rotating wing made of this invention, is conferred by its shape and function a structural rigidity allowing it to conduct and alter appropriately the dynamic flow passing through its system. L8364 <(^_^<).

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